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OK, I'll confess, this movie is definitely junk food for the mind, like eating a twinkie - but it is fun to watch
charles00020 November 2010
OK, I'll confess, this movie is definitely junk food for the mind, like eating a twinkie - but it is fun to watch Well, what can I say. We can't always be discriminating and intellectual in our attempts to probe the artistic complexities engaged in the artform of film.

Sometimes, a film is just . . . fun, or quirky, or in some other way entertaining - and this is where Elektra comes in, complete with her trademark red assassin warrior outfit.

It is fun to watch Jennifer Gardner work her craft as she threads her way through the dialogue and scenes in this film.

All things considered, she is a good casting match for the Elektra character.

As for the story itself . . . well, we're not talking war and peace here.

Aside from the major plot theme, the film does take the viewer into some dark personal views into Elektra herself . . . who she really is (and is not), and various situations that led her into th e profession she has become so skilled But, if you happen to be an Elektra fan (from the comic / graphic novel realm), you'll appreciate the extent to which this character has been translated to film . . . not always an easy or successful process.

Not a block buster, or leading edge provocative film . . . no, but for just plain fun, and also a movie that kids can see without too much concern, I'll give this a thumbs up.
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wendifm-476-68400624 May 2020
I think this movie isn't liked because it takes liberties with all source material. I've come to realize all movies do this so I stopped judging movies because of changes. Plus I never read the comics so I can enjoy it for what it is instead of of be mad for what it isn't. If you you can enjoy it for what it is you will have fun.
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Better than I expected
sithprincess412 January 2005
I saw this movie at a free preview screening. I wasn't expecting much because comic book movies are usually disappointing, but this one was actually good. The special effects and action sequences were well done and didn't look over-the-top.

The cinematography was beautiful and the colors almost seemed alive, they were so vibrant. I don't see many movies where the colors make that much of an impact.

I didn't find the dialogue corny or forced. There was only one moment where the audience laughed "inappropriately," and that was at a character's name. The acting was excellent, in my opinion. Jennifer Garner and Goran Visnjic have a natural rapport and Kirsten Prout was very impressive. I hadn't seen her in anything previously. All three of them did a good job of giving these characters some depth and making you care about them, which can sometimes be hard in this type of movie. The villains were, for the most part, subtle and not in your face, as with many movies of this genre.

Overall, I liked this movie and recommend it to anyone who likes a good action movie with non-cardboard characters. In addition to the action, there is drama, romance (but not too much), elements of sci-fi and a few laughs.
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not the Electra I know...
RenX9917 January 2005
Perhaps I'm out of date or just don't know what Electra is like in current publications... But the Electra that I read was far more manipulative and always seems to have a plan. She usually used others to do her dirty work and more often than not some sort of double cross was involved. Just when you think you have it all figured out she pull the wool over your eyes and gets her way.

This movie was fairly weak on the dialog, the acting wasn't particularly convincing, and the action was spotty. I was really looking for something more along the lines of Frank Miller's book "Electra Assassin." Which is much darker than anything in this movie.

Special effect where cool, action was interesting at times, but more often than not the story and plot was slow or illogical. Tha Hand was not menacing enough, and Electra was not..... bitchy enough. She's the girl you love to hate... but in this story, I just didn't care either way.
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Good flick
disgruntledmonk4361324 January 2005
Since I haven't read comics is quite a few years, and having never really followed Daredevil or Elektra, I don't really have any comments on how true to the books this movie was.I do believe it's definitely worth seeing. The effects are outstanding, the camera-work wonderful, and the acting quite good. Garner (almost always) moves like a trained fighter, and Prout looks at least well practiced. The plot was fairly fluid and interesting if not engrossing. Over all it was better than I expected. See it and enjoy it. Since concise opinions aren't allowed here, I may as well add that the costumes were quite well done. Also, the sound was peachy. Did I mention that Jennifer looked swell? Ciao.
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iron_monkey_13 January 2005
This is absurd - aside from the fellow Australian who has reviewed this flick, I can't help but think that everyone else who has submitted a review so far was some way involved in the production of Elektra, considering how generous they were with their praise.

Admittedly I'm not really a fan of comic-book-to-movie conversions so I didn't go in with many expectations, yet still I found Elektra to be incredibly underwhelming. The thing that irked me the most was the fact that there was SO MUCH in this film which went by unexplained, that left you thinking "huh, what relevance does that have to the plot?" or "so how did that aspect of the character come about?" I can only hope that these are things which are perhaps explained somewhat in Daredevil, which I have no intention of seeing.

