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I can't believe I just now watched this for the first time.
laurabethc17 February 2020
This is a perfect Tarantino movie. It's explosive and exciting while also deep and well thought out. It took me a minute to get used to reading so many subtitles because of the variety of languages used, but I think that's a quality that makes the movie even more enticing. It is incredibly well done and it had a hold of me from beginning to end. Fair warning for any Tarantino movie, be prepared for the gore and violence. It runs rampant throughout the movie, but it's kind of gratifying seeing it happen to the Nazis.
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Who the hell is Christoph Waltz?
paulmuehlendahl25 August 2009
That's what I thought, when I heard about the cast of Inglorious Basterds. And I'm both from Germany and into movies.

That guy is older than 50 and so far he almost only played in mediocre TV series - and even there he didn't play the main parts. Obviously nobody ever noticed, what he's capable of. Now, thanks to QT, he got one shot to change that - and - let's put it this way - that was a bingo! He is the living proof of what a great caster Tarrantino is.

By the way: I think it's a great privilege to watch the movie as a German - being able to understand everything. And the German dialog is written almost as good as the English.

Now I could repeat, what many others have written here before. I'll put it short: Finally, QT is back.
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Waltz is a Genius!!!!!
laurylou-123 July 2009
I had the PRIVILEGE of attending the UK premier of Inglorious Basterds this evening! Having seen the trailers i had high hopes but had doubts due to a string of self indulgent films (c'mon lets be honest, self indulgence is his tarantinos middle name)

I was surprised to find though that he had pulled the cat out of the bag with this one. The film is rich with interesting dialogue, Perfect timed comedy with a dash of brutal assassination.

The crowning glory of this film though lies with Christoph Waltz whom no fault or error can be found. He manages to create a real tension in the audience whilst remaining quite "theatrical" (couldn't think of a better word). He definitely deserved his prize at Cannes and is heading for an Oscar no doubt!!!! Hoping to see him in something again soon!
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A Comedy Of Horrors
abelardo643 October 2009
Brad Pitt sticks his index finger in Diane Kruger's leg wound and keeps it there until he gets what he wants. Funny, horribly so. The invented yarn takes "The Dirty Dozen" for a ride and sometimes abandons it to pay tribute to other movies. Lots of fun. Even "Paris when it sizzles" is mentioned in a delightfully organic piece of dialog. I was thrilled by Christoph Waltzer's character and by his sensational performance. Brad Pitt creates a true original. I love the actor's lack of vanity. There's a quirk in the character that is pure Brad Pitt. Tarantino visits a new universe but. fortunately, his hand. his brain and his heart are visible all over the place.
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A Rip Roaring Yarn
uhmartinez-phd7 October 2009
An fun, engrossing, beautifully crafted piece of nonsense, the likes of which we hadn't seen in a long long time. The silliness of the story is marvelously camouflaged with great dialogue and some superb performances. Christoph Waltz must be thinking already about his acceptance speech. What a performance! The civilized monster, polyglot, refined and deadly. He gets us going from the first, sensational scene. Brad Pitt is also wonderful. Was he putting a Mussolinni chin while impersonating (hilariously) an Italian? I thought so. His character's name sounds like Aldo Ray and I'm sure that's no accident. The film is full of movie references. Another character is named Fenek, as an homage to his 1970's sexpot, Edwige Fenech. What is already one of Tarantino's trademarks is his sure step along the most immediately recognizable bits of pop culture. He's clearly not a cultured man but a pop expert, king in a world where people get their news from TV, don't read, other than magazines and comics, etc. That's how it happens, to be in the right place at the right time. For better or worse this are Tarantino times.
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Great fun, a real surprise
motta80-223 July 2009
It just goes to show how wrong you can be. I had not expected to like this film. I was disappointed by both the Kill Bill films (although i preferred the second) and Death Proof (although it was better in the shorter cut of the double-bill release). I love Reservoir Dogs, admire Pulp Fiction and think that Jackie Brown is Tarantino's most mature piece of film-making - technically his most superior - including the last great performance elicited from Robert De Niro. Since then it seems to me while his films have been okay (i haven't hated them) he has been treading water in referential, reverential, self-indulgent juvenilia.

