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Blade: Trinity (2004) Defending an Underrated Sequel
ivo-cobra825 April 2015
I don't understand the complains and hate about Blade: Trinity a very underrated sequel to the success of the previous two movies. The first and second movie are awesome sci-fi action flicks.I read so many negative reviews how the fans and critics dissed this film and how are disappointed with this flick. I love it. I am not gonna say is the best movie, it is not but It' is a pretty good movie a worth of a watch an awesome underrated sequel. Blade: Trinity rocks! I am a fan of all Blade movies. Before this movie come out I kept watching Blade I & II. It was been 7.years when I finally download and watch this movie, today I watch it on Blu-ray and Blade third installment rocks. Blade: Trinity is rated R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR not PG-13 It Is violent, action gore adrenaline sci-fi flick not for kids. I can't believe how Robocop (2014) remake is praised from fans and critics but Blade get's dissed and bashed from critics it is just not fair!

My Reply and answer to a negative reviewer: "I didn't pay to see Jessica Biel (hottest body in Hollywood) fake fight. Who cares about Whistler's daughter?"........ Jessica Biel did a good job, with weapons, shooting bow and arrow and the fights she wasn't annoying and I honestly didn't see or noticed her hottest body, I was following the story. I don't know what is your problem? The third installment of Blade is very decent movie! "Why is Wesley Snipes sharing screen time with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel? Who cares about Hannibal King? I paid to see Blade kick butt, just like in Blade 1 and 2. I didn't pay to see Ryan Reynolds joke for half the film."............ Why wouldn't he be? Wesley Snipes shared screen time with other actor and actress in Blade I & II and other his movies. So why wouldn't he shared screen time with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel? Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel did a wonderful decent good job as a trio team that is why it is called Blade: Trinity! Blade did kick butt!!!! In the beginning he kicked ass of the vampires and kill them, he beat up the SWAT team, he fought in a sword fight with Dracula, well sorry Abigail helped him to kill Dracula so whatever! They don't make movies like this one today! I wish I would had sci-fi action movies like are this one today!! I really wish! I wanna see Blade again in action. Green Lantern get's hate and so does Blade: Trinity. I like action movies I really do and I really wish I could get action movies like are this one. It is 2015 and I haven't see any good sci-fi action movie like is this one today!!! They don't make them like that anymore!!! Blade saved a baby and he also talked to the little girl.

Dracula was played from Dominic Purcell who also started in my favorite TV Show of all time Prison Break. Patton Oswalt from King of Queens was also in it. Here we have a fights, a little origins of Dracula the first and original vampire. Jessica Biel's fight, Ryan Reynolds so muscular in here and he fights pretty well. Also I don't care about the jokes he is telling as long he acts they way he supposed to do.

Jessica Beil was so much better with Bow and arrow shooting the Vampires like Sylvester Stallone did in 1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II, she was so much better shooter with bow and arrow than Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games is! She was so much better with using weapons than Jennifer Lawrence does! Blade shoots and kills and kick's the vampires. He use his particular hand guns and his other silver weapons. We have a great music themes and soundtracks! I know that while filming this movie there was a lot of problems between Wesley Snipes and David S. Goyer. That Wesley suffered from a mental breakdown and often would not come out of his trailer, he would only respond to the name 'Blade', and if he communicated with anyone, it would be via post-it notes. 'Ryan Reynolds' corroborated this while promoting the film. Saying that Snipes would ignore the entire cast but once acknowledged Reynolds by saying "Keep your mouth shut. You'll live longer." Still Blade: Trinity is pretty good damn sequel and that a good one, I love it very much. I love all three movies and I wish that there would be another sequel after this film. I don't get why people are bashing this movie so much? Underworld got three sequels and Blade only two but not three or four? I know Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson were disappointed with the script and with the movie. But honestly it was a pretty damn good entertainment, I wasn't bored with it. Robocop 2 (1990), Spider-Man 3 (2007), Predator 2 (1990) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013) are getting so much hate and bashed this days for it. I still love them all. My best Blade movie would honestly be Blade II, I enjoyed the fights than is Blade I and Than Blade: Trinity.

Anyway , it's a good continuation of Blade's story.There is nothing new here , but it's well executed. In the end it's one of those rare satisfying sequels. I give it 8/10.
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What happened to Blade?
emobame477 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Why is Wesley Snipes sharing screen time with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel? Who cares about Hannibal King? I paid to see Blade kick butt, just like in Blade 1 and 2. I didn't pay to see Ryan Reynolds joke for half the film. I didn't pay to see Jessica Biel (hottest body in Hollywood) fake fight. Who cares about Whistler's daughter?

Blade the Vampire Hunter was a good film. Strong villain. Strong hero. Good story. Blade 2 was even better. A rare sequel that bests the original. Two strong villains for Blade to fight against. Good supporting cast. Good story and a director who gets it.

