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Keeps getting better
wmelick8 June 2004
This has become my favorite regular show on the main networks. The stories are good enough to keep me watching and the character interplay can be quite amusing at times. Gibbs is great...watching the others react to him makes me chuckle. Abby is perfectly believable, despite the goth overtones...she is strong, smart, yet still sexy and feminine. I think Pauley Perette was the ideal actress to cast. The writing seems to continue at an even keel...if nothing else getting better as more episodes are shown. I think the producers have a hit here. I go back each week. Definitely worth your time...even if it means taping or tivo'ing it (which I do)...something to look forward to when I can't make 8:00 on Tuesday.
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Time flies when you're enjoying yourself …
shellemk23 September 2004
… and each episode speeds along all too quickly! I LOVE this show…! What is there NOT to like? Rich story lines, strongly portrayed (and very human) personalities you can really warm to who play off each other brilliantly, all with their own distinctive quirks and – above all – the always wonderful Mark Harmon as main character! What more could you ask for in a show?! There's not a single character I'd change – none that irritate – they're all excellent. I consider it a bonus that it's the one thing on TV that all our family equally enjoy for different reasons. Even my father-in-law likes this and we normally have totally different viewing preferences! I was delighted when I heard that there was a second series imminent. Only problem is that living in England, who knows how long after it's shown in the US we'll get to see it! Fortunately it's worth the wait!
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The show WAS great.......NOW VERY LAME!!!
miller_jayme20 May 2018
As Ziva David, Tony Dinnozo, And Abby Have left the show, the show has become very lame and very uninteresting. Tony once said, "We need the Pa. Now I know what He was referring to.

All the PA's have left the show, and we are left with D- Characters. Basically kind of toward being a clear F in my opinion.

The TV Show has lost it's spark, which is very sad. When the show first aired it had a freshness to it and I really liked it a lot (Actually gave it 8/10 Stars) Now I would only give it 4/10 Stars.

We have decided not to continued to watch this in the following Season(s) to come.

I wish the Characters well in the future Season(s)
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Easily one of the best shows on Television today, Suspenseful, Humorous and Riveting-Can't Miss TV!
JTBWRITER16 June 2004
Easily one of the best shows on television today, suspenseful, humorous and real-not always pleasant or formulaic-but real! Just when I think Bellesario has gone too far in the "lets screw up Jag" sweepstakes (ok-2 episodes this year were actually good-the rest-terrible!)-he redeems himself with a show that is riveting, timely and funny at the right times!

The casting, the writing, the overall look of the show is first class! Starting at the top with Mark Harmon, the sexiest man on TV-he also sets the tone with his right on portrayal of the most conflicted man on TV today! His obsession with Ari (the terrorist), his list of rules, then his tendency to think out of the box just adds to the spice and pace of this show. (Plus his constant dueling with DiNozzo-priceless!)

An added plus is the inter meshing of the cast-David McCallum-funny, urbane- so hot! His stories are hysterical, then his sad commentary on the life or death of their latest subject-just gives you pause. His diatribe on the terrorist and what he did to his assistant alone is Emmy award stuff-don't mess with Ducky ever again! Then we have the reason for Rule 12-Special Agent Catlin Todd-the writers don't always have a clue as to her portrayal but she always pulls it off (and that humor of hers-the end lines alone are great!) I have to disagree as to the chemistry with Gibbs/Kate-it's there all right-hopefully we get to see something come of it in Season 2! The actors portraying Abby and DiNozzo-Pauly Perrette and Michael Weatherly are hysterical, yet right on in their portrayals-especially when DiNozzo thinks with his hormones and not with his brain-then turns around and saves the day-this show is a keeper! I can hardly wait for season 2!
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Love the show
katesgram200016 March 2004
At first when my husband would watch this show I wasn't really paying much attention and I would see this goth girl in the lab and think "what on earth is THAT?!?!?!" Then, one night I sat and watched along with him and now I am totally hooked. Mark Harmon's character appears to be annoyed sometimes by the other characters actions etc. but you get the feeling he really likes his coworkers. I like David McCallum's character and the way they tease him about going on and on. I get the feeling he knows they really do like him but his stories just get to be too much for them and he understands. My favorite though is Pauley Perrette's character. She is just a lot of fun. I hope the show stays on a long time- Tuesday nights wouldn't be the same with out it.
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Declining series
jax71316 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished binge watching Season 14 and I have watched this show since the beginning. Maybe the producers or whomever are trying to set a record for the length of the series, but there is little other reason for this show to continue. The exit of vital characters like Ziva & DiNozzo has created a downward slide into mis-casting key roles and creating dubious plots. The one bright spot in casting is Reeves, the MI6 transplant - both the actor and the character bring a breath of fresh air to the otherwise dowdy team. The loss of Vance's wife and Ziva's father was a preposterous plot twist. The addition of Quinn and Torres to fill the gaps in the NCIS team is weak and failing. Quinn has nothing to do and Torres doesn't belong there. Neither character is interesting nor entertaining in any way. Maybe, like Reeves, the producers should have considered another foreign import, French or Swedish?, to add some dimension. Bishop is marginally effective as an analyst, but is not believable as a field agent. It would have been better to keep her married and have her be the nerdy info bank who gathers and sorts backgrounds & personality profiles, even if it were a smaller role. That kind of role would be a fair replacement for the departing Abby, and Bishop's tricky relationship with her NSA lawyer-husband would have brought new fodder to episodes. And why do we have to be subjected to Jimmy Palmer's buffoonery in every episode, said buffoon scenes becoming longer with each passing season? I'm also now very tired of Franks showing up in a delusion to drive a story. Kind of pathetic. There is lots more I could say but basically it's time for this series to go out with some dignity left. I know the show has been slated for a 16th season but I can't imagine it getting any better if it stays on the same path.
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twylyght867 December 2004
When the show first started out it was a little shaky, but since then has grown into its own. The characters are believable, both annoying and enchanting, and the plots are wonderful. There's a depth and a comradeship that isn't often showed this well in television. It isn't forced or faked; it's entirely true to life and believable.