Then i read the script last year for Inglourious Basterds - and i hated it! Sure it had some typical QT flourishes and the opening scene was undeniably powerful. There were a couple of great characters. But on page it was more juvenile rubbish, largely ruined by the largess of the uninteresting Basterds of the title. It made me seriously contemplate not seeing the film. The trailers did nothing to convince me. I only changed by mind when i had the opportunity to see the film with a Tarantino Q&A following in London. I figured it would be worth enduring to hear him in Q&A as i know from interviews how entertaining he can be in person.

So little was i prepared for the sheer exuberant fun and brilliance of Inglourious Basterds.

Easily Mr Tarantino's best work since Jackie Brown it is a triumph.

Yes the references are there but they do not interfere with the story, they are not the driving force. Yes Eli Roth is stunt casting but he works fine, with little to do but look aggressive, and does nothing to hurt the film as i had feared. While i admired Mr Tarantino for using stuntwoman Zoe Bell as herself in Death Proof in order to amp-up the exhilaration of the major stunt scene her lack of any acting ability in a key role was a problem for the film. The same could be said of Tarantino's own appearances in several films, especially Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn, which Tarantino wrote.

What really makes this work is how BIG it is. The spaghetti western vibe to much of the style, dialogue and performances is wonderfully over the top without descending too far into the cartoon quality of Kill Bill. The violence is so big. The audacity so big. Brad Pitt is so big! In the trailers the Hitler moment and Pitt's performance bothered me but in the context of the film they are hilarious. Pitt is actually brilliant here, exactly what he needs to be. He is Mifune's blustering samurai in Yojimbo, he is Robards Cheyenne from Once Upon a Time in the West, there is a very James Coburn vibe to him, and of course a suitably Lee Marvin edge.

Christoph Waltz (who i did not previously known) and Melanie Laurent (who i first noticed in a brilliant French-language British short film by Sean Ellis) are sensational and i expect to see both used a lot more in the future. Tarantino has clearly not lost his eye for casting, which seemed to desert him in Death Proof. Waltz is equally large in his performance. Chilling, yet theatrical. He is Fonda from OUATITW, Van Cleef from Good, The Bad & the Ugly. And Laurent is suitably Cardinale innocence but tough, a fighter. They both dazzle here.

That every member of the cast gets the fun to be had from what they are doing while not indulging themselves in just having fun and trying to get laughs helps tremendously. The laughs - and there are loads - come organically. Only Mike Myers comes close to tipping the wink and pushing it too far but his scene is reigned in just enough - with the help of a fantastic Michael Fassbender who seems pulled directly from the mold of Attenborough's Great Escape leader.

All the actors shine and Tarantino throws in wonderful flourishes, but ones that work with the story. The introduction of Schweiger's Hugo Stiglitz is a riot. After a sensational slow-burn opening and a glorious intro to those inglourious Basterds the pace never lets up and over two and half hours flies by.

It also looks beautiful, marking this as a return to real film-making rather than just self-indulgent silliness. The musical choices, as always, are inspired from Morricone on.

The film is audacious and hilarious. After a summer when nearly every film has disappointed me it came as a huge surprise that the real fun and entertaining, but also involving and impressive film should be this one, when i would never have believed it from script form. Welcome back QT.
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No Matter How You Spell It
bobt14525 August 2009
..."Inglorious" as our local theater decided to display its title on their marquee, minus the second word. It is terrific cinema.

I don't hesitate to recommend this film to all but the over-squeamish. Let them never know what they're missing.

I did hesitate to give it ten stars because of my experience of Tarantino's previous films. In every case, save "Reservoir Dogs," they have improved with additional watching.

So although I gave it ten stars, I did so reluctantly. It leaves me no "up" to go to.

Yes Christoph Waltz is the Nazi we've all imagined the worst to be. He is cultured, sophisticated, suave and most sadistic, the kind of man who can make a glass of milk a threat and who puts out his cigarette abruptly in a strudel, grinding it into the whipped cream as if he were grinding his heel into a victim.

