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Bollywood Miramax style . . .
Chris_Docker10 October 2004
Inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, this Western-style Bollywood musical can't possibly achieve the heights that a union of the best of East and West movie making and English literature might suggests, but it manages to fulfil a delightful couple of hours of song and dance that Western cinema these days struggles to accomplish.

Like the novel, Bride and Prejudice uses the ideas that that first impressions are often wrong, and that a person can mature if he or she keeps an open mind. The unlikely courtship of Mr Darcy and (in our movie) a beautiful Indian girl starts with mutual contempt, but moves forward as they become wiser and learn that their first instincts, based on pride, prejudice and illusions, were wrong.

The scene moves between Amritsar and Goa to London and Beverley Hills, all in brighter-than-bright super-saturated colour, with an assortment of equally colourful characters, wonderful costumes, lavish dance pieces and heavenly bollywood-style ballads. While almost everything is in English (except for a few subtitled songs), nearly all the characters are top Indian performers.

In the golden age of musicals, stars such as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire had a whole sub-industry to draw on for good dancers who could also sing and act well, plus the technicians used to producing high-end musicals. As demand waned, so did supply, and the West is now hard pressed to produce song and dance films that don't rely on snappy editing to suggest good dancing from top actors, or heavy coaching to suggest top dancers can act. Bollywood, on the other hand, has no such shortage, and Bride and Prejudice is the sumptuously choreographed musical with Indian dancing that has become nigh impossible with western dancers.

Admittedly it's a bit cheesy at times - but it's self-consciously so, and as endearing as warm, gushy Indian hospitality. The sets and dialogue give authentic, if stereotypical, glimpses of Indian life and values. Like many east-meets-west movies, the stereotypes are a handle to allow easy assimilation of foreign ideas, and the heavy Indian involvement wards off any tendency to patronise (which is one of the themes explored in the film).

This is not high drama or high art, but it's an accomplished romantic comedy / song-and-dance film, and one that warms the heart and makes you want to wave your arms in the air Indian-dance-style for the sheer joy and exuberance of happy endings.
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verucasalt-111 October 2004
Vibrant, colorful, hilarious and lively, this movie was a sheer joy to watch. A refreshing take on an old classic. But be warned, this movie will not appeal to everybody - especially those who don't go to watch it with an open mind. Aishwarya Rai looks the best she ever has and turns in a confident performance in her first English speaking role - not always an easy transition. Martin Henderson is handsome and charming and the supporting cast too. But Nitin Ganatra as the comic bride seeking American is the show stealer in his over the top performance as Mr.Kohli. Gurinder Chadha has attempted what few would dare to take on and she's pulled it off. It's a comic tale of love and romance. Thoroughly enjoyable!
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The colors of India
jotix1003 March 2005
Gurinder Chadha has transported Jane Austen's great novel to India. What a charmer this film turns out to be! The adaptation of the novel is excellent as the new locale is incorporated to the story. The incredible Indian colors explode in front of our eyes giving the Western viewers such an opportunity to experience a little taste of India.

Asihwarya Rai is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women working in movies. This gorgeous creature plays Lalita, the unmarried girl at the center of the action. Martin Henderson is the handsome Darcy, the man that falls head over heels after meeting Lalita. Their first moments are awkward, as it's expected when there are a clash of cultures. But it's clear from the beginning is that these two have fallen in love in spite of their differences.

The musical numbers are a joy to watch. There is always music and dance in most Indian films. The director, and the choreographer take advantage of the genre in ways that fill our eyes constantly with a dance sequence more lavish than the previous one.

In minor roles Daniel Gillies plays Johnny Wickham. Marsha Mason is seen briefly as Mrs. Darcy, a woman whose prejudice against her son's love for Lalita. The cast is wonderful.

"Bride and Prejudice" is a triumph for director Gurinder Chadha.
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Bollywood meets Hollywood - fantastic!
MsMovie7 October 2004
OK, if you don't like people breaking into song unexpectedly, don't go see this movie - let me just say that upfront!

I went to see this re-work of my favourite novel and thought it would be atrocious and envisaged walking out of the theatre in disgust in advance. What I got was an explosion of colour and music, Bollywood style, and sure some of the songs were pretty awful, but hey, there were a few terrible numbers in Grease too, and I still love that movie!