Blade Trinity is a joke: literally. The villain, warning spoilers ahead, is Dracula, if you don't know by now. Dracula: the original vampire--the baddest of them all. What a way to end the series, then to have Blade fight the first and the greatest of his kind, but Dracula does basically nothing throughout the film. He doesn't pose any real threat to Blade, or anyone else. He is just there, and Blade has to kill him, because that is what he does. The other vampires in the film seem to have no other purpose either than beating up Ryan Reynolds' Hannibal King, while the latter cracks one liners. I didn't pay to see a comedy. Jessica Biel is hot, but I didn't pay to see a Jessica Biel movie. I paid to see Wesley Snipes as Blade, and yet it is like he is cast aside for younger models. Wesley Snipes is the star. He has charisma, on screen and off. Jessica Biel does not, and I don't care about Ryan Reynolds.

I paid to see Blade. What happened to Blade?
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Will The "REAL BLADE" Please Stand Up!!!
tariqdj200221 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
As most negative reviewers(people who know what they're talking about!) stated : "Blade 1 & 2 kicked ass and was in a class of it's own in the action/comic book movie genera!"

This excuse, of a "made for TV" movie is not just an embarrassment to the Blade franchise, but to the entire industry!

Where do i start?>> Firstly:>> the movie is called "Blade", so where is he? Wesley Snipes is simply brilliant as Blade (no other actor could have been more convincing), now all of a sudden he's an 'Extra' in his own movie wandering in the Background looking ever so bored, with a cast of "American pie" wannabe actors taking the lead (they're even on the poster!). >> that's like having Britney Spears featured on a Public Enemy or Linkin Park track!>.

Is this another ploy from "white Hollywood" bringing in the "snow-white" crew to diminish the lead black actor's presence??

Blade works alone>> imagine Superman, Spider man or the Hulk with 2 human sidekicks?>> Ridiculous! They're more of a liability than assistance!!

Secondly, while we're on the 'sidekicks'>> since when are humans able to kick Vampires' asses? (that's like a Rabbit beating up a Lion!) What's the point of having Blade around?>>

They're barely afraid of the vampires>> Fighting for your life from a bloodsucking demon with your i-pod on?? Cracking wise-ass jokes every chance u get , even though a Vampire has almost killed u more than once>> "give me a f#*king break!"

3rd-ly: Where's the Intensity, Darkness, and Mind Blowing Effects from the first 2 movies?>> This was like watching a cross between a, B-Grade action flick(Chuck Norris)& a bad episode of Friends!

Then > we come to the casting and acting>. All Round Poor!!>> Why is Triple-H in this movie????? Why does Dracula look and portrayed even lamer than the one in Vanhelstink? (looks like a euro-trash porno actor) Ryan Reynolds?? Jessica Biel??? (with leading roles??) wtf! ** the casting director is obviously a genius!!!**

Blade 4 :>> Either kill Blade off in an attempt to keep his dignity! Or get Del Torro back to make up for this "Mtv Teeny- Bopper" Butt-Hole Fest!!

0.5 / 10>>>
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Poor - spoilers
R1X13 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a seriously poor film... and I don't know where to start. The product placement of the i-pod? The fact that the production wants you to call Dracula Drake (in a hip move that makes you think of comics and naming conventions over the fact the guy is called Dracula!)? The stupid on-foot chase between Blade and Drake? The fact Whistler is beaten by the Feds, when he survived Vamps? The inappropriate comedy? The stupid blind woman? The fact Drake was just resting, wasn't in a tomb at all, and woke up when he chose to? The crapness of the script? The poor introduction of Whistler's daughter? The lack of tension? The horrendous ending?

I can't go on... please kill me. I knew I should have seen Polar Express.
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Well, it certainly was something...
surugon24 February 2010
Whether it be intentionally or incidentally writer/director David S. Goyer succeeds in amalgamating the visual style of the two previous Blade films by making Blade: Trinity a sleek but raw actioner.

The problem is Blade is not an action franchise. It's a vampire franchise. Both Guillermo del Toro and Stephen Norrington understood this. Vampires can be sexy, scary, enticing, and downright brutal, all at the same time. But the vampires in Blade: Trinity are sissies. They're pissy, corny, spent, and essentially useless. They're not sexy, scary, or smart. They're just boring. And thus, there is no sense of horror, or danger, or urgency, or mystery. You never wonder if Blade will come out on top. You know he will and you can pretty much guess how before it happens.

Snipes' kung-fu-movieesque silent hero routine has grown tired. His character in this film lacks any real depth or complexity. Snipes is utterly boring unless he's kicking the crap out of someone, or at least threatening to.

Instead of developing the characters he already has Goyer keeps introducing new ones. Much like in the previous film, Blade soon finds himself surrounded by a new group of allies to whom his disdains. But instead of vampires, this time around it's a bunch of wise cracking teenagers. Each one more clichéd and uninteresting than the next.

And what should have been the highlight of the film, Goyer also manages to ruin. Through some broad stroke of banality Goyer even succeeds in making Dracula, the most favored and well known vampire in the history of literature and cinema, completely dull.

Goyer implements too many different and contradictory ideas into a single film. And the result is a film that's visually impressive but narratively clunky.

Many of Goyer's ideas, while contrived, aren't that bad. I mean. A group of wise cracking teenage vampire hunters isn't a bad idea. It might work as it's own film but it simply doesn't work in the context of the Blade universe.

Despite enthusiastic performances by much of the cast and Wesley Snipes' strong presence Blade: Trinity fails due to underdeveloped characters and an unfocused plot.