To understand Tarantino's films, you need only have a sense of dialogue, color and pacing. The colors are as bright as necessary and when necessary, brighter yet. In the French farmhouse of the opening scene, they are muted and dark, but excessively so. Outside a brilliant sun is shining, but in the one room of the house, everything is bathed in shadows and black.

It is a brilliant setting for an interrogation by Waltz, as the "Jew Hunter" of the SS, who dangles his host French farmer over the precipice of revealing what he cannot reveal numerous times, then pulls him back with obsequious lines of friendship and understanding.

A second sadistic German, well-played by August Diehl, later functions as important actor in the final plot twist. Diehl's Nazi Major, who has an ear for German accents, is almost as good as Waltz....almost.

Film classes will study much from this movie. They should look lovingly at the superb pacing. Tarantino knows just how long to draw out a scene, building suspense in the manner of Hitchcock, then at just the breaking point, suddenly coming to a resolution.

For color, look for a final shot at a French Theater, where its secretly Jewish proprietor is staging a surprise for the upper reaches of Nazi leadership.

We see her, played by Melanie Laurent, awaiting the hated German dignataries who will arrive for a film preview of the latest Deutsch film masterpiece, a propaganda piece about a German hero and his dubious accomplishments.

Laurent is framed on a balcony, reflected in the glass mirrors of the gorgeous theater, her red lips and low cut dress reflecting everywhere the intensity of her designs on her guests. It is a single shot that would be worth an entire film.

There are thankfully many more such images, many more paced scenes of exquisite dialog and suspense.

In short, see it. I'm sure you'll see it again and again.
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Brave, unique and just sheer brilliant!
produpp2 June 2009
Inglorious Basterds makes no apologies, asks for no forgiveness, it's a no holds barred assault on the senses. Tarantino doesn't care if he offends, if he steps all over stereotypes and clichés, this is film making at it purest. It's great to see a film maker whose work clearly isn't interfeared with by the powers that be. Tarantino is a master of effortlessly cranking up immense tension and suddenly mixing it with laugh out loud moments; you're not sure if you should be looking away in disgust or rolling around laughing, either way it's a roller coaster and one not to be missed! It's not for everyone, certainly if you're not a fan of Tarantino's style, this may be a little hard to swallow, but never-the-less, it is a film which simply has to be seen. No self respecting film fan should miss this. And the performance of Christoph Waltz... Oscar don't you dare ignore him!!
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Quentin Tarantino is a Crazy Basterd
Billy_Costigan23 August 2009
I can't imagine a director whose thirst for blood and violence is greater than Quentin Tarantino's. (At least in his films) Inglourious Basterds is no different. We all know Tarantino, the guy who exploded on the scene in the early 90s with cult classics, such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Since, he has been a disappointment for some. Well, I am relieved to say, Tarantino has not lost his touch. He brings us his best since Pulp Fiction and thankfully so.

We know the story, a WWII tale told only as Tarantino can. (Fictional of course) A war film hasn't been done like this before. Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine leads the Basterds in Nazi occupied France. Their goal - killin' Nazi's. Christoph Waltz as Colonel Hans Landa plays a similar role on the other side. He's know as the "Jew Hunter" and goes about his business as ruthless as no other. The third sub story consists of a young Jewish refugee, Shosanna Dreyfus, who witnesses the slaughter of her family. And she, of course, wishes to plot revenge on the Germans for her devastating lose. There actually is three stories here intertwining and connecting with each other. If you know anything about Tarantino or his films, this is nothing new for him.

War has never been been so fun. The Basterds, are haunting, but at the same time, very funny, at times even hilarious. The dark comedy aspect play a big aspect in this as in many other Tarantino films. The entertainment and hilarity is led by Brad Pitt. I found him extremely funny and entertaining. I couldn't wait to see him on screen again. Even with his crazy accent, he works in this type of film. Also making great impressions were Mélanie Laurent and Christoph Waltz, who were tremendous. The film was filled with noteworthy performances.

The story itself, has so many historical inaccuracies to even count, but so what? It isn't meant to be a documentary. Tarantino wanted to have fun with, as should we. The cinematography department deserves big props with beautiful vibrant colors highlighting the film. You've really got to love the last line in the film... but Pulp Fiction remains his masterpiece.

