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*much* better than I was led to believe
timmyp318 April 2006
I don't think that (with the notable exception of one thread here on IMDb) this movie gets enough credit. The animation was darn good, and the humor had me laughing an awful lot. As a comedy this certainly hit the spot. I think if you enjoyed Ice Age, you could certainly find yourself enjoying this film as well.

Sure, as some have pointed out the "characters weren't really developed" and "there were a lot of characters involved". *shrug* Who cares? I didn't sit down to watch this expecting to have a well-written Shakespeare play acted out before me. I sat down expecting to enjoy myself, laugh, and forget about the world around me (for the time being, at least). This movie gets a check in all three columns.
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Tons Of Gags & A Good Message
ccthemovieman-125 January 2006
Animated movies are usually pretty good but nothing that great to me. However, this one is a "keeper." It gets high marks for all the jokes in here, lots of which are adult-style but not sleazy or filled with sexual innuendos, although there are a few of those, enough to make this PG, not G. However, the vast amount of clever lines is the main attraction here.

Actually, the jokes come so hard and fast, it's hard to keep up with all of them. The visuals aren't gorgeous, as many modern-day animated films have become, but they are interesting. Not only is there a ton of gags to hear, but there are to see, too. You almost have to stop it frame-by-frame to see all the funny stuff penciled in the artwork.

The story couldn't be simpler but it manages you keep your attention and doesn't overstay it's welcome, although I think animated films are more effective it they don't go over 80 minutes. This one is closer to 90.

There is a good message in here, too. Maybe I'm mistaken but what I heard was the idea that just because people might be old, decaying and not as productive for society, it doesn't mean you have to discard them. Life has value and is precious from conception to dying of old age. Amen to that!
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Good Animated Film!
g-bodyl12 October 2010
I'll admit that I did not want to see this. I thought the trailers were utter crap. I mean I saw too many robot movies when this first came out. I thought I would only stick with I, Robot, but I was forced to see this. I was pleasantly surprised how good this was, so I bought the DVD.

This is about a robot named Rodney Coperbottom. He decides to go to the city to show off this invention to the famous Mr. Bigwald. Unfortunately, Bigwald is out of business and in order to get to him, he must face some evil corporate execs.

This film featured a magnificent voice cast noticeably Robin Williams. I could recognize his voice in about anything, even in Happy Feet.

The animation is good, nothing special. This is a good film to have the kids watch. I rate this film 8/10.
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Superb! Classic Robin Williams!
FrancesTheWHORE13 March 2005
Sure, this is mostly a kids movie but as you have probably read many times, there is enough humor aimed at the adults to keep them entertained while with the kids. This is definitely good for all ages.

Ewan McGregor stars as Rodney Copperbottom but it is clearly Robin Williams who steals the movie as Fender. He clearly overshadows McGregor, Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, Mel Brooks, Greg Kinnear and all others involved. Of course, this is really about the animation. Everything about Robots is rendered exquisitely. The time and effort that must have went into making this movie is astonishing.

I have read a few comments and reviews concerning Williams being annoying but that is absolutely 100% UNTRUE! I thoroughly enjoyed William's performance, which is saying something considering it is only his voice. Robot's marketing of William's character was not misleading. It is exactly as seen in the trailers. If you thought it was annoying, then why see it? Some people need to smarten up I suppose.

Don't believe the haters here. Most only want to go against the grain. If you did not enjoy Williams' performance in the trailer, then please don't be disappointed when you see the same thing in the movie. I can honestly say that this is a great movie-going experience for everybody.
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Technically Amazing, laugh-out-loud funny in other parts
Bartmon11 March 2005
Robots is probably the most technically amazing computer-animated movie I've ever seen. When you stack it up against a movie like the original Toy Story, it's astounding how far they've come in about 10 years. There is a scene were a drum of tiny ballbearings falls over, and each ballbearing is rendered perfectly. Amazing.

