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Go Team Slapstick!
Coventry27 September 2004
Once every few years, you're presented to a slapstick comedy so hilarious you instantly forget how LOW this form of entertainment actually is. I can't give a scientific explanation to state how come it's funny to see someone (preferably wearing glasses) getting hit in the face by a ball…it just is. Dodgeball is vulgar, crude and without substance…but your stomach will hurt from laughing and don't we all need that from time to time? In case you really want to defend this film, you can always say it features tons of unsubtle criticism towards modern American image of exaggerated health-obsession. Ben Stiller's character is the personification of the obnoxious fitness guru: 'We're better than you, and we know it'. Opposed to him, there's Vince Vaughn as the chilled-minded, lovable guy who owns a fitness center for the underdeveloped wimps. Due to his financial situation, he risks losing his gym to Stiller except if he and his teams of misfits manage to win the world-famous dodgeball tournament. The film is a series of cheap chuckles, eccentric characters and outrageous one-liners. It's pretty funny to hear Stiller yell out lines like: 'You're a skid mark on the underpants of society'. Or the always-amusing Rip Torn encouraging his team with the words: 'you're as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop'. The acting is great as it can be with Ben Stiller and Rip Torn who go delightfully over the top and lots of enthusiast cameos (Chuck Norris, David Hasselhof, William Shatner and even Lance Armstrong). It sure isn't Schindler's List but Dodgball is great entertainment and stress releasing.
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Forget the Nay Sayers!!, This is a Damn Funny Movie!!
MCETXCEM12 December 2004
I just watched Dodgeball last night and I can't remember laughing so hard at a movie in years, from Vince Vaughn finally being cast as a person you can like to Rip Torn who is always at his best as the sarcastic coach who is full of colorful one-liners, and I didn't start out as a Ben Stiller Fan, but his movies have seriously picked up in quality lately

From the supporting cast and the cameo's everyone does a top notch job, Gary Cole is especially amusing as the sports announcer and his always missing the point sidekick, The Dim bulb Chris Klein type Dimwit on Vince Vaughns team adds to the hilarity, and Missy Pyle(What A Babe!!)

Forget what all the Negativity from the other reviewers state, this is a comedy, a comedy is meant to entertain, it is not Casablanca or the Producers, but it is not meant to be

(****) Out Of (****)
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superior slapstick comedy - tightly scripted, it gets immense mileage out of the flimsiest of gags
Chris_Docker3 October 2004
Go and see it. It's one of the best comedies of the year and a lot funnier than it should be given the flimsy premise. Ben Stiller has a big 'Globo' health club worth millions (it even includes cosmetic surgery facilities - they know that 'fatness is genetic, like baldness or necrophilia'). The lovely Christine Taylor is his lawyer, charged with getting rid of the 'Average Joe' gym across the road so they can build a parking lot for Globo customers. She takes a liking to the 'underdog' owner of the Average Joe gym though, and helps them in their plan to win a Dodgeball contest in order to get the money they owe. Dodgeball is an 'obscure' sport that mostly consists of throwing a ball to hit your opponent (look it up on the Net - Dodgeball fans take it quite seriously!) Even when I describe the film, I think 'it sounds awful' - I probably would have avoided it if it hadn't been recommended so highly - and I recommend you stay till the *very end* of the credits for one of the best scenes (which also takes a swipe at the US film-making industry!)
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Like chocolate cake: you know it's bad for you, but you can't help but love it
Smells_Like_Cheese12 January 2005
Silly metaphor, I know. The film "Dodgeball: A true underdog story" while maybe be offensive at times, the film really brings it back up to place with the humor. You really can't help but laugh at the movie a couple times. Sort of like "Zoolander", another great flick with Ben Stiller, it's so stupid you've gotta love it. I would recommend this film for a good laugh. As of movie of the year or comedy of the year, no, this is not the film. But it was a good one to watch. A true film for any Ben Stiller fan, that's for sure. I will warn though, if you get offended easily, this maybe not the film for you.

