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‘Action Point’ Film Review: Johnny Knoxville Kicks Theme Parks in the Crotch

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‘Action Point’ Film Review: Johnny Knoxville Kicks Theme Parks in the Crotch
It’s a tiny point on the Venn diagram where “based on a true story” and “Jackass” intersect, but Johnny Knoxville manages to find that sweet spot with “Action Point,” a movie that’s clearly inspired by the infamously perilous New Jersey attraction Action Park, whose deadly rides remain the stuff of legend decades after its gates were bolted shut.

Before Disney and Six Flags and other conglomerates put them out of business, there were seedy, shabby and no doubt unsafe amusement parks dotting the nation from coast to coast. “Action Point” would argue, albeit not always successfully, that what we gained in standards of security and safety, we lost in regional flavor and eccentricity as the United States grew more and more corporatized.

As post-“Jackass” movies go, “Action Point” makes more of an effort to sandwich some plot between the literally painful slapstick comedy, but if you love
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Peter Serafinowicz: 'If Liberace were alive, he'd tell Trump to tone it down'

Voice of Darth Maul, creator of Sassy Trump, inventor of the eat-all-day diet … Peter Serafinowicz is a creative powerhouse. But now he’s finally hit leading man status – playing ironic superhero The Tick in a big blue rubber suit

For a man who is 6ft 4in, with a springy quiff and strikingly sunken eyes, it is surprising how easily Peter Serafinowicz blends into the background. Often, he is heard and not seen: he makes a pretty penny from advert voiceovers and computer games, not to mention supplying the menacing tones of Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and voicing a bank-robbing cockney gorilla in the recent hit animation Sing.

There was his award-winning eponymous 2007 sketch show, which introduced the world to the Butterfield Diet Plan (one cornflake for breakfast, broccoli shavings for lunch, a baked bean for dinner – but on Saturdays you could literally eat anything for 24 hours,
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6 Filmmaking Tips from Ben Wheatley

Make a high rise in the industry (or on your own) with this advice.Ben Wheatley directing ‘High-Rise

One of the most exciting filmmaking careers to watch right now is that of Ben Wheatley. He directed his first feature, 2009's Down Terrace, relatively late in life but has made up for it ever since. His latest, Free Fire, is his sixth movie in about eight years, and in that time he’s also directed music videos, episodes of Doctor Who, and shorts, including a bit for the anthology horror film The ABCs of Death.

His movies don’t lack in quality for being so many in quantity, either. Some are better than others, yet none of them has really been negatively reviewed, and he maintains a fanbase among the film geek crowd that almost gets to celebrate him annually at Fantastic Fest given his consistent output. Want to know how he does it? Below
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Newswire: Paramount to give Johnny Knoxville his own theme park movie

Paramount has announced that it’s giving a whole (fake) theme park to perpetual pain magnet Johnny Knoxville. According to Deadline, the studio has green-lit Action Park, a movie that asks, “What if a full-on-Jackass-mode Johnny Knoxville had his very own amusement park?”

The film is being directed by Veep and Look Around You director Tim Kirkby, from a script by Knoxville and Silicon Valley’s John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. That’s a pretty top-loaded team for a movie that sounds like an excuse to film a hundred takes of dudes getting smacked in the nuts by a Tilt-a-Whirl, but Knoxville has earned a little leeway from Paramount; their last collaboration, 2013’s Bad Grandpa, managed to bring in $152 million on a $15 million budget.
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Film Review: ‘Holy Hell’

Film Review: ‘Holy Hell’
Last year, Sundance pulled a sneaky trick when announcing the documentary competition lineup, withholding the name of the filmmaker behind “Holy Hell,” said to be an exposé told from within a real-life West Hollywood cult. The secrecy suggested that the programmers might have found this year’s equivalent of 1999 found-footage horror sensation “The Blair Witch Project,” when in fact, something far scarier had landed in their laps: the inside story of how nearly 150 people were drawn into and brainwashed by a master narcissist who’d convinced them of his shamanic powers.