The underlying sexual tension between several of the characters is also intriguing and interesting to watch, the most obvious of these being the relationship between Tony and Kate, but there's also hints at Kate and Gibbs, McGee and Abby, and so on. It's a crime drama that's both serious and light-hearted, and a wonderful show for anyone who likes fascinating stories, good humor, and great character interaction.
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The original cast made the show. They have gone now, time to say goodbye.
Sleeper-Cell26 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) was the character that really made this show come to life for me. He was interesting, a film buff and very unlike the typical gungho cop you get in shows like this.

When he left (and I know there were characters leaving before him) it left a huge gap that the new stable of characters just can't fill. In fact there have been a few newbies come in since he left and they are all so boring I cannot even think of their first names.

Now Abby has also left and so we really only have Jethro, Ducky and Probie left. Probie was always a supporting character a good straight man to Dinozzo. Jethro worked well with the original cast but now looks bored but happy to be raking in the cash. Ducky is still interesting but not on the show as often as he used to be.

And the others? Who cares.
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Navy's Finest Are Top-Notch
marcus_stokes20004 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*SPOILERS NCIS* The NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Service) is a service that investigates on any kind of crime, from barroom brawls to international terrorism, that involves men and women from the Navy or Marine Corps.

The team is formed by: Leroy Jethro Gibbs (the second B stays for Bastard) (Mark Harmon), the moody, intuitive head investigator; he likes his coffee very strong, his women with red hair, and his investigations thorough. It is rare to get a compliment for him; when you get one, don't ask why. He is very loyal, and actually cares for his team, but has problems with women (evidence of this being three failed weddings).

Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Gibbs' 2IC; a smartmouth, player to the soul and proud of it, who masks his quick mind and powerful intuition with a happy-go-lucky (and sometimes obnoxious) attitude. Sometimes he can behave in quite the juvenile way, and when he is, a good headslap by Gibbs will help him put things straight (this two have also what could possibly be the strongest homosexual subtext - more of an almost-text - in TV History). He enjoys to torment someone, usually the newest element of the team. Dearly departed Special Agent Kate Todd (more later) and Special Agent Tim McGee (more later) have suffered the brunt of that in various occasions. Comes from money, but doesn't get an allowance because if he did, he wouldn't work, and it seems there is bad blood between him and his family. He has a deep love of movies and TV Shows (one of his favorites is 'Ozzy And Harriet'), and referred to movie-acquired knowledge various times.

Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), killed in the Season 2 Finale, who came from Secret Service, and made a point of bringing it up whenever the occasion presented itself, and came off as quite the uptight girl; all in all, the weakest character in the show, though her witty 'Hepburn-Tracy' rapid-fire dialogues with DiNozzo were great, and she had with him the strongest hetero almost-text this side of Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows.

Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) a perky Goth (not as oxymorous as it sounds) who has an imprecise number of tattoos on her body and is the greatest at her job. She loves to hear techno or hard rock music (like Android Lust) played at a very loud volume while working. She is the only person in the team Gibbs actually shows affection for, and she is currently dating Special Agent Tim McGee (more later).