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If you can dodge a wrench.....
g-bodyl28 February 2008
This film is one of the funniest slapstick comedy ever. Ben Stiller was funny as always and Vince Vaughn was surprisingly funny. Stiller plays White Goodman and he is the snobbish owner of his up-to-the-style Globo Gym whereas Vaughn plays Peter La Fleur and he is the owner of Average Joe's. The gyms find out that there would be a dodgeball tournament held in a few weeks with a grand prize of fifty thousand dollars. Average Joe's need that money or else the gym goes to Globo Gym. The gyms ended up going and making it to the finals. But who wins? The movie will tell you that. All of the supporting actors were funny especially Rip Torn as Patches O'Houlihan. If you like Ben Stiller, you will like this movie. I rate this film a 10/10.
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Very silly but fun despite the odd patch of misses
bob the moo23 August 2004
Peter La Fleur runs a second rate gym that is populated by non-paying members who are, shall we say, on the edge of society. Peter's relaxed existence is made difficult by the fact that a large gym across the road aims to shut him down. When the Average Joe gym receives its final warning from the bank, they face a 30-day deadline to come up with $50,000 or lose the gym to competitor White Goodman. After their initial ideas fail, they discover that the national dodgeball contest has a prize of that very amount – with a little help from an ex-champion, they set out to make it to the finals and save the day.

This film came to the UK on a wave of hype and praise but I was a little wary because I knew that the style of humour that it has can be very hit and miss. The film has the same plot that all these sorts of sports movies have and you pretty much know where it is going from the very start but, to be honest, how many people have come here for the engaging story? No – me neither! The humour is very silly and it will not appeal to everyone but I found it pretty funny with the out-of-the-blue stuff being the funniest; if you find it funny to hear the line 'thank you Chuck Norris' said with sincerity then this will be the film for you. It isn't as consistent as I would have liked because it does have a couple of patches where there are more misses than hits but generally I had a good hatful of laughs and, when not laughing I still had a smile on my face.

Of course, like I said, this isn't for everybody and I'm sure many will see it as a juvenile – and it does seem to have been aimed at the young male side of the market. The downside of this is that the majority of the laughs are pretty basic and, as we are seeing too often recently, the old audience draw of girls kissing is wheeled out yet again. The casting also helps to a certain degree and do help a bit to cover the basic humour. Vaughn is cool and relaxed and, although you wouldn't call it 'acting' he is a likable lead. Stiller has a few dry moments but generally his 70's fitness freak steals every scene he is in. Taylor is pretty but you can't help feeling that the film is only using her when, for no reason other than titillation she is revealed as bisexual (with a girlfriend). Torn is funny if basic and Azaria is also funny. The support cast is more about off the wall characters than good writing or performances, but Long, Root, Moore, Tudyk and others are all OK. Cameos from Hasselhoff, Norris, Shatner and Lance Armstrong are all briefly amusing and, just like Best in Show, commentators Gary Cole and Jason Bateman do spot on spoofs of low-grade sports commentators and have lots of great lines between them.

Overall this is not the funniest film EVER, as some critics have absurdly claimed – it simply isn't consistent enough for that accolade but it is still a pretty funny film if you are in the mood for silly humour and some pretty basic jokes. The use of easy draws such as female flesh, lesbianism and physical jokes is a bit of a downer when you think about it but I doubt many will complain when it is on. The cast generally do well and the material is funny and energetic enough to do the job, producing a silly film that is hardly memorable but will be fun while you're watching it.
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Oh my God, this movie is funny!
hrivnak25 June 2004
I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in years. That's all I can really say about this movie. It's stupid, sure, but it's so hilarious, you don't care.

I could not stop laughing. There are so many jokes in this movie, you don't even have a chance to rest before the next one comes along.

