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MPAA Rated PG for some brief language and suggestive humor

Sex & Nudity

  • "grow some bolts" is said (in place of "grow some balls").
  • Ratchet flirts with Cappy; nothing too explicit, but some minor innuendos here and there.
  • A robot in a pink dress says, "I get the Brazilian wax, so every day feels like a fiesta!"
  • An infant robot's bare buttocks is briefly seen in an intro shot.
  • Some jokes about Bigweld being into "big women", namely a robot with a large rear end who likewise makes comments about him being "a lotta robot" and "he stills my pump".
  • A robot couple, in the process of building their new son, have to hammer in a bolt for his penis (the bolt is never seen; younger viewers might not get the joke).
  • Fender shrieks and tells his friends not to put their hands up his skirt as they give him a boost up to a high driving truck.

Violence & Gore

  • After Rodney gets magnetized, a fire extinguisher gets stuck to him, and it shoots across the air like a rocket, and it slams Rodney into a billboard, and then the rest of the stuff coming toward Rodney (since he is magnetized) hits him, and Rodney tears through the billboard, and falls a long distance, and he isn't presumably knocked unconscious inside a barrel. However, he is fine.
  • An unnamed Bigweld Industry employee is sent down a chute to be disposed of; his scream is heard echoing.
  • There is a scene where Ratchet maniacally strikes Bigweld over the head with a telephone headset knocking him unconscious.
  • Fender is nearly destroyed in Madame Gasket's underground factory. He makes it out alive (albeit with a different part).


  • Mild phrases ("tuchis", "booty", "crud", "jerk", "fart", "ugly", "butt", "freak", "crummy", etc.), no swearing.
  • Some crude humour, including at least two fart jokes/loud fart noises, multiple butt jokes, Wonderbot defecating iron pellets, and Crank in the bathroom appearing to pee into a hole on the floor.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Robots are given cigars to smoke in an intro scene.
  • Robots drink "screwdrivers" (hot oil in martini glasses) at the Bigweld Ball.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Madame Gasket is quite visually hideous.
  • Bigweld's derelict house is a little spooky.
  • Fender suddenly expresses concern ("We're going to crash") that an enclosed, but open ball he and Rodney are traveling in suddenly falls off a large contraption and plummets downward (but it's just part of their transport routine and Fender says he was just kidding about the worry).
  • Various characters are caught between two large vehicles that each sport large magnets that equally pull on all of them as the vehicles race down the "road," with Rodney trying to unplug Ratchet's magnet from his. The one with the good characters crashes and slides along the floor, with Bigweld sliding into a smelting area (with the door to it then closing). The rest of the characters then have to save him before he's melted down and/or chopped up, but find themselves massively outnumbered by bad robots. But when they get back-up it leads to an intense fight.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The main antagonist, Madame Gasket, is defeated by being thrown into an incinerator, notably of her own, causing her to scream in horror before exploding to death. Her remains end up flying out in a firework-like fashion as a result.

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