Quentin Tarantino among all other things, is an entertainer. WWII, is one of the most tragic events in history, but Tarantino some how manages to make it fun. Inglourious Basterds is a fun film, it's tremendously entertaining, shocking, dramatic, suspenseful, and funny at the same time. Jam packed with everything you look for in a movie, done with that certain Tarantino style, it's worth being checked out. It's time to experience for yourself what war is like through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino.
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The Jewish Scalphunters of Quentin Tarantino
terrygiu20005 October 2009
Once again, revenge is at the center of a Quentin Tarantino movie. This time a Jewish dirty dozen takes things on their own hands. Tarantino re-writes history and shortens WWII with a comic stroke that is as entertaining as it is vacuous. A fantasy that re-arranges some controversial historical points. Okay, it's a movie and as such it works for most of its two and a half hours. Christoph Waltz opens things up in the most promising way. The opening sequence is filled with a subtle but unbearable tension. Weltz amalgamates all the Nazi villains we have loved and hated in the movies into one glorious creation. (I will advise my countrymen to see it in its original multi-language version - the Italian version is another movie altogether. Some of the extra pleasures are in the dialog that, naturally, are not to be found in the Italian version) Brad Pitt, rapidly becoming one of the best character actors in the world, with a leading man's face and billing, is truly fantastic. Diane Kruger makes a credible Barbara Bouchet (one of Tarantino's muses from trash action Italian movies from the 70's) and the rest of the cast has some exquisite touches like Rod Taylor as Winston Churchill. Highly recommended for a Sunday afternoon.
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He loves his movies, doesn't he?
leodipaolis6 October 2009
Everything is forgiven because "Inglorious Basterds" is so entertaining and at the end of the day that'ìs what matters. I think it's a pity that certain critics, specially in Italy, are determined to transform this clever pulp director into some kind of god. Maybe, partly, because Tarantino has been very clever, elevating some of the Italian pulp movies of the 60's and 70's to a sort of cult status. Italy is very grateful for that, he's rewarded with interminable praise. I fear that's the wrong approach, it's also confusing. He makes popcorn movies, brilliantly. The characters have never anything important to say, Burger King, Superman, that's the extent of its depth and I think he's tapping into a society that's getting shallower and shallower with every passing year. But, if I'm mentioning this instead of talking about all the great things I could be saying about his movie is because there is a strange force trying to brain wash me into believing that Tarantino is the most important influence in movies since time immemorial. No, he's a great director of inconsequential fun movies. I consider myself a fan and I intend to see all his future movies. This one has some wonderful touches, winking at other movies by John Sturges, Robert Aldrich etc. Brad Pitt and in particular Christoph Waltz give wonderful performances. Waltz is at the center of my favorite scenes in the film. Enjoy this movies for what it is and not for what critics are saying it is. You'll enjoy it even more that way.
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A Brilliant Filmmaker With Very Little To Say
borromeot3 October 2009
Very entertaining, that's for sure. Great little moments "inspired" by other movies. "The Guns Of Navarone", "Operation Crossbow" and a myriad of 70's B exploitation Italian movies. Tarantino is certainly clever and knows how to use the camera but then, I have to say it, nothing. The childish "divertimento" dressed in smart ass dialog remains there. The entertainment value is, perhaps, the most one should expect from a movie but it seems a damn shame that such a talent should be put at the service of something so one dimensional. I can't help but remember Ernst Lubitch's "To Be Or Not To Be" that was also a comedy with remarkable, inventive dialog but it also had so many other layers that "To Be Or Not To Be" after 70 years still resonates with whoever has seen it. Christoph Waltz is terrific and Brad Pitt is always great fun to watch but the experience is purely epidermic in spite of some truly gruesome moments. Am I expecting oranges from an apple tree? If that's so forget what I've just said and run to meet Tarantino's basterds.
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A bunch of haters rating it 1 star
hooliganmachin28 February 2019
So I balanced it out. This review is too short but its too the point. Watch it. Judge it yourself.
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Tarantino and His Italian Critics
claudiaeilcinema4 October 2009
You should hear the Italian critics talking about Tarantino and "Inglorious Bastards". They run out of superlatives. One of them last night actually shouted "Tarantino is my God". Wow! I, personally, suspect that Tarantino is the result of a generation of TV and bad (now cult) exploitation movies. I enjoy him, don't get me wrong, but I'm not shouting miracle when I still have "The Great Escape", for instance, so fresh in my mind. "Inglorious Basterds" more than any of the other Tarantino films is all about appearances. There is nothing underneath other than references to other movies. Nothing wrong with that in fact I like it but I refuse to treat Quentin Tarantino as a sort of Deity. I can't buy it. I think he should be placed exactly where he belongs among the best of his kind but what kind is that? Never mind, it works. Italian critics who are so prepared to destroy their own - you should read some of the reviews for "Baaria" - are prepared to fall to their knees in front of Tarantino. This are the same critics that last year, the year of "Milk", "Slumdog Millionaire" "Edge Of Heaven", The Wrestler" etc, gave the David de Donatello Award for best picture to "Grand Torino" I want to make sure that I'm making my point clearly. "Inglorious Bastards" is a terrific comedy with most of Tarantino's trademark tricks in place. You'll have a great time with Brad Pitt and an incredible Christoph Waltz as the ultimate Nazi villain but don't expect a masterpiece as declared by some critics. That kind of review damages the film and me the spectator. It forces something on me. As if I was suppose to feel the same otherwise there is something wrong with me. No. I liked it, I recommend it for what it is. Period.
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Tarantino Delivers!!!
b_shaker33323 August 2009
I must admit when I saw the preview for "Inglorious Basterds" I gave myself big expectations. THIS FILM DID NOT Disappoint.