Ben Stiller as the "evil" White Goodman -- it's a classic character that should go down in the annals of comedy greatness. The announcers for ESPN 8 "The Ocho" (Gary Cole and Jason Bateman) had me rolling in the aisles. Stephen Root is a comic genius as well, and Alan Tudyk as the random pirate (why? who cares!) was pure gold.

Oh, and make sure you stay till the end of the credits... Ben Stiller does a routine that's absolutely hysterical.
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Pretty much as funny as they say it is
mjw23058 February 2005
When average Joe's gym, run by Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn) is under threat of take over by White Goodman (Ben Stiller), La Fleur and his gym members must raise $50,000 to save it. The only way to do it is Dodge Ball, and with the help of a seasoned professional, maybe they have a chance.

Great characters, and a hilarious script make dodge ball a Hit, Ben Stiller's and Rip Torn's characters are particularly well written, but none of the characters fail to get a laugh, and there is a good blend of them on show.

Definitely worth a look for anyone who fancies a laugh. It's not a classic, but it doesn't fail to entertain with it's slapstick style.

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Great Fun!
roy-c20 July 2008
Picked this up on DVD for £3 ($6) - didn't know anything about it We thought it one of the funniest films we've seen for some time. Thought I'd check out the rating and was surprised how low (6.6) it was. Then checked out some of the "Hated It" comments to see why this could be I guess that a lot of people find this film offensive, with stereotypical attitudes - like how a bisexual woman could kiss both a man and a woman (an extraordinary observation). Or that it was unfair to poke fun at someone who spent all his waking hours dressed up as pirate. I think that comment came from a member of the Long John Silver Alliance.

Lighten up! Comedy - like any other artistic endeavour is subjective - all I can say is that I laughed and found that at many points the jokes were coming faster than I could process them - always a good sign.

A good combination of slapstick humour and smart-ass comments delivered at a rapid pace And an ever-popular theme: will the underdogs triumph? Watch it and find out
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This is a funny film - so forget pretentious comments
lapidary19 October 2004
This film is not intended to be a great work of art and no one will win an Oscar for it because it is just a film packed full of laughs that leaves you smiling afterwards - that is, with the exception of the few posters here bereft of any sense of humour.

I am not a great Ben Stiller fan - generally, I find him rather unfunny but he scores highly in this film and Vince Vaughn also deserves recognition among others for fine comedic timing.

The guest appearances also add to the general fun and the wheelchair-bound coach, played by Rip Torn is just a hoot.

This is definitely one to hire from your local rental shop - me, I'm going to buy the DVD!
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Underrated gem
nkishudak19 March 2020
I love Ben and this movie gives always a good laughs for me. Rewatched many times. The jokes are on point and the cast is perfect.
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No one makes me bleed my own blood.
sheepshearer22 September 2018
Thanks Chuck Norris. Loved it. Seen it 4-5 times. If you don't take life too seriously you should enjoy this.
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Fun piece of camp comedy
mstomaso19 December 2005
What's funny about dodgeball? First, it's a movie about a group of non-competitive and somewhat eccentric adults playing dodgeball to save a not-very-impressive gym from the clutches of a competitive monopolistic chain gym. Second - Ben Stiller. Stiller is over-the-top and hilarious as the evil nemesis of average Joe Vince Vaughn. Vaughn - playing the slightly less than average Joe owner of Average Joe's gym, plays the perennial hard luck loser to the hilt. The supporting cast is terrific. Alan Tudyk, Rip Torn, Christine Taylor and Stephen Root are a great ensemble.

This is a rather extreme and rather Hollywood camp comedy. Although a lot of the humor is adult, the film is also refreshingly clean compared with the averaged 21st century comedy. Dodgeball also doubles as a spot-the-cameo film, since a whole host of odd celebrities pop up here and there throughout.

The first time I saw this film, I was charmed and I laughed a lot. Although the film remained entertaining, like most comedies it lost a bit of its luster in its second viewing.

Why only a 6 rating? Despite the campiness and good solid humor, this is still a very formulaic film and it does tend to vaporize after a viewing or two.