As it turned out, the film was directed by Will Allen, who had been the group’s videographer (and resident propagandist) for nearly 22 years, making him uniquely poised to assemble the most damning portrait possible of his former mentor, a vaguely Ramon Novarro-esque failed actor named Michel, who addressed his disciples in a strange, impossible-to-place accent and convinced them to abandon their jobs,
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Look Around You box set review: O-level science reshaped by anarchists

How do you shave raspberries? What’s a Bakerloo bell jar? How do you make sulphagne? The mysteries of the universe are revealed in these hilarious spoof ‘educational modules’

Many of us will remember teachers clumsily battling with VHS players as they tried to put on videos of old and outdated science experiments. These would invariably feature close-ups of pencils pointing at circuitry, and be boringly narrated by expressionless men with sideburns. It’s these vintage Open University broadcasts that are targeted by Look Around You, a series of 10-minute curios that first aired on BBC2 14 years ago. They’re as hilarious and colourful a lampooning as The Day Today was of Newsnight.

Created by Robert Popper (who went on to make Friday Night Dinner) and Peter Serafinowicz (who had just provided the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars), Look Around You was O-level science reshaped by anarchists. Its
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Slideshow: Portraits & Voices From Opening Night at 51st Chicago International Film Festival

Previous | Image 1 of 15 | NextArtist and filmmaker Agnés Varda

Chicago – With the 51st Chicago International Film Festival now history, photographer Joe Arce of HollywoodChicago.com has collected his portrait highlights. Opening Night – October 15th, 2015 – was a Red-Carpet Extravaganza, with many notable personalities of the Festival making their way through the gauntlet of press and photographers. HollywoodChicago.com was also there, to collect some voices behind the images.

Filmmaker AGNÉS Varda

Agnés Varda is a living legend, an influencer on the French New Wave of the late 1950s and early 1960s (“Cléo from 5 to 7”) and a social and feminist commentator through her film, photography and art installation.

HollywoodChicago.com: Where does the origin of film as an art form reside in your mind and perspective?

Agnés Varda: Look around you, it is a feast of cinema here. [Pointing to the Chicago International Film Festival logo] I would like to go back there and meet again the eyes of Theda Bara,
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Scandal Recap: The Bitch (Cyrus) Is Back!

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Scandal Recap: The Bitch (Cyrus) Is Back!
#Gladiators, I don't know what's going on this season, but Scandal is completely stepping it up after the messy and uninspired season four, which, while not an all-out disaster, like my middle-school look of bangs and colorful stretchy polyester fabrics, or, as its known in the streets, "going full Blossom," it was certainly making its legion of faithful viewers wonder what was happening to our beloved show. All the sexy intrigue had gone out the window. The Olitz will-they/won't-they was getting repetitive. Once-moving characters like Huck and Cy were reduced to one-dimensional caricatures of their former selves. And catchphrases that once meant something quickly wore out their welcome. I mean, how many times did we have to hear Jake and Olivia talk about metaphorically standing in the sun while they were literally, physically standing in the goddamn sun? I wanted to be like, "Hi, ya goofy heauxs! Look around you.
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'He's On His Own' - Latest TV Spots for Mendes' New Bond 'Spectre'

"Look around you, James... everything you ever stood for... a ruin!" Sony Pictures has unveiled two kick ass, action-packed new TV spots for the next Bond movie Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007. The most recent spot just debuted this weekend, and will likely be showing on TV in primetime spots starting this week. This looks so amazing and I really can't wait to see it, Bond at his best with lots of characters and twisted plots and a formidable villain. I'm still very curious to see whether Christoph Waltz is who we all think he is, and why Léa Seydoux is so important she's always with Bond, or if there is someone else hiding in the shadows running Spectre. Only a few weeks left until we find out. Here's the latest TV spots for Sam Mendes' Bond movie Spectre, direct from Sony Pictures'
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'Spectre' TV Spot Has James Bond on the Run

'Spectre' TV Spot Has James Bond on the Run
'Look around you, James. Everything you ever stood for a ruin.' Franz Oberhauser is ready to end James Bond's life in the latest TV spot for Spectre. 007 is on the run, and he'll get no help saving himself as he sets off on his mission to stop the evil organization that is responsible for all of his past life's pain. Daniel Craig returns as the super spy for what could be his final adventure. This sneak peak has crumbling buildings, airplane chases, and a thrilling run through the streets of Mexico City during the Day of the Dead festival. It looks like Bond is in real trouble this time. It's kill or be killed in what could be Jame's greatest adventure yet.