The lead players were all virtually unknown to me but they were perfect in their roles. The role of Lalita (the Elizabeth role in the original book) was perfectly cast - she was beautiful and she really held the whole movie together. And Martin Henderson was perfect as the American version of the disdainful Mr Darcy, this time Mr Will Darcy.

Go and see this film if you are open to something new - it really is quite a faithful re-work of the story, and it is very entertaining.

The only people who won't enjoy this are people who hate musicals with a passion, or people who are purists to the original.

If you liked Chicago, then you can definitely enjoy this one too. (That also had some dodgy old songs, but the story carried you past those parts!)

Bring on the Bollywood!
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Self-consciously cheesy, but good fun...
twistednerves28 November 2004
When I first started watching Bollywood flicks back in the day, I was always on my high horse (being a connoisseur of independent and foreign cinema that I am), and I was constantly berating these movies which always had seemingly trite plots, typical main characters, and a number of flaws spawning from lazy scriptwriting/editing. Over the years, though, I've continued watching it because I love the sound of the music and the way everything surreally breaks into song and dance -- no matter how ridiculous the music itself is.

What Gurinder Chadha has done here is create a very, very solid Bollywood movie. Unlike most Bollywood flicks, "Bride & Prejudice" has a solid script. I can't attest to the effectiveness of the film's adaptation of the novel, but I genuinely loved this movie enough to know that once it becomes available on DVD, I will go out and buy it. The songs are very typical, yes -- as are the dance routines, but that's all this is. I don't think Chadha was aiming to make a be-all, end-all of Bollywood movies to introduce the genre to Western audiences. Another note: everyone seems to comopare this to Chadha's previous flick -- "Bend it Like Beckham" -- the two are's like comparing apples and oranges. This is strictly lighthearted fare and succeeds at it.

The acting in the film supports the movie itself. That means that while nothing is exceptional acting, this movie is supposed to just be a feel-good romantic comedy and all the performances in the flick (especially Nadira Babbar's) contribute to that. The jokes -- while some are a bit tired -- deliver the laughs.

I also want to disagree with those who complain about the lack of chemistry between Rai and Henderson's characters because I think they work just fine; they're able to show the cultural clash well in the way their characters don't exactly sweep each other off their feet. And Rai needs to be commended for doing what few Bollywood actresses would do: giving up fame and fortune to try new acting prospects.

If you're looking for the apex of cinematic art, don't watch this flick, but if you're looking for a two-hour feel-good romp littered with bright colors and toe-tapping musical numbers, this is right up your alley. It gives us a break from the by-the-numbers romantic comedies that Hollywood's been churning out for so many years.

One last thing: this film is not Bollywood, but it is done in the style of Bollywood and perhaps that's why the self-conscious aspects of the movie also succeed. The large song and dance routines are a bit random, but then also become part of the backdrop for larger events of the movie to take place.

All in all, Chadha's made another great flick! Go check it out if you can!
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Great Fun!
chipolopolo14 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
A really fun and entertaining movie which doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you. Possible SPOILERS ahead for those who haven't read the classic novel or watched the BBC Mini-series.

P&P is my all time favourite book and I am a huge fan of the BBC series - Colin Firth was a perfect Darcy and Jennifer Ehle an equally perfect Elizabeth. My main gripes were the costumes (could have been better) and the fact that Darcy begins to fall for Elizabeth (in spite of himself) much earlier in the book than the BBC portrayed.

Bride & P does a much better job of these points. The outfits are great as is the fact that Wil (Darcy) fancies Lalitha almost from the beginning. The downside of this version is that it was a little rushed. They could have added on 15/20 mins to fill out the storyline and dialogue, and Darcy is not nearly as proud.

The upside is that Bingley is not annoyingly cheerful, he is on the same level as Darcy and a bit of a dish actually. Similarly, Mr. Kholi (or Collins) is a bit sad and irritating rather than nasty. He is the star of this film who absolutely steals EVERY scene he is in.

I do think there was chemistry between Ash and Martin and enjoyed their scenes in LA. A longer script would have given Mr. Bakshi more lines of wit, as would have more depth to the character of Darcy, Lalitha, Jaya and Balraj. Also, Wickham's dealings with Darcy's sister could have been a bit more believable with more than just one line.