Strongly recommended - for one viewing!
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You pay for what you get
Terryfan1 January 2019
History is strange when you look back on things and this is a example of what were they thinking?

Yes I admit I was force into watching Dodgeball and it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most goof up movies I ever seen in my life

The movie does feature some good one liners but other than that the movie just feels strange and the writing is one of the worst I ever seen

The acting is decent but nothing too shine out outside Vince, Ben and Christine's performances

Overall I give Dodgeball an 7 out of 10
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Great watch
kalvincahn29 November 2018
Literally one of the funniest movies I've ever watched.
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A fantastic comedy that is one of my favourites
alindsay-al8 June 2017
For a while now I have truly loved this film but I haven't watched it in a while so last night I decided to and in my opinion this is one of the best comedies I have seen and one of my personally favourites. The premise of the film sees a down on its luck gym in danger of being destroyed by its richer competition. So in order to save there gym they enter a dodgeball tournament to raise the money. I have been critical of Vince Vaughan before for being the same character in pretty much all of his comedies but this is the one where it really works. He totally encapsulates his charismatic but underachieving character really well and you do truly root for his character and the situation that he is put in. The supporting cast is also really good, starting with the obvious, Ben stiller absolutely kills it as white Goodman probably giving my favourite performance of his. He is so obnoxious but totally owns it in a way that it really does make it fun to watch his character and truly makes it a memorable performance. Christine Taylor plays Vaughan's love interest in this film but she is a great character in her own right and I thought she gave a fun performance. Rip torn plays patches o hoolihan there coach and he gives such an over the top performance but it works as you watch this crazy old guy drilling these grown men. Justin long and Alan tudyk also give really funny performances in this film, also this film contains one of my favourite Jason Bateman performances. The story is as described in the title an underdog story and I always remain heavily invested in the story of this film as these highly likable people fight against the evil corporation it is good stuff. However, my one issue with this film is its first act isn't that funny and it feels a bit sluggish as they introduce all of these characters one at a time, also yes the story is pretty cliché as well. The script has some gutbusting dialogue in it that always makes me laugh out loud, but it also does a really good job with its more dramatic scenes that as mentioned before makes you care about the characters. The style of the film is pretty raunchy and that could put some people off but I really enjoy it about this film and think it adds top the film. All the dodgeball matches are really well planned and all feel different and unique which is credit to the filmmakers to make that possible. Overall I really do love this film and think if you are a fan of comedies like this then it is a must watch.
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wildjest18 June 2004
I am not one for a long, or great review, but I can say this; this is one of the funniest movie's I've ever seen. I've never laughed as much in the theater as I did at this movie. There were only a few moments I wasn't laughing! It may offend some of the more "uptight" viewers out there, but if you don't mind a few cheap shots, you will laugh. There are several low intelligence laugh's and a few that you will have to listen to get, but all are just plain funny! I recommended if you want to laugh you want to go see this. This is one of the few movies where the funniest parts are not in the commercials. Even the team names are funny. I may even see this movie again just to catch all the little jokes that you have to look closely to see. I say go!
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Never gets old.
jstepp-7291917 March 2020
Dont know how many times I have seen it...and I cannot believe that it is about to be 16 yrs old!!!! Ef me. But it's still hilarious. Love watching it with my kids
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A classic tale of the underdog
marc-soulsby19 July 2005
I went to see this film because of Ben Stiller (who I think is fantastic). This film had me in stitches from the moment it started to the moment it ended. Ben Stiller is great as White Goodman (a neurotic gym owner on a power trip) and, for me, steals the show. Rip Torn plays the part of a former Dodgeball champion and, for those of you who like physical humour, had me in pain from laughing so hard.

The story has been well thought out and put across to the audience in a way that everyone will relate to at least one of the characters.

It is the type of movie that you can watch without really thinking about it. By that, I mean that you can watch it and laugh (and you will) without worrying whether or not you're gonna be too loud and miss vital plot points. The movie is sheer comedy. You watch the screen and you laugh... it's that simple.