Rarely when I watch a movie with such high-expectations do I have those expectations met or exceeded; this film did that and more. Even more rarely do I clap at the end of a movie, this I and everyone else in the theater did.

I have to say I am a little biased towards Quentin, I grew up with "Pulp Fiction." I watched it when I was 12 and it is still my favorite and most influential film.

However, since then Quentin has not really lived up to his billing. His style was getting a little predictable instead of familiar, the quality honestly wasn't there (I never watched Jackie Brown, and then there's Grindhouse). That is until "Inglorious Basterds." What Quentin did was exactly what was needed for the war genre, a spaghetti western feel that could only be done by Tarantino or Sergio Leone, but seeing how Leone is dead, Tarantino's the self appointed guy on this masterpiece.

So let's look at the movie which I won't give away. The writing was spot on, a beautiful transition between using not one but four different languages in this movie. Not to mention this movie was set up in the classic Tarantino mold, great scenes of rich meaningful dialog and sudden shocking action.

The acting was superb!! Christopher Waltz deserves an Oscar, seriously. I don't say that often, but honestly the man should get one for this movie, he spoke every language in this movie, and delivered with such amazing touch and poise. He stole the show in a movie that everybody was amazingly impressive.

I have no problem building this movie up, because this movie is the best film I've seen all year, and probably all of next year. Quite frankly the more I think about it, this movie may crack my top films of all time, and is Quentin's best movie since "Pulp Fiction." Take it from me, watch this film. I loved it doesn't do this movie enough justice.

I watched it yesterday and I'm still blown away. Thank you Quentin from the bottom of my heart for you making this movie. You're back on top again buddy. I can't say enough for "Inglorious Basterds!"
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offensive, propaganda and rewriting history
adammcadam23 April 2015
I really found this film so bad, the main reason I found it very offensive is that it has a theme of sadistic punishment being carried out against German soldiers by the American Jewish "heroes", and this is supposed to be "justice". Smashing captured German soldiers heads off with a baseball bat, carving swastikas into their foreheads. In Germany everyone age 16-60 had to join the army and most were just decent ordinary people and they in no way deserved to be tortured. Yet this film wants its audience to get satisfaction from seeing German people, any German, being tortured, by a jew.