Henderson is not Firth but he was great as Darcy and has those eyes... Ash was beautiful as always - she wasn't Miss World for nothing and her acting will get better with more experience.

Despite what seem like many criticisms, this film had a warm, fun feel-good factor that it was supposed to have. Bollywood song and dance routines aside, the lyrics were a bit cheesy but then so are most Rodgers and Hammerstein classics that I grew up watching - but that doesn't make the songs any less fun or catchy. Songs in musicals are rarely meant to change your life - think Grease, the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, but we still sing along happily to 'raindrops and roses and brown paper bags ...' which if transplanted to a modern movie would be cheesy and corny, but they have the benefit of being called classics from a different era. Well this is a different genre and it works splendidly for me. 'My lips are waiting my hips are shaking, take me to love...' 'No life without wife, oh yeah yeah yeah...'

The BBC version was great but filled with 5 hours of solid dialogue, as an Austen fan, I welcome this new perspective on the novel. There is no better way to enjoy such a classic work than to share different takes on it, it makes you appreciate the book even more - I'm off to read it again.
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Happy holiday fare
nickevans8 December 2004
B&P just opened in cinemas over here this week and hey surprise!surprise!... its wonderful holiday fare. BP is most enjoyable despite what hardcore critics may say and the reason ...the definitive romantic script that Jane Austen wrote with her lovable characters. No movie based on JA novel is bound to be a disaster. BP 's genre of East meet West is bright, funny, and wonderful escapism for a 112 min. I enjoyed the characters...Mrs. Bakshi is a great laugh and Mr. Kholi on with their characters from P & P. Leads Rai & Henderson needs no more to strut the beautiful selves , a suitably arrogant Darcy and feisty Lalitha and they make a visually stunning pair. Their acting, a major point with many, is absolutely spot- on "cheesy" for this genre movie and I cannot see anybody else looking gorgeous enough to play Lalitha & Darcy. The other cast members is suitably bright, beautiful, funny and charming and Gurinda put together a very good team for her follow up to "Bend it...' Despite being novice to Bollywood.. the music was quite nice and I saw a few cinema patrons nodding their heads along the funky music. All in all an entertaining movie , not traditional fare in any sense, but hey it was good enough for a hardcore romantic movie fan like me to really DIG it...even so I 've seen it twice already :) ..and thinking seriously of seeing it a 3rd time:)

On another note.... IMO BP might be the breakthrough vehicle for the beautiful Ash in Hollywood as she's really a good actress....and Martin Henderson...mmmm ... lets just say Hollywood loves NZ hunks ( and so does all the die hard romantics like myself :)) and a few more hunky roles will certainly rise his star :)
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very good
filmbuff912 October 2004
well what can i say i went to this movie expecting it to be really bad as i am not a big fan of the actress aishwarya rai but i was surprised . one must look at this movie from the point that it was made more like a bolly wood movie that is dramatic , has songs (as all Hindi movies are incomplete with out) and a dash of Indian culture yes the movie is based on pride and prejudice so a lot of people will go expecting it to be like the book and hence will be surprised. the whole point to having an Indian girl who is from a different culture, background,class and country fall in love with a rich ,snobbish American boy is to make it romantic almost i would say like a mills and boons romance. and this is where the movie gets a thumbs up. martin henderson as will darcy looks smashing and plays his role well . this movie is funny as well as emotional and has all the stuff required in making a good movie one must go and see this movie and expect it to be like a bollywood film and the person will not be disappointed.this is a truly different movie and is worth a watch.
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Awesome Movie...
aethbaar5 October 2004
I just saw this movie at a press show, and I have to admit, it was magnificent. The whole movie was full of color and life, and it was so vibrant. The lyrics for some songs were a bit cheesy, but one can overlook that when watching the movie. It portrayed a true Indian family. I think that everyone should watch this movie and get insight into the lives of Indian families. The songs didn't appear out of nowhere as is the trend of most Hindi movies, the actually fit into the movie excellently. The acting was superb and the Indian snake dance was hilarious. However, the director should have given a bigger "role" to the other sisters. Ash Rai did a great job and Martin Henderson was just perfect for the role of Mr. Darcy.