Furthermore, the behaviour of the characters in this film appear to do an about-face at random moments to suit the storyline, and don't even get me started about the utterly pointless romantic sub-plot. I'm also (still) scratching my head over the fate of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's character, which seems to have gone by unexplained.

If I can give kudos to this movie for anything it would have to be the fantastic locations in which it was shot, but otherwise I gained little enjoyment from Elektra. I know we're supposed to suspend our disbelief for fantasy/action films, but almost everything in this film was so improbable or confusing (even by action film standards) that it simply frustrated me.

Well, hell, at least Jennifer Garner looks damn good.
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A highly underrated Superhero Saga
andrew_elstone5 December 2021
Having watched Daredevil for the first time only a week ago feeling surprisingly satisfied, I figured I would be appropriately underwhelmed with the Elektra story. How wrong I was.

This film definitely isn't without it's problems, but in a genre filled with needlessly complicated plots, ill-explained science and an over-indulgence in feature length fight scenes - this was a very effective film.

I get there is an absence of scintilating dialogue and doesn't seem to find the balance between dark brooding origin story and overt silliness, nonetheless for me Garner is successful as a traumatised and reclusive woman who decides to do a good thing.

This may be quite a bland plot, but as I said given the torturous experience I had several years ago pretending to care about what was going on in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this plot was handled in a 90 minute time frame with powerful performances from a no-name cast with tense action sequences that didn't take up an entire 1 hour third act like most similar films.
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The Luscious Lady In Red
flickershows20 January 2005
Well, it's not the worst superhero movie I've ever seen. 'Elektra' first, last, and most importantly, has Jennifer Garner. Not only is she an angular beauty, the star of TV's "Alias" is a terrific athlete (although I guess her stunt woman is even better) and she's not lacking for charisma either. And, luckily, a good friend with the power of God brought her back to life after that jerk Colin Farrell killed her in 'Daredevil'. Comic book fans might have been begging for a spin-off of her 'Daredevil' character, but was anyone else? I saw the movie because of who was playing Elektra and that's it. She may not be the next Hepburn (either one), but she sure is pretty.

It's too bad this flick is so bland and marginal because there are 2 or 3 cool villains, all members of The Hand (apparently, this is the Mob in Marvel comic land). The head of the black hats (Will Yun Lee) is nothing special, but his henchman include scary folks named Tattoo, Stone, and Typhoid. They seem to be an unstoppable combination, until they meet a lone (and lonely) woman who can stop them. Elektra doesn't have quite the same magical powers as her rivals, although she's able to disappear and reappear like Tony Hopkins in 'Dracula'. Come to think of it, the ground rules for her actual abilities are never made clear by director Rob Bowman. Oh well, she's good enough to be able beat up everybody.

So the Lady in Red is paid to assassinate a man (Goran Visnjic, who actually smiles for the first time in his career) and his teenage daughter, Abby (Kirsten Prout). Abby is quite a fightin' prodigy herself. The hired killer can't go through with it, then actually helps her new friends flee from The Hand. Terence Stamp works some Miyagi magic for Elektra as a blind mentor with mad skills. Stamp has panache, but nobody can class up this drab script. The whole plot is nothing we haven't seen before. Ah, but it would be wrong not to mention Garner's red outfit. I don't want to own the 'Elektra' DVD, but I might buy a gigantic poster of Garner in that sexy battle gear.
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Entertaining popcorn movie
sandy50630 January 2005
I'm not a comic fan, so I know nothing about this character. However, I found the movie to be action-packed and very entertaining.

My companions for this feature were a 12 year old girl and a 12 year old boy, as well as another mom. We all enjoyed the movie, and Garner's muscles and stunt work were impressive. This is a must-see for martial arts fans, in my opinion.

The visuals were stunning, as were the special effects. This movie is not deep drama, but was very well-made for its genre. Since I don't care for comic books or the movies about them, I expected this film to be a stinker. I was pleasantly surprised when it held my interest.
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A loner assassin faces off supernatural warriors with impressive fights and breathtaking action
ma-cortes1 August 2011
This is a spin-off from ¨Daredevil¨ (2003 by Mark Steven Johnson with Ben Affleck who in real life married Jennifer Garner) going back as the title role killer . Although she died in the former movie she returns thanks to her mentor and Sensei (Terence Stamp) . Elektra is resurrected and turns into a fearless warrior who survives a near-death experience ,her slickness is the result of a childhood accident , which means through the ordinary back-tale where a bad guy dispatch her mummy . The heroine becomes an assassin-for-hire in red-leathers and using her magic daggers , she tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his troubled young daughter , a rebellious bratty fourteen years old named Abby (Kristen Prout), from a group of supernatural assassins. But gets to show her touchy-feeling side when she saves them and falls in love with the father , Mark Miller (Goran Visnjic). But Elektra battles her emotions and takes on and kick ass the ¨Hand corporation¨ (ruled by Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa) along with its hoodlums . At the end takes place an epic facing off between Elektra and nasty Kirigi ( Will Yun Lee) and partners , as demolishing the man mountain stone , bendy-guy Kinkou , the Animalistic Tattoo and decease-dealing typhoid (Natassia Malthe, subsequently Uwe boll's fetish actress playing Bloodrayne II and against 3º Reich) .