Mentions of Jewish persecution are also overdone and constant references to the holocaust and stigma over "anti-semitism" is even used as a political tool for Zionist war crimes in Israel today. Did the film show any disabled, homosexuals, gypsies etc being persecuted? Is the film a sob story about the 20 million Russians killed during the war? Of course not it focused 100% on jews and they are the one and only we must feel sorry for, once again as all you can expect from American films.

This has been called a "Jewish revenge movie". The holocaust has been propagandised and used to justify crimes which Jewish supremacists commit today. When you consider the fanatical actions of Zionists against people who are against their racist ideologies (which even includes assassinating holocaust survivors who speak out against Zionist ideology), when you consider the Zionist war crimes against the Palestinian people and then even netanyahu trying to justify this by blaming Palestinians for the holocaust, it is terrible that a violent Jewish revenge/torture and propaganda movie has been made to cater to this bloodlust which does exist in zionists/Jewish extremists today (just watch israelis who watch the bombing of Gaza whilst cheering).

So rather than this ("yeah jews torture and murder those Germans yeah thats what they deserve!") how about a movie like Schindlers list but instead set in occupied Palestine and showing the suffering of the people there today?! Because that's what I'd like to see. Not a film which once again tells everyone to feel sorry for Jewish people and that violence and torture committed by Jewish people is OK. In todays climate that is the last thing I think should exist.
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dialogue language visuals homage to cinema
bakor24-131 July 2009
I have been feeling a little disappointed by Tarantino ever since death proof. But i insist it was only a little, because i can appreciate the amount of work in producing such an homage to stunts people. Inglorious Basterds has definitely propelled Tarantino to the top ranks in my universe. This movie can be summed up (albeit inadequately) in one word : "RAW".

There is an intense emotion in every scene. Revenge and justice seem to be the main themes, From the start of the movie one feels compassion towards the victims of the Nazis, and is placed in Tarantino's fictional dimension of the WW2 historical context.

Characters are unpredictiable, fun, scary, brutal, sexy, and other adjectives i am sure are escaping my mind that are just as fitting and positive. I won't go in to an appreciation of each character, but the other comments by fellow users sum up the appreciation of the various performances.

Dialogue has evolved from the classic Tarantino "bad ass" provocative style as seen in Pulp Fiction and Death Proof. One can feel in the dialogues that Tarantino is making more open references to other movies. Indeed, many dialogues were near lessons in cinema to the audience, the setting partly takes place at a movie premiere ; a reference to a movie is close around every corner.

It is nice to see that each language presented (German, French, and English) is employed rather equally and naturally. I speak both French and English very fluently, and am frequently disappointed in how English speaking characters in french movies act poorly, and how french speaking characters in English/American movies act poorly. Amazingly enough, Tarantino managed to make his actors pull off a natural and graceful performance from his actors. It helps put the audience in context of the historical context. Indeed ; soldiers, spies and civilans rarely understood soldiers/spies/civilians from other countries.

The visuals/photography are beautiful, with sceneries convincingly conveying a 1940s WWII Europe. The outfits are perfect, and the violence orgasmically/realistically conveyed. No punches are held back, and the Nazis are often shown being tortured. This makes the movie not open to all audiences ; the graphic violence can shock the more sensitive demographic.

volumes can be written about this movie. But the movie is so good, that during the North American Inglorious Basterds premiere at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, i had to pee, but refused to go so as to not miss one single scene. I hope that image conveys how strongly i feel about this movie, and i'm a hard audience to please.
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laojim20 April 2010
This is the sort of thing that you expect during a war and in America we have one every few years so there are plenty of them to compare this dog of a film to.

This is, above all, a propaganda film made, apparently, to demonstrate that all cruelty and savagery is permitted as long as it is in the interest of the Hollywood master race, the American. We are treated to psychopathic war criminals who extract their arbitrary vengeance on anyone they see as inferior and subhuman. This is supposed to be inspiring or amusing because the chosen villains are Nazis. This appears to be the the gist of the action.