A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond (Daniel Craig) on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra
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Attention, Filmmakers: Submit a Pitch for an Original Virtual Reality Film

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Attention, Filmmakers: Submit a Pitch for an Original Virtual Reality Film
Read More: 7 Best Screenwriting Apps to Make Life Easier Following the debut of Ozo, its new virtual reality camera, earlier this week, Nokia has partnered up with Tongal, the creative content platform, to launch "Look Around You," a groundbreaking new virtual reality filmmaking competition. Nokia and Tongal are accepting 500-character concept submissions for an original virtual reality film. The top two concepts from the pool of submissions will be rewarded $1,000 each and will advance to the second round, which begins August 26. For the second round, Nokia and Tongal will invite filmmakers to submit production proposals and compete for the chance to not only win the opportunity to shoot their proposal, but also receive $20,000 in funding and access to an Ozo camera for the shoot. The grand prize winner will receive their own Ozo camera. To submit your pitch, click here. Read More: Attention, Filmmakers: Submit Your Script for The Black List Fall.
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Interstellar Debuts an Interactive Site Filled with Hidden Clues

The mysteries of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar deepen today with a massive update to the film's official site. Visitors are now greeted with messages like "Look Around You" and "The Answer Lies Above Us" as they're granted the power to rotate a 360 degree image of one of the film's key locations. What's particularly intriguing, however, is that the site seems to be based on vistors' own local time and geography, offering very different skies depending on where and when the site is accessed.
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Castles in the Sky review: Izzard Who? - Edinburgh Film Festival 2014

Castles in the Sky review: Izzard Who? - Edinburgh Film Festival 2014
Director: Gillies MacKinnon; Screenwriter: Ian Kershaw; Starring: Eddie Izzard, Karl Davies, Laura Fraser, Julian Rhind-Tutt, David Hayman, Celyn Jones; Running time: 89 mins; Certificate: Tbc

Look around you. Notice the distinct lack of swastikas lining every street? The world would have been a very different place had it not been for heroes like Robert Watson Watt, the subject of Gillies MacKinnon's absorbing film. Boasting a majestic leading performance from Eddie Izzard, Castles in the Sky conveys the triumph of innovation and tenacity against opponents fighting for the same side during World War II.

It's remarkable that the Battle of Britain wasn't a victory for Adolf Hitler, with his Luftwaffe outnumbering Raf planes by a shocking 3:1. This result was determined by Robert Watson Watt (Izzard), a likeable ball of eccentricity who conjured up an idea on how to detect approaching enemy aircraft from afar. Not that the government bureaucrats were impressed,
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Who Is Peter Serafinowicz?

He’s got one of the most distinctive voices in modern British acting, but surprisingly very few people really know who Peter Serafinowicz is.

A comedic actor, Serafinowicz is perhaps best known for his role in the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg zom-rom-com Shaun Of The Dead, where he played Shaun’s endlessly boorish housemate, and eventual walking corpse. In reality, Serafinowicz has cropped up in a great many other places which will be recognisable to fans of not just British comedy, but modern day blockbuster cinema too.

In fact, the actor has appeared in one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Didn’t see him? That’s not surprising since Serafinowicz only leant his voice talents to the movie, giving the menacing voice to the villain of the film, Darth Maul (played in person by Ray Parks). Whilst he only has a few lines of dialogue,
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The Office, Top Gear and more: BBC Two's Greatest Ever Shows

BBC Two is 50 - the British Broadcasting Corporation's second eldest child hits the half-century mark today - Sunday, April 20.

Picking out the greatest shows from five decades of broadcasting seems like a near-impossible task, but never say that Digital Spy is easily cowed. These are - in our humble opinion - the channel's finest ever offerings.

BBC Two is 50: The Hour, Bottom and more shows to bring back

The rules are as follows: shows like Red Dwarf that originated on BBC Two are eligible, but shows better associated with another channel are not - say Top of the Pops, which aired on BBC One for the majority of its run but shifted to the sister channel for its final episodes.