All the family can enjoy this. My son is also a very big fan. I know that when I sit down to watch this movie with my son that there are no times when I have to block the screen or shield him from any dirty or disgusting dialogue. Yes, this is one for the whole family... from children to the senior citizens.

If you haven't seen this movie yet then I advise you to buy / rent it now. You don't know what you're missing.
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"Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge"
richardchatten10 October 2021
The presence of Ben Stiller usually promises fun and this crude and raucous but brightly coloured and basically good-natured cross between 'Rollerball' and 'Slap Shot' combines digs at the American need to win at all costs with a few nice ideas; such as the cute punch line given leading lady Christine Taylor.
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'Patches' Mends This Tired Formulamatic Comedy
ccthemovieman-120 March 2006
Well, here is yet another sleazy PG-13 modern-day comedy that also has genuinely funny characters and scenes. For those of us who care it's a shame we have have to put up with the bad stuff if you want laughs out of about any comedy made in the last 30 years....and this is a prime example. By the way, this is an "R" all the way, if any concerned parents are reading this. You need a computer to add up all the sex jokes in here and the last 30 minutes are really, really stupid. Both of those are typical, too. Yet, most of my friends said this was hilarious and to check the film out.

Prior to the typically-dumb ending are some very funny moments, mostly provided by Ben Stiller's over-the-top fitness guru, "White Goodman," a man who runs an ultra high-tech fitness center. Vince Vaughan plays the likable good guy small-gym owner who is in competition with Stiller, sort of like David against Goliath, the nerds against the jocks.....another formula that is so often used these days in comedies because it's always fun to see the little guy knock off the arrogant big jerk. Christine Taylor is the token young "hottie" that you also see in these kind of pictures: skinny, pretty, but not exactly the wholesome type.

Rip Torn almost steals the show as "Patches O'Houlihan," the old man who helps coach the underdog volleyball team using some unorthodox methods. I laugh every time I think of him. In fact, "Patches" puts the added edge in this film to elevate it slightly above a "fair" rating.

A lot of the humor in here is the improbableness of the whole story. Of course, it's an insult to anyone's intelligence but that's part of the charm and one does get a decent amount of laughs for an hour-and-half, so it's not all bad.
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Remember the 5 rules of Dodgeball......!!!!!
rlbartram13 October 2006
This film will not be the cause of World peace.....neither will it stimulate your emotions and lead you to donate to worthwhile causes.

However.....if you want to spend 90 minutes laughing your head off to constant one-liners and clever word-play from the main characters.....mixed with slap-stick and occasional goofy and cringe-worthy scenarios.......then sit back and enjoy the ride!!!! Within its genre this is definitely 10/10.......against Schindler's List or other such films, then it's struggling.....but then that isn't what it is meant or wants to be.

Just sit back....strap yourself in and laugh out loud....then replay the ridiculous White Goodman monologues with your friends time and again!!!!
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endearing slapstick comedy
Buddy-5116 August 2005
"Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" provides just enough good-natured low brow humor to make up for the fact that the film is not always as funny as it intends to be.

Vince Vaughn takes on the role of straight man as Peter La Fleur, the owner of a third rate gym called "Average Joe's" that caters to the….um…how shall we say it?… less athletically inclined, less single-mindedly health-conscious consumer. Pete's patrons are all "losers" and social outcasts who find Average Joe's the one place where they can find camaraderie and be accepted for who they really are. The problem is that, through poor business management, Peter has virtually bankrupted the establishment to the tune of $50,000 that needs to be paid off pronto if he is to maintain ownership of the place. Enter White Goodman (Ben Stiller), the self-made, egomaniacal owner of a top-of-the-line gym across the street who is determined to force Peter out of business and make it part of his own franchise. To raise the money, Pete and his comrades form a ragtag dodge ball team and head to Las Vegas to compete in the national championships. When Goodman gets wind of the plan, he forms his own team to take on Average Joe's less-than-average players in a David and Goliath showdown broadcast on nationwide TV.