This movie deserves four stars!!!!1
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Colourful but very Boring
Chrysanthepop23 September 2007
It's no new news that Chaddha's 'Bride and Brejudice' is based on Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. Chaddha Bollywoodizes the film by adding numerous songs, dance numbers, setting it in India and casting Indian actors but she also tries to Hollywoodize it by casting Hollywood actors. So this is what has been called a 'crossover' film.

Result: I found it to be very boring. The screenplay drags. The lead pair have no chemistry. Rai is strictly okay in some scenes and wooden in others. Hendersen is wooden in most scenes. Kulkarni deserved a much better role. Shirodkar is grateful and makes her presence felt. Kothari's snake dance is one of the plus points. Alexis Bledel has a tiny role but I just had to mention her. It's hilarious. Most of the songs are sleep inducing. No Life Without Wife looks funny but the song itself is irritating. Ashanti's item number is unintentionally funny.

Chaddha was probably too focused on making 'Bride and Brejudice' into a Bollywood meets Hollywood film which is why the film failed (in terms of screenplay, performances as) as a whole. The colourful locations and set design are pleasant but you can see those in numerous much better Indian movies that would be more worthy of your time.
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Jane Austin in the Punjab: If you want to see something new and wonderful, you'll love this movie
pickmanmike21 February 2005
If you didn't like this movie, it's only because you expected the same nonsense Hollywood has been pumping out for years.

India has its own unique style of popular entertainment, little appreciated or understood by much of the West. The most well known is the Bollywood musical. They're easy to roll your eyes at if you're used to seeing the subdued cinema of Hollywood - as I'm sure most Indians would do were they to see the hours of explosions & dribble that comes out of the US.

This movie delicately and playfully bridges the gap between the two genres, which is not an easy task. Starting with a Western classic storyline and draping it in the bright colors of India, it takes you on a ride around the world. Just think Jane Austin in the Punjab. It takes a tong-in-cheek approach to much of the theatrics, being well aware of how it looks to the uninitiated.

"B & P" doesn't attempt to show a foreign family simply conforming to the West's lifestyle, as so many other similar types do (like director Chadha's other well-known film, Bend It Like Beckham). It celebrates the diversity of the cultures, passes no judgment on any person or practice and allows a dignified India to be well portrayed. Much of this takes place along with music and laughter – what could be better?
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Fun movie, Full-Throttle Bhangra, Beautiful girls (both Western and Indian), but Goa without Pot?
MubukuGrappa3 September 2005
Let me begin with the negative points, which may not be all that negative actually!

1) I don't know why Chadha decided to name a guy, "Kholi" and not "Kohli! As far as I know, "Kohli" is a Punjabi surname, and not "Kholi". "Kholi" is a word found in Bombayya Hindi. I would have liked to think that one of the Hollywood geniuses, who often convert, for example, "Gandhi" into "Ghendi/ Gendi/ Gandi" etc. (You don't believe me? Please check the subtitles of the movie, "Gandhi".) turned Kohli into Kholi, but that is not the case. Was it to mock at "Hollywood" with the rhyming "Kholiwood"? Or was it that Chadha meant that Kohli became very Westernized to call himself Kholi.

2) Pot smoking and Goa go as much hand in hand as expletives and the Punjabi language do. It's not a criticism; it's a fact!. This movie, however, did not show anyone smoking pot in Goa. (Maybe the director did it intentionally to avoid the censor; also, recently the Indian government banned depiction of smoking in movies, and Chadha surely had the Indian audience in mind).

3) The cows in Indian streets seems to be a very popular cliché (though not completely inaccurate depiction of the situation in some places in India), which each so-called non-Bollywood movie must decidedly include. Punjab is one of the well-developed states of India, mind you. Girl in Jeans and sport-shoes going to the field also seemed to me a bit out of place.

Even more obvious is the omission of the ritual horse-ride. Each Punjabi groom must have a horseback (or, rather a mare) ride for the wedding procession. This movie does not show that, which seems like an absolute mistake to me!

3) The Bad guy in the movie looked more innocent and adorable than the good guy in the movie. That just did not seem good to my eyes; but this is a subjective opinion.