Lackluster writing and directing aside, this film still looks really, really good. Apparently the only people who really brought their A-game are cinematographer Gabriel Beristain, the entire art department, and visual effects team. Kudos to them all.
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scruffysadie6 January 2005
Wow, I have to admit to being really quite disappointed with this instalment of the Blade series. Two days after watching the film I can barely remember much of it at all. The first two were exciting, with punchy dialogue, impressive villains and most importantly, a hero, the man himself, Blade.

With Trinity we have no idea who this particular group of vampires are, their social standing, history, source of their power are all a mystery. They were just plonked in the film to raise the ultimate bad guy from his crypt and provide someone for Blade's latest sidekicks to pulverise-badly.

And then we have the ultimate bad guy, Drake, who isn't remotely imposing, let alone terrifying. Big boots to fill and I really don't think this guy is up to it. I was looking forward to someone imposing, sadistic, gleefully evil in fact. I didn't get it. What this guy reminded me of was Ram-Man from He-Man, but less frightening to his enemies.

The only reason I gave this film 4 and not 1 is for Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds), who steals the show from Blade the second he comes on screen. While Blade potters through the film not saying or doing much that I can remember, apparently this is whats called "brooding", King manages to keep all eyes on him.

King gets all the best camera shots AND lines. As far as I'm concerned this was his film and should have been a Blade spin-off and not another episode. Ryan Reynolds is far and away the star here.
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Decent third showing for Blade, but nothing brilliant
The_Void12 June 2005
I was never a big fan of the original 'Blade', but I liked the sequel a lot. Doing away with the story building of the first one, Blade II captured a nice balance between plot and action and it was an entertaining ride throughout. For this third instalment, however that perfect balance has been interrupted, and calling this film 'action heavy' would be an understatement. While the action in the movie is well done and entertaining to watch, when you've seen 45th bad guy being smashed through a window, it loses it's impact somewhat. The talking scenes in between the action are either small plot details that the film needs to string itself together, or just another action sequence set-up. The plot is messy to say the least, and there's far too much going on for it to be streamlined into an engaging and satisfying story, but nevertheless it follows the vampires as they resurrect legendary bloodsucker Dracula and get Blade into trouble with the cops. However, Blade manages to team up with a ragtag bunch of vampire hunters and together they attempt to thwart Dracula and the rest of the vampires! Oh, and the cops.

David S. Goyer, the man who wrote the first two Blade films has taken the director's chair this time round. He's obviously being watching too much Mtv too, as he seems far too keen to not allow the audience to know what is going on. The quick style Mtv editing is abundant, and it quickly becomes apparent that you will end up very dizzy by the end of the film. The director/writer has dragged together an eclectic cast to compliment Wesley Snipes, which includes the sizzling Jessica Biel, along with two more experienced actresses who should know better; Parker Posey and Natasha Lyonne, and Kris Kristofferson returns also; and WWF wrestler Triple H joins in the fun too. Wesley Snipes has made his name playing the human/vampire hybrid in this comic strip movie series, and with this performance he seems like an actor bored with his work. Whether or not that's because of the extremely thin caricature that Snipes has been given to work with this time round, or maybe it's because he's fed up of 'more of the same'. Anyway, Blade Trinity is quality entertainment. What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in coolness and action and if you liked the first two, you might as well see this one as well.
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This is About as Sharp as a Butterknife
CrassActionHero26 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Blade: Trinity. 2004 New Line Cinema.

Review: So, it's come to this. The last installment of Blade. Look up the word messy and Blade: Trinity will be seen as the perfect example of messy. This film is a total disaster. Let's go with pros and cons to sum things up.

Pros: Wesley Snipes returns as Blade.

Cons: Snipes looks embarrassed here.

Pros: Jessica Biel is here. Great eye candy.

Cons: Biel's character seems like filler than an actual person.

Pros: Ryan Reynolds put on some serious weight.

Cons: Reynolds can't fight at all.

Pros: Triple H is here. His lines are delivered well and steals the show.

Cons: Triple H is not used well here. No character development as well.

Pros: The bad guy is Dracula.

Cons: Casting of Dracula (or Drake) is terrible. Horrible actor. Character development is awful, and seems to be here just to fight Blade.

Pros: Blade's mentor Whistler is back.

Major Spoiler****

Cons: Whistler is dispatched quickly. If you looked away for a second, you would miss the death scene. Worse yet, Whistler is killed by human police officers, and kills a bunch of them beforehand.

Pros: Blade's muscle car is back.

Cons: I'm running out of pros.

Pros: Vampire dogs (it's original).

Cons: Triple H and Wesley Snipes, the only two in this movie who know how to fight, do NOT fight in one-on-one combat. Instead HHH has to fight Reynolds. What's the point?!

Cons: A human Reynolds defeats a Vampire HHH. So very wrong.

Cons: Dracula wore gold chains here.

Cons: Jessica Biel listens to her Ipod while hunting vamps. Lame.

Cons: Triple H should have played Dracula.

Cons: The night stalkers. Who? Should I care? No. Next.

Cons: The blind woman that can read computer monitors???

Cons: Dracula talks of honor, but threatens to kill a newborn baby earlier.

Cons: Dracula ran away from Blade. Why?

Cons: The vamps bite like reapers from Blade two and no explanation as to how.

