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No brains were harmed during the making of this production.
Torgo_Approves17 April 2006
Scary Movie 4. Is it an example of good film-making? No. Will future film students study this movie and its revolutionary techniques? No. Could I have written this script in half an hour while stoned? Yes. Can I remember the last time I laughed this hard? No.

The key to enjoying a Scary Movie is to see it as a series of sketches based on popular movies, rather than a stand-alone film. The spoofs are extremely obvious and require as little thought to understand as it must have taken to write them. But as far as juvenile humour and crude visual jokes go, David Zucker does it right. You might question Zucker's actual skills as a director, but I dare you to call any of his movies unfunny.

Another reviewer mentioned that he missed the Wayans' style of comedy and brought up the scene where a blind Carmen Electra mistakes a church seat for a toilet as one of the funny scenes. Funny how I thought that was the only scene in the entire movie where the comedy fell on its face. The Wayans' relied far too much on lame sexual humour and gross-out jokes and I enjoy slapstick far more than that.

Not that Scary Movie 4 doesn't have its fair share of (hilarious) crude jokes. I won't spoil all the fun for you, so I'll just mention my favourite: Charlie Sheen, haunted by his past, tries to commit suicide, unfortunately the sleeping pills he swallowed turn out to be Viagra. That's the level of the humour in this movie, and if you are entertained by violent slapstick, people getting hit by cars, sexual jokes, and brilliant dialogue such as:

"I saw this face..."

"With a nose?"


"Hmm. Sounds like a face."

...then this movie is worth buying a ticket for. But if you can't stand lowbrow, dirty, and obvious comedy, you better stay away. Personally I thought 4 was the funniest in the entire series, after #3. If a movie can make me laugh for an hour and 22 minutes, I can't hate it. While Scary Movie 4 definitely isn't a "good" movie, it's hard to put down comedy this funny. Craig Bierko does a very good Tom Cruise impression, as well. If you liked the other movies, especially 3, this is a must see.

Dirty, juvenile comedy is rarely this funny. Strongly recommended if you're in the mood.(r#16)
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OK - so its not great art!
hesketh2711 June 2007
Its pointless trying to analyse this film as some reviewers have obviously tried to do here. Its not hilarious by any means but it does pass an amusingly enjoyable 80 minutes of time. The gags are mostly clichéd and predictable, there's lots of tired old slapstick but when there's nothing else on TV (which is why I watched this) it certainly fits the bill. As for the appearance of 'Michael Jackson' in the film, I'm still laughing every time I think about it - heaven knows how they got away with it, but its certainly a funny moment!! Im' glad that I had seen all the films that this tries to spoof and the re-creation of the sets for War of the Worlds is fantastic. Its so close to the original.
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Still got the jokes...!
when_anna_attacks13 April 2006
I went into this film a little hesitantly...How can there possibly be a fourth Scary Movie that still keeps its humour? Well, it was (half) possible. Although the overall structure isn't as tight as the other three, the jokes are often still 'fresh' and there's a lot of slapstick, which, although predictable, is still funny! Anna Faris (Cindi), as always, is still on top form, as is Regina Hall (Brenda) and together, they deliver some fantastic comedy.

If you're looking for a new, original comedy, perhaps this isn't for you. However, if you're a fan of Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3, then how could you boycott this one?! Go for it, even if it's only 80 minutes for a laff and a haff!
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Extremely surprised!
LoneWolfAndCub14 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went to this movie with very low expectations. After watching the trailers, I thought this looked pretty lame and a real waste of money. Boy was I wrong!! This turned out to be an extremely funny movie, which does an extremely good job at parodying movies such as Saw, Saw II, The Village, The Grudge and War of the Worlds.

This movie has a plot, but it is all over the place. It starts off with Dr. Phil and Shaq chained in a bathroom, for anyone thats seen Saw, they cram the bathroom scenes into a 2 minutes. We then go to our hero from the first three, Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris), who has taken a job looking after an old lady in an old mansion. She meets Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) and they bond pretty quickly. A few days later the world is under attack by TrIpods. Cindy and an old friend, Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall) go on a quest to try and defeat the aliens.

As I said before, I was VERY surprised by this movie. I found myself cracking up at most of the jokes, some of which were very clever take offs. The acting is OK (Leslie Nielson particularly funny as the whack President of America) for this type of movie and we shall be expecting a fifth installment shortly. I would rank this second out of the series, just under the first one.