There are a couple of obvious problems with this. First, of course, is the nature of evil. St. Ignatius in his spiritual exercises suggested imagining the army of good lined up against the army of evil so that one might contemplate the differences. This exercise has some problems as Thomas Merton pointed out, saying that he couldn't do it because it became much too much like Cecil B. Demille's Hollywood epics. Here, however, the legions of the good are apparently headed by a fellow playing a Cherokee descended country bumpkin who wants nothing more than to kill Nazis and who has, as a right hand man, a deranged Bostonian Jew who beats people to death while babbling about the Red Sox, for reasons I was never clear about. Clearly this is not what St. Ignatius had in mind and does not seem to partake of any essence of the good.

Second, having been raised by German Nazis in post war America I am in a position to point out that while Nazi ideology is fairly hideous, the Nazis themselves were, like other people, real people with faults and virtues. It was, I believe, Brownowski who said that the horror of the death camps was not that people were led to their deaths by Germans, but that they were led to their deaths by people whistling Mozart.

In the beginning of this film the countryside is being scoured by a German officer in a well pressed uniform looking for Jews using a small notebook. We know that, in fact, the "final solution" was implemented by means of an IBM machine leased from the company in America. All very modern and civilized. The Nazis were not Neanderthals who dined on the blood of babies every evening, they were among the most civilized people that the world had to offer at the time.

The lunatics in this film are, in large part, Americans and, in particular, Jewish Americans. We are presented with a gallery of Jewish criminals being given a last chance at redemption by the country boy who wants to have them scalp Nazis. Scalping is credited in the movie to the Apaches, a tribe of native Americans who lived in the hills of western Arizona and who did not practice scalping, at least not until they learned it from the inventors of the practice, the English. So the scalp hunting Jews are portrayed as sympathetic because of what they or their kin suffered from the Germans. This is a familiar type reminiscent of some of Leon Uris' characters who survived the war to become terrorists for the yet unfounded state of Israel in Exodus.

All of this and much more, is just the sort of thing one expects in wartime. It is called propaganda. The enemy, in this case the Nazi, is portrayed as less than human or as a defective human who can be killed in amusing ways by any form of cruelty or savagery because it is clothed in the armor of rightness. It's all OK, because it's just a country boy's attempt, to distribute a little justice in a confused and possibly mad world and if the Bear Jew and some of the others get a little carried away, well, it's all in a good cause.

Of course, it is all in the past and in Europe. No Iraqi's, Afghanis, or Palestinians are killed by the glorious bastards, and no reference oblique or direct is made that I noticed, although I admit my attention wandered rather badly in the second half. Still, with those wars under way this is the move that is offered to us as a paean to the rightness of the American and for that it is should be clearly labeled as propaganda.