The flood of Hollywood superheroes goes on with Marvel Comics' lithely combative Elektra . Convincing in the physical demands of the titular character Elektra ,well performed by Jennifer Garner as nihilist loner , she persuades us of her slick and dexterity . This exciting movie displays unstopped action, thrills ride, spectacular fighting, violence and is pretty amusing . When Jennifer Garner romance strikes with Goran , the screenplay manoeuvres into the lethal orbit as she takes on of both , crime lord and crack-shot assassins. It's an entertaining movie with its notably tougher action and violence , but lacks sometimes the utter fun factor and writers fail in the scrappy construction . It packs a colorful cinematography by Bill Roe and appropriate musical score fitting to action by Christopher Beck . The motion picture well produced by Arnon Milchan and the Marvel's usual, Avi Arad and the genius Stan lee ; being professionally directed by Rob Bowman . Rob is a good expert on Sci-Fi as ¨X-files series , Day break , Night stalker , Reign of fire¨ and many others .
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A film that is underrated and great.
JackSparrow8421 January 2005
Elektra is probably one of the most underrated films this year. Jennifer Garner is sexy, exciting and great as Elektra and Terrance Stamp is great as Stick. While the film seemed rushed, it was entertaining and fun to watch. Several scenes even had me wondering "what's going to happen?" And aren't we supposed to get into films? The action and fight scenes are just spectacular, and Jennifer shows her amazing fighting techniques throughout. The film does suffer from being too short, though. It should've gone longer into back-story But overall, I have to give it up to Rob Bowman for making a film that is fun, exciting and just plain entertaining. I totally recommend this action-packed thrill ride of a film.
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Just saw the premiere last night ...
heckmand9 January 2005
My wife and I went to the premiere of Elektra last night at the Palms in Las Vegas. The show was definitely action packed and showcased Jen Garner's strong physical and acting ability. I thought this might be just another "kung fu" type of flick but I was pleasantly surprised that there was a good story line, some romance, and (of course) plenty of action scenes that were well crafted and interesting.

The supporting case was strong and good cross section of "evil" people. We particularly liked the effect when the bad guys were defeated. The crowd that we saw the movie with definitely liked the film.

You should take a look at this one when it comes out next Friday, January 14th.
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Elektra gets a bad rap
richardfallon-217 January 2005
The movie isn't particularly great. The story makes no sense and the dialogue is terrible (Terrence Stamp as a white haired English Yoda-type isa prime offender), but it compares favorably to Marvel's worst movies - Blade 2 and 3, the Hulk, Punisher, Daredevil.

It's definitely entertaining, the villains are really interesting (despite one is called "Kinko") and the action scenes are a lot of fun. It could have been a lot better if there was more exposition about the villains. They were certainly the best part of the film.