Cons: HHH aside, the rest of the evil vamps are like MTV rejects, and are not menacing at all. Just annoying.

Cons: Blade is in no real danger throughout this movie.

Cons: A terrible way to end a good movie franchise. Ouch.

The Last Word: Poor Blade. This is indeed the stake driven though Blade's heart. This is easily one of the worst of the year, or the decade. I'll stick with the latter. Skip it.
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Wesley Snipes can stand alone
graebel15 December 2004
The main problem with Blade:Trinity is that the director - for some odd reason - forgot that Wesley Snipes can hold his own. He was the reason people went and saw the first two movies. As Blade, he is the king of badass cool. Trinity was disappointing because they siphoned all of his humor off onto Hannibal, and he lost a lot of battle scenes to Abby. This was unnecessary. I didn't go to watch either of those actors try desperately. I went to watch Wesley Snipes as Blade. And then, casting decisions? Who chose Parker Posey to play a vamp? Who did her hair? What insanity was going on on the set? And why, why, why, why didn't Paul Levanesque take his shirt off? Come on. Waste of money, and that from a Blade sci-fi fan.
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Not what I was hoping for, compared to the first two movies
dcobbimdb9 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately this movie didn't have the impact on me that the first two did. I've been a big fan of Vampire movies in general as well as the first two movies of the Blade series, so I'm an avid fan of the subject. While this movie offered more in the comedy & comic book feel, it lost the originality, horror, and suspense IMO.

Pros – Cool new weapons & some plucky comedy. Cons – Lacked any kind of suspense / horror feeling, wasn't serious at all, more of a popcorn movie than the first two. Also a comic book cinematography feel that kind of bothered me.

Throughout this movie I never felt a single hint of being in a horror movie, but more so like a super hero movie (like with all Marvel comic movies). Now granted I'd say that the Blade series lingers more on the Sci-Fi / horror fence rather than just horror, but this movie was more like a comedy action and lacked any kind of suspense / horror. The first movie was pretty original, the 2nd was more darker and the mutated vampire strain definitely gave a good creepy & suspenseful element while building off the original storyline. However the third movie lacked any suspense at all as the main bad guy (Dracula, or rather his modern name 'Drake') seemed to lack any substance or omnipotence at all. You didn't fear him or see him as any real threat at all other than his ability to morph into other things which wasn't really used well; hence the suspense went down the tube…

The acting was okay, there was a much more comical feel to this one rather than the few one liners of the previous two movies and I guess that rubbed me the wrong way, mainly instigated by Ryan Reynolds (Mr. Van Wilder). While he was certainly physically fit for the part as seen in his torture scene, his relief comedy ways totally change the tone of the movie. Interestingly you never see Wesley Snipes all stripped down, wondering if he's been keeping up with his push ups… Jessica Biel is okay at best. She certainly kicks ass in the movie, but is not very believable in her character IMO and not very good eye candy either, so kind of a dud there. The other thing that really bugged me was her 'listening to MP3's' while doing battling, OMG this is so stupid and so Hollywood. You mean to tell me that she's willing and capable to give up her sense of hearing while fighting vampires, just to appear cool? Give me a friggin break. So unrealistic… Who ever thought up that idea should be shot, hanged, have there ears ripped off and never allowed to work in Vampire movies again… Wesley Snipes played his role same as the first two, kicking ass throughout and having a bad attitude to boot. I wasn't impressed by any of the fight scenes, yeah some of the new weapons were semi cool, but overall the action was nothing new, and the cinematography was so quick and close up that you really couldn't make out the action very well. The end / climactic scene was also a dud, quite befitting for the rest of the movie I recon…

I guess the other thing that bothered me about this movie was the fact that in the first two movies you get the impression that vampires are stronger, quicker and more durable that humans (hence the need for Blade), however in the 3rd movie you have Jessica Biel (who is human) as well as Ryan Reynolds (a previous vampire now cured / human) kicking ass all over vampire city. If this were really the case then vampires wouldn't pose much of a threat to begin with. So this aspect really bothered me as the vampires in this 3rd movie came off really weak and ordinary. They didn't come of mystical or powerful at all; even Drake wasn't impressive in the least. This had the net effect of stealing away some thunder from the Blade character as Blade actually gets rescued by his Nights stalker groupies rather than the other way around.

Overall the movie was just okay and is much more light hearted than the first two movies, for that reason it may appeal to a wider audience, but in doing so it lost me as a hardcore vampire fan. I couldn't take this movie seriously as the comedy aspect kept pushing through. Unfortunately when you mix Vampires with too much comedy you get crap for a result. Vampires are better suited for horror / suspense movies rather than this 'Hollywood / Please all' crap. Kind of a bummer…
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Destruction of a one-time promising franchise
omar-chopin22 February 2005
I remember the excitement my friends and I felt leaving the theatre after seeing Blade I in the theatre years ago (for the 3rd time). I remember telling my brother that I haven't seen a hero kick this much ass in a film since the 80's. This film, along with "The Matrix" and Jackie Chan helped bring martial arts back to Hollywood.

I remember leaving Blade II being disgusted by the acting by the acting Leonor Varela, but pleased to see Donnie Yen's fight choreography and to see Wesley Snipes' Blade kick even more ass this time around. Not as good a story as 1, but cool and violent nonetheless.

