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The blonde
jotix10029 August 2004
This film obviously went directly into DVD, and cable and oblivion, but it merits a viewing. Although the director is not a familiar name, he has a flair for presenting this story with a eye for detail. Kenny Goode knows a thing or two about the underbelly of the "city of angels".

The film presents us CJ March, an assassin for hire, who bungles the job she was sent to do and is drawn into a web of circumstances where she herself mirrors the same situation of one of the persons she is to liquidate. We understand by way of flashbacks that CJ, herself, has had an unhappy upbringing. She is a cold woman who has no problem killing until she gets herself in the same situation where she would never have dreamed of being.

Daryl Hannah is CJ's is splendid. She is an underrated actress, but in here she shows a range that is not immediately associated with her work before. Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain are good as the couple CJ is pursuing; they elude her most of the time, until the final show down. Alex Rocco as the CJ's employer strikes the right note as the man without scruples who manipulates people into committing crimes for him. Also effective is Eric Mabius who is too good for CJ, and eventually, her salvation.

As a moody film of suspense it proves satisfying as it keeps the viewer interested in every turn of the action.
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I don't care what anyone else here says, this is Daryl Hannah's best work yet
charles0003 June 2012
I don't care what anyone else here says, this is Daryl Hannah's best work yet, and I've seen a lot of her material.

It may start off looking like just another hard edged femme fatale female assassin film (there have been plenty of those), but this is as a much a unique character study as it is a story. The closest quasi example that comes to mind at the moment is "the Assassin Next Door". Even though the stories are quite different, the uniqueness of the circumstances, and the dark intrigues that got these women into their current situations does add an element of depth that is so much more than just another "girl with a gun" crime movie.

In the midst of all this are the young teenage couple that become her "targets", but their twists and turns are an interesting character study in itself, particularly on how the girl finds her own, well . . . self serving solutions to her problems, of which Daryl's deadly pursuit is only a piece of a larger puzzle.

I give this production 9 stars without hesitation. Are there flaws and less than spectacular production quality aspects here? Yes, of course . . . but that's not what I generally watch a film for. Call it a B movie if you wish, but as a story, and Daryl's character in it, it's 9 stars for me.
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Yet another great movie that went straight-to-video
jellyneckr24 January 2004
THE JOB follows in the tradition of great movies such as CHEATS and RUN RONNIE RUN that end up either premiering on cable or going direct-to-video. However, unlike CHEATS and RUN RONNIE RUN, THE JOB made its debut at Cannes. Just like a lot of the movies that debut at Cannes, no theatrical release was given to THE JOB and thus, it came direct-to-video. Perhaps the first question any viewer will ask themselves upon watching this movie is, "What happened to Daryl Hannah's career?" Yes, she appeared in KILL BILL this past fall, but that wasn't necessarily a huge comeback for her. While I didn't care that much for KILL BILL, I loved THE JOB, mainly due to Daryl Hannah. Regardless of how far down her career has gone, I still love her. She is a great actress and a hell of a good-looking one too. Here she plays CJ March, a female assassin who has decided she wants to put her days of killing behind her, but before she can call it quits, she has one last job to do. It's not the best premise it the world, but that doesn't stop it from being a great action/crime pic with tons of blood and gunfire. If blood and gunfire is what you like, be prepared to have a ball watching this flick. I know I did.
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The Corny Last Scene Spoils a Good Film
claudio_carvalho12 October 2015
Carol Jean "CJ" March (Daryl Hannah) is a professional killer that works to the mobster Vernon Cray (Alex Rocco). CJ fails in her last work for Vernon, when she kills a man to retrieve half-million dollars in drugs, but she realizes that his briefcase that is empty was switched by another man. CJ hunts the man down to finish her job and discovers his name, Roger Washington (Shawn Woods), and address. Meanwhile Roger is murdered by the punk Troy Riverside (Brad Renfro) that wants to sell the drugs to move to Arizona with his pregnant girlfriend Emily "Em" Robin (Dominique Swain). CJ, who is the daughter of a prostitute and orphan since she was seven, finds that she is pregnant and she tries to have an abortion in a clinic. Then she goes to a bar to get drunken and laid and she meets the former priest Rick (Eric Mabius) that gets closer to her. When CJ finds Roger murdered, she seeks out Troy and finds Emily. However she is not capable to kill her because Emily is pregnant. Will CJ finish her last job?