If you liked the comic, it's probably worth seeing. If not, you may want to wait for video.
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Better than I thought
walt-4819 January 2005
As a fan of Marvel Universe I found that I liked this movie. I suggest people not familiar with Elektra, The hand, or other aspects of the Marvel plot lines stay away from this movie. Having the knowledge from the comics I was able to fill in the plot holes and just enjoy the movie. I liked the visual aspects of the movie which includes the special effects, settings, and Jennifer Garner. I thought that some of the bad guys were unnecessary. They should have just stuck with one or two bad guys and spent more time defining them. What was the point of the big bullet proof guy? All in all I didn't feel ripped off after seeing the movie. I got my $6.50 worth.
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Good Movie
soulstrong15 January 2005
Before seeing the movie I had read some negative criticism of Elektra, but after I saw it I found my bias went right out the window. I've always been a fan of all of the superhero movies out, especially since Marvel makes really great ones (yeah Catwoman and Batman and all those were good...but Marvel won't ever disappoint) - Elektra had great design elements, the acting was superb, I do wish they had provided more information, but it isn't like it's necessary. I think the other reviewers just want to know more behind what is given, but of what is given in the movie, it certainly gives enough. I really enjoyed seeing Elektra, I'm a fan of Alias somewhat, but I've seen a few of Jennifer Garner's movies, but I found Jennifer Garner really found the role very well, she had a completely different persona, and this movie really showed the evolution of Elektra Nachios. In Daredevil (which rocked), we met Elektra as a girl with her guard up, but also as a girl with a smile, then we left Elektra as a girl who was in pain and agony. But in Elektra, we met Elektra as a girl that was scorned, that had a lot of mental anguish, and we saw Elektra eventually become happy again, maybe not to the same as before, but we saw what she could truly become. So overall, this movie rocked. 9/10!
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Above average film
fj_cruz114 January 2005
Watched this last night here in Sydney Australia, and what can i say? It's an alright movie, but the TV commercials makes it look as if there's gonna be A lot of action and fighting, when there really isn't much. Personally, Natassia Malthe looked so much better than Jennifer Garner, plus she actually looked more like the Elektra character from the comics. The directing was also alright. Some scenes just seemed dead, others just to fill up time, though funnily it seemed to go by quickly. The final fight just came like that. I was there thinking "dont tell me the climax is coming already", did the climax fight deliver? No, not really, but was still amusing to watch though. Overall this is an above average film except from those minor issues i addressed, and is a better movie than Catwoman, but, what isn't? 6/10
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smc2720314 January 2005
First and foremost if you enjoy Alias, you will definitely enjoy this. Speaking from a female point of view, I enjoyed seeing a women kick some butt and still have a soft side. You take away from this movie that to look inside yourself is the greatest gift you can have. It is a movie I will definitely buy, as well as going with my friends to see it again and again. Jennifer can do no wrong. ER's doc in Elektra was much better then how he normally plays on TV. the daughter was perfect because in some ways you could see this being Elektra daughter she might of had with Daredevil if she had of lived. The special effects is definitely worth the price of admission
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Decent Flick
panman114 January 2005
If you like most of the Marvel movies that have come out recently, then you should enjoy Elektra. It is better then the Daredevil, Hulk, Punisher and just below X-Men and Spider-man. The villains were perfectly casted, I only wish they had longer fight scenes. The locations were awesome and the lighting was great. The biggest problem here is that a lot if important info is left out IE Who are the villains, What is the story behind the Good vs Evil battle, Why was Elektra's mom targeted and other stuff. Like I said, my main complaint is that the villains didn't get enough face time, and we didn't get to find out why they were there and their story. Anyways, ignore these haters and go see this movie.
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Nothing of any value here – pretty much a template for how to make a bad action/superhero movie
bob the moo31 January 2005
Having recovered from the fatal injuries inflicted upon her due to her involvement in the film DareDevil, Elektra has become an assassin for hire, embittered by her life and living only for her next job. When Kirigi and the Order of the Hand present her with her next job she takes it and heads out to kill Mark Miller, a man who must die to account for an act committed by his grandfather years before his birth. However when she actually meets Mark and his young daughter, Elektra has a change of heart and joins the Millers to defend them from the Order?

Having seen my fair share of films I rarely find one that is totally without value, so often I'll give things a try even if I fear the worst. More often than not bad films have some good but generally fudge the mix and has some average parts that drag it down. However having seen Elektra I can honestly say that if you're looking for a template to make a bad film then this is as good a place to come as any. First of all the plot could be written on a postage stamp and it is as bad as people say. It lacked anything to make e interested and I honestly didn't care about the detail, but it would have been nice to have had a bit of development of the story. Speaking of development, don't expect any in your characters either – Elektra's past is a collection of flashbacks and "sudden waking-up" moments but nothing more than that; she is just a bit of eye-candy who will "find her heart again" at some point and the sad thing is that she is the best developed character in the film.

With such a thin frame to work within, Garner does nothing that look determined or, as she "finds her heart again", simpers and weeps for the camera. She cannot walk properly because someone has decided that "strutting" makes a woman look sexier (I blame Destiny's Child) and she has no presence at all (this from someone who continues to watch Alias even as it gets sillier and sillier). However beside Prout, Garner looks like the next big thing because Prout is so toe-curlingly awful as the cute-kid that it is a wonder that she got cast at all. Visnjic has nothing to do and it is shame that he got involved. Terence Stamp does nothing more than take the cash and support from Tagawa, Lee and others is average at best. A clue to a bad film is when it uses lesbian teasing to get the teenage boys in – it happened in 2004's Taxi and it happens here too. The direction is just as bad as the acting; the action scenes are terrible and, outside of these the film has no idea what to do and thus just rushes to the next poor action scene, loaded with poor special effects throughout.