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Shut Down Your Brain (Again) and Start Laughing With this Funny Franchise
Claudio Carvalho20 May 2007
The unemployed Cindy Campbell (Anna Farris) is hired to work in a cursed house as caretaker of an old lady and meets the ghost of a boy. Meanwhile, the teenager son Robbie and the young daughter Rachel of his next door neighbor and crane operator Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko) are spending the weekend with their loser father. Cindy and Tom meet and fall in love for each other, but when Giant Tripods invade Earth, Tom escapes with Robbie and Rachel; Cindy travels to a village, trying to find the answer to a riddle to save the world; and the president of USA organizes the defense of the planet in UN under his intelligence and leadership.

As I have previously wrote, parody movies are always of the type 'love or hate' it. I am not intellectual, I love cinema as culture, but also as entertainment, so I like this genre. Further, when I see this type of movie, I know exactly what I am going to see: scatological jokes, funny and surrealistic references to other films and definitely a movie that will never be indicated for an Oscar.

I found this "Scary Movie 4" also very funny. The screenplay is a big joke with the remake of "War of the Worlds", entwined with "The Grudge" and "The Village". It also satirizes "Saw" and "Saw 2", "Brokeback Mountain" and "Million Dollar Baby". There are also references to the American pop culture that I unfortunately have not understood, like for example Dr. Phil, the Oprah talk show in the end (see Obs.) or Bruce the Bed King. Leslie Nielsen is hilarious in the role of the smart president.

This is the type of movie that you must shut down your brain and start laughing. What I do not understand and really irritates me are the reviews of persons that should never watch this type of movie. What do they expect to see when they go to the movie theaters or buy / rent a DVD called "Scary Movie 4" ("the last part of a trilogy"), directed by David Zucker and with Leslie Nielsen and Anna Farris in the cast? An art movie, with hidden messages, an epic, a classic or a film with politically correct jokes? Honestly, if I did not like this genre, I would never spend my time watching it. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): 'Todo Mundo em Pânico 4' ('Everybody in Panic 4')

Obs: My son has just forwarded "Tom Cruise Freakin Out On Oprah" in Youtube:
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"By keeping the parody and humour so tightly focused, they've generated more laughter than any other movies this year.. so far.
I_Like_Turtle_s14 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Scary Movie parody wagon has been rolling since 2000, when the Wayans Brothers pooled their considerable comedic talents and came up with a kitchen sink flick that riffed on mainly horror movies — with just a little Matrix thrown in. The second Scary Movie, also from the brothers Wayan, riffed on The Exorcist, The Legend of Hell House, Poltergeist, Little Shop of Horrors, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, and Hannibal. Non-horror targets included Dirty Harry, Charlie's Angels, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and again, The Matrix.

A couple of years passed, and the directorial torch was passed to Airplane! genius-with-a-joke David Zucker for Scary Movie 3. Without Wayans, the genre widened a bit to add even more non-horror movie spoofs and much more current films. It was a box-office hit, so of course you knew what was coming…

Scary Movie 4, with all the core regulars back in action, makes fun of War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, Saw and Saw II, Million Dollar Baby, and Brokeback Mountain. With a better through-line connecting all the stories than its predecessor, Scary Movie 4 is a refreshing (albeit rank) addition to the series. Anna Faris and Regina Hall are back as the clueless Cindy Campbell, and the sex-crazed Brenda Meeks, respectively.

When Cindy takes a job as the caretaker of an elderly woman (Cloris Leachman), she runs into some scary ghosts with a grudge. But things start looking up when she meets her handsome new neighbor, Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko). Unfortunately, Tom is distracted by troubles of his own — namely a bitter ex-wife, two clingy kids, and, oh yeah: An alien invasion, sparked by the ground-breaking appearance of the "iPods". When Tom, his family, and Cindy are forced to flee and find a way to beat the huge, deadly alien-machines, they take a few side-trips.

One such trip takes Cindy and her best friend Brenda into The Village, a place where time stands still and the resident blind girl (Carmen Electra) can't find the outhouse. Returnees from Scary Movie 3 include Charlie Sheen (spoofing Bill Pullman The Grudge; turnabout is fair play, so Bill Pullman is also in Scary Movie 4), Simon Rex, Leslie Neilsen as our Commander in Chief, and Anthony Anderson and Kevin Hart who've changed their Eight Mile tune to the Brokeback Mountain hoe-down/get down.

I was impressed not only by the logical knitting of the story lines (only Brokeback Mountain is forced to fit, but it's okay as a flashback), but by the attention to detail. The sets and set design, especially for The Grudge and Saw, are flawless and even the costumes are perfectly fitted to the characters for each skit.