"The Job" is an action movie with a dramatic story with a promising beginning. CJ is very well developed and consistent in the beginning as a cold-blood killer with a traumatic childhood. When she finds that she is pregnant, she wants to abort the baby keeping the consistence of the character. However after meeting Rick and Emily, the story becomes corny but the plot is still acceptable since pregnancy makes women more sensitive and fragile. Therefore it is still possible to swallow the changing of CJ's character. However the corny last scene is incoherent and spoils what could have been a good film. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Assassina por Natureza" ("Killer by Nature")
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good movie
angelgirl100500127 August 2004
I just saw this movie and I thought it was awesome. The movie gives great concept and reality through the film. I bought it right after I saw it. Dayrl Hannah is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention sexy as a hit woman. Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain gives great performances as their parts and Eric looks so innocent and sweet as his part. The only parts that I would think audiences would not be happy with is the ending or towards the ending, but that's because the movie is harsh on some parts and reality is like that sometimes. Reality isn't all fun and happy. And this movie proves that. I like movies like that because they have good points.

My Rating: 7/10......definitly worth watching
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=G=2 August 2005
"The Job" is all about Hannah as a beautiful contract killer with a really bad attitude. This lame flick builds its story around her reluctance to make a final "hit" for reasons we're never really given to understand. We're led to believe she's killed often before but now, for whatever vague reason, she just doesn't want to "off" Renfro and his slutty girlfriend (Swain) to recover some drugs. And, if she doesn't fulfill her obligation and do the deed, her boss (Rocco), who looks too old to be able to pose a threat to anyone, will do something bad to her. And, if all that wasn't enough, she also has to contend with a young man (Mabius) who is falling in love with her in spite of her bad attitude, constant rejections, and a little problem with incipient motherhood. This far fetched bad idea conjures some decent performances and is adequately lensed and scored but can't escape its preposterous plot. It's asking us to care about a killer for no good reason and to believe she can't escape her over-the-hill boss even though she could simply point one of her many guns at him and pull the trigger instead of doing away with Renfro. Hey, what the hell, she could just kill them all but then we wouldn't have all the angst and misery we're supposed to be experiencing as we ponder this turkey. A slightly above average B flick, "The Job" is cinematic couch potato junk food currently on broadcast. (C+)
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Not a good JOB
james-wilde5 April 2004
I have to agree with Nadine. The storyline is jumpy and none of the characters really get a chance to define themselves. Its very far fetched due to that. Additionally the whole script is weak - we never find the motives (apart from the obvious ones surrounding pregnancy). So we are left with a series of B-movie cameo's, jumpy editing - poor storyline with characters who are so hollow ...... CJ just doesn't act the part, she finds her hits without any build up - a few edited shots of money changing hands (just like in the 50's). She drinks, she has some kind of teenage angst over her job, and she does doesn't build credibility. She is a sterile character - some butch girl in a cycle of self hate and looking for Mr Goodbar encounters. And of course all because her mother was a hooker. The flashbacks are not really merged with the story. The main "hit target" characters are also shallow - they never have a chance build their parts above comic strip lowlife's looking for a way out. The major bad guy, the "hood" employer is so stereotyped - why does he pick her? and why does he wait so long for her to screw up?. Why is he talking like that ? I think it was a budget -` budget movie' - as far as I can see there is only dialogue from 5-6 people, only 3 to 4 sets, a poor soundtrack and a lot of bad shooting .. Shame I was looking forward to this but its a thumbs down from me ..
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Hitwoman With A Heart
sol121827 August 2004
****SPOILERS**** Slow moving crime/drama with Daryl Hannah as CJ March looking more like a homeless bag-lady then a professional mob hit-woman who's on the hunt for a stash of 4 kilos of dope that her victim at the beginning of the movie had switched before she could get it back to her boss the flowery Vernon,Alex Rocco.