But I'm surprised that Blade didn't have nipples on his costume with the immediate decay of the quality of the franchise. The responsibility lies completely on David Goyer as he finally was given the chance to direct he series he has written since it's inception. This film felt like it should have been on Sci-Fi channel or FX. Those good old days of Blade kicking ass are gone, replaced by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds beating down brittle MTV vampires that couldn't hold a candle to Stephen Dorff's Deacon Frost. I don't even remember seeing Blade fight Dracula, with all the action geared towards his new sidekicks. That's like a Batman movie with Robin as the star. David Goyer now says he'd like to direct Thor......comic fans around the world should now panic as to what he sets his sights on next.
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Talk about disappointment
mtgtuga16 February 2005
OK, it's official.. Blade III sucks! I can't believe how someone with a normal brain efficiency could create something so awful from the excellent movie/character Blade.

When is Hollywood gonna learn that the heroes don't have to be cool in every single scene? That it's OK if the good guys don't have the right haircuts in a few scenes? That cool fighting is much better than fighting cool? That there's no chance that a woman so beautiful like J. Biel could ever kick someone's ass while wearing that kind of sexy (thus really tight) clothing? Damn, I hate going to a movie and just seeing a bunch of attractive women or men handling very unrealistic weapons and with no reasonable plot at all (and no character density for that matters, but it's a detail since it's an action movie).

But the thing that really really pisses me off is: why, why does the hero always has to be cool in every single shot? Why, in a middle of a gunfight or while escaping from some wretched fortress, the hero always has a scene where he just walks like he owns the place? Unrealistic at best and just pathetic.
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What happened?
asifs25 April 2005
Who came up with this awful mess? Goyer? Hope he doesn't have much to do with any other Marvel movies coming out soon, or I won't be seeing them in theaters. Every part of this movie was awful. It's almost as if a child wrote it. The whole "back to the beginning" thing has been done so many times and this time was the worst that I have ever seen. This part of the storyline was especially disappointing, since I have always enjoyed the way the vampires existence was explained in the previous blade movies. Although, the acting wasn't stellar, I don't think they could be blamed for much. Seems like the majority of the blame falls on the writer/director. Character development was atrocious. Seemed like far too much time was given to unimportant characters .. Triple H .. and far too little on those characters around which the movie should have been centered.
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Pretty Good Action Movie
Simmonz26 December 2004
I must say that going into seeing Blade: Trinity I was not expecting a masterpiece, I merely wanted to be entertained by this movie. With that said, it did a pretty decent job. People can criticize this film with having a thin plot, being corny at points, heck I know I will, but I don't think the makers were going for a great plot, and great acting, more along the lines of action/comedy and lots of fighting/explosions.

The plot is this: a group of vampires bring back Dracula to help combat Blade, while they also get Blade to the top of the FBI's most wanted, now Blade needs help of his own, this comes from a group of new young vampire stalkers. These are not spoilers by the way, everything I say is included in the trailers. I must say that many times I was saying in this film "yeah right", but most of the time I was having a ball. I will say that one thing I found is that Blade: Trinity was less "dark" than the other two Blade movies, it just had a lighter feel to it. More comedy involved than before, which was nice because it was indeed funny, but I liked the atmosphere set by the other films that this one did not take.

The newest additions, Ryan Renolds and Jessica Beil, do their jobs pretty well. I must say that Renolds had me laughing almost any time he was on screen. Beil was very nice to look at, she is just incredibly beautiful, and she does well considering the lines she is given. Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H makes a decent debut, I guess. He had some funny parts, but really I can't see how his job was that hard considering his role was to beat people up, and that's what he gets paid to do for the WWE so it's not a real stretch. Well overall the supporting cast did a good job and kept me entertained.

On to the meat and potatoes of this movie, the fights. Much of the work was very well done in this film, Snipes is his usual acrobatic self and disposes of vampires in interesting ways while showing off his martial arts skills. Here is a part I didn't like, the fighting involving Ryan Renolds, at times he tries to be like Snipes, and it just doesn't work. I always say, if the actor doesn't know martial arts, don't make him try to pretend, it's just not the same. Beil did some nice fight scenes to. Triple H, well his fights were good, but I see it too much in the ring to really enjoy it, the whole time I was thinking in my head, "now when's he going to break out a pedigree ?", well that moment never came. The gun fights were really well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Overall Blade: Trinity had awesome fight scenes.

So that pretty much sums up my feelings of this film. It was a fun movie to watch just for the action, and comedy of Renolds, but not much else (did I mention Jessica Beil was very beautiful). I will say that out of the three Blade movies, this is my least favorite, but I still like it and recommend it to anybody looking for a good action movie, die-hard fans of the series will probably be conflicted with it. My rating is 8/10.
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Awful, disgusting, repellent
aexhammett9 December 2004
That's exactly how I would sum up both this film and this whole year, in terms of what Hollywood has delivered. I am getting sick and tired of spending my valuable time and money on going to the cinema, only to be continually disappointed by poorly written, low budget garbage.

I had hoped that following a long year of terrible, terrible films, Blade Trinity would save the day in December, how wrong I was.

