A Cinderella Story (2004) Poster

Chad Michael Murray: Austin



  • Austin : Sam! Okay, I know you think that I'm just some...

    Sam : Coward? Phony?

    Austin : Okay, just listen.

    Sam : No, you listen. You turned out to be exactly who I thought you were. I never pretended to be somebody else. It's been me all along. And it was me who was hurt in front of everybody. Look, I didn't come here to yell at you, okay? I came to tell you that I know what it feels like to be afraid to show who you are. I was, but I'm not anymore. And the thing is, I really don't care what people think about me... because I believe in myself. And I know that things are gonna be okay. But even though I have no family, and no job, and no money for college... it's you that I feel sorry for.

    David : Heads up! Yo, five minutes.

    Austin : I'm coming!

    Sam : I know that guy that sent those emails is somewhere inside of you, but I can't wait for him... because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing.

    [walks away] 

    Austin : SAM!

    [punches locker] 

  • Sam : Austin? What are you doing?

    Austin : Something I should have done a long time ago.

    [he kisses her, it starts to rain, they both look up] 

    Austin : Sorry I waited for the rain.

    Sam : It's okay.

  • Austin : I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone... Then I think of you.

  • Austin : You need a wax.

    Sam : Excuse me?

    Austin : [laughs]  I meant the car.

  • Austin : Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Sam : I'll let you know.

  • Sam : I'm late.

    Austin : For what?

    Sam : Reality.

  • [Austin sees Sam leaving; as he rushes towards her, he is confronted by his dad] 

    Austin's Dad : Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, what are you doing?

    Austin : I'm outta here.

    Austin's Dad : What! You're throwing away your dream!

    Austin : No, Dad. I'm throwing away yours.

    Austin : [to Ryan]  It's your game now, go get them.

  • Sam : Don't you know who I am?

    Austin : Of course I do. You're Princeton Girl. You're the girl I've been waiting to meet. I know exactly who you are! What's your name?

  • Austin : [after Brianna and Gabriella both tell him that they're his mystery girl]  Ladies, ladies, I can settle this, all right? The girl that I met at the dance, she dropped something on her way out. What was it?

    Gabriella : Oh that's easy! A wallet!

    Austin : No.

    Gabriella : I mean a... wallet-purse.

    Austin : [succinctly]  No.

    Brianna : Oh, a fish!

  • David : [Austin is sticking ads everywhere to find his Cinderella]  Dude, why are you going through all this trouble for one chick?

    Austin : Look, she's not just some chick, all right? She was real.

    Ryan : Real. Like, she still had her old nose?

    Austin : No, real. The kind of girl who has more on her mind than what she wears, or how much weight she wants to lose. She listens to me, you know?

    David : Listens yo you? Hey, brother, I listen to you, okay? I feel your pa...

    [gets distracted by a girl passing by, then talks to the girl] 

    David : ...Hello, kitty!

    Austin : Yeah, you're a great listener.

    David : Well...

    Ryan : Look, man, you found her cellphone. You just gotta get some clue from that.

    Austin : The phone's locked. All I keep getting's these text messages like, "I need you", and "Come see me now."

    David : Oh dude, it's so hot.

    Austin : See, that's what I thought. Until I got one that said, "Come fix fryer".

    David : Oh, dude, that's hot AND kinky, baby! You know what I'm saying? Can I get one? Let me get a pound, baby.

    Austin : [looks at David disapprovingly] 

  • Austin : You're not a guy, right? 'Cause if you are I'll kick your butt.

    Sam : [chuckles]  I am not a guy.

  • Austin : What up, guys?

    David : What up.

    Ryan : Sorry about your costume you lost, Austin.

    Austin : It's all good, my friends.

    David : No, it's not all good, bro. Now we don't get to be the Three Musketeers. You get to be Prince Charming, and we're the two wimps in wigs.

    Austin : [laughs] 

  • Shelby : [Shelby and her friends are looking at the menu, looking what they want to eat]  Why do I have the feeling that I won't be able to get a Zone Meal here?

    Madison : I already ate.

    David : Madison, laxatives don't qualify as a food group. Surprised you didn't know that.

    Shelby : [to David]  Stop it!

    [sees Sam coming toward them] 

    Shelby : Well! If it isn't Diner Girl!

    Sam : [reluctantly taking Shelby's order]  What can I get you guys?

    Shelby : What can I get here that has no sugar, no carbs, and is fat free?

    Sam : Water.

    Ryan : [Shelby smirks at Sam nastily, as the boys laugh]  Water? Feisty!

    Madison : [Madison looks at Sam, confused]  Was that supposed to be a joke?

    Austin : [chuckling]  It was funny!

    Shelby : [smirks at Sam and orders her drink]  I'll have a Voss.

    Sam : [looking at Shelby, confused]  Excuse me?

    Caitlyn : [scoffing at Sam]  It's water. From Norway?

    Shelby : [to her friends and Austin's friends laughing]  She's the worst!


    Shelby : [to Shelby]  Sorry, we only have water from the Valley.

    Shelby : Oh. Well, then I'll have an iced tea.

    David : [Sam jots it down on the notepad]  Make that two!

    [to Sam, as a joke] 

    David : And you know, I'm still waiting on that breakfast burrito, Diner Girl!

    Madison : [Shelby's friends and Austin's friends laugh at Sam as she gets the drinks. Madison shoos her away]  See ya!

    Shelby : [about Sam]  She is *so* not getting a tip!