The switcher Roger, Shawn Woods, is later killed by that sweet and fun-loving couple Tony & Emily, Brad Renfor & Dominque Swain who he tried to sell the dope to. CJ March is on their tail but when she's about to knock them off she hesitates when she sees that Emily is very pregnant. This brings out CJ's maternal instincts as well as her also being knocked up by someone that she picked up at one of the sleazy bars that she patronized.

One night at a bar CJ meets Rick, Eric Mablus, an ex-priest whom she rebuffs. Rick turned out to be the person in the end of the movie who turned her life around by showing CJ the light and the good things in life. During the film we also see CJ in flashback as a seven year-old girl and we get an insight to why she turned out the way she did. But the movie is so disjointed that you at one point lose perspective to whats going on well before "The Job" is over.

Tony & Emily are tracked down by CJ who can't bring herself to rub them out which almost cost CJ her life. Gloomy and depressing movie with Eric Mablus as the only real light in the film as the ex-priest Rick with the heart of gold who wanted to save CJ's soul but not to cohabit with her body as CJ at first thought.

The one thing about "The Job" that really struck a note was how dangerous and difficult it was for both Tony & Emily to sell the ripped-off drugs to local drug dealers who wouldn't touch their stuff with a ten-foot pole. The stash was just too hot leaving the two sitting on something like $500,000.00 of drugs and not being able to do anything with it.

The ending of the film tried to be up-lifting but was so contrived that it came across as phony and insincere. In light of what happened in the movie up to then.
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Not one of Daryl Hannah's best of films but not a terrible direct-to video film
badgrrlkane8 December 2004
Daryl Hannah as an over the age of 40 fading beauty with a contract killers position is hired on to get back several lbs of heroin from a boy ( played by Brad Renfro)and his girlfriend ( played by Dominique Swain) & to kill them both. She has a moment of clarity from the killing as she finds out the girl is pregnant which Ms Hannah later in the film finds that one of her numerous unfufilling one-night stands has made her preggie as well. She wants to quit the firm that has hired her on as a assassin & her boss won't let her. Eric Maibus has a mostly forgettable role as a gut Ms Hannah meets who falls for her & wants to save her from herself. Not a bad plot, not a bad film but just okay. ** out of *****
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Don't waist your time
Eric-d-hendricks113 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'd like to have the two hours of my life back that was waisted watching this film. I kept watching hoping the plot would get better but kept getting worse. I was very surprised how badly written and directed this was. Did the director not watch how awful the acting was before editing was completed? The answer is NO! It takes real talent to make Daryl Hannah look so horrible and ran down. She never once looked like she was a professional assassin. Couldn't even hold a gun correctly and with a believable grip. Spoiler alert.. If a woman goes as far as shoving a wire hanger up inside herself to attempt an abortion and tears the inside of her lady parts up, i am fairly certain she'll end up going through with the actual procedure. Oh and after cutting herself she has sex the same night.. Doubtful. The whole film isn't believable. Just a thought. 3 good actors that are the main characters give great performances in other films and I'm clueless as to why I wanted to assassinate the entire cast myself due to how fake and annoying each character was. Every person associated with this film should feel embarrassed to have been a part of it. I feel its my duty as human being to advise people to not watch this movie. I am some what sorry to be so cruel but after watching this film i was compelled to express my opinions.
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rick_715 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
A friend lent me a bootleg DVD with Matrix Revolutions and Return of the King on, looking to remedy the appalling gaps in my knowledge of contemporary cinema. Apparently this is what the cool kids watch whilst I gobble down Myrna Loy flicks. Having consumed both of those films (one good, the other less so) I decided to watch The Job, included on the same £5 DVD. I was aware that it would be dreadful, and indeed it was.

