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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • Implied sex scene between Jane and John in the beginning, they make out in the rain, and the scene cuts to Jane on the bed, covered in a blanket so NO nudity is shown.
  • There is only one sex scene in the PG13 version and theres no nudity
  • A few sexual references and innuendos.
  • A woman assassin approaches her target dressed in a revealing dominatrix suit and crop. We then see her whipping him with the crop as he moans in pleasure and says "punish me." He is cuffed on the floor wearing nothing but boxer shorts. She then breaks his neck before anything else happens.
  • The director's cut contains a more explicit love scene between John and Jane Smith. Brief nudity is shown during the extended sequence. The scene was trimmed for a PG-13 rating.

Violence & Gore

  • Countless scenes depicting physical fights between the two title characters.
  • An assassin shoots several other men very quickly with his pistols. Minor blood.
  • A rocket launcher is fired at one person while another person is surrounded by exploding charges, but neither is injured.
  • A violent car chase where many gunshots are fired and anonymous bad guys are injured. No blood or gore.
  • Several dramatic explosions throughout.
  • A discussion takes place in which Pitt asks Jolie "How many?" He says he doesn't keep count, but between 50-60. Jolie answers 312. It is implied that they mean assassination targets, but is never clarified.


  • Frequent misuses of "Jesus" and "Christ".
  • 'B*tch' is said at least four times.
  • 'P*ssy' is said once as an insult.
  • 'Sh*t' is said.
  • 'F*ck' is said once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks from a flask.
  • Several men drink from beer bottles while playing poker.
  • A wife has martinis ready for herself and her husband when he comes home. The husband then pours a glass of wine for his wife. Neither drink any.
  • A man shakes a shaker to make a mixed drink.
  • A woman takes a shot.
  • A man and a woman drink alcohol at a restaurant.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The fight scene between a husband and wife is very violent and may be difficult for some viewers. The film is supposed to be somewhat light, so the characters are in little real danger.
  • The many killings and deaths throughout may be difficult for some viewers.
  • Almost constant violence throughout, including combat, shooting, and explosions.
  • Through much of the movie the main characters are on the run and in mortal danger.
  • A woman detonates a bomb on an elevator she believes her husband to be riding in. The audience knows he's OK, but she doesn't.
  • A lot of the action may be intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A fight scene between the Smiths at their home culminates in the beginnings of a sex-scene that begins with rough shoving and alludes to violence being sexually arousing. She pulls off his shirt and he her skirt, but there is no real nudity. The scene itself is fairly cut down, and ends with a neighbour calling at their door, at which point they answer, nude but not visibly so because of the camera shot, and allude to rough lovemaking, which may offend.

Violence & Gore

  • Jane and John start a physical fight in their home. They first use guns, although neither are hit and as such there is no blood; then they resort to fist fighting. There is some punching, some use of objects around the house to hit each other with, and at one point John kicks Jane repeatedly whilst she lays on the ground, although this is alluded to, as Jane is hidden by an overturned table. Punching results in bloodied cuts on both Jane and John's faces. Much of the fighting has a sexual undercurrent, and may be seen as advocation of violence being acceptable as a sign of affection. The fight scene ends with them pointing guns at each other, then leads into an edited sex-scene, which begins with some rough behavior such as John slamming Jane into a cupboard.Jane Kicks John in the balls
  • The final fight scene takes place in a closed store. John and Jane become involved in a shoot-out; around 50 agents dressed in black and in masks or balaclavas are shot, but with no blood, and with brief camera shots. The scene continues considerably; around 10 minutes. The scene starts with a few scattered agents and culminates in intense and relentless rallies with many agents.

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