The voice acting in Robots is just fine, with the ensemble cast providing a nice mix of auditory delights(although I saw Jim Broadbent's (the dad in Bridget Jones') name in the credits and was unable to identify him in the movie. Greg Kinnear did a fine job and Ewan MacGregor was also decent. The biggest question mark was Robin Williams. Before the movie I found myself wondering how he could top the 'Genie' performance in Aladdin. The answer is he doesn't, but his character is responsible for a few VERY funny bits and I think he pulled it off well.

Now humor in the movie... It was clear to me that at least 80% of the adults in the audience weren't getting many of the references. If you are old enough/smart enough to catch these, they are hilarious. My favorite being when Rodney is repairing Bigweld's head and Bigweld is singing 'Daisy' very slowly. Priceless.

All in all a great movie, and I also suspect this movie will improve with subsequent viewings. Where a Shark's Tale just becomes tiresome after one viewing, I am looking forward to viewing this movie again.

Lastly, my 6 year-old son LOVED the movie. We saw it in IMAX and it completely blew him away.
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Planet of the Robots
Chrysanthepop7 December 2007
'Robots' is an entertaining animated film that is both funny and delightful. The animation is wonderful and has its own style. Even though it's not exactly of the Pixar quality, that actually works for the film especially with the motions. Colour has also been impressively used. The robot world is spectacular to watch. The designing is brilliant e.g. the train station and robot city.

It includes a huge impressive ensemble of voice actors (sadly most of the cast is wasted) but not all the actors were efficiently used and many suffer due to poor character development. Ewan McGregor and Robin Williams have most of the lines and they do reasonably well.

The film has a soul but the screenplay doesn't stick to the main plot. There are several plot holes and perhaps (as fun as they are) too many characters that lack development. In spite of its flaws, it's very much watchable, especially with the family. It is visually stunning and there are many funny moments, but there's surely something missing. You don't take anything away with you after the film's finished.
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Great animated film, adults will enjoy this one
robbarks5 March 2005
I attended an advance screening for this film with my daughter and her friend (both 3). They enjoyed it, but I think older kids will be much more into it. There was also a lot of humor that will be appreciated by adults. I have seen all the computer animated films of recent years(Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Nemo, etc.) and I feel this one ranks up there with the best. This movie is visually stunning. The robot world created for this movie is unbelievable. There are some pinball like sequences that I found fascinating (Rube Goldbergesque for the older folks). This movie is quite funny. I am usually not a big Robin Williams fan, I find that he can be too in your face and distracting. That really was not the case in this film. The plot of Robots was good, but I did not walk out of the theater talking about the story lines. It was all about the visuals.
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Original and visually stunning!
Smells_Like_Cheese1 September 2007
Yesterday I was shopping at Target and they had a bunch of movies for seven fifty, Robots was one of them. I never saw the movie before, but I figured it's just a couple more bucks then if I rented it, so I bought it and watched it last night. I have to say that I'm glad I bought it because I really enjoyed it, this was a fun animated movie that got over looked in 2005. It had great actors for the voices, Mel Brooks couldn't have been a more perfect choice, the whole look of the movie is absolutely cool to look at, and the story was extremely original. This is a great film to watch for yourself or with the family.

Rodney is a common robot with his poor parents, but he has big city dreams to meet Bigweld, the biggest robot of all time, he is the inventor who makes sure that every robot is taken care of. Rodney goes to the big city to meet Bigweld and become an inventor himself, but ends up meeting several robots who are nobody's including Fender, his new best friend. They discover that an evil robot who has taken over Bigweld's factory is planning on destroying all the old bots who can't afford to upgrade, so pretty much that's the whole town. But Rodney and his friends are dedicated to making sure that everyone can be safe as an old bot.

Robots is a very imaginative movie with a very creative story and look. I was really impressed with this movie and would highly recommend it. It has very funny moments for both the kids and the adults, so it works for a family movie very well. Robin Williams did a terrific job as Vender, he was just a great addition and brought fun comedic relief. But the whole cast sounded like they had a lot of fun with this movie. This is a fun film to watch and I think anyone could enjoy it, so grab the popcorn, because you're gonna have fun.

