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Andrea Avery Ray: Gabriella



  • Austin : [after Brianna and Gabriella both tell him that they're his mystery girl]  Ladies, ladies, I can settle this, all right? The girl that I met at the dance, she dropped something on her way out. What was it?

    Gabriella : Oh that's easy! A wallet!

    Austin : No.

    Gabriella : I mean a... wallet-purse.

    Austin : [succinctly]  No.

    Brianna : Oh, a fish!

  • [the LAPD is repossessing Fiona, Brianna, and Gabriella's cars] 

    Fiona : [runs outside with the girls]  Hey! Hey! I can pay for those parking tickets.

    Sam : Actually, I'm selling your cars, Fiona, for college tuition money.

    Gabriella : What?

    Fiona : Now what gives you the idea you can sell our cars?

    Rhonda : She owns them.

    Sam : Exactly. I own them.

  • Sam : [narrates]  Well, that hidden will stated that the house, the diner, and everything belonged to me.

    [the two stepsisters are looking for Sam's "real" acceptance letter to Princeton] 

    Sam : It turned out my stepsisters knew where Fiona had filed my real acceptance letter at Princeton.

    Gabriella : I've got it!

    Sam : My Dad's diner has been restored to its former glory. And my stepmom made a deal with the DA. She's working off her debt to society, at Hal's, under the watchful eye of my new partner. And my stepsisters? They finally put their teamwork to good use.

  • [''The stepsisters are pretending to cry and make Shelby and her friends think that Cinderella hurt them''] 

    Gabriella : And then, she told us that...


    Gabriella : ... she was going to try and steal Austin away from you if that was the last thing she did.

    Brianna : Our stepsister has always been jealous of you!

    [blows her nose loudly] 

    Shelby : [impatiently]  Go on.

    Gabriella : Well, that's when she came up with this whole "Cinderella plot". She got a hold of Austin's e-mail address, and that's when she started the whole affair

    Brianna : We wanted to tell you sooner, but she threatened to kill us. She's such a monster!

  • Sam : So... Who'd you guys pay to make your cars so dirty?

    Brianna : Excuse me? Like, what are you, the Dirt Police?

    Gabriella : [laughs]  Yeah! The Dirt Police! Like, excuse me miss, do you know how fast your dirt was going?

    Brianna : You should've stopped at the Dirt Police.

  • Shelby , Madison , Caitlyn : [Shelby, Madison and Caitlyn are walking through the school hallway, passing through all the students at school] 

    [to various students, in unison] 

    Shelby , Madison , Caitlyn : Move! Move! Move! Move!

    Brianna : [Gabriella and Brianna see Shelby and her friends and say hi]  Shelby! Hey!

    Gabriella : [waving hi to Shelby]  Hey sister-friend!

    [Shelby waves hi to them but then rolls her eyes] 

    Shelby : [walking in the hallway]  Remind me again why we tolerate them?

    Madison : Because they gave you a Prada bag for your birthday.

    Caitlyn : Ugh, try "Frada" bag! *Totally* fake!

    [Shelby rolls her eyes in agreement] 

  • Shelby : [the North Valley cheerleaders put on a play for the pep rally; with Shelby as the narrator; exposing the truth about Sam's "Cinderella" identity]  Thank you!

    [Shelby narrates the story] 

    Shelby : "Once upon a time, there was a big, strong Fighting Frog."

    [Brianna appears, as Austin, hopping like a frog on top of the cheerleaders] 

    Shelby : "He had a beautiful girlfriend, and his dad owned the biggest pond in all the land. But, he still wasn't happy."

    [Caitlyn and Madison hold up the cue cards, and the crowd goes "Aww!". Shelby continues narrating] 

    Shelby : "If only he could find a princess, then she could kiss him, turn him into a prince and they would run away together."

    [the cheerleaders carry in Gabriella, as "Cinderella" in her dress, and they put her down and the crowd starts laughing. Shelby continues narrating the story] 

    Shelby : "One night, after the slimy Frog ditches his super-hot, senior-poll, most popular girlfriend, he meets his princess."

    Brianna : [as Austin, putting his hand out to Gabriella, as "Cinderella"]  Your Highness!

    [Gabriella does a silly bow, as "Cinderella" in her dress until her underwear shows, and the crowd laughs] 

    Shelby : [continues narrating]  "Alas, it turns out, that not only did our Prince have a secret identity, but also had an online relationship with a pen-pal named "Princeton Girl"."

    [the cheerleaders do a handstand, showing the wall between "Austin" and "Cinderella"] 

    Carter : [to Sam]  This isn't good.

    Brianna : [as Austin, texting on the phone]  "Dear Princeton Girl, I can't wait til we finally get to meet. You're the only one who understands the real me."

    [the crowd laughs in the background] 

    Brianna : "The man who doesn't want to play USC football. But who wants to be at Princeton, with you."

    [the crowd continues laughing, with Shelby smirking, nastily] 

    Austin's Dad : [to Austin, about the impersonation]  What are they talking about?

    Austin : Nothing.

    Gabriella : [as "Cinderella", texting back to "Austin"]  "Dear Nomad, I want you to know who I am but, I'm scared!"

    [Sam looks at her stepsisters, and the cheerleaders, horrified, embarrassed and upset] 

    Gabriella : "I'm scared that you'll reject me! And... I've never had a


    Gabriella : real kiss before!"

    [Caitlyn and Madison hold up the cue cards and the crowd goes "Aww!"] 

    Sam : [horrified and upset]  I can't believe that they're reading my emails!

    Carter : [to Sam]  Sam, let's go!

    Shelby : [continues narrating]  But our princess had a secret too. She wasn't royalty at all,

    [Gabriella comes onstage wearing a waitress outfit with roller-skates, and skating badly] 

    Shelby : but a geek, a loser; a servant girl.

    [Gabriella roller-skates and lands into a pie, splattering herself on top of the cheerleaders with the crowd laughing loudly] 

    Austin's Dad : [to Austin]  Any ideas about this?

    [Austin shakes his head] 

    Shelby : [chuckling nastily to herself, and finishes narrating]  And, who may you ask, is this impostor?

    [motions to Sam, sticking her hand out] 

    Shelby : Give it up for the pretend princess, Diner Girl, Sam Montgomery!

    [the crowd laughs really loudly, and starts chanting "Diner girl!" and continues chanting. Austin looks at Sam, horrified that he found out the truth about Sam] 

    Carter : [to an utterly embarrassed and humiliated Sam, in tears]  Come on.

    [Sam and Carter leave the pep rally; embarrassed and in tears, as the crowd continue chanting "Diner girl" with Shelby smirking victoriously] 

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