The only bet they really missed was a zombie movie spoof (when Brenda returns from the dead — The Ring curse killed her in Scary Movie 3 — it's just glossed over).

Despite too much scatological humor (just a personal bias of mine), Scary Movie 4 is a laugh-out-loud funny, well-directed and well-acted comedy that's a perfect kick-off to the summer popcorn season. To say much more would spoil the surprises, so all I'll say is: If you like the Scary Movie franchise, be sure and catch this one on the big screen.
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Fun and entertaining
dhellculvers5 May 2006
I had heard the buzz about this film being a bit crappy, but had to go check it out anyways. I have to admit that I laughed out loud a lot throughout the film. The plot involves Cindy Campell, star of all the previous Scary movie films, moving into a new house. But there are bigger problems than the job of house cleaning, as she soon find out her house is haunted by a little boy. To make matters worse, alien "TrIpods" are taking over the world. How is she ever going to escape this scenario? Scary movie 4 is filled with laughs, but cheap laughs as you would expect from a Scary Movie film, but it doesn't make it not fun to watch. So if you find yourself bored with nothing to do...why not see a funny flick. Definitely entertaining and will pass the time. My vote for this film is 6 out of 10.
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About what I expected.
Aaron137520 April 2006
It was rather funny, as to be expected the jokes were hit and miss with there being more hits than misses for me. I thought once again it could have been funnier and there were some unnecessary jokes, but all in all it was a rather funny flick. This one actually plays like a sequel as characters from the previous flick are explained why they aren't here rather than just being ignored all together. For this one the required viewing or basic knowledge of a movie that you need for this one is mainly "Saw", "The Grudge", "The Village", "Million Dollar Baby", and for me the best one "War of the Worlds" (a movie that needed some fun poked at it). There is also something in there making a bit of fun of a movie pretty much you don't need to have seen are know all that much will get it as long as you watch a bit of television. The "War of the Worlds" to me seems to be the main film parodied, however the other films get their fair share of the jokes as well. The opening is rather funny with Shaq and Dr. Phil doing a "Saw" recreation and there are other celebrities who make short visits as well however it is still the same group who forms the core of the cast. Worth a look see, however, if you did not care for "Scary Movie 3" I would say you probably won't like this one.
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Reassuringly Funny
joshua douglas-bagley24 April 2006
Having seen all three previous Scary Movies I was well informed as to what to expect from the film, yet I wasn't at all bored with the film. I found my self chuckling out loud for the entirety of the movie. Some of the gags in the film were really quite funny, especially the Brokeback Mountain sketch between "Mahalik" and "CJ" was particularly funny. some of the apparently off the cuff humour was really quite enjoyable to watch including the banter between the above characters. Anna Faris was on usual form fulfilling her role as the "female title fight boxer", her missing swing at female opponent "Mike Tyson"(busy biting ears) causing nearly everyone involved in the fight and the crowd, to almost majestically, break their necks, leaving Cindy distraught and full of guilt. The overall length of the movie was quite short but I felt that it was just the right time, any longer and perhaps my interest would have been lost. The Tom Cruise character in the film was OK but his face was rather annoying sometimes, and they even managed to get in a contractual Michael Jackson kiddie fiddler crack. Overall I thought the performances were good and was a quality addition to the Scary Movie franchise.
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Makes Scary Movie 3 look like Citizen Kane
DarthVoorhees21 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The funniest parts were in the trailer and even these scenes weren't that funny. 50% of the movie is sexual jokes and the other 50 is people getting hit by heavy metal objects.The movies that are made fun of are War of the Worlds,Saw, and The Grudge but the movie has no real plot. In my opinion the movie should have primarily been a Saw parody.The character of Tom Ryan had potential but he is shown as a dumb ass when he should have been a direct parody of Cruise.Yes there are moments of potential but they are too few and far between. David Zucker is not trying at all anymore,perhaps because his prime audience is now ten year olds who snicker at the word penis. The other films in the series took time to set up jokes and obscure jokes were passed out. Killing off Charlie Sheen was a bad move because he was the funniest character in 3.4 has the most celebrity cameos but they don't take advantage of the talent. The talented Anna Faris needs to realize she is more than Cindy Campbell and she can move on to bigger and better things. Leslie Nielson the master of the spoof genre is not used at all. Sadly I think the days of the spoof film are numbered. Sad really because the genre has brought laughs when other comedies failed. Airplane was a great film because it had a brain behind the silliness. Writers are using the spoof genre to churn out brainless garbage to earn a few million...
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Hilarious, but way too much in it
Warning: Spoilers
It is a refreshing comedy to see, as the other scary movies, yet this film is much different than the others. There is not as much of the David Zucker "one liners" you would expect, a hint of the Wayans brothers mixed in, and a lot of the jokes run flat. One of the key problems with the film was that they tried to mix too many parodies into it, which took away from the story, and at times seemed just like one big jumble of plot lines and stories.