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Brilliant but not a patch on giants such as Finding Nemo and The Incredibles
duanecotterell5 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Robots- This film is pure excellence right from the beginning to the fascinating finale, this animation sees Robin Williams at his best. I find that the beginning of Robots drags on a bit, but when he catches the train to Robot City that's where the fun really begins. The scene where Robin Williams character is on the slide thing is one of the best scenes in the movie. My favourite character has to be Fender (I think that's his name)- the one that's always losing his parts. My favourite scene is towards the end when all the good robots are fighting the evil, upgraded robots and Fender is dressed in up like a school girl and belts out Britney Spears number 1 hit 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' while he's bashing the upgraded robots on the head. 8/10 brilliant but not a patch on Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc or The Incredibles.
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Not a lot of feeling
donricodelavega5 April 2005
I'm an animator and I can appreciate the work that went into this film. Its visually interesting, but at the same time cluttered. So from a technical stand point it had its pros. Overall the story was mildly interesting. It started out really slow and I wasn't sure whether I would be able to get through the whole movie. But it did pick up a little bit as the movie went on. Now for the major negative points.

  • There are too many characters. The supporting cast is numerous and uninteresting. It comes off as if the art department designed a bunch of robots first then decided they didn't want to give up any of the designs.

  • The characters personalities are kind of flat. Even the main characters don't really invoke an emotional connection. The secondary characters are just robots that happen to talk once and a while.

  • I don't know what is with the trend to put in popular music into animated pictures but it just seems so off when you are watching in. When the story is progressing and then a bunch of characters break out into a dance routine set to a Britney Spears song its like someone suddenly turned on another TV in the room. And this kind of thing happens numerous times. Its even noticeable in the fight sequences and some others which appear to be designed to show funky and interesting animation rather than advance or even fit into the story.

Bottom line, Blue Sky Studios did a much better job on Ice Age. Just like PDI did a much better job on Shrek compared to Shark's Tale (Which was garbage). They just need to get some people involved who can trim the fat of the story and keep people who think they are directing a music video out of the editing room.
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Stupendous visuals only barely make up for a forgettable story and characters
zetes14 March 2005
The first 2005 film I've seen, and, really, it's the only one released so far this year that I have had even the littlest desire to see at the theater. It was worth seeing, but it's forgettable. The visuals are absolutely eye-popping. The film's best sequence is a Rube Goldberg-esque public transportation system across town. I think if that had gone on for 90 minutes, we would have had some kind of masterpiece on our hands. Instead, we get a dull story of a group of nearly outmoded robots rebelling against an evil company that is no longer building spare parts. The head of that company used to be all for the common folk, but he's disappeared and left a despot in his place. The underground area, where they melt scrap, is really cool, and reminded me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Madame Gasket, who rules this part of the city, was the most interestingly designed character. Robin Williams is very annoying, but, to his credit, he is playing a character here, not just himself. I wasn't thinking "Man, is Robin Williams annoying," but rather, "Man, that character Robin Williams is playing is annoying." I doubt that could be taken as much of a compliment, though. All of the other main characters are especially forgettable, especially Halle Berry's character, who is supposedly the female lead. I think most of the audiences wanted the protagonist to end up with the second female lead, who is a tad more interesting. And I think the filmmakers realized this, too, because the hero only barely ends up with Berry at the end. The movie is also in need of laughs. I chuckled a bit, but that was all. The funniest moment is the robot who does the robot dance. As much as I can complain, though, I would still highly recommend (renting) it for the visuals alone.
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Incredibly Clever. Robin Williams Is Truly Gifted.
BigHardcoreRed13 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
From the previews, I expected this to be just another animated movie to cash in on the success of other computer animated movies like Shrek, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., etc. In a way, I guess it is, but it is MUCH better than I would have thought from just the previews. This is a good example of a film that did not give away most of the best parts in a short trailer.

