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MPAA Rated PG for action, crude and suggestive humor and language

Sex & Nudity

  • 01:12:40 - The dad thinks his wife is Loki and briefly grabs his wife's breast as confirmation that she is not Loki
  • 01:10:23 - Loki (the male actor) is cross dressed as the dads wife.
  • 00:18:00-00:20:00 - Several revealing costumes at a Halloween party, song and dance
  • In one disguise, Loki's suddenly overweight butt crack appears in frame.

Violence & Gore

  • In an early scene, Tim and Tonya's friends' kids hit each other and make a ruckus.
  • Loki shoots at Tim repeatedly in various scenes, with cartoonish excess.
  • Tim and Otis the dog's transformations look violently spastic (in various scenes).
  • Loki sucks up a lady with a vacuum cleaner ("This is a terrible demonstration," she cries).
  • The baby runs through a door and leaves one of those cut-out baby shapes.
  • Otis the dog tries to give Alvey a firecracker disguised as a rattle; Alvey gives it back disguised as a bone and it blows up the dog.
  • Alvey and Otis the dog fight violently (at one point swinging the dog by the tail so he hits all the walls in the room, smashing furniture, etc. and then blows the dog up after it surrenders with a white flag -- this sequence is very violent, though all cartoonish).
  • Otis the dog imagines putting a bomb in Alvey's diaper, shooting him out of a cannon, spinning him in a ceiling fan, and tarring and feathering him. Alvey turns all this around and does it to the dog, including sending him through one of those laundry wringers, flattening him (but both are okay afterwards).
  • Loki, Tim, and Alvey fight violently, using guns, electricity, explosives, and garbage dumpsters (Alvey works magic to slam Loki between them). They look charred at times (in a cartoon fashion, but are otherwise okay later).
  • Loki wields a giant axe, and later, a hammer, smashing the sidewalk around Tim. Loki throws an oversized hand grenade at Tim and Alvey; and the baby puts up a shield.
  • Alvey and Loki both can stretch their limbs to play "Super-Twister" -- their bodies contort here.
  • Various bodies are slammed into a brick wall (in a "splat" cartoon fashion).
  • There's a boxing match between Tim as the Mask and Loki.
  • Otis the dog, while under the influence of the mask, bites someone's crotch.


  • Several uses of g**, oh g**, oh my g**, hell and the like

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The mask affects its wearers -- Tim and his dog -- by making them appear drunk or drugged. They behave badly, showing lascivious interest in female characters, assaulting other characters, and spinning around like wild dervishes.
  • At a nightclub, background characters hold drinks.
  • While under the mask's influence, Otis the dog romances a neighbor dog over dinner and drinks.
  • At a nightclub, some characters may be smoking in the background, while a girl in a skimpy costume sells cigarettes

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Every part of the scenes are horrifying to watch.
  • The scenes where Loki transforms into a Mask-like entity may frighten younger children

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