However, having said that I would like to say that there are some hilarious moments and lines in the film which make it worth seeing. Especially if you are a fan of film such as airplane and the naked gun movies, there are still plenty of moments in it. The comedy style of this film is much like Hotshots Part Deux, yet doesn't quite reach the level of genius which that film did
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so painful its funny
This has to be the most painfully funny film ever!

It's so terrible it's funny, and that's probably the point. It's one of those films where you have to just give in to that inner child and laugh at all the things that you always used to. Well worth seeing if you can be like that, if your a snotty idiot who will stick your nose up at the slightest immaturity then id say don't bother. Had me in stitches through most of it. you also get a free awful love story thrown in with all the fun. Give it a go you might just realise you're 13 again and just discovering that sex is hilarious in the right situations.
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I wish i could say i liked this
chad_richard_7924 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had nothing to do one day, so I went to watch this film.

When the film had finished, I was demanding my money back! This film has just concentrated on toilet humour and slapstick, there is nothing that even made me chuckle the slightest bit in this film.

*SPOILERS* One example is for the beginning where Chingy & Dr.Phil are chained up in the same room, Chingy keeps bumping his head, then keeps "axidentally" hitting Dr.Phil over the head, by knocking down objects while trying to get a rock through a basketball hoop.

Another example is during the village parody, when they are all having a meeting and the blind woman comes in to go to the "toilet"...Toilet humour is funny though...if you are about 3! I don't even know really why i went to see this, the previous 2 were just as rubbish, the only good one was the first one that actually said "No shame. No mercy. NO SEQUEL"...I can see that it's stuck to it's word, seeing as they did change that after the second one was released.

This film is so poor that it makes me feel like i've wasted my time just writing about how bad it is, the jokes are so bad, the humour is just the same pretty much all the way through, all they have done is thought up about 4 jokes and relied on them throughout the entire film.
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Scary Movie
scyker23 April 2006
I'll admit, that scary movie four seems kind of run down after the first ones, but you people are being moronic about it. First off, the movie is supposed to make fun of other horror movies as much as possible. That's the point. Second, it was a good movie. You don't have to be a die hard fan to like it. It had really funny scenes and they went about it the right way. If they see a good joke, they use it. That's the way it's suppose to be done. It's a good comedy movie. I hope there's more in the end. Because this series, unlike other movies with their billions of pointless sequels, can continue as long as there are more horror movies. Don't call the humor into question just because the title of the movie ends with a four. Comedy and horror are disappearing and aren't as good as they used to be. These movies are a great idea. Don't let good ideas disappear. I was laughing right up until the end. Don't let this movie pass you by. The whole point of the new characters is that the movie gets new life. They've done what you asked, sit back and enjoy.
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Meh, it's OK- nothing special
peterbod7413 April 2006
First off, i have to mention how excited I was to see the 4th film of scary movie!!!! I was looking forward to it so much, but I have to say- at the end of the movie I found myself leaving the cinema slightly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, It was an OK film, its not like i hated it, but it sadly lacked the comedy of the other 3 films. I was very pleased to see Brenda back, however, not even she could bring this up to the standards of the others.

It felt as if each scene was rushed and just randomly placed together- for some reason, it didn't all seem to fit with each other, it was like "OK, we've done one spoof- quickly we have to do the next one" and everything seems so rushed and unfinished.

However, it wasn't a complete disappointment, Their were some really funny moments in the film which save it from complete boredom. It's OK to watch, it passes a few hours and serves up some slight laughs every now and then.
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Best Scary Movie Part!!! I tell you whyè
hofmae200111 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First i hated part 1 and 2. I liked part 3 a lot (typical Zucker Style). Part 4 is in the same style as part 3, but a lot better. Because:

  • All effect work is awesome!!! The city from War of the Worlds and the "Tripods" looked absolutely awesome, all other effects are also brilliant.

