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Dallas Observer
If it weren't for Murray, there'd be nothing at all to the film, which forgets all conventional notions of story or characterization.
Philadelphia Inquirer
However terrific Murray is, if Antonio Banderas, mellifluous voice of Puss-in-Boots in "Shrek 2," went paw to claw with Garfield, Puss would definitely triumph.
Entertainment Weekly
Cloddish, unfunny dud.
L.A. Weekly
Under Peter Hewitt's phoned-in direction, Garfield chugs along like the slow train to Chattanooga, with only Jennifer Love Hewitt, as the local vet, twittering pertly in a desperate effort to raise Jon's feeble pulse.
The Hollywood Reporter
Unlike that widely appealing picture with the giant green ogre, this one's strictly for the kiddies.
Charlotte Observer
The filmmakers find "laughs" in sadistic violence.
This a neutered Garfield, one part tomcat and three parts pussy, recognizable only by his orange coat and love of lasagna. This feline's got a serious case of mange.
Miami Herald
Now here's the reason America won't love Garfield: The Movie: Garfield's gone from the listless feline we all know and love to a fast-stepping, break-dancing cat about town. What's worse, the other characters are even farther from their roots.
The blend of live action and animation is competently done, but the subtly mean-spirited screenplay has more sour meows than hearty laughs.
Bill Murray completists, tots under 5 and their unfortunate chaperons are the only ones who need experience the soulless excuse for an entertainment called Garfield: The Movie.

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