Robots is a pretty simple story about a young, naive robot named Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) who ventures into the big "Robot City" to find success as an inventor and make a better life for himself and his parents. He seeks out his hero, Mr. Bigweld (Mel Brooks), who promises to personally check out each invention. Rodney finds that Bigweld is nowhere to be found and the company has been taken over by the evil robot, Ratchet (Greg Kinnear). Rodney and a crew of misfit robots, led by Fender (Robin Williams), who he met when first arriving in Robot City, take it upon themselves to figure out the mystery of Bigweld's disappearance and to expose the evil Ratchet to the public.

Again, the story is simple, if anything, so the kids can enjoy it but as you hear quite a bit with this new breed of animation movies, there is enough humor for the average adult to enjoy as well. However, like Finding Nemo, the real treat with this movie is the animation itself. The beautiful sceneries and the slick new robots are awesome and pretty original. Even the old, rusty robots are nice to look at. Also, as most probably expected or have probably even read already, Robin Williams takes this movie up a notch. That man is incredibly gifted when it comes to entertaining. This movie is surprisingly good. 9/10
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Was there a story here?
cedric_owl14 March 2005
I left this film feeling high. Not because I literally ingested anything before arriving at the theatre, but because the movie provided that familiar feeling of one's brain being reduced to a muddled receptor for bright colors and funny noises.

So about the story: boy robot leaves his home for the big-city, must defeat evil robot trying to control the robot world. During this epic quest he encounters a series of Disney-ish archetypes, including: wacky robot sidekick (voiced by Robin Williams, natch), bland robot love interest (Halle Berry, spending all of maybe three hours in the recording studio), and a spunky tomboy robot (voiced by some unmemorable tween star).

The storyline, such as it is, could probably fill a single half-hour slot on Nickelodeon. There are a few funny bits of dialogue (provided by off-Broadway scribe David Lindsay Abaire), but mostly the script is just the filler before the next elaborate visual sequence dreamed up by the animators.

And don't get me wrong: those visual sequences are pretty cool. I can't quite decide which is more impressive: the hyperkinetic ride through the immaculately detailed robot city or a complicated sequence involving thousands of dominoes. The art department clearly put a mind-boggling amount of effort into creating a fully realized world.

But that, unfortunately, is all there is. An awesomely rendered environment with nothing in the foreground. Many of the characters, particularly the protagonist, feel like little more than rough outlines. The relationships between characters feel like tacked-on afterthoughts. This is compounded by the most lackluster and non-distinctive voice work I've ever heard from major movie stars (Ewan McGregor and Halle Berry sound so bored, I would have preferred they hire interns from the accounting department).

I recommend this film slightly, simply because of the stunning visuals. But otherwise, with the success of truly subversive CGI films like The Incredibles and Shrek, Robots just doesn't cut it.
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well done animation for everyone
EchoMaRinE21 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the first half. May be I was attracted by all the machines moving around. There were very nicely designed contraptions. Also there were some very good jokes. The best ones from my point of view were, after they assemble the baby, the mother says: "12 hours of labor". Right after the dad says: "He has got your mums eyes and my dads nose. I knew it was smart to save those parts". The story was enjoyable but the end was a bit childish so to say. But the whole idea of a robot society that has human habits is brilliant. If you are looking for a movie that the whole family can enjoy, this movie is definitely for you.
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Fun, exciting and very funny.
Mightyzebra17 September 2008
For me, the thing that pretty much makes this CGI film is Robin Williams voicing a robot called Fender and Wonderbot. These two characters engaged me the whole way, as they are funny, (in the case of Fender), cute (in the case of Wonderbot) and interesting. The rest of the film is perfectly all right, in between brilliant and mediocre. The animation, for me, is probably the third best part of the film, especially the CGI backgrounds with the immense detail. Of course, I liked everything else about this film, apart from the fact that there was quite a deal of evil in this film and some parts of the film are a little bit cliché.

In this film set in a robot world with robot characters, a young robot called Rodney Copperbottom stars as the main character and he wants to be an inventor, so he can show his invention/s to a famous robot called Bigweld, who appears on the TV. When Rodney is old enough to go to Robot City to show Bigweld his invention, he sets off, with his invention, Wonderbot. Rodney finds pleasant and unpleasant surprises in Robot City and an adventure begins...