Overall this is a pretty terrible film that has nothing of value within it. The characters are poorly developed at best and none of the cast can do anything with them at all – Garner is all at sea in a collection of pouts, poses and strutting walks. The story is hollow and is the minimum needed to bring the film to the screen (and it shows). The director makes the action scenes unexciting and just a collection of poor CGI, meanwhile using music in a hamfisted attempt to make the audience have any emotional attachment with the product. Even die-hard Garner fans will struggle to enjoy this dog – January and already I think I've seen one of my least favourite films of the year.
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See this movie, you wont be disappointed.
Mamie678915 January 2005
This movie was crazy! It combined great story and acting with top notch special effects and fight scenes. Jennnifer was perfect as Elektra and the critics clearly don't know what they are talking about. The villains, though slightly undeveloped, are fascinating and very cool with their unique and spectacular powers. Elektra kicks some major ... butt. Jennifer Garner does her own stunts and she deserves much more credit than the critics give her. This movie is a definite must see. If you don't like this movie, something is certainly wrong. Elektra is simply AMAZING. O, and the villain Typhoid Mary isn't to bad her self. She also can deal out some pain. See this movie, you wont be disappointed.
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Excellent Flick! Would see again.
Toolband14 January 2005
I've got to say, i went into the theater expecting to be disappointed. But i must say, the movie caught me totally off guard. The fact that there were'nt that many lines, but yet you always knew what was going on was quite impressive and enjoyable. I would'nt consider it a sequel to Daredevil, but more of a movie of it's own, though there are a few references to daredevil, nothing substantial nor had the plot have anything to do with daredevil. As for the action, i was definitely surprised, it wasn't fake looking at all, i really did enjoy it, the effects were done great as well. I'd definitely recommend seeing this one, give it a try, and never trust what critics say.

I'd give it a solid 8.5/10.
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Probably the best "Secondary Character" Movie out there
Kilrogg19 January 2005
A lot of comic movies in the past I believe (before Xmen 1) were horrendous up until recently. However now it almost seems like its the age of Comic Book Movies and that movies like this have been recently coming out a lot more frequently. This movie itself seems to be of a new genre on to itself (as far as comics). The movie like "catwoman" is a secondary character type movie in which the main character (daredevil, or Matt Murdock) is missing. Catwoman based off of the batman comics/movies was also a movie like this for that same reason but had bombed. Personally I think this movie on the other hand did a LOT better but can't be really considered "perfect". It had great plot elements or ideas, Amazing visuals, a very sexy Jennifer Garner, and as far as i've been told a "pretty accurate" characterization of Electra in comparison to the comics. Although there were minor things I disliked with the movie (mediocre acting being one,) I give this movie a 7 out of 10... one extra point for being the best "secondary character" movie out there thus far.
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Another solid addition to the Marvel movie library
dbruhn117 January 2005
I am a fan of movies based on characters from comics. Elektra is a good movie, even if it does not reach the level of the Spiderman or the X-Men movies. (Apparently, those movies are the gage by which all live-action comic movies will be judged.) As with most good movies, the story and the characters are the strong points of the film. The special effects and action sequences are well done; however, they are toned down a bit to allow Elektra (who is human) to be the featured element of the movie. Since director Rob Bowman may be at the helm of the X-Men series in the future, it was good to see he knows how to bring a comic character to the big screen in a non-comedic manner.

There is no getting around the fact that this is a girl power film that many guys will enjoy. So get date and head to the movies.
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Worth The Watch
neysa5917 January 2005
This is one hard movie to really rate. When i was about half way through i was thinking maybe 6 out of 10 and that was pushing it. After completely watching the movie and actually spend some time thinking about it the movie is actually pretty good.

Jennifer Garner did a awesome job in the movie. All the guys will like it cause it has plenty of action in it for them to enjoy. The only thing i really found lacking in the movie is the fact that they don't tell you anything about the bad guys and who or why they are doing what they are doing. Since the movie was not really that long i feel they should have spent a little time explaining all the characters better. If they did they i would have given it a even higher rating and would have said it was right up there with xmen and spiderman 2.

Overall i would say its about a 6.8 out of 10. It is definitely worth even spending full price at the movie theatres.
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looney25ny15 January 2005
I'm electric for Elektra! I really enjoyed this movie. It was typical Jennifer Garner, butt kicking action all the way. The Villains of the movie were great, however I would have liked to have seen more effort on the villains part because they have great powers which would have added more excitement to the movie. But, then again Jennifer needs no help in the excitement area. My favorite villain was tattoo. I would have liked him to have been able to fight a little more. She was great! I give this movie a ten. Her high flying sword action was amazing. She gives strength and power to the Elektra character. "Finally" a leading man having to be rescued by a women! She also make me want to live at the gym. Give me a sequel please. Yheaaa!
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