Tim McGee (Sean Murray), who joined the team in the second season after making various guest-appearances throughout the first season. Tim is a computer whiz, but is at a loss when it comes to social life; has gotten a tattoo on his butt to impress Sciuto - and it worked. Has been mercilessly teased by DiNozzo when he first joined the team, getting the absolutely-not-flattering nickname 'Probie' ('Pivello' ('Greenhorn') in the Italian Version). He has proved his valor, though, time and time again.

And last but not least, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard (David McCallum), the ME, who has two curious habits; one, to talk to the corpses he is going to autopsy, and the other, to go off on tales that are very loosely related to the case in question. He likes the music Abby plays, but not distorted by speakers, lives with his mother, who, wearing only Chanel N°5 when she goes to bed, hosts very awkward slumber parties and has various dogs, he is the one who has worked the longest with Gibbs and looked like 'Ilya Kuryakin' when he was younger.

This is the team (I'm not talking about Ziva and Madame Director because I have yet to see Season 3), and my suggestion is to watch them in action, every Tuesday, 8/7 central, on CBS.

You won't be disappointed.

NCIS: 9/10.
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So much better than its parent show
BlackJAC29 November 2003
Finally Bellisario got it right. Gibbs and his gang are first and foremost investigators, not hoity-toity staff officers who moonlight as stereotyped combat soldiers with thickly-laid-on patriotic dogma that would make Ward Carroll vomit with rage. At no time do they ever try to borrow an F-14 to go on some bombing raid over the international hot spot du semaine; they stick to their job descriptions the whole time. They also have personalities and eccentricities that make them a better ridealong than overstarched Harmless Rabbit and whatever babe he happens to be working with this season, such as Gibbs' coffee addiction, Ducky's intellectual ramblings, DiNozzo's attempts at being a cool womanizer, Abby's interesting blend of science nerd and goth grrrl, and Kate as the token vaguely normal neophyte thrown into the mix. Too bad this couldn't have been done with JAG in the first place.
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Cannot stand Abby's replacement.
bengswin118 May 2018
I knew she was coming as soon as I heard the character was leaving and Duckys assistant arrived. No thanks.

It is a shame they killed off MI6 officer, now Im wondering if he will be replaced.

I may just quit watching this now.
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Lost its shine?
jeffers-1715926 June 2018
I've enjoyed NCIS ever since it first came on British tv. The mix of action, humour and pathos just seemed to work with NCIS,which was lacking with the CSI shows. Saying that, NCiS LA and NCIS NO left me cold as well. We are now up to Season 14 on British tv and I think it has lost its way. Apart from McGee and Gibbs the agents don't really seem to fit and I couldn't care less if they were blown away. I know that shows develop and change through each season but losing Cote de Pablo and Michael Whetherly changed everything. Talking of Cote I'd like to know whether she was cold shouldered after she left because she has done nothing worthwhile since. If so that was mean and spiteful.
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A shadow of what it once was! Warning: Spoilers
I loved this show when it first started ( I scored it a solid 9) and continued to up until the end of Season 13.....That is where it should have finished. With nearly all the original cast gone and poor Ducky semi-retired, Gibbs is left floundering on his own with lots of new cast members that just have not worked, least of all is Maria Bello whose character does very little apart from get in the way, and for a character that is supposed to be getting in peoples heads to interrogate or help them, she seems to need more help than all of them put together. Gibbs just seems lost and coasting, I know this show has been green lit for a 16th Season and I really do think that should be it, but I am sure that the powers that be will flog this horse long after its dead. This show is a tired shadow of what it was and should hang up its gun and badge while it still has a pulse. (and don't even get me started on NCIS:LA, a generic cop show that they just stuck NCIS on the front of to sell it, a regurgitation of what they did with CSI Miami (Cops in the sun), New Orleans is better but still a poor relation. Rant over.
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5/30/2017 Disappointing.
genelee-130 May 2017
No wonder NCIS is losing viewers. Too many new characters with they're own issue's. The plot is flimsy. Tonight's episode is a prime example of why I haven't bothered to watch this season. They brought back their version of David Baldacci's Camel Club. Read the books and you'll see my point. Too many people working on a simple case as opposed to a simple story going in different misleading directions to make the NCIS figure out the case. The Sherlocks...what a joke!!
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Season 14 (Spoilers)
robertka13 May 2017
Am I the only one thinks that Season 14 is lacking something N.C.I.S. used to have? I am kind of disappointed with this season. Sure, I watch each and every episode and look forward to the next, but; somehow or other, the action seems to revolve less about homicides and N.C.I.S. purpose and more on the personal relationships of its members. Furthermore, the cases that N.C.I.S. got this whole season seem to be very lame compared to the cases from previous seasons. I am writing this because I noticed that while watching the episodes of this season, if I get a phone call, I pause the recording to answer the phone, while in the past, I would let the call go to voicemail so as not to interrupt my watching. I feel that the departures of Cote de Pablo, first, followed by Michael Weatherly took something from the show and that whatever was lost has not yet been replaced. Ducky has fewer lines while Palmer seems to get more attention and is just as funny. Abby is Abby and McGee is not as prominent as before. In my opinion, I feel that the writers seem to also have lost their touch.