Daryl Hannah plays a hitwoman who encounters all sorts of problems whilst trying to carry out a hit. She is pregnant and spends much of the film lacerating herself in an attempt to kill her potentially adorable offspring. At the same time, she feels empathy for the wife of her target, also pregnant. So far, so crap, but it gets worse ... Hannah's boss is a borderline psychopath. We know this because he shouts a lot. He also asks her to undress, which she does, though you don't see anything, which seems rather cruel since the audience has to sit through enough risible dialogue before we reach this point. Hannah's boyfriend is an ex-priest whom she meets in a bar. After she is raped by a man with a shaven head (this scene is rather unpleasant and needn't have been shown by the director), she gets even more confused and angry than before. Brad Renfro plays Daryl's target. He is distressingly wooden and swears more than is healthy. He wants to sell the drugs Daryl is looking to reclaim, so that he can move to Phoenix with his girlfriend, an ex-hooker.

The film is directed by Kenny Golde with something approaching incompetence, though screenwriter err ... Kenny Golde is largely to blame, leaving the actors with nothing but howlingly hilarious dialogue ("You knocked-up bitch", "F*** you!"). Hannah does as well as she possibly can with the script, which isn't very well at all.

If the film is actually supposed to be rubbish, then I give it a ten.
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Not bad for that budget.
Marta9776 August 2003
CJ (Hannah) is a sexy, cold-blooded, contract killer looking to get out of the business. She agrees to carry out one last hit before calling it quits to lead a normal life. However upon staking out the hit, she finds that, for the first time in her career as an assassin, she is unable to finish the job. But she has accepts a contract and is expected fulfill it.

Not bad, but also full of cliche, wannabe next 'Nikita'.
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1.5 out of 10
Xev-18 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have been deceived. I haven't seen a ton of Daryl Hannah's work, but I've really liked what I have seen. My favorite movie that included her as an actor was Kill Bill. When I saw another movie featuring her as an assassin sitting on the shelf at Blockbuster, I rented it. I didn't think the summary on the back of the DVD case painted a good picture of the film. It had sounded interesting. But it was not. The story line started to get lost in Daryl Hannah's character, CJ, being a negative, often heavily intoxicated woman, going to bars and trying to get cheap sex, then cutting back to the young couple with the stolen drugs she's pursuing, with flashbacks of her life as a young child with a seemingly young unmarried hooker mother, and back to CJ dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, trying to abort the child, nausea and an ex-priest trying to help her.

While watching this excuse for a movie, at the scene after CJ gives the pregnant female half of the drug couple, Emily, some requested toilet paper in a public bathroom and deciding not to shoot her, when she has the emotional breakdown and goes to give herself an abortion, the person I was watching this with was apparently fearful of how this scene would pan out, as I was asked to stop the movie.