Most of the humor in "Dodgeball" is of the Three Stooges/hit-one-another-in-the-groin variety that works pretty well for the most part, even if it does tend to become a bit strained and repetitious after awhile. Vaughn and Stiller have a fun time playing off one another, with the former carefully low balling his performance while the latter bursts forth in a no-holds-barred display of manic energy. Christine Taylor is also lovely and fine as the bank accountant who starts off rummaging through Peter's financial records and winds up as a star player on his team. The other cast members are all entertaining as well, and the film features a host of effective cameo performances from the likes of William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, Jason Bateman, Chuck Norris, and Lance Armstrong who really makes a mark in his short, but pivotal and well written scene near the end of the film. But the real acting honors go to Rip Torn as a crazy, wheelchair-bound coach who uses some mighty unorthodox methods to whip the boys into shape. Torn is the undisputed comic force at the center of the film.
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daria8415 November 2004
Wow it's been a while since the last time I laughed this hard at the movies. I loved it!

This movie is about a group of "weird" (I hate to see that word in a sentence next to the word "people") guys who work out at a small gym owned by Peter LaFleur (Vince Vaughn), which isn't getting any income b/c it's going to be taken by the bank, task handed to Kate Votch(Christine Taylor). But that isn't all, the gym wants to be owned by the annoying/gross and long time rival of Peter, owner of Globo gym, White Goodman (Ben Stiller in I think one of his best roles ever). The thing is this guys are willing to do anything to keep the gym, they learned to love that place and they made a bunch of great friends. Anyhow, the only way to keep the gym is to get $50.000 in 1 month, and that's how they get into "dodgeball.." The rest, you have to see it.

A really fun movie, wonderful performances by everybody in the cast, I can't complain of anyone, they were all awesome! Especially Ben Stiller, we're used to see him in roles like "There's something about Mary" as a sweet good guy, but in this one, forget about it! He's nasty, dumb (not the Zoolander kind of dumb, this one is actually funny) and annoying! But that was the character, so I'd say Ben Stiller was perfect. Vince Vaughn was great too, funny and the classic good guy/hero of the movie, I liked him. Christine Taylor was good too :)

I'd watch this movie again anytime, one of the best comedy movies I've seen in a long time :) ****1/2 out of ***** (the half point taken away by David Hasselhoof's came, I have no idea what he was doing or why he was there, but it was stupid and not fun).
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Not just a film for average Joe's.
hitchcockthelegend1 August 2009
Peter LaFleur {Vince Vaughn} is the owner of Average Joe's Gym, barely making any cash, LaFleur looks like losing his Gym to corporate big hitters, Globo Gym. Globo Gym, run by sleazy White Goodman {Ben Stiller}, is the complete opposite to Joe's, big money, big clientèle and big ego's. So when the few hardy members of Joe's decide to enter the Vegas Dodgeball Tournament, in the vain hope of winning the cash prize to save the gym, it's no surprise that Goodman enters his own team to hopefully thwart their plan.

A joyous, crude and eminently quotable underdog story that demands repeat viewings to fully catch all that is going on. Dismissd on release as being a throw away comedy from the Stiller/Vaughn frat pack brigade, Dodgeball has since gone on to surpass expectations and rise towards the top of the sports comedy table. A true ensemble piece {tho Stiller's preening Goodman takes the honours}, few films of its type have fused a character based heart with such dumb shenanigans and gotten away with it. These are odd and even sad people, but unity is a fine thing, even when wrenches are bouncing off their heads and balls are thudding into the groin! Yes it's that type of film, and we are all the better for the experience. Boasting smart use of cameos from such luminaries like William Shatner and Chuck Norris, Dodgeball is a testament to how good physical comedy can be, and of course it's always great to shout for the underdog. No matter how bizarre they may be. 8/10
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