Overall, this is worth a watch for children aged around 7 and above and for anyone else who enjoys good animated films. Enjoy "Robots"! :-)

7 and a half out of ten.
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Fun filled, exciting and memorable film for all the family!
lucy-amor23 December 2006
I went to see this with a friend at the cinema. I'd seen no trailers and wasn't really expecting anything special, but i came out of the cinema a couple of hours later, with a great big smile and my face and a fulfilled feeling inside. Robots is one of the most feel good films you can see! Every character had been thought about carefully, and each personality shines through throughout the film. The great choice of voice-overs really makes the film special. I was really impressed at how lifelike they made the range of characters look, while still keeping with the theme of the weird and wonderful robot world. We follow Rodney Copperbottom, the root whos grown up, dreaming of being an inventor. He comes from a less-fortunate family, but with the wonderful words of Bigweld (the greatest inventor in the world) - 'you cans shine no matter what you're made of' in his heart he fights for his dream, like all good robots should ;) The story keeps going at a good pace, i never felt it was rushed or dragging on. The music in the film, especially for the 'washing up' scene is used really well, and really makes you feel the emotions of the movie. I rented out this DVD as soon as it was available and soon after i brought it for myself. I've watching it with 4 generations of people now and everyones really enjoyed the film. Id recommend it to anyone who likes a feel good, fun, well created, emotional, funny, clever and heart warming film. So i guess thats all of you? Enjoy!
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Gets through quality control
jamespcool_2k15 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The novelty of animated films may have worn off since the revolutionary days of the Lion King, but I'd be lion if I said this wasn't one of the better ones to have come out of the animated scene in recent times. After learning the ropes with Ice Age, Wedge takes animation a step further - creating a movie with a real adults themes and motifs and yet still enough slapstick comedy to amuse younger generations.

The main theme – "Follow Your Dreams" - is played out by Rodney (Ewan McGregor) a humble, small-town Robot who moves to the big city to find his fortune. He is joined by motor-mouthed sidekick Fender (Robin Williams) who's mishaps and mistakes combine with gags such as the robots dismantling themselves to pass through the metal detector to give the film it's light-hearted and amusing side.

Such a big-name cast can hardly fail to make an impression, though it must be said that some, like Halle Berry, must feel like spare parts. That minor criticism aside, the action is almost flawless – here is definitely a film that gets through quality control.
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Certainly good – it just lacks that little something 'extra'
Flagrant-Baronessa27 September 2006
While Disney and its child Pixar Studios focus on family morals and heartfelt messages in their films (Finding Nemo) and Dreamworks focus on meticulous animation (Shrek I & II), Blue Skye Studios (Ice Age) shifts their focus onto humor – big doses of humor. There is a kind of rewarding simplicity in an approach like that, and it translates well in its animated features, Ice Age most of all. In their most recent installment Robots (2005), some of the humour is lost and instead replaced by wide-ranging gallery of big shot actors like Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent and Drew Carey to name a few. The result is a good, albeit forgettable film.

We follow Rodney Copperbottom (voiced by Ewan McGregor) – a young, idealist robot – who migrates to big Robot City in hopes to become an inventor to save his father from getting scrapped. When he reaches the city, he is met by a new management of the manufacture company in town that has stopped making spare parts, focusing on costly "upgrades", relegating the average bot like Rodney's father to reduced scrap at the chop-factory. Rodney decides to help.

Plot outline aside, it is clear from the detailed setting of the film that Blue Skye has done something really cool here – they have created a mechanical world solely of robots and suffice to say that it sucks you in. It indulges in the meticulous mechanism that this world offers – such as Robots doing the Robot-dance (one of the most strikingly hilarious moments in the film), all the while commenting on the materialism of our own world through the manufacture factory device. It's about consumerism and companies constantly on the edge, pushing for new material concept and leaving 'dated' material behind, thereby pinning the people (or robots) somewhere in between and wondering in which direction to go.

