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Entertainment Weekly
The characters twirl around like mini tornadoes, but between random brash moments of technological eye-tickling, Son of the Mask sags more than it spins.
In actuality, it's silly fun custom-tailored for reluctant young fathers and that entire clan of 20-something man-children who still read comic books and play video games, guys who do everything possible to resist the notion of adult responsibility.
Village Voice
At its heart is a deep, unresolved ambivalence about child rearing.
Chicago Tribune
Even with a new leading man and a more family-friendly rating, some things never change: The Mask still stars Industrial Light & Magic.
The net result is a truly numbing experience.
L.A. Weekly
Most of the animated sequences, capably mixed with live action, leave a bad aftertaste, particularly when the ultimate fate of one beaten and battered human bystander after another is left callously unresolved. In other words, parents beware.
Cumming's antic acting is the only asset of this boisterous comedy.
Loud, mean-spirited and generally obnoxious, Son of the Mask makes the boisterous 1994 original look downright demure and refined.
Dallas Observer
One presumes the only thing worse than making this disaster is actually watching it; wouldn't wish either on anyone.
An irredeemable mess, a computer-animated Punch and Judy show without wit, heart or a single memorable performance.

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