    Austin : [turning to Shelby]  Shelby, we really need to talk... privately.

    Shelby : Anything you say to me, you can say in front of my peeps.

    [Madison and Caitlyn, as well as Ryan and David lean forward to hear what Austin has to say] 

    Austin : Okay.

    [Shelby looks at Austin] 

    Austin : I want to break up.

    Shelby : [shocked at the fact Austin is dumping her]  What?

    David : [about the breakup]  Ouch!

    Caitlyn : [Madison is shocked]  That was harsh!

    Shelby : [to Austin, asking why he dumped her]  Are you in love with somebody else?

    Austin : [smiling]  I think so!

    Caitlyn : [to Austin]  No way!

    Ryan : [to Austin]  What? Who, bro?

    Austin : [to Ryan]  I don't know.

    [to Shelby, with the "Just friends" speech] 

    Austin : But we can still be...

    Shelby : [points her finger at Austin, warning him not to say it]  *Don't* say the word "friends"! Now, fortunate for you, I'm gonna... overlook this mental breakdown of yours. Look, just chill out, we're gonna get ready for the dance, and; I'll see you there. Hmm?

    [Shelby and her friends leave the table] 

    David : [to Shelby and her friends]  Later. Late!

    David : [amazed he did that to Shelby]  That went well, bro!

    Ryan : No, she took it well!

    Austin : Good looking out.

    David : [Austin and his friends leave the table. David says to Sam]  Later, Diner Girl!

    Ryan : [to Sam]  Too late!

    Sam : [Austin is about to give Sam a tip, but she dismisses it as she comes back with the drinks]  Oh, don't worry about it.

    Rhonda : [Sam comes back to Rhonda and puts the iced teas on the bench] 

    [Rhonda refers to Shelby and her friends] 

    Rhonda : You know, those kids remind me of why I used to fight in school.

  • Shelby : [the North Valley cheerleaders put on a play for the pep rally; with Shelby as the narrator; exposing the truth about Sam's "Cinderella" identity]  Thank you!

    [Shelby narrates the story] 

    Shelby : "Once upon a time, there was a big, strong Fighting Frog."

    [Brianna appears, as Austin, hopping like a frog on top of the cheerleaders] 

    Shelby : "He had a beautiful girlfriend, and his dad owned the biggest pond in all the land. But, he still wasn't happy."

    [Caitlyn and Madison hold up the cue cards, and the crowd goes "Aww!". Shelby continues narrating] 

    Shelby : "If only he could find a princess, then she could kiss him, turn him into a prince and they would run away together."

    [the cheerleaders carry in Gabriella, as "Cinderella" in her dress, and they put her down and the crowd starts laughing. Shelby continues narrating the story] 

    Shelby : "One night, after the slimy Frog ditches his super-hot, senior-poll, most popular girlfriend, he meets his princess."

    Brianna : [as Austin, putting his hand out to Gabriella, as "Cinderella"]  Your Highness!

    [Gabriella does a silly bow, as "Cinderella" in her dress until her underwear shows, and the crowd laughs] 

    Shelby : [continues narrating]  "Alas, it turns out, that not only did our Prince have a secret identity, but also had an online relationship with a pen-pal named "Princeton Girl"."

    [the cheerleaders do a handstand, showing the wall between "Austin" and "Cinderella"] 

    Carter : [to Sam]  This isn't good.

    Brianna : [as Austin, texting on the phone]  "Dear Princeton Girl, I can't wait til we finally get to meet. You're the only one who understands the real me."

    [the crowd laughs in the background] 

    Brianna : "The man who doesn't want to play USC football. But who wants to be at Princeton, with you."

    [the crowd continues laughing, with Shelby smirking, nastily] 

    Austin's Dad : [to Austin, about the impersonation]  What are they talking about?

    Austin : Nothing.

    Gabriella : [as "Cinderella", texting back to "Austin"]  "Dear Nomad, I want you to know who I am but, I'm scared!"

    [Sam looks at her stepsisters, and the cheerleaders, horrified, embarrassed and upset] 

    Gabriella : "I'm scared that you'll reject me! And... I've never had a


    Gabriella : real kiss before!"

    [Caitlyn and Madison hold up the cue cards and the crowd goes "Aww!"] 

    Sam : [horrified and upset]  I can't believe that they're reading my emails!

    Carter : [to Sam]  Sam, let's go!

    Shelby : [continues narrating]  But our princess had a secret too. She wasn't royalty at all,

    [Gabriella comes onstage wearing a waitress outfit with roller-skates, and skating badly] 

    Shelby : but a geek, a loser; a servant girl.

    [Gabriella roller-skates and lands into a pie, splattering herself on top of the cheerleaders with the crowd laughing loudly] 

    Austin's Dad : [to Austin]  Any ideas about this?

    [Austin shakes his head] 

    Shelby : [chuckling nastily to herself, and finishes narrating]  And, who may you ask, is this impostor?

    [motions to Sam, sticking her hand out] 

    Shelby : Give it up for the pretend princess, Diner Girl, Sam Montgomery!

    [the crowd laughs really loudly, and starts chanting "Diner girl!" and continues chanting. Austin looks at Sam, horrified that he found out the truth about Sam] 

    Carter : [to an utterly embarrassed and humiliated Sam, in tears]  Come on.

    [Sam and Carter leave the pep rally; embarrassed and in tears, as the crowd continue chanting "Diner girl" with Shelby smirking victoriously] 

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