What else is commendable is that Robots rarely suffers the pitfalls of sentimental cheese á la Disney/Pixar studios when the characters have their heartfelt moments. There are in fact very few of these because the film is simply too busy navigating the fun world of robots, swooping fast-paced down to extreme technological devices and chase-scenes such as the roller-coaster ride that takes Rodney to Robot City. It's having fun, and it makes no pretense about it. The animation greatly distinguishes itself from Dreamworks where it's fluent, sleek and beautiful (Shrek I & II) – here it is rusty, awkward and mechanical and it all fits perfectly.

However, what it most enjoyable about the film is not its environment or animation, but its surprising number of GOOD sing-and-dance numbers. Who would have thought that Robin Williams (whose comedic presence comes through his character) spoofing a Britney Spears song could be so funny? Other than Britney, the film is evenly peppered with pop-cultures references. The beloved dodo bird from Ice Age gets a blatant homage at one point. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones at another point, when Fender (Robin Williams) does his best C-3PO impression at a hellish chop-factory similar to the one in the Star Wars movie ("Machines making machines."). In this way, there is certainly a lot that adults can enjoy and laugh at, leaving the fart jokes for the kids.

I am pressed to find something that I DIDN'T like about the film. Ultimately, it just does not come close to the comedic brilliance of Ice Age. It lacks the heart of Disney. It lacks the beautiful animation of Dreamworks. So the very things that made it a good film in the first place also makes it forgettable.

7 out of 10
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The message makes the movie
ingemar-418 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Of all computer-animated movies (except possibility Tron) this is my favorite. Like most others, it is pretty, with a simple, child-friendly plot, some action, and cheesy dialog. But "Robots" shines like no other on one point: the message it delivers. It all comes down to the message "you can do it". I'll try to break it down to sub-messages:

  • You can shine no matter what you're made of. This is a blow at the horrible "remake" trend. You are just fine the way you are!

  • Be persistent, try again, don't give up your dreams!

  • The expectations and encouragement of our parents is the key to the persistentness.

and the list is completed by

  • Technology is fun! Creativeness is fun!

Even the problem of making good young heroes is perfectly made. The youth of Rodney doesn't require the old-timers to be idiots (like in some low-quality scripts), young and old need each other.

All this is well packaged in a way that makes sense. The robot world resembles the monster world in "Monsters Inc", but with the added logic of mechanical creatures who can replace parts of themselves as they like.

Speaking of technology, in many media I often perceive messages that math and technology are boring and tedious. Even Sudoku is defensively presented as "not math". In this movie, technology, physics and mechanics in particular, are good and fun things. Experiment! Invent! That's what I like my kinds to hear, not that learning is hard and best avoided.

The music is very amusing, from Tom Waite's "Underground" to James Brown's "Get up offa that thing" in the fun ending.

On the negative side, the ending fight is cheesy and boring, but I know, the kids don't agree with me. Anyway, I do *not* like the idea that a bad guy should be melted down in an oven. That is cheap revengeful blood-thirst, that shouldn't have been in a fine movie like this.

It disturbs me a little bit that the female characters are (as so often) fewer than the male ones, but at least we get two strong and resourceful women plus a female bad guy, so it doesn't fail completely.

So it loses a point for the fight, but otherwise, this is the best computer animated movie, even better than Pixar's, and a lot better than the tedious and hollow "Ice Age" movies. If you care about what messages your kids get from movies, this is the movie to show them!
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Top Notch Animation! Better Than Expected!
BraveHawk13 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Robots is a beautifully computer animated movie about... Robots. Basically, the main robot in the story, Rodney (voiced by Ewan McGregor), decides to go to the big city to meet up with his childhood hero, Bigweld (voiced by Mel Brooks), and to get his invention out to the other robots. His invention is basically another robot but this is pretty much a fairy tale anyways, right? Rodney runs into Fender (voiced by Robin Williams) upon his arrival in the big Robot City when Fender tries to take advantage of Rodney and soon after, tries to steal his foot! I guess that is the robot equivalent of stealing shoes by the thieves here in the real world. Little things like that made the movie a unique experience. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the little parts, like the "making the baby" scene at the beginning. I thought that was ingenious, especially for a kids movie and still keeping it clean. The best looking robots were the sharp looking corporate robots. Ratchet (voiced by Greg Kinnear) was the main villain here and Cappy (voiced by Halle Berry) was the female corporate robot on the side of good, eventually helping Rodney in his quest.