Hannibal was played by Chandler from friends, Blade seems to be more Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock (not the best of either, think Vampire in Brooklyn and Down to Earth) Abigail Whistler looked very uncomfortable in the role (think Anthony Hopkins in Bad Company) The blind woman has a monitor for her PC, as well as a braille Keypad... why?? Blade really does say "couchie coo" to a baby. Drake... no comment.

Not to mention the disgusting Apple product placement.... "Whistler likes to hunt vampires listening to her I-Pod"... How cheap is that. She is seen downloading from i-tunes, not once but twice!! Cheap and nasty Hollywood.

I could not believe that they also tried to introduce Matrix themes and comedy into this film. It is so so bad. Blade one was dark, sexy and eerie. Blade two had fantastic characters, a great story and good effects. Blade Trinity has no redeeming features... at all. If anyone has bothered to see it, this film is on a par with Resident Evil Apocalypse. It really is that bad.

Steer well well clear. If you go and see it and get that feeling in the pit of your stomach about ten mins in... when you are still waiting for the mind blowing entrance scene and martial arts... and it hasn't happened. Go home... just leave.. go and spend you time watching films that deserve to be supported and encouraged by our money.
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Couldn't agree with scottmar more
tenchymuyo211 December 2004
This is tripe at its worst. I guess they wanted to make sure there wasn't a part 4 made. I'm wondering the ratio of this to Scarface in how many F-bombs are used - quite unnecessarily.

The choreography was nothing like the 1st two movies and in most scenes you could SEE the fake hits and the misses. Poor jumpcut editing.

Drake - Deacon Frost could've defeated this guy even BEFORE he became the blood god. Total disappointment...may it tank and may all involved in the creation of it never work in the industry again.

There were many disused plots, like the MAIN one involving the virus. That was supposed to end it all...nope, in the end, Blade is just doing what he always does, no end. Um....the virus?? Hello? Movie? Haters of your own audience?
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Sickening and unforgivable
tearsintherain1 March 2005
After seeing this film (after I was fairly hyped about it) I feel compelled to not only warn people about how disappointed they will be, but how sick they will feel. Never before have I seen such distasteful, amateur, pointless nonsense reach the screen (with perhaps the exception of Son of the Mask). How on earth David Goyer can write the original Blade (a fairly good film), and then write this is beyond me. Perhaps the film would have had a saving grace if a Director with some talent had taken the helm, but I fail to find one decent reason why this film was ever released - surely there must have been people to see what a disaster this was before they gave away the money for it to be made.

In terms of Story, it's un-inventive at best and awfully clichéd at worst, character's fates are of no emotional involvement, Blade himself is off-screen most of the time (which perhaps is a good thing), the dialogue is cringe-worthy, and the Plot in general is unbelievably dire. Signs of Goyer's utter laziness lie all over this mess: the stereotypical Antagonists, the stagnant exposition, the pointless voice over, the clichéd twists, and to add insult to injury there is an unashamed product placement (which now I feel even the manufacturers are regretting).

Things get worse with the Direction of the film - the brief but painful slow-motion sequences, introduction of characters, the overall design, the chief Antagonist. The consequences of these errors not only produces a film which is unforgivable (literally: I see no reason to expect any better from the people involved), but also make me doubtful of Goyer's other script: Batman Begins.

David Goyer has destroyed what was a fresh take on a decent character, it has been reduced to a commercial machine, adding to the poisoning of today's cliché-ridden catalogue of films. He has shown blatant contempt for the franchise with his laziness and disrespect - my only hope is that Christopher Nolan can save Batman Begins from the same grotesque fate.
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A disappointing conclusion
AlecWingerd24 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Blade and Blade II were movies that were mostly visual masterpieces which thrived on the atmosphere; Blade II more than I. Quick transitions, scenes that mostly had only one predominant color. The Blue of the Ninja type fight, the amber of the night scenes, the red of the Moo Cow Factory where Blade and Whistler were finally reunited. Blade was to be a great modern vampire epic, where they were no longer regarded as immortal undead beings that were warded by celestial tokens and pure substances like water but rather as a recessive niche of humans that is either blessed or cursed by genetic defects that cause severe allergies to garlic, silver and sunlight. Blade II was a great second installment because it was dark, it was moody, the atmosphere was pressing, the story was good and the concept artists really did their best at it.

Honestly, Blade III contains way too much sunlight, tries to be overly funny with one character that tries to crack jokes around every corner of the film, hopelessly tries to renew the legend that started the entire Vampire hype and in the process turns it to a story and an antagonist that are both too stupid to believe, honestly. Okay, I have to admit that Hannibal was funny now and then, but that's not what I watched this movie for. Drake, however, was the worst thing that could happen to this movie. His acting was completely dead and the story of his insurrection was completely far-fetched. And honestly, who would believe a man that is supposed to be the first born of all vampires, threatening to throw a baby off the side of a building, yet later when the final duel arrives, would speak of honor? His character almost seemed to be put together at the last stroke to form an inconsistent whole. Deacon Frost from the first movie on the other hand had no honor, so he had no problem with throwing a young Chinese girl in front of a bus, but then again he was exactly who he was supposed to be, an atrocious, power hungry little thug....