Now I normally love movies and will say everything positive of it I can think of, but other than Hannah doing a good job with a badly written character, I cannot find anything to compliment about this one. I don't mean to insult the creators or anyone involved in the movie, but, whether it was or not, it appeared slapped together. I only gave it a 1.5 as opposed to 1.0 because I didn't fully understand it, or finish it, and so didn't feel it fair of myself to give it that low a rating considering I didn't give it a full chance.
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Another really good movie with a twist
white_jayme_20008 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I really, really enjoyed this film. It was different having a woman being a killer. The plot line was good. Everything was good except the ending. They left it in a bad way. They could of done more with it and explained it a little better. I like brad in this flick and his part as he played a boyfriend to his pregnant girlfriend and having her turn against him in the end. That was different, i didn't expect that. It was pretty much all about the money. And having her being chased by the hit woman at the end for the money. That was good too. But they needed to explain more about what they were going to do at the end of the movie and where they were going. What I didn't like about it was when that pregnant girl just left her baby to hide and run away with the money from the hit woman.
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The Job..
BatmanFunReviews201825 July 2018
CJ is a sexy, cold-blooded assassin who wants to quit the business. She agrees to carry out one last hit, but for the first time in her career as an assassin, she is unable to finish the job. Daryl Hannah made this film somewhere between KIll Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 so i get it that she needed some quick bucks to get what i don't understand is why did she pick this film in general tho? The acting was bad, the storyline we've seen it in like 1.000 other movies and plus it tried way to hard on the dramatic parts that came out as cheesy and pretty forgettable as the film. (F)
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one painfully TERRIBLE 1.4 hours
Chocoholic64821 February 2004
ART?? by far one of the worst movies I have ever had sat thru. SIX gun shots throughout an "action" flick does not make an "action" flick!! Hannah has not aged well thanks to the photography in this piece and the other actors.... what? TERRIBLE ACTING throughout. Sorry!I am usually the type of person who manages to find at least one thing in every movie and use that one good thing to form an opinion... COME ON!!! In labor one minute... giving birth another... and then running the next??? The story BLAND. The cast crap. The soundtrack non-existent. The filming added nothing. Low budget F-rated movie. I'm just thankful my buddies didn't beat me up for picking it. What was the point of this movie? ART??
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this is praise, sort of, with spoilers
rockinghorse12 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is not, in my opinion, an action movie. It is not a thriller. One would think that a movie about a hit-person/assassin/whatever would have to be one or the other. This is a very grim drama. Darryl Hannah has been a professional killer for a while. Then she decides she'd really rather not kill this guy or his pregnant girlfriend. She'd also rather keep her own baby.

I quit watching the movie when Darryl had been shot by the guy and he'd been shot by her and is dragging himself back to his girl while bleeding to death. I didn't see how this movie could have a satisfying ending.

If I knew anything about people in this sort of life, I'd guess this was their version of reality tv.

It seemed very realistic to me, though it probably wasn't. The acting was appropriate.
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HighlanderArg11 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
(May have spoilers)

I rented this one lured by the front cover of the box which showed Daryl Hannah pointing at the camera with a gun. Heck, this can be fun, I thought...

As I put the movie in the player, my mind glided back to the movies I had seen her in... "Attack of the giant women" (or whatever)... CRAP!... "Kill Bill"... FUN CRAP!.... "Wall street"... great, but she has a meaningless role. A feeling of repentance arised from my depths.

The movie starts fine. CJ MArch is meant to shoot a guy and retrieve half a million in drugs. She wipes out the guy rather coolly but the drugs aren't there. From here on everything tumbles to dust. The stuff is in hands of a teen couple. She goes to a bar to get laid and wake up alone at the other day, but all she ends up with is a devotional former priest.

She later finds the couple but she can't bring herself to kill them because the chick of the couple is pregnant. Could this worsen anymore? YES, CJ IS PREGNANT TOO!!!!!

The rest stinks too much to say anything else. Dominique Swain looks awful, Brad Renfro did better stuff and Daryl Hannah... read above. Only Eric Mabius seems to escape from this.

Skip this one!

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Unpleasant and Unappealing
LeonLouisRicci2 December 2012
A very inconsistent film that is rather unwatchable and cringe inducing. There is a gut wrenching self abortion attempt, a screaming pregnant woman who is and then not going into labor and then gives birth. Then she cuts the umbilical cord with a butcher knife and runs into the street and drives a car. If this all sounds ridiculous as well as a guaranteed eye diversion, it is.

There is much exposure of birth pains and no brains. A lead hit woman who is into so much self hatred and self denial that after awhile it all becomes such a load of nonsense that it loses all credibility and is just an ugly mess.