5) Kohli eating with his fingers: he won't do it after living in America for so long. It's a matter of getting used to at least spoons, if not to knife and fork. Also, most Indian middle-class families (and other too) would, for sure, offer a spoon to a guest, especially one who had lived abroad for long, and with whom almost the entire family was so fascinated! It was apparent to everyone that Kohli did not have the slightest clue as to how to use his fingers for eating food! Actually, many Indian families these days use spoon rather than their fingers.

6) A green card holder like Mr. Kohli would perhaps not marry a non US citizen. (Note: if I can believe what my friends told me, she can not get a dependent Visa, or Green card or whatever. One of the guys I know says that he can not marry any Indian girl now, because he got his Green card about a year ago, and he has been unsuccessful so far to get a long-term girlfriend within the United States).

Now good points.

1) Music: Chadha has done a great job in making this music possible, by bringing in Anu Malik. Sure, Malik steals left and right, but he also can fuse very well. The music played for the Cobra dance, for example, is the celebrated Been (clay pipe) music, composed by the late Hemant Kumar (Mukhyopadhyay) for the movie, Nagin, in the early 1950's (was it 1952?), which was played by Ravi and Kalyanji, the would be music composers in the not-so-far future. Similarly, the song,"Wedding comes to town", is based on an old Hindi movie song; perhaps it was "Reshmi Rumal". Chadha even made Punjabis dancing Garba, which is a Maharashtrian dance, look convincing!

2) Acting: Chadha managed to gather a bunch of talents and a handful of former Miss India's (Namrata Shirodkar=Jaya, Aishwarya Rai=Lalita etc.) for this movie. Most of the actors did a good job. Nadira Babbar, for example, whom I knew only as the first wife of Raj Babbar, acted well. Sonali Kulkarni is also a very good actor(she was much praised for her role in Amol Palekar's Dayraa, for example), though she played here a non-important role. Anupam Kher is always reliable, and he seems to be a favorite of Chadha. Indira Verma acted pretty good too. (Even the music composer, Anu Malik, did a cameo as a priest. I'm not sure if I saw him in the movie, or in the Bonus Materials only, though!)

3) Some of the scenes were very accurate with respect to small details. For example, Kohli carrying two huge suitcases while walking out of the Bakshi household seemed very accurate to me. As the joke goes, the sure way to identify a Desi (Indian) abroad is to locate the idiot at the airport, who looks all confused and stands between two huge suitcases (Now for the conspiracy theorists: relax, I'm Indian too, though I fly light). I laughed watching his pulling two huge suitcases. The computer/internet café under a tree was hilarious too.

Now a silly question: Why do all the characters in the movie use only Hotmail for e-mailing? Does it have anything to do with the real-life fact that Shabir Bhatia, who invented Hotmail, wanted to marry Aishwarya Rai (and Rai's mother wanted that to happen), but Aishwarya opted for Salman Khan, only to break up with him later?

Overall, I enjoyed the movie; it's great fun to watch it.

For those who enjoyed the music and the beat: You may try to watch, "Dil to Pagal Hai" and "Mohhabatein", both of which are musicals directed by Yash Chopra (whom Chaddha refers to in her commentary), and in the later of which Aishwarya Rai plays a role too.
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A wonderful mix of Bollywood and Hollywood that is sure to enthrall and entertain viewers!
sheekap30 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Being a South African Indian, I'm a huge fan of Bollywood films even though my Hindi is exceptionally limited and I can speak no other Asian language. Aishwarya Rai is one of my all time favorite celebrity's which is why I was unbelievably excited when I heard Bride and Prejudice was coming out. Not only do I get to feast my eyes on the gorgeous Martin Henderson, but I would actually be able to understand what was happening without the aid of those slightly annoying sub-titles. Not even the mixed bad and good reviews that I had heard could dampen my excitement. When the moment of truce came, I have to say that the film totally met my expectations. It was absolutely amazing! Bride and Prejudice has the wonderful flavor, colors and variety of a Bollywood movie tempered with the subtlety and more realistic aspects of a Hollywood production. In my eyes, it was the perfect mix. My only complaint, if you can call it that, was that I thought one or two of the English songs was a little forced. Don't let that deter you, however, as it may just be because I'm not used to seeing Aishwarya Rai, or any other Bollywood actor for that matter, sing in English. This movie is sure to be an experience for those of you not familiar with Bollywood cinema. Bottom line? Bride and Prejudice is a must see!
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the most fun I've had in a while
Lianna Esten20 February 2005
Bride & Prejudice was a terrific movie! I loved every minute of it! The movie contained all of the right elements: romance, comedy, musical, even adventure! I must admit for those who enjoy sad and depressing movies, this isn't one of them. I left the theater hoping to find a Will Darcy and ready to burst out into song and dance! I was throughly entertained and anyone with a heart would be too!

