Love Me If You Dare (2003) Poster

Guillaume Canet: Julien Janvier



  • Julien Jeanvier : [as Julien is fleeing from the police]  Sophie was back in the game! Pure, raw, explosive pleasure! Better than drugs, better than smack! Better than a dope-coke-crack-fix-shit-shoot-sniff-ganja-marijuana-blotter-acid-ecstasy! Better than sex, head, 69, orgies, masturbation, tantrism, Kama Sutra or Thai doggy-style! Better than banana milkshakes! Better than George Lucas's trilogy, the muppets and 2001! Better than Emma Peel, Marilyn, Lara Croft and Cindy Crawford's beauty mark! Better than the B-side to Abbey Road, Jimmy Hendrix and the first man on the moon! Space Mountain, Santa Claus, Bill Gates' fortune, the Dalai Lama, Lazarus raised from the dead! Schwarzenegger's testosterone shots, Pam Anderson's lips! Woodstock, raves... Better than Sade, Rimbaud, Morrison and Castaneda! Better than freedom, better than life!

  • Julien Jeanvier : You know... there were lots of things I was game for that you never said.

    Sophie Kowalski : Like?

    Julien Jeanvier : Eating ants... insulting the unemployed... loving you like crazy.

    [they kiss] 

  • Julien Jeanvier : Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Aurélie Miller : Yes.

    Julien Jeanvier : Naive.

  • Julien Jeanvier : Being an adult means to have a speedometer that marks 210 and not driving over 60.

  • Julien Jeanvier : [voice-off]  To win this game you need a pretty box, a pretty girl and to hell with the rest!


    Julien Jeanvier : ... And that's how we won the game... together... happy. And deep in concrete we finally shared our childhood dream, the dream of an endless love.

  • Julien Jeanvier : [talking about Igor the gym coach]  And how big are his biceps again?

    Sophie Kowalski : Bigger than your brain

    Julien Jeanvier : And you like this guy?

    Sophie Kowalski : As a second choice

    [starts walking towards Igor] 

    Julien Jeanvier : [shouting]  Second choice... who's your first? Sophie...

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