If I had any real complaints (which I don't, I'm really just nitpicking), the storyline could have been a tad deeper and for whatever they paid Halle Berry, it was not worth it. Her voice was not distinctive enough and if her name was not all over it, nobody would have noticed. Same with McGregor, too, I guess. They could have found voice actors for far less, but for these movies, money is obviously no object. I highly recommend if you liked the animation of Shrek or Ice Age. I give 9.5 stars of the available 10.
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Robot City: Impressive to look at... not so much to live in...
misterembryo13 March 2005
"Robots" is the latest computer animated feature film from the creators of Ice Age. Like many films of the same genre, "Robots" offers a new artistic style and a large cast of voice talents, all of which would make pretty entertaining guests on any episode of Saturday Night Live... However "Robots" is more of a sight to see than a movie-going experience to fully enjoy.

Rodney (Ewen McGregor, Big Fish)is a robot born (or built rather) to become an inventor. Just like his idol Big Weld (Mel Brooks) encourages, Rodney believes anyone can shine no matter what you're made of. This credo is put to the ultimate test when Rodney leaves home to Robot City in hopes to get employed in Big Weld's big corporation as an inventor. Rodney learns the hard way how tough Robot City can be for the average robot... especially under new management where management entails getting rid of outdated robots and reducing them to scrap metal. With the help of a rusty robot crew including Robin Williams and Amanda Bynes, Rodney will go on an adventure to turn Robot City into the dream he's always imagined it to be.

As you can tell, "Robots" is a movie with heart, what do you expect for a movie targeted for a family audience. It also had some funny moments, and, as expected, were mostly contributed to Robin's robot character. There were also little details that achieved good laughs... Robot City wouldn't be complete without a robot doing the robot. Again the art in "Robots" also deserves credit using darker color schemes which allowed for a better feel for the robot world. The design of the city was also impressive: intricate modes of transportation, the ability to carry a conversation with a traffic light, and a walking mailbox that knows you by name...

However its kind of like a new President addressing the United States... he may look nice, brand new suit with hair combed nicely, and he may have a good message. But the message is only as good as its delivery. This is probably a bad analogy, but if "Robots" and "Monsters, Inc" ran for president it would be a landslide victory for the Pixar party.

I compare the two movies with good reason. Both movies offer completely new worlds: a robot world and a monster world. Both movies feature major cities that rely its existence heavily on the production of a major corporation, Big Weld for Robot City and Monsters, Inc. for Monstropolis. There's just one major difference: Monstropolis makes sense and Robot City doesn't.

You might wonder why should it make sense, it's fake? Any Joe Schmoe from the street tripping on acid can make a movie about some make-believe world, but its an even heavier task to make a world where things not only make sense, but are also necessary for the world to be plausible. Monstropolis works: both the city itself as well as the things that went on in the made up city. With Robot City there are too many questions: Why?! How?! What the hell was that for?! Who?! I refer my Who question to Halle Berry's character who is top-billed and forced to be integral to the plot, yet only has about 4-5 lines throughout the whole movie.