I found that this movie is desirable for men and women. The young and old. Americans and Indians. This well rounded movie is enjoyable for all.

Plus I believe that this was much better than Bend it Like Beckham. I liked that as well, but it had its dull moments where I wanted to get and go for a jog! This kept me interested throughout the whole movie, plus the music was outstanding. I wanted to jump up from my seat and dance. My feet bounced and my hips shook from beginning to end!
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Entertaining but uneven
sue-terry6 March 2005
Well, it's pretty hard, isn't it, to write a spoiler for a film which is based on such a well-known, well-loved novel! I will show my hand here and say that I am a Janeite. However, I am not a purist and I like many Jane Austen adaptations that many Janeites don't (for example I like 'Mansfield Park'). I enjoyed 'Bride and prejudice' for its colour and fun. The attempt to update 'P&P' to a contemporary Indian setting worked well most of the time, with the translation to India being effective because it is a society where arranged marriages are still an accepted way to go. The script did a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the story whilst playing around with some of the details eg cutting out the fifth daughter whose role in the story is pretty minimal, and making the 'tyrant' in Darcy's life his mother not his aunt (a more realistic situation in its modern setting). I loved the 'no life without a wife' song and dance routine though it reminded me at times of the 'Matchmaker' song in 'Fiddler on the roof'. However, the film suffered a little, for a number of reasons, the main ones being that it left the Bollywood- style when it went to Hollywood (which changed the tone of the film), it didn't really find a good way to make Wickham as wicked as he is in the original, and there did not seem to be the same desperate need to be married as there was for the Bennet sisters in 'P&P'. These modern Indian women had jobs and could, it appeared, be independent without having husbands, removing the urgency that drives its 'P&P' original. Despite this, though, it does manage to incorporate some of the satire against pomposity and the arrogance of the moneyed class that makes 'P&P' more than a simple romance. Overall, then, I found it a fun film and an entertaining take on my favourite novel.
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Will Darcy
anshu18065 March 2005
Someone said that Darcy wasn't good looking enough. Are you crazy? He is amazing in this movie, I just saw it and yeah the songs are terrible and I was looking for the fast forward button in the theater but you cant say that the rest of the movie wasn't charming. It was so bollywood I loved it. The no kissing, the whole misunderstanding between girl and boy. It was an entertainer. I think that was the point. Not to win an Oscar or to do great things but to entertain and I think it succeeded in that mission. I think we should stop analyzing every small detail of the movie and just learn to enjoy it. Who didn't laugh when they saw Ashanti. There are humorous parts in the movie that we just have to take and leave the horrible songs behind. For a first run of a mixture between bollywood and Hollywood. I cant say it was too bad.
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Far too empty to really work as a story despite colour and being sporadically lively and entertaining Bollywood homage
bob the moo10 September 2007
The Bakshi family have several daughters, all of whom are of the age where they really need to be getting married off. One likely suitor (Balraj) arrives from the UK with his wealthy American friend William Darcy in tow. While potential suitors come and go around the Bakshi family, Darcy's initial attraction to daughter Lalita is dashed on the rocks as their first impressions of one another sees them treating each other with contempt. However as times goes by, relationships change.

This Western/Bollywood crossover is not the easiest to watch if you are a bit cynical (which, being Northern Irish, I am) because the use of India, the UK and the US in the storyline does seem designed to market the film to the maximum audience. I did get past this though and tried to see the film as the delightful crossover that others had commented on it being on this site. Problem was, that is not the film I found because aside from the crossover novelty appeal, I found little else to recommend it for. As director, Chadha has done well to capture the colour and vibrancy of Bollywood films but she also has captured some of the faults that your typical Bollywood film has as well.

