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9 Oct. 2002
Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge
The North mythologized Pickett's Charge as the last gasp of a desperate Confederate Army. The South mythologized the battle as a gallant last stand. Take a look at this turning point in American history in a new light.
16 Oct. 2002
The Death of the U.S.S. Maine
Wreckage photos and animation help engineers perform a forensic autopsy of the U.S.S. Maine. This examination should explain the explosion that coined the phrase "Remember the Maine! To Hell with Spain" and started the Spanish-American War.
23 Oct. 2002
Inside Hitler's Bunker
In his underground offices, Adolf Hitler ate, slept, held military briefings, married Eva Braun, and killed himself. Despite bombings and secrecy, the bunker remains. Experts use state-of-the-art mapping and the original plans to reconstruct the complex.
13 Nov. 2002
The Alamo
The diary of a Mexican officer who fought at the Alamo has spurred controversy and outrage regarding Davy Crockett and the Texas revolutionaries. These startling revelations challenge the traditional history and heroism of these Alamo defenders.
18 Dec. 2002
The Death of the Red Baron
During World War One, on April 21, 1918, Germany's greatest fighter pilot - perhaps the best in the world - died as a result of one enemy bullet crashing through his torso while flying his legendary red Fokker Dr 1 triplane, having just been in pursuit of an enemy plane. More than eight decades later the controversy over who fired the fatal shot still exists. This documentary carefully examines the stories of the four most likely to have downed Manfred von Richthofen. Scientific examination of the evidence reveals that, while most accounts credit Canadian pilot A. Roy...
22 Jan. 2003
Shoot-Out at the O.K. Corral
Almost every popular notion about the Old West has its origins in the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Four courageous lawmen faced off against ruthless, murderous outlaws in the streets of the tiny mining town of Tombstone, Arizona.
5 Feb. 2003
The Boston Massacre
The portrayal of vicious British soldiers firing execution style on an innocent crowd is an oversimplified version of the famed Boston Massacre. Find out what really happened on the night of March 5, and who ordered the soldiers to fire.
26 Feb. 2003
JFK: Death in Dealey Plaza
On November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder captured the assassination of President Kennedy on film. But 12 other photographers also shot footage of the motorcade. Piecing together those images is the only way to get a complete picture of that tragic event.
12 Mar. 2003
The Roman Colosseum
Completed in 80 A.D., the Coliseum was inaugurated with 100 days of games showcasing gladiatorial contests, wild beast hunts, public executions and variety shows. Smash the myths and relive the spectacle of ancient Rome.
26 Mar. 2003
Wilhelm Gustloff: World's Deadliest Sea Disaster
The sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff was the worst maritime disaster in history. Sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1945, the death toll on the Wilhelm Gustloff was equivalent to nearly six Titanics.
3 Sep. 2003
San Francisco's Earthquake of 1906
On April 18, 1906, an earthquake of devastating proportions ripped through San Francisco and left over 400,000 people homeless and incurred $400 million in damage. Lesser-known is the conspiracy to downplay the event as the primary cause of the damage.

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