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Review: David Lynch's "Eraserhead" (1977) Criterion Special Blu-ray Edition

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Eraserhead” (Directed by David Lynch, 1977)

(The Criterion Collection)

Everything Ugly Is Beautiful

By Raymond Benson

One of the many excellent supplements that appear on this disc is a rare video interview from 1979 with David Lynch (and cinematographer Frederick Elmes). For those of us who have aged along with the director, it is a striking glimpse at a young artist at the beginning of his strange and wonderful career. In it, he explains that he is attracted to sometimes harsh, oppressive settings, such as the nightmarish industrial cityscape in Eraserhead. “What everyone else finds ugly, I find beautiful,” he says proudly. And the director has pretty much remained true to his word, hasn’t he?

Eraserhead is a landmark picture, but its original release in 1977 was slow to reach an audience. It gained its must-see reputation only after the film was picked up to run on the midnight movie circuit that
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Criterion To Release Eraserhead, The Innocents, And More In September

The Criterion Collection announced yesterday their September new releases, consisting of four brand-new titles and one Blu-ray update. American artist David Lynch finally joins the collection, as many film aficionados have been hoping for years. Lynch's debut feature, Eraserhead, is getting the Criterion treatment, with a Blu-ray and a DVD edition coming (there will be no dual format in September). In terms of extras, Eraserhead will come together with the making-of documentary Eraserhead Stories, six Lynch short films (all of them previously released on the "The Short Films of David Lynch" DVD), and both new and archival interviews. Two Criterion favorites are part of September's lineup also. I'm talking about Roman Polanski and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who in conjunct have now almost twenty films in...

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Netflix Streaming Underground Movies

A lot of hay has been made lately about the future of Netflix streaming movies over the Internet for its subscribers as opposed to their original business model of being a mail-order DVD rental service. A good recent article on the subject was written by Chuck Tryon, who waded through all the hype and arguments against to try to figure out what impact Internet streaming of movies has on the movie industry.

Well, forget about the industry for the moment. How is Netflix streaming affecting the underground filmmaker?

Personally, I’m not a Netflix subscriber, so wading through their offerings is a bit more difficult for me. However, I was still curious if the company was streaming any underground movies. To find out if they were, I ended up searching a website called Instant Watcher, which is a company independent of Netflix, but uses a Netflix developer Api to scan
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