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MPAA Rated R for language including sexual references, nudity and a scene of violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A minor note, at around 17:36 Angelica Houston is speaking to the art class wearing a short black mini dress with either black fishnet stockings or fishnet pantyhose, either way she looks very sexy for her age.
  • Fellatio is discussed.
  • A male model poses nude for an art class. When he sits to pose, he grabs his penis and pulls it outward so that it is clearly visible. The during a class break, he walks nude to the chair of a female student such that his penis is at her eye level. He leans back so that his genitals are in her face. And he is clean shaven such that nothing about his genitals is hidden.
  • A female model poses for the class wearing only a necklace. Her bare butt and left breast are shown. When not posing, she wears a robe.
  • A man lays on his back with his knees drawn up to his chest. He photographs his genitals although they are not shown. But the resulting photographs of his scrotum are displayed in the art class.
  • A character's friends try to find a girl for said character just so he can lose his virginity.
  • The main character kisses a drawing of a nude model. Some other kisses are depicted.
  • A lot of sexually charged dialogue throughout.
  • An art history student claims that art is a way for an impotent male to "attract a mate"
  • A young man carries an art school brochure with the picture of a nude model on it (nothing is shown), and he draws the photo in a sketchbook. A bully makes some snide remarks about it.
  • A twelve year old makes a class speech about Picasso and how he can "have sex with any girl" because he was a great artist. This inspires the boy to become an equally great artist someday.
  • Several references to gay and lesbian characters. A young man is caught in bed with another young man by police, a young woman makes a sexual remark about another woman, and a character is viewed as an "angry lesbian."

Violence & Gore

  • A subplot of this movie is the mystery of the Strathmore Strangler, and we see one of his murders. He strangles a woman with a rope and dumps the body in the trash. We see her struggle and collapse on the ground.
  • Some policemen arrest a student roughly, and we hear that the student got hurt really badly in a performance piece (we see him hooked up by the chest with electrodes, we hear a shriek and see sparks fly, but that's it).
  • A few scuffles here and there.
  • We hear a man, along others in his apartment building, dies in a fire caused by a cigarette.
  • A film student is obsessed with the strangler and makes movies based on his kills. One film shows Nazis and another shows a young woman with blood poured on her, like from Carrie.
  • A young woman steps on glass with bear feet in the opening credits. No blood is shown, but she is in pain.
  • There are arguments relating to art between characters, including what makes art attractive, criticizing other people's art, and the value of majoring in art.
  • In the beginning, some bullies beat up a twelve year old boy after he drew a demeaning picture of them. No blood is shown.


  • F word is used a lot, no less than 30 times. C**k and c**t are also used, as well as milder language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of characters smoke cigarettes, including teachers and students. One character smokes inside a classroom/studio, and a man reacts badly when a young man is smoking in his apartment.
  • A lot of drinking occurs as well, including implied underage drinking (under 21). A young man brings vodka to another man whenever he visits. Another young man is so drunk he throws up all over the carpet. A security guard questions the sobriety of several students. A young man serves alcohol at an art show. Another young man helps himself to beer at a gallery show.
  • A student makes a smoking pipe in ceramics class.
  • A young man hides drug paraphernalia in a guitar case, which spills down the stairs (while his parents were watching).
  • A professor tells students to remember upcoming events in their "drug addled brains."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A strangling is depicted as disturbing and explicit, but not gory.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man tackles an older man, thinking he was stopping a crime scene. He really crashed a filming session, and the old man is in pain.
  • A man paints pictures of the the Strathmore strangler victims. They show the victims in a state of terror, along with some of their real personal belongings attached the the work. He is implied to be the real killer.
  • A young man is arrested for the murders around campus he is not the killer and goes to jail willingly for the sake of publicity.
  • A character becomes depressed and attempts suicide on a rooftop, but is stopped by police and gets arrested instead.

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