  • It is a nonstop-fun-ride. 80 minutes pure fun. Every single second there is a new joke. A lot of slapstick, but also a lot of other funny things (Michael Jackson again, Some fun about Tom Cruise, funny dialogs, and the one and only "Leslie Nielsen" as the president of the United States).

Overall its a fun ride. Go and watch it if you liked Scary Movie 3 and if you like Zucker/Abrahams Style.
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Ever Feel as if You are Living in a Scary Movie with a Bad Script?
mstomaso18 September 2007
Scary Movie adds a new element to the usual *** Movie formula - reality. A few scenes from the Dubya administration's history are reproduced, and an embarrassing moment from Mr Cruise's midlife crisis are re-lived in addition to the usual spoofs of various horror and sci fi films. The Dubya scenes, nicely done by Leslie Nielson, were the highlights of the film for me. I'm not a fan of brainless comedy, but this non-formula material made the film tolerable for me.

SM4 spends a lot of time with The Village, Saw and War of the Worlds - plus a couple of films I only vaguely recognized... blending the plots cleverly but without adding much to the comedic value in the blending technique. Brokeback Mountain is also parodied (though I do not understand why this was considered a scary movie). The film is funny at times, but brow-beats its parody of Tom Cruise's character in War of the Worlds. Nevertheless, it's a fun little romp and much less grotesque than some of the previous entries in the series.

Acting - good for what it is. Directing - good for what it is. Script - OK, but could have been more intellectually challenging (and funnier) Cinematography - good for what it is.

Recommended for fans of the series, but don't expect it to be the funniest.
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Typical Mindless Scary Movie Comedy
sullibrandon23 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Scary Movie 4 is a movie that had me laughing consistently the whole way through. It is a great comedy, one that will surely make you nearly split your sides in laughter. However, it is lacking in character development, a consistent plot, and an overall good storyline. In comparison with the 3rd (which I absolutely loved) it is about on par, maybe even surpassing it. If you liked the 3rd, you pretty much are guaranteed to like this one.

We begin by being introduced to a Saw parody, and then dive right into a Grudge parody, immediately following which we are treated to a War of the Worlds parody. Not long after that, the movie lampoons everything from Brokeback Mountain to the Village. Scary Movie 4 is rich with hilarious parody and comedy - I loved it. However, the plot lines constantly overlap with one another - and there is a part at the beginning with Charlie Sheen that doesn't even make sense. I mean, it doesn't even have a real reason to be there. As I mentioned, there are many other flaws in the movie as well. The characters go through predictable lines and such, never breaking out of the characters that they are parodying. Anna Faris once again plays the token woman who gets caught up in all this tragedy - in this movie she basically takes the place of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Grudge part of the movie. Craig Bierko becomes Tom Cruise, and Anthony Anderson becomes Heath Ledger (or Jake Gyllenhall.) The comedy in Scary Movie 4 is rich and rife with hilarious puns, one-liners, and so much slapstick you'll wonder how much more you can take, until the writers throw one more clever spin on the idea. However, as a good, quality, solid movie, I have to admit that Scary Movie 4 fails miserably. I knew going into it that this was the case. I was not expecting satire on the level of Airplane!, or character development on the level of Spider-Man 2. What I was expecting was a movie that consistently delivered solid belly laughs - In my book, Scary Movie 4 deserves the trophy of the funniest movie of the year. Much of the humor is based on crudity or sexual antics, though, and Scary Movie 4 degrades itself with predictable uses of these.