This really saddens me because last year, I bought the DVD's for all the seasons which I had missed, and I remember binge-watching them like there was no tomorrow. Let's just hope that things pick up for the next couple of episodes or for next season.
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DiNozzo's Season 13 Finale
mattk10-832-853557 November 2016
One of the best TV series of all time. However:...

Regarding the original character - Anthony DiNozzo - and his farewell at the end of Season 13, I thought it was overly sentimental and weak. The character needed some grounding on the sentimental side after 12 plus seasons of drifting between attachments, but he was always the person-in-waiting for all fans to become the next #1 (Gibbs-like; or even better!) However, they short-changed his end story by making him a less than heroic - yes: admirable (but all the principal characters are by definition admirable) but Tony was the other Alpha and was with a severe suddenness made into a sedate Beta. Boo! Perhaps there will be a time to reestablish his character's true credibility in the future of the NCIS franchise - to the satisfaction of all - but time will tell, of course, as it always does.
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Not Happy with this season's cast changes!
mamaheel511 October 2016
I am very disappointed with this season's cast changes. I have been a loyal fan of NCIS from the very beginning. I've always enjoyed the show and thought the writing was great and the characters were believable. But Jennifer Esposito has all but ruined the show for me. I find her to be rude, arrogant, obtrusive and obnoxious. She definitely Does Not fit in with the team! Wilmer Valderrama may eventually fit in, once he learns that he is there to work, not to flirt with every skirt on the show and search for apartments while he is supposed to be working a crime scene! Also, the writing has taken a decided turn for the worse - the character's parts are all over the place, and it seems they have no idea what they are doing with Jimmy Palmer this season. The show used to be balanced, told a good story, and treated all of the characters well. Now it seems they have lost their way caring more about jumping on the politically correct, diversity, and inclusive bandwagon than with creating the award winning show they have had for all these years. Very sad to see such a great show fall apart like this :-(
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Is this the end?
gdump15 November 2016
This show has survived the coming and going of many cast members over the years, but the latest changes -- Michael Weatherly out, Jennifer Esposito and Wilmer Valderrama in -- doesn't look promising.

The total ridiculousness of the stories and the absurd "science" have always been big negatives, but the interplay of the characters made it watchable in spite of the problems.

Even without Weatherly, they are trying to fit his father (Robert Wagner) into the story line and it just seems silly.

Maybe the chemistry will improve as the season progresses, but so far (9 episodes into season 15) it just isn't working for me.
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Still going strong
wmelick10 May 2005
I've written about this show before on IMDb --- but here I am months later in May 2005 and yet it still continues to be impressive. There have been a few shows that were "bleh" in the last season but the "SWAK" episode tonight really got a few great moments of emotion between the cast members. The writers (at least to me) were able to pull off the "suspended disbelief" and I got pulled into the moment as DiNozzo was about to kick the bucket. I sure hope they keep most of the cast in the next season, as they seem to play off each other brilliantly. The only cast member I could see losing (according to the season finale preview, they lose an NCIS agent) is McGee. He's great and believable for his role, but any of the others lost as regulars on the show would break down the core character interplay. The McGee character could be replaced...but the others would be much more difficult. But then again I guess this is all decided and in the can...we'll find out on May 24th. My comments to other viewers that have commented on the reality of the series --- yeah, it's not the real life NCIS at all. But real life would be mind-numbingly boring to fit in 60 minute TV show. You'd need the constant buzz of fluorescent lights in the background combined with pages and pages of forms being typed into the computer --- mostly about drug abuses by young 18 year olds. This is TV drama and a fabricated fiction. I appreciate the nod Bellesario gives to NCIS and like the show for the entertainment it is. Real life NCIS isn't a fun job, but we get an hour on Tuesday night to pretend it is.
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Sad loss of brilliant characters
Bottlebrush24 June 2018
I used to thoroughly enjoy this series, but with Ziva and Tony gone and Abby apparently about to leave, it has gone right down in my estimation. The three new cast members are very poor substitutes for the above, the two females (especially the dark one) being the most annoying. One feels no empathy towards them, and they seem unlikely characters to exist in an organisation such as NCIS.