In the first movie, Blade was a Vigilante with nothing to lose, a tainted soul with no way out other than killing or dying. In the second, after he had overcome the obstruction of not knowing who bit his mother, he learned to look further than his hate by secretly falling in love with one of his greatest enemies. In Blade Trinity, he is no longer the stoic, silent samurai he is supposed to be, but he tries to be - or is asked to be - too many things at the same time. Even in the aftermath of his best friend's death, he still tries to be too witty, too much of a drill instructor and he can barely relate to the new appendage to the vampire slaying team.

Speaking of whistler's death; when he died in Blade I, which I think to be an admirable scene full of gravity and persuasion, in Blade III, you would miss it if you'd blink. His abrupt death in Trinity does both Blade I and II injustice, since they took all this trouble to get him back in the story only to let him die without any reverence.

I have heard many things about this movie being extremely action packing, however most of the time, action, and I mean real action, is far away. In Blade II, the introduction to the main character was an excellent opening scene, Trinity's introduction was dull compared to that. I agree that on more than one occasion, the soundtrack was better and I am glad that the old Dodge Charger got more moments in this third movie. Admitted that it barely ran in Blade II, this little fact does not vouch for the conclusion.

Trinity's ending battle between protagonist Blade and antagonist Drake was also extremely lacking, to say the least. All the fighting scenes in Blade II were superior than those in Blade III, except one or two that I really like better.

The styling of Blade: Trinity was atrocious, in many ways. I cannot overlook how they have ruined blade's armor and gave him a pansy vest. Some of the new toys were interesting, but at the same time, some were far fetched and completely obsolete and I dearly missed the UV detonators from Blade II. There were little moments that incorporated special effects, but most of those were very disappointing.

Guillermo del Toro said in his DVD commentary that he was very optimistic about what David S. Goyer would do when he gets his hands on Trinity, but, my conclusion is that when del Toro declined to do number three, he condemned it to a horrid fate. I'm actually surprised that it showed in Theaters

I do not recommend this movie to anyone but the die hard Marvel/Vampire aficionado.

** out of 5
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Horrible Way to End What Could Have Been a Great Trilogy
Banshee_Boardwalk4 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Oh poor, poor Blade, one of the most underrated and under-appreciated comic book heroes finds some success with his big screen debut, "Blade" (1998) only for it to be followed by a sub par "Blade II" and then this catastrophic debacle of a film. To even consider this movie to be a "bomb" would be giving it more praise than it's worth, since "bomb" can be used in a positive meaning (i.e. it's da bomb). This film truly is a total pile of trash, a pile so trashy, not even the most desolate bum would eat from it. The main problem here with this cinematic nightmare, is the storyline is just plain goofy, at times too goofy. After twenty minutes or we find that Blade must again don his cool leather jacket and dark shades and face off against the evil forces once again. Let me take this sentence to say this, I think that Snipes is a total bad ass in all three Blade films, the final battle he has against Deacon Frost in the first Blade movie is one of my favorite fight scenes of all time. This film fails to carry such excitement, and instead, we are left with fight after fight of basically the same redundant fighting moves (stake through the heart, burn up the vampire, etc). Snipes does his best to carry this movie, but its just the writing is so bad. The greatest problem with this film is the ensemble cast, composed primarily of American Pie and Van Wilder rejects. Here's the rundown of their performances: Jessica Biel is hot yet she can't act to save her life. Ryan Reynolds (sheesh) boy what a mistake givin this guy a shot at fame, he basically ruins this movie with his smart-ass, or actually dumb-ass antics. Parker Posey does pretty good as the main villain even though as the movie goes on you see less and less of her (which isn't a bad thing). Finally, Triple H who basically brings his wrestling persona to his role, as well as some of his wrestling moves, does OK as the tough bad guy, although he would be better as say a tough evil Bond henchmen. Anyway, the storyline revolves around the vampires bringing back Dracula (Bram Stoker is turning in his grave I'm sure) and once they do Dracula will try and take over the world. Eventually, Blade and the rest of the gang, track down the evil vampires and a huge climactic battle ensues, which pales in comparison to the final battle from the original Blade movie. So there you have it, if you're the biggest Blade fan of all time, I recommend you still pass on this movie, and instead watch the first Blade movie on DVD or whenever TNT reruns it.
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Awful ! Now I know why Snipes doesn't want to make the promotion of this film...
edmond_henri8 December 2004
Awful ! Now I know why Snipes doesn't want to make the promotion of this film... Many many awful & stupid ideas. Goyer is usually a good screenwriter, but not a good one for his own movie. This episode is, for me, the worst of the trilogy, and one of the worst film I saw in 2004. NewLine has just buried a nice character.

Most of the film looks like a comedy with unfunny jokes, with slow fights (old kicks, old moves, nothing special in the moves), boring stunts (woua ! a guy fly on a car, it's very original, I never saw this before). This film smells old, and takes all the fans for dumbs !!! It's a shame...