I give it a 4 out of 10 because I'm midway with this movie. It looked cool but it wasn't. Like a beautiful girl with no personality. It can be really funny, but other times it tries a bit hard. What Robots lacked was ironically originality. Even Robin Williams' character was a bit reminiscent of the Genie from Aladdin without the comedic usefulness of shapeshifting. It was a good attempt, but ultimately "Robots" is sadly recycled scrap metal.
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Very enjoyable, charismatic, ideological, and humorous
Carena4230 August 2005
I was fascinated very much with the Robots movie. Despite that I hadn't seen an animated movie in quite some time, this movie took be back to the childhood days of passionate, diligent, and intriguing watching of a movie which was entertaining as well as inspiring. The theme of big business and personal aspirations of success and justice were there, but also were the characters which made the struggle and the journey fun just by the humor on such subjects as companionship, competition, social interface, and confidential rapport. The family support and friendship emphasis more than enhanced the theme to value the consumer and bring back honesty and integrity to the marketplace of products and salesmanship. However, also I enjoyed the fun-moments during all the diverse ways of achieving honor and respectful ways of doing things, which satirized humorously certain aspects of life we enjoy but are not sure how to fully partake in such as meetings, social functions, holidays, conquest, discussing issues, and consulting allies. So therefore, if politics, economics, corporate control, social networking, and entertainment among friends, family and colleagues seems complex and overwhelming, for a little bit of amusement and relief, watch the movie, because the issues will linger on, but you can get as much enjoyment in them as you wish by paying attention to the keen way these aspects of life are displayed.
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Lackluster and forgettable
backseat-225 March 2005
Movie lovers who appreciate computer animated films find that only about half are worthwhile. Things that make any film good are as applicable to animated (computer or traditional) movies as they are to live action. These include having a compelling story, a good script, good performances and good visuals.

Having said this, there is a reason why the Pixar animated features have been consistently excellent and memorable. The reason is that they work very hard at refining each and every one of these elements until they have achieved excellence across the board. I understand that they routinely work plot and script for a couple of years before starting the animation. Once animation starts, they work the fine details that make for great animation. They know, and use, all of the old tricks, then invent new ones too.

Now, what is right with a movie like Robots? Well, is has a good concept. What is wrong with Robots? Just about everything else.

The film makers have taken a cute idea and almost totally failed to make it interesting at either the story or script level. Then, they have done a decent but largely uninspired job at the actual animation. People who know what to look for will see lots of fairly basic things, learned back with the better Disney and Warner Brothers animated films, that were apparently forgotten by the makers of Robots. Yes, there are a few nice touches, like the Rube Goldberg transportation system, but this does not carry the movie and is actually not very well animated. One glaring thing I noticed is that when characters or objects move fast, they disappear. This is because the rate of movement is too fast given the frame rate of the animation. Disney and Chuck Jones (et al) and Pixar have learned tricks to compensate for this. Not so the makers of Robots.

The next thing that many will notice is that Robots (like Shark Tale) is sold primarily on the strength of the voice talent, all actors who have been in lots of things recently and will appeal, on name recognition alone, to viewers. Ever notice that most voices in Pixar films are done by people you never heard about, or even by the animators themselves, or their family members? Even Robin Williams cannot make a single word of Robots interesting or entertaining.

I sort of enjoyed Robots, but before I had walked out of the theater door I had forgotten half of what was in the movie, and had no desire to recommend it to anyone else, or to buy a DVD.

Not a good kid's movie, and not a good adult movie. Just a piece of forgettable fluff.
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An Enjoyable film
Fmobley27466 July 2010
OK so first thing's first, this movie is forgettable. The only time I remember this movie is when I run across it like I did here on IMDb.

With that said, even though it is forgettable, it was a good movie. I remember going to see it in theaters with my cousin. We both enjoyed it. Now I was about 11 or 12 years old when we saw it the first time but since then I have rewatched it. I thought it was a solid film that kept me entertained. In fact I recommend that you see this film if you haven't already. The reason I recommend the film is because it is so different from other animated films if i do say so myself. The art style, the music, the story, it was all original.

So yeah, it was a cool movie. I don't recall any negative things (besides that it moves really slow in a few parts of the film).
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Fun for ages
snow077018 May 2010
This is a great movie for all ages! There are funny parts for parents and kids! One of the best animated comedies I have seen in a long time. This movie has a great inspirational plot and teaches you to never give up! "Robots" is full of vibrant colors and outstanding detail and will keep you entertained through the entire movie! "Robots" is a roller-coaster of fun; mostly a comedy but yet has a few serious parts but still a very easy movie to follow. If you are trying to find a movie for the family to watch and haven't seen Robots yet, this should definitely be the movie you watch! A family must see! Two thumbs up and an absolute 10 out of 10!
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