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Season 13

3 Mar. 2013
The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House
Among the 14 competing celebrities, Trace Adkins and Bret Michaels are called out to pick their teams, because, they were the most successful contestants during their previous appearance from seasons past. Trace Adkins forms what will become team Plan B, and Bret Michaels forms what will become team Power. The two teams must run their own meatball shop and sell them. The team that raises the most money from charitable donation wins the task. The team that sells the best meatballs wins a $20,000 bonus.
10 Mar. 2013
Just as Simple as Making Soup
Team members must create a 3D interactive photo experience for Universal's marketing campaign.
17 Mar. 2013
I'm Being Punked by a Jackson
To make a Soap Opera themed stage play for Crystal Light Liquid. Teams will be judged on the following criteria of creativity, audience reaction, brand messaging, product integration, and overall presentation.
24 Mar. 2013
Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him
Both teams are required to incorporate a pair of glass trucks into their marketing campaigns to promote a hair care beauty product for women.
31 Mar. 2013
Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain
The celebrities are tasked with creating original, three-dimensional artwork and sell them to raise money for charity.
7 Apr. 2013
How Do You Spell Melania
The two teams are tasked with designing and creating an advertorial to highlight the new "Melania" skin care line created by Donald's wife, Melania Trump.
14 Apr. 2013
The First Leaf That Hits the Ground
The All-Star celebrities are tasked with promoting Australian Gold sun tan lotion products by writing, producing, and directing a silent video.
21 Apr. 2013
Are You My Zulu Dancing Man?
The players are tasked to promote an interactive travel expo for South Africa Tourism.
28 Apr. 2013
Ahab's in Charge, and He's Gone Mad
The celebrities are tasked to write, produce, and direct a demonstrational 90 second video for LG's Smart Home and Home Entertainment Systems.
5 May 2013
The Mayor of Stress Town
The two All-Stars celebrity teams are tasked with designing a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and host a party at the brand-new Barclays Center.
12 May 2013
May the Spoon Be with You
The remaining 4 All-Star semi-finalist celebrities are called into the boardroom to argue why they should be the final two celebrities competing to be the next Celebrity Apprentice. Trump fired two All-Star celebrities (one from each team) at the beginning. The two remaining celebrity finalists are challenged to create a new flavor of Walgreens Delish brand premium ice cream, produce a promotional video, and raise money for a launch event featuring the new flavors.
19 May 2013
One of Us Will Win, But Not by Much
Team Penn travels to Philadelphia, vowing not to return until they uncover "massive voter fraud". Team Penn never returns and the show goes off the air.

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