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Season 2

28 Sep. 2006
Wives and Lovers
The police investigate the death of a woman who, on first appearance seems to have jumped off the roof of a building. Unfortunately, she lands on a young man standing at the entrance to the building, killing him instantly. The woman, Jackie Aston, was an executive and, the police learn, a member of the Club Libero where married men and women can meet others who are interested in having a fling. The investigation focuses on Mark Drummond who had left the club with Jackie on the evening of her death. DI Susan Alembic goes undercover but as the case proceeds, the police ...
5 Oct. 2006
Just Seventeen
The police are investigating two deaths. DI Alembic and DC Frank Connor looks into the death of Vernon Duffy who was found tied to a tree and shot. Duffy was a sex offender who had recently been freed on a technicality when the courts ruled the main evidence against was obtained illegally. When they find that all but one of the shells found at the scene were blanks, she concludes that he was executed by a firing squad. DS Stone and DC Alison Bain investigate the death of 17-year old Bethany Williams who bled to death in the corridors at her school. It has all of the ...
12 Oct. 2006
Death of a Ladies' Man
The police investigate two crimes. The first is a hit and run accident instantly killing Greg Osborn, who had just made a purchase at a bakery. The policed soon conclude that Osborn was deliberately targeted. The second is the shooting of Ryan Everitt, who was shot by a sniper. While Alembic and Stone focus on the shooting, DCI Turner puts DC Alison Bain in charge of the hit and run. She and DC Frank Craven find that Osborn's widow isn't very upset at his death. They also locate the car used in the hit and run but suspect the driver is being less than honest. Alembic ...
19 Oct. 2006
Game Over
The police investigate the murder of Alice Fielding who is found strangled in her flat. As they investigate her friends and acquaintances they find that her old boyfriend is now dating her mother. On the same night, the police have a second murder to investigate, that of Sam Glazer, a property developer who is on the verge of bankruptcy due to a drop in the housing market. They suspect Cassandra Wallis who was in the flat when Glazer was killed but was so drunk that she remembers very little of what happened. When Alembic and Stone learn that both Fielding and Glazer ...

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