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18 May 2003
Episode #1.1
Paparazzi descend on Member of Parliament Stephen Collins following the mysterious death of his research assistant. A drug dealer is killed execution style. News reporter Cal McCaffrey investigates.
25 May 2003
Episode #1.2
Investigations suggest a relationship between the murder of Stephen Collins's assistant and the drug dealer. Collins's wife Anne makes a veiled public admission. Tough questions come from surprising sources. The killer resurfaces.
1 Jun. 2003
Episode #1.3
McCaffrey tries to seduce Anne but the hitman appears. Police Inspector Bell interviews Collins. The journalist team tries to track down Foy, a new possible insider.
8 Jun. 2003
Episode #1.4
Foy tells his side of the story, but something doesn't add up. Helen uncovers a connection between Foy and a shady lobbying firm that works for the energy sector. Collins discovers that the dead girl may have been 'a plant.'
15 Jun. 2003
Episode #1.5
Foy becomes paranoid and opens up. An MP becomes a new suspect. A gag order prevents the story from hitting the papers. Risking everything, Cameron refuses to accept that.
22 Jun. 2003
Episode #1.6
A new discovery sets everything back to the beginning and revels the true culprit.


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