Has the USA gone to same way as the UK in being unable to produce decent TV series (or films) any longer? Guess I'll just have to stick to watching older stuff on DVD.

What a shame.
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Cast Cuts
queenb_tch6 November 2017
Very sad to hear about the cutting of 2 more people on the show! I faithfully watch all the shows even reruns! One of my favorite programs! First you have Zivea leave then Tony goes to join her. Now Ducky ( on leave ) & Abby ( last season) you are taking away the cast that we all love to watch! Please stop cutting cast as the show will not be the same. Heart broken loyal fan!
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The end of a ratings generator.
eviltimes5 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Standard network potboiler that has been on the air far too long. Now, with the loss of Abby (Pauley Perrette), this will be the final nail in the coffin for us.

Ratings remain good, but only because there really isn't anything else to watch in that time slot for those without options. Truly, there is so much to choose from that, providing you wish to spend the money, there is no limit (if you merely wish to bury bombs, there is no limit to their size - Dr. Strangelove.)
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Could do better
jamesgh-970604 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
For many early years it was a 10 plus and I looked forward to them so much that I bought them in from America as soon as the US DVD set was available No more. They've lost the sharp plots and mysteries that made them special and traded in the original funny dialogue.

Sadly the weaknesses in the series was transferred and amplified in some dire copies (NCIS Los Angeles) You may be one who continues to love the series, but why? These dips into "character plots" have been generally self indulgent and pointless and the repetition of almost identical comedy routines and faux loveliness between colleagues is now so forced and stale that I often just don't bother watching.

My only hope is that the trailers for the next series looked promising, but I seriously doubt that this production team have effective change in them. The swings of false emotion are just wearing and that production change a few years ago intended to strengthen characters didn't do that for me at all. In fact it often seems self indulgent and false in terms of the team. Abbie suddenly has a beloved brother turn up (literally in the air) Jethro and his father is tiresomely hunted (again). What happened to exciting action and needing to think about who done it and why they did it? Such a comparatively "muscle" show running on empty for a long time now. SO sad.
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New love story but not like 'DiNozzo - Ziva'
anastasiazafeiriou27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a loyal fan of NCIS from the very beginning. I've always enjoyed the show and thought the writing was great and the characters were believable.

I am very disappointed with this season's cast changes. I would definitely like character Anthony DiNozzo to return.

The last story with an agent to be loved with another "new" agent brother of a Muslim terrorist is not nice. This agent is a boy and a possible new terrorist not a lover.

I think that to make scenarios for propaganda are not good always.

Sorry but i think that the series are not promising for the future. Maybe the chemistry will improve as the season progresses, but so far (9 episodes into season 15) it just isn't working for me.
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Things ain't what they used to be...!
mch2469-955-82747529 March 2014
I started watching this series a few years after it started and went back through previous seasons to catch up...

Admittedly you need to suspend any sense of reality to enjoy this show as with many other similar shows... however thats a good thing as TV shows are about escaping and stepping into an alternate world...with alternate characters...

So with that in mind I have enjoyed the shows..... I was never a lover of Ziva character but it worked within the team of characters... a balance I guess you could say...

I have been watching since the new character to replace Ziva arrived and although as a character, Ellie really doesn't work for me.... the character itself isn't in line with the shows balance...

I know some reviews mention her traits and methods within the show... that to be honest isn't the problem for me... its the way that character sits within the team and ultimately the show.... as we all know every character is unrealistic and more of a caricature.... so this new character and her traits aren't for me the issue...its the way that particular character just doesn't work within the team and balance of the show.... by deliberately avoiding going for a similar character as Ziva the makers have tried to go a different way and to me it ain't worked.... I have seen a few guest characters that would work better and create good relationships and open more story lines... this character ain't one of them...I find myself forwarding her scenes to avoid the irritation her character brings...I have only found myself being irritated by one other character during the shows seasons and that is the Coast Guard Agent Borin she was OTT at trying to be something she clearly couldn't be .... like some sort of female Gibbs character... she was really irritating both as a character and as the actress trying to play that role ... maybe a different actress would have made that work but certainly not Diane Neal...

I hope the makers of the show do change this new character..I can see myself drifting away from this show if they don't...

But then maybe the other side of the coin is that the show is not putting out the same level of episodes and story lines that it used to... and my dislike of that new character is more about the overall than just the that..?
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