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First film of David Dhawan,Govinda and Sanju
silvan-desouza2 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
David Dhawan was an editor who turned director with Taaqatwar The film brought together Govinda and Sanjay Dutt in main leads, the pair was seen in Do Qaidi(1989) in the same year, also in Jeete Hai Shaan Se wherein Govinda had a cameo. The film is a typical 80s long lost type, it starts with Anupam Kher who is an officer after criminals, one of them being Shakti Kapoor who gets him killed with the help of hawaldar Paresh Rawal who is cunning. The blame of the murder is put on Anil Dhawan(brother of David) Tanuja wife of Anupam, takes care of Anil's son as her own though the society doesn't support him and he becomes a goon years later. Sanjay Dutt son of Anupam becomes a cop, who is after Shakti Kapoor rest is typical masala. DD being a fan of Manmohan Desai has several parts inspired from him, there is also a fight scene between Sanjay and Govinda which looks straight from Amar Akbar Anthony, the story also has shades of several films, Govinda's character seems a mix of Anthony Gonsalves and Amitabh in Suhaag.

Direction is decent but the story is outright predictable Music by Annu Malik is okay, Thanedaar song is quite good rest are okay

Sanjay Dutt plays the serious cop act well, Govinda plays the tapori character brilliantly, his name is John D'mello in the film and their chemistry too is good, their pairing was repeated in several films and got better Anita Raaj is good, Neelam has a small role and she is okay Shakti Kapoor plays the villain well, Gulshan Grover is good too Paresh Rawal is good in his character, Tanuja is okay Anupam Kher has a guest role and is good, Anil Dhawan is okay in a small guest appearance.
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decent bollywood entertainer
Liakot Ali29 April 2008
This film is a typical desi storyline of actor who's father dies by the bad guy and grows up for revenge. But luckily most of the film is not focused on the revenge side although it does have action scenes. This is a David Dhawan Movie and yes it does have comedy. Its like watching a game of cops and robbers, where Sanju is the cop and Govinda is the thief. The movie is very entertaining and i would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent entertainer. Neelam is alright, Anita Raj ain't too bad, Govinda and Sanjay are both equally great. They have made many films together and all have been hits. Do Qaidi, Jeete hain Shaan se, Haseena Maan Jayegi, Jodi No. 1 & Ek aur ek gyarah.
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