I find all this to be a far more than I care to spend an hour and a half watching and I do not recommend it to you.
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"I think it just be might masterpiece."
yaishii2 November 2020
Always, when it comes to fiction movies about WWII I am a little concerned because of sensitivity of the topic - It's easy to cross bounds. I can say with confident: it didn't happen this time. Also, when I was starting watching "Inglorious Basterds" I had a huge expectations, as I always have when I watch Tarantino's movies. And I wasn't disapointed at all. Everything in this movie just clicked: plot, direction, excellent script, immaculate performances - especially Christoph Waltz as colonel Hans Landa, who I disliked at the very first sight (and hated later). Not to mention brilliant acting of Brad Pitt as Aldo Raine and many others. Although, Tarantino did enure us to brutal blood baths in his aestethics, some scenes were startling to me. But some of these scenes someone could find even satisfiying. To sum up: it was a great entertainment and I will never forget Brad Pitt's italian accent :)
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Embarrassing....Peinlich ohne Ende
rozzar29 May 2010
Tasteless and pathetic ... it's unbelievable how could Mr.Waltz do such a nice professional job in such an ugly, tasteless setting. Rhetoric question - how could the German actors collaborate in such a project where the bloody, painful, terrible real German history is made into a shitty-burlesque black comedy (from the perspective of an uneducated 7th-grader who just started to learn something about world history, but could not yet find the right language to speak about it except the language of a comics strip). Is it than at least entertaining? Not at all ... boring and annoying. Or should these quasi-Jewish bastards be funny? What a pity! What an insult to the real Jewish fighters against the Nazis! My condolences to Tarantino - the movie is an incredible proof of artistic and ethic impotence.
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Who are the real Nazis? The allies or the 10 points raters?
reflex_npg26 November 2009
8.5 points rating (26.11.2009)? For what are these points? What do people like on this sh**? Usually Tarantino makes not too bad movies with ridiculous violence scenes - but now? The whole movie looks like a dumb army propaganda video.Every normal human should see, that the actions of the "heroes" are in no way better then those of the "enemies". Killing unarmed kneeing people with baseball bat's is tough? The Nazi sign on the head is nothing else as the Yellow star (even worse cause its not removable). The story is simple, also the characters - only a little thrill and the rest is very very dumb. Nazis killing is fun,Nazis are no humans - before 60 years it was the same, only with Jews instead of Nazis. Looks like you've learned exactly NOTHING! So who are the real Nazis in this movie? So many people like this crap, i'm really afraid!
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Worst American war movie ever made
volvuspa30 September 2009
The Americans, as usual, are the Good Guys and the Germans the Bad Guys. But in this movie the yanks win by being more treacherous and brutal than their adversaries. They are supposedly of Jewish origin, which makes them Good Guys, but that's a flimsy excuse for sadistic violence. And the setting and plot has only a remote resemblance to whatever could have happened in France in 1944. You can of course make a fantasy movie about Merlin or about Caribbean pirates just for entertainment and nobody cares about historical accuracy. WWII is now just background scenery for those who enjoy senseless violence. I found the movie disgusting and, ever worse, boring.
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A completely juvenile film
nason_kylie15 September 2009
Sitting in the cinema, I was absolutely furious with myself for paying money to see this trash. The violence was gratuitous, every scene and character was clichéd, QT was just trying way too hard. It was hard to shake the feeling that this film was adapted from a short story written by a 14 year old boy trying to shock his parents, and make his friends think that he is cool. The strudel scene made me ill. Here's the overdone cliché: let's make the bad guy eat food and talk with his mouth full. How many times have we seen this in a film? This film was yawn from one end to the other. When I wasn't rolling my eyes at the ridiculous scenes of violence, I was yawning at the drawn out conversations, and the obvious efforts that went into 'building tension.' I cannot believe that so many people have raved on about how great this film is, when it is one of the worst films ever made. I guarantee that all the people who claim to love it won't bother to watch it again on DVD.
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Condoning torture and murder
free-saxon1 May 2011
Amongst the most disgusting films made, condoning & GLORIFYING the brutal torture of unarmed German soldiers in WW2. Against the Geneva convention but seems to be OKed by Hollywood and the media. Can you IMAGINE a film being made with Israeli soldiers as victims ? No that wouldn't happen, and that says a lot doesn't it ! The message it gives to armed forces serving in war zones in todays conflicts, does NOT need explaining

The style of the film ( as other reviewers have pointed out ) is oddly out of period, as if the director had been influenced by spaghetti westerns. The main characters are portrayed in a crass 2d way, and there are long sections of 'padding' between the scenes of human degradation, and brutal murder.
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ingloriousbasterdsiscrap7 September 2009
This movie was so bad that after years of using IMDb, I finally registered purely to write this comment.

Crap doesn't begin to describe it.

The most compelling evidence yet as to why Hollywood should be banned from making war movies.

French and German are used as if trying to give some vague impression that Tarantino isn't completely full of "unchecked ego" - I would think that paying more attention to the plot and actual history would have been wise if I'd wanted to retain some semblance of accuracy - otherwise, sod it - why not have all characters speak English for the US audience (let's face it, no one else will be watching this)? A bit of escapism is all well and good, but this isn't even that, just purile nonsense. I'm not even that bothered by Hollywood's usual bending/rewriting/falsification of history for it's own ends - we all expect that - American hero, European baddies (at best numpties) - but this wasn't just unresearched childish adventure rubbish, but also cinematically juvenile - no subtlety, no nuance, just clumsy - like someone handed a 12 year old a camera and said, "Make a film about WWII - let you imagination run wild".

What is cinema coming to when people rate this rubbish?
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