As a solid laugh giver, I give Scary Movie 4 a 9/10. As a solid, good quality movie, I give it a 3/10. On the whole, 7/10. If you choose to go see Scary Movie 4, whether it is now or on DVD, do not attempt to analyze the death out of a movie whose sole purpose is to make you laugh. If you just sit back and enjoy it, this movie will give you exactly that.
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RHPSvegas17 April 2006
Aside from the president in the classroom bit that so accurately depicted exactly how Bush handled the news of 9/11, this was an inept waste of celluloid! Anna Farris (sp?) can be funny, but she doesn't need to try very hard in this - there's not much for her to work with. It was interesting to see Dr. Phil willingly take self-deprecating humor, and Debra Wilson is a comedy goddess (I miss her on MadTV), but other than that the laughs ran so thin that sometimes it was hard to tell if they were making fun of other movies or just getting some more use out of left-over sets. I want my $9.50 back! This isn't even a popcorn "I can just sit back and laugh" movie. It is a total waste with "in jokes" casually mentioning myspace and "lovely lady lumps" but without any substance or even the faintest hint of a plot.
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This is the worst movie! ever!
jj-65016 April 2006
Oh My God, i can't believe i wasted $8 bucks on this piece of crap.I mean the some of the jokes were funny but most of them seem like an 8 year old that just learned what sex was would write. Me and my friend felt so ripped off.I mean i liked Date Movie which was rated worse than this, so i thought i would like this. They really need to get the writers from 1 & 2 on this! UHH!! I FEEL RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!! This movie is most likely suited for children under 12 that think poop jokes are funny.1&2 were much more funny but I don't know what they did to this series, they just made it more disgusting and retarded. My advice to you don't spend $8 dollars like me on this and wait for the DVD release.
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Please just give it a chance
dust8618 April 2006
Let's be realistic here. Scary Movie is a franchise that thrives off of silly humor and poop jokes. However, that being said, the Scary Movie's are definitely the leader in that division. Where it lacks in substance and plot it more than makes up for in mindless slap stick and goofiness. I've been watching the franchise since it began, and I was indeed worried with where it was heading. These doubts began shortly after Scary Movie 3, and then multiplied after the disaster that was Date Movie. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting to be wowed whenever I entered the theater, but I have to say that I left pleasantly surprised. If you have seen any of the movies that are spoofed, you're sure to chuckle throughout the movie. If you haven't seen any of the movies, you'll probably laugh all the same. That alone makes it worth watching, because it is something that anyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, there are still some people in the world that absolutely DO NOT enjoy these types of movies. Those people either A. Take themselves WAAAAY too seriously, or B. Have lost the ability to laugh/the will to live. If you don't find yourself under either of those categories, then I believe that you'll find Scary Movie 4 an enjoyable endeavor from the average, mundane, weighted down with heavy issues movies that peoples A and B call "entertaining".
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Worst of the series! No doubt!
barrett1darrell24 April 2006
This was the lamest movie I have ever seen. The jokes seem to have been written by my 10 year old cousin. Hey look! That spaceship looks like an bum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA(sarcasm)Hey look! The daughter was hit by lightening again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey look! He took Viagra by mistake! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

What this franchise needs is the Wayans Bros to come back. The only bright spot(or spots) in Scary Movie 4, was the appearances by Chris Elliott and Leslie Nielsen. They were the only naturally funny people in the movie. The other actors/actresses(and I use that term loosely) are God awful! They aren't FUNNY!!!! 1/10 only because 0 wasn't available! God, I want my money back!
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Leslie Nielsen nude.....I'm scared and confused....
Force09815 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Right up front I should say I've never seen the first three Scary Movies, I probably should. I just went out to see this with a friend cause it's Friday night.

With that out of the way, I can say this movie was definitely enjoyable. It's not a down right riot, it's not totally pathetic, it's right in between. It was better than Date Movie by a long shot, that's for sure.

I would tell you what I thought of the story but I honestly wasn't paying attention. Something about a Japanese kid's dad's heart stopping aliens. I don't remember, I was to busy watching and waiting for the next joke. The jokes indeed come fast and frequent, some better than others obviously. My favorite scene of the whole thing was easily the final one with Oprah...that was just crazy. The Saw scenes were also quite enjoyable. Some of the jokes do fall flat on their face, for instance the constant usage of a butt with all the aliens (butt spouting lightning in the sky, a butt sucking people into the tripod). Others, however, we're bust your gut funny. Jigsaw was probably the funniest character in the whole damn thing. I've never seen the Village so that part confused the hell out of me but I think I got the jist of it.

Most of the jokes, however, were pretty unoriginal and predictable. You could easily tell when a joke was coming seconds before it happened and most of the time you could probably predict exactly what it was going to be. For example, when the grudge kid begins crawling down those stairs in his creepy way, you know he's going to fall down it. Low and behold, he does. When Leslie Nielsen started talking to the UN about reversing the polarity of a laser that takes people out of their clothes, you know he's going to take the clothes off the whole place. Bingo. It should be noted that before seeing the movie, I hadn't seen the trailer or any of the TV spots, my friend informed me afterword that both these scenes were shown in them.

Leslie Nielsen, by the way, was hilarious in this. Sure, his character has been done a thousand times but it worked fine for me. I too wanted to know what happened to the duck. However, just about every single girl (and a few guys) screamed....when he lost his clothes...I almost did as well....that's....just.....*shudder*.

All in all, the movie is enjoyable. I recommend folks see it, but it probably is one you can wait for on DVD. I only urge folks to not over analyse it, it was a simple parody movie and nothing more.
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