These are very unlikeable and unrealistic people who perform violent acts with motivation that is spontaneous and superficial. All the unpleasantness and gritty goings on leave a very bad taste and the wallowing in this world is ultimately an unworthy movie that really has no redeeming value and a lot to answer for.
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|Spoilers| Starts of well, but turns into your standard DTV, junk.
callanvass6 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Job I will admit, is a movie I rented, only because of Daryl Hannah. The 1st 45 minutes or so,are very interesting, and fairly entertaining. I enjoyed the development of all the characters, and liked how the story was evolving, but it completely fell apart, the rest of the way. The film is very grainy, with an extremely limited budget, and it shows. Each of the 3 main characters,are very sympathetic at 1st,even Emily|Dominique Swain| is likable. Then the film goes A-Wall in the finale,with everything all over the place. The ending itself left me very confused. What happened to the development of CJ and Rick,did they end up together?. Or how bout, Emily's whereabout's? did she manage to raise the child successfully? it left so many questions unanswered. Alex Rocco's performance as the main villain, Vernon is laughably overacted. It has more effort, then the usual DTV film,with Daryl Hannah giving a very good performance. The Job is just too ordinary for it's own good, to really succeed.

Performances. Daryl Hannah is pretty good here. Nothing brilliant of course, but for a DTV film, it's better then it has any right to be. She manages to be cold and calculating, yet sympathetic at times too. She clearly puts effort into her role. Brad Renfro is excellent as troy. He was always an intense actor,and here is no different. His chemistry with Swain, was on the ball. Dominique Swain is not a favorite of mine, but she does OK here. The 1st half she is likable, and sympathetic, but she becomes a typical whiny pregnant woman at the end, who I had no sympathy for, especially after the dastardly deeds she pulled. Eric Mabius is your typical love interest,with not much character, bland and uninteresting. His goody two shoes talk, also grated me. Alex Rocco is laughably bad. He gives a throwaway performance, becoming hammy and unbelievable.

Bottom line. The Job had potential, and it started off well. Its just too bad, it became messy, boring and inconsistent,when all was said and done. This is a film you will find in many bargain bins. My suggestion, let it be.

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Pretty good, until it spirals out of control
gridoon201820 June 2009
I like movies that put seemingly insignificant events right in front of your eyes but in a way that you don't notice them, and later return to those events to show you why you should have payed more attention. "The Job" has one such scene within the first 5 minutes (the suitcase exchange), which made me optimistic about this script. If you're expecting a slam-bang action ride with a female professional killer eliminating targets left and right, you won't find it here. This is more of a slow, melancholy drama where there are no obvious "good guys" (except for Eric Mabius' character). Daryl Hannah tries hard to look as unglamorous and harsh as possible, and gives a convincing performance. So do her co-stars, although Dominique Swain has to struggle with an inconsistently written character. A little after the 1-hour mark, the movie starts spiraling out of control, and the final image is a cheat. So it loses half-a-star and ends up at **1/2 out of 4.
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Get me some towels!!!
yodoc-29 December 2006
This turkey is about as bad a film as I've seen in a very long time. If there is any real person like CJ March in this world, then God have mercy on her soul. And that goes for just about everyone else in the cast, with the apparent exception of the ex-priest who is CJ's "love interest." Naturally, this kind of a pan actually indicates that the actors involved did a fairly good job of making their reprehensible characters seem as reprehensible as they did. But a good film takes more than that, in my book. I found nothing socially redeeming about this film whatsoever, and any film which exposes one to such deplorable violence had better have plenty of socially-redeeming values. To call this a B-picture is to give it undeserved praise, and does an injustice to other perfectly good B-pictures! I give it a D -- and that's being generous.

Summary: Plot -- Excruciating Casting -- OK Acting -- Fair to Good Cinematography -- Good Score -- Good Bottom line -- Watch it only as a good example of a bad screenplay.
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