Oh, and we're talking only original commissions - so no Us imports either. But even that barely narrows it down, so if you think there are any glaring omissions,
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Shut Your Facebook is like a yoof doc directed by David Cronenberg

Idiots are everywhere in this Channel 4 show - loudly blathering about the fluff found in their navels with their phones aloft

Look around you. Idiots, everywhere. Loudly blathering about the finer qualities of the bit of fluff found in their navels, with their phones aloft, a testament to the unshakeable belief they are of any interest whatsoever. Five fine contenders for being drowned in their own Cornflakes can be found on Shut Your Facebook (Monday, 10.50pm, Channel 4), which takes a look at the sorriest and most self-obsessed social-media fiends and the online dickery around which their lives revolve. The show aims to embarrass them into changing their ways, but there's a point of no return for redemption, and these people are way beyond it.

Sweetly gurning inane questions at this bunch of C-u-on-Twitters is Chelsee Healey (of paparazzi fame) and a naked man called Naked Bob. Ostensibly, Naked
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'Scandal' star Josh Malina's criminally underrated TV picks

'Scandal' star Josh Malina's criminally underrated TV picks
Scandal star Josh Malina’s picks for his favorite criminally underrated TV shows range from eerie French drama Les Revenants to British comedy Look Around You. See what else he thinks deserves more love below:

Slings and Arrows

This Canadian series created by Mark McKinney, Susan Coyne, and Bob Martin, focuses on the backstage antics at the fictitious New Burbage Theatre Festival. Each of its three seasons focuses on a production of a different Shakespeare play. The sharp writing makes for a show that is biting and funny and suprisingly complex.

Les Revenants

People long dead begin returning to a
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TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 209 - 'Unmasked'

  • FEARnet
The Following Episode 209


Written By: Vincent Angell

Directed By: : Nicole Kassell

Original Airdate: 17 March 2014

In This Episode…

Micah wants to make a “big splash,” like Lily did. Joe places a call to Jana for her help, though I’m not really sure what help that is. Anyway, Micah dons a hood and elaborate mask and sits to make a video, with Joe at the controls. Micah is not a natural and soon is distracted when Emma and Robert come in. He greets them with hugs, his “first messengers,” then tells him he is adding a third to the mix, Lance. Lance has experience with killing, but he has been in the dungeon for a while, after cutting off a girl’s ear because he didn’t like the way she looked. “But don’t worry - he is very devoted to me,” Micah promises. He takes Robert to go get the weapons,
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The James Clayton Column: Valentine's Day, Her and 21st century techno-love

Feature James Clayton 14 Feb 2014 - 05:49

With Her out on Valentines Day, James considers the topic of romance in the movies, and love in the techno-savvy 21st century...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hip hip hooray for the over-commercial super-sappy celebration of romance and close personal relationships! I hope that this column finds you all swept up in sweet emotions and lovely feelings. I hope that you're now breathless and gasping for air having been submerged beneath a sea of affectionate greeting cards, chocolate boxes and sexual propositions from attractive strangers.

If not, use your imagination - it's so much better than reality, especially if reality is disappointing you on Valentine's Day. Today you should be feeling the love and experiencing things that are 'romantic'. Romantic action might be quite rare for many and that probably makes this novel - albeit, suspect - cultural event all the more worthwhile. Love needs to
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Digital Spy's Best TV Characters of 2013

2013 is drawing to a close, so the Digital Spy team has picked the TV heroes and villains that made us laugh, cheer and jeer this year - from cops to convicts, from politicians to gangsters, from meth dealers to reality TV stars... here are our picks for the standout TV characters from the past 12 months.

Steven Toast, Toast of London - Simon Reynolds, Movies Editor

Matt Berry will be familiar to comedy fans thanks to his role as Douglas Reynholm in The It Crowd, but its cult gems like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and Snuff Box that really got the most out of him. He found his best role yet this year in Toast of London, a sitcom focused around his London luvvie Steven Toast. A vain and egotistical actor with a moustache that'd make Burt Reynolds envious, Toast, like great British sitcom characters Partridge and Brent before him, is a
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