Please Stephen Norrington, comeback !
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Snipes joins forces with two tough fighters : Reynolds and Biel against the bloodsuckers
ma-cortes4 December 2006
Again Blade(Wesley Snipes),the half vampire,part human two-fisted hero with his cutting blade and his black garment and of course with the company of the veteran Abraham Whistler(Kris Kristofferson).This time he teams up with the ¨Vigilantes from the night¨ named Annibal and Abigail(a muscular Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel)constituting an invincible trio.They have to take on a gang of crazies bloodsuckers in the dangerous underworld.The Vigilantes have a hidden place as headquarter where are a blind(Natasha Lyonne) scientific and a child.They are pursued by law agents(James Remar) and combat vampiric enemies(led by Parker Posey)and against the greatest vampire(Dominick Purcell) of all the time named Drake.

The picture provides frenetic action,visceral violence,spectacular combats and loads of blood and gore. The movie is full of energy when the struggles happen with impressive bounds and leaps,besides a sensational blades-Katana type- duels.It's just another vampires story wrapped up with unstopped action and breathtaking scenes.The fights are well staged with sensational choreography and are made by the same actors who hold a hard training on martial arts and by stunts but also by ordering.The makeshift from human to vampire is equally realized as makeup as especial effects.It's the following of Blade I(Stephen Norrington 1998) and Blade II(Guillermo del Toro 2002)making a perfect trilogy.The plot rips off everything in sight including a confrontation between one bloodsucker(Dominick Purcell,Prison Break) such megalomaniac as the evil man from the Blade I(Stephen Dorff).Besides the vampires countenance and vampires dogs faces are similar than Blade II.However the film is darkest even than anterior parts,is more spectacular,more thriller,more focused than previous movies.The motion picture is based on the character created by Marvel Comic Group by Rolfman and Gene Colan and is well adapted by David S. Goyer(film producer along with Snipes).It's a generally enjoyable tribute to vampires cinema and the action genre.If you're a former Blade fan,you'll like it.The picture results to be one of the most successful terror-action movie of the last years.
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A totally awesome action packed movie
tevilbitch200219 December 2004
I must admit to being a little apprehensive about seeing the third instalment of Blade as i was very disappointed by the second movie, but boy was i surprised. Although, the Dracula plot has been a excessively used over the years, it didn't take anything away from the brilliance of film as it put a totally new spin on the age old tale of Dracula. What the movie lacked in dialogue was certainly made up for with action and King's (Ryan Reynolds) one liners and humour were well worth the entrance money alone. The addition of Whistler's daughter, who was following in her father footsteps was well worked into the storyline. All in all, i thoroughly enjoyed the latest Blade outing and will definitely be going to see it again
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the movie sucks big time..
geschaftsmann3 February 2005
the worst movie. plot sucks. worst acting by the duo who join Blade in the fight against vampires. I think the director tried to compensate the worst plot by "jokes" and "funny lines". It had worst actors. Worst "karate" moves. (it was like two little girls were fighting). I hated it. I didn't get the purpose The Dracula (Drake) in the movie. There was only one fight between Dracula and Blade at the end of the movie, and it sucked. I think those rookie vampire killers ruined the movie. they were abundant. So i don't advise to waste your money (if it is hard earned) to watch this movie. Better go and watch Salem's Lot, which is truly frightening vampire movie - based on a Stephen King novel.
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The BEST, of the worst
ajf51508 December 2004
Honestly, this movie is the worst movie that I have ever seen. Save yourself the $9 and don't go see it. If you still really feel the need to spend $9, go down to the hardware store, buy a hammer and hit yourself in the head repeatedly until the urge subsides. The movie is filled with horrible plot holes, UN-developed characters and one cliché after another. WWE Wrestler Triple-H seemed to be on the screen almost as much as Snipes, and didn't make things any more enjoyable with the canned delivery of "dialogue". The printed script and screenplay would have been much better suited for distribution to small children for use as drawing paper. I understand the strategy of product placement popular media. However this movie was horrible. The movie features countless plugs for Apple Computers.

All of the computers used during the movie appeared to be Macs, and the Apple IPOD/ITUNES Software were also shown. I happen to be a recent convert to the digital music media world and Apple has a fair amount of market share. I can't see this terrible choice of a vehicle--showcasing their products helping them to increase sales/brand recognition. Then again, I did notice their products, and take the time to mention it. The best part of the movie was the ending, because well, it was the end...and not a moment too soon. In closing I can only hope that, in time, any memory of this movie will be erased from my mind.
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gezquester17 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
As far as action films go this is brilliant, the special effects were out of this world, the action sequences were adrenaline packed.

It was great to see Wesley Snipes back in action as Blade and to see that he still has the ability to pull of some well-crafted fight choreography.

I was very pleased by the introduction of the Nightstalkers, and Ryan Reynolds played the Hannibal King charter brilliantly - the funny, eccentric ex-vampire vampire hunter, I liked it.

What did surprise me is Jessica Biel's character and even after Whistler dies, the story keeps him alive in Abigail.

The plot wasn't the best I have seen, but hey, it's an action movie, a typical one at that; one where you get to unplug your brain box and be dazzled by what you see.

After seeing the film, much like I felt after the second, I felt Empowered, lol and attempted to karate chop my best friend.

I can say I really enjoyed this third instalment in the vampire tale, and I hope they make a fourth.

Blade: Trinity is by far one of the best action films of the year and is up there with Kill Bill Volume II, Spider Man II, Troy, Van Helsing, The Chronicles of Riddick, I, Robot and The Bourne Supremacy.

7/10 action movie.
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