By this I mean that the story is not that great and isn't helped by the characters being so very weak. There are lots of relationships within the story and the aim clearly was that the dynamics and chemistry of these would carry the film. Sadly there isn't anything real or engaging in this script and I found it to be quite distant from me. Even as the conclusion approached I still found myself thinking "I don't really care about these people or what happens to them", which is a bit of a problem. The musical numbers were varied. Some were enjoyable and worked really well within the context of the crossover. However some others were surprisingly weak and clunky and just didn't work. With all these problems I was not surprised that the novelty value wore off and I tired of the film before it ended.

With the focus on the style rather than substance it is no surprise that the performances are mostly mediocre. There is no denying that Rai has the charisma and the looks needed to lead the film but she cannot get a character out of her. Of course next to the wooden and miscast Martin Henderson she comes across as quite brilliant – but his stiff Darcy has no character and the couple have zero chemistry. Andrews is OK but more notable for his fame in Lost than his performance. Gillies is sinisterly camp – even when he is meant to be charming. Ganatra is amusing but perhaps a bit too basic as a source of humour. Choudhuri is the only other standout but only because she has a "sexy, sassy lil' sister" character – not because she is good.

Overall then, an interesting crossover film but nowhere near good enough to be memorable for anything other than this. On top of that, it is a bit distracting to see it put so much effort into appealing to as big an audience as possible by covering the globe but to have put so little effort into everything else.
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Great, fun film with good music, dancing and pretty actors!
movingfrombaltimore18 August 2005
A fun movie. I watched it twice, once at the theater and once on DVD. The DVD has extended versions of the song and dance sequences which were also great.

What I like about this movie: Well, first of all, the fun factor. The pretty stars, the toe-tapping music, the dance sequences, the scenery of India, England and the US. These things all added up to pretty tasty eye-candy.

I also liked the international flavor and themes of the film. As was pointed out in the DVD commentary, it was a British film with a decidedly non-Eurocentric point of view. It was this while being a populist film at the same time. There are Indian actors from India, as well as British Indians and US Indians. Of course, there are white folk too.

The movie handles conflict between "Western arrogance" and native defensiveness without making one side more righteous than the other. And, of course, in the end, love conquers all. Well, love and wealth conquers all... Which leads me to what I didn't like about the film.

I have to admit, one reason I liked the film was because I loved looking at the beautiful, young actresses. So, maybe it is a tad hypocritical of me that the biggest turn-off was that the main appeal of the male protagonists (to the female characters) was their wealth and power.

Anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and recommend it highly.
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19th Century Jane Austen Meets Present Day India
emilylasota11 July 2005
This fantastic movie combines Indian culture, comedy, romance, and music for a perfect 2 hours of entertainment. Because it is based on Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, having read the book allows you to compare the two, but isn't necessary at all to enjoy the movie. The musical performances really make it a whole lot more than just a modernized version of an old book. The songs add so much flair and fun, I found myself singing along to ones like, "No Life Without Wife" and "A Marriage Has Come to Town." The soundtrack is amazing! It gives you a taste of authentic Indian music; the beat is irresistible and the colors and dancing during the singing scenes are breathtaking. The romance between the two main characters is so cute as the story progresses (even though it frustrated me a little at times). Comedy is added to the movie by Lalitha's mother, sisters, Mr. Kholi (who is just absolutely hilarious), and many others!! Overall, just a great movie, especially is you have friends from India. It helps to you to see a little bit more of their homeland and culture.
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Infectious, Good-Natured Fun
Bruce-491 May 2005
This English-language Bollywood film is typical of the genre. It's a silly little romantic comedy that wins us over by refusing for a moment to take itself seriously. The hallmark of the Bollywood film is the ridiculously over-the-top song and dance number. This film's silliest incorporates the elements of a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, a ridiculously large gospel choir and California surfers joining in by swaying their surfboards as two young lovers stroll along the beach. It's similar in tone to Cleavon Little riding past the Count Basie Orchestra in BLAZING SADDLES. One wonders how they film these things without cracking up. The outtakes during the credits answer the question: they can't.
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Jane Austen Goes To Bollywood
EmperorNortonII2 March 2005
India has a very active film industry, most likely the most active in the world. The musicals created in Bombay have become a genre all their own, with the nickname "Bollywood." Now the Bollywood style comes to Western audiences in "Bride & Prejudice." In this movie, director Gurinder Chadha takes a new look at Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice." Bollywood favorite Aishwarya Rai stars as Lalita Bakshi, a modern Indian girl with a mind of her own. She dislikes the Hindu tradition of the arranged marriage, and disrespects the thought of outside corruption of India. The conflict of the traditional arranged marriage and the "foreign concept" of marrying for love make this story a little like "Fiddler On the Roof." The many musical numbers offer a bright, colorful look at the Bollywood style. One standout performance is by Nitin Chandra Ganatra as Kholi, the nerdy Americanized accountant. "Bride & Prejudice" stands as a glimpse into another culture outside Hollywood.
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Jane Austen readers?
edujator26 February 2005
Just wondering...are any of the people who panned this movie familiar with Jane Austen's book? The negative comments about the plot seemed quite ridiculous in light of the absolutely classically perfect Austen story. Anyway, as an Austen fanatic (who has seen EVERY adaptation of her novels) I thought this movie was just about perfect. Excellent use of Austen's material and some excellent adaptations. Enjoyed every minute of it! I particularly liked the paraphrase of the classic first line of the book, the father's pronouncement about Lalita's possible marriage to "Mr. Collins." I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did. I'm sure I'll see it again. It was charming!
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Funny..Charming and Entertaining Fare- A must see!!!
gfa-221 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Kudos to the spousal team of director and writer who was bold enough to use Jane Austen's classic Pride & Prejudice as a premise for the bright and colourful Bollywood-Hollywood crossover "Bride and Prejudice". This lighthearted fare fails to disappoint unlike what hard core critics has been saying. It's a crowd pleaser and unpretentious in its certainly aims to please with enough eye candy in the form of the gorgeously handsome Martin Henderson as an American Darcy and Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai as a bold Lalitha. They both lend the right mixture of charm and subtlety to their cross cultural romance depicted in B&P. The supporting roles are ably played esp Mr Kholi who is a scream. The movie is not Oscar winning stuff with some inexplicable sequences esp the lack of final development of the Darcy & Lalitha romance..Just because many Austen fans know the ending, I think it is not so logical to newbies. I had to fill in the gaps to my friends who have never read P&P. Despite it's few shortcomings, the movie is unabashedly entertaining with a funky soundtrack that has you humming " me the world...take me to hips are working ..take me to life life without wife..." long after you have left the cinema. All in all B&P is fab..and is the "must.see feel - good movie" of the summer!! Rated 8/10
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Bride & Prejudice in the box office...
mariechrystine26 December 2004
Went to see that movie twice and it only came out on the 22nd December in France!!! Full of color and great music!! If u want to spend a really nice time in cinema and laughing your head off over Mr Kholi, go at once.... And if u wanna check out nice a nice guy , go at least for Mr Will Darcy!! All jokes aside, Ash's first "american" movie is a success. They are all acting greatly and makes us want to go and visit Amritsar!! A big surprise also for hip-hop lovers: Ashanti's appearance for "Payal Bajake"'s song. The landscapes are wonderful. East really meets West.. and it's an enjoyable mix or how to teach a Westerner that he doesn't have it all...And as in all of Chandha movie's, the end is a delight!! ENJOY!!
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norbai31 October 2004
A charming tale of Love and and Happiness, be careful this Film may make you smile! Naveen Andrews was very good, especially when he became the Indian'MC HAMMER' he moved well and looked good. Martin Henderson too was thoughtful and charismatic in a subtle way. The lady that played MRs Bakshi was superb as was Mr Bakshi (anupam kher). The great crowd pleaser, the stealer of everyones heart with a performance full of pathos, humour and humanity was Nitin Ganatra as MR Kholi. Nitin as Mr kholi reminded me of why Woody Allen is so revered in Hollywood (and indeed by cineastes everywhere. THis is one film that everyone, young old and Immortal can watch....go see it and smile!
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