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Bad Show Even For Reality TV Standards
cairn626 February 2008
There is really not much to be said about this incredibly awful TV show. The premise was dumb, the background music was annoying, Monica played more like a mean big sister than a host, the men in competition were obviously looking for two minutes of fame (or were really hard-lucked with meeting women), and the clueless woman at the center.....enough said. The one positive is that it survived just a few weeks. What is really sad is that the powers that be at FOX have managed to come up with shows (in my honest opinion) that are even worse than this mess since then. One episode of "The Moment of Truth" has pretty much left me with the sudden urge to projectile vomit all over my TV screen. To only be able to go back 20 to 30 years and be able to watch some of the shows we referred to as garbage back then....they seem pretty appealing right about now.

If by chance "Mr. Personality" is released on DVD, pass it up and spend the money on bathroom deodorant.
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100% CRAP!!!
asherjdoak7 May 2003
Just when we thought TV couldn't suck any worse than "Joe Millionaire", along comes this train wreck of a show in which a girl tries to decide from all these masked losers. If you were one of these guys, you'd wanna keep your mask on at all times. Either that or change your name, get a new face and move to another planet. And if the concept of the show isn't bad enough, guess who the geniuses at Fox got to host it? The lady who practically invented the scandal, Monica Lewinsky. I know it's impossible, but is there anybody who's just as sick of her as I am? If you like watching shows that are guaranteed to make your IQ drop faster than the stock market and turn your brain into mush, be my guest, just don't expect me to waste my brain cells on this piece of trash. Oh well, at least they didn't ask mascara-addicted crybaby freakshow Tammy Faye Bakker to host this show.
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Irish-Sunglasses13 April 2004
Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever. Worst. Show. Ever.
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This show should serve ONLY as an example of stupidity!!!
Asteri-Atypical20 May 2003
Another example of brain-dead drivel.

Not only is the concept and the execution suited for morons, the individuals they selected were anything BUT the finest minds that could be found. The men they selected continually use vernacular like "dude", "man", "bro" and "that was, like, so ...". Their behaviour was more suited to teenagers on spring break. Hayley herself, while physically attractive, was unimpressive as a mind and a personality.

While I will not dissect the 'finer' points of this dismal series there's a notion which demands to be mentioned. That is the fact that the central concept was flawed from the beginning! Supposedly the appearance of these men is to be hidden. Nonetheless only the majority of facial features and hair are hidden! The suitors' bodies, their physical fitness, their heights, their eyes; all are plainly evident.

Wouldn't the central concept only really be valid if, for example, a short man would be amoung the suitors? Or an overweight man? Maybe a man with bad skin or some disability? The notion that hiding the bulk of the FACE leaves a man to fend ONLY on personality is part of the stupidity that weaves itself into the fabric of an overall brain-dead piece of tripe.
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Actors! Stagged!
Jeramie Clark7 May 2003
This show is so obviously STAGED!

Altho its entertaining, and Monica Lewinksy doesnt fail to look pretty good, this show is most definatly and crew of actors, i wouldnt be suprised it we see one or two of them "advertising" for Red Lobster in a year or so, especially since, i think i am the only one watching this. Things Like "Man are you drunk" and A response of "Im not just drunk" remind me of the kids in junior high who scored the fake pot and then thought they were high. Its almost so fake its comic, everything goes Perfectly Wrong. A man cheats! A man Lies! A man Womanizes! Hypnotises! Wow..i bet some Womens Lib. Group is behind this. Mr. Personality is only worth it if you like to be amused in the classic Beavis and Butthead, lets laugh our a$$ off at your friends comments.

Its on after American Idol tho..my word, how the hell did ruben in the bottom 2..wait what!!!?!?! ahh.time to stop watching fox

Over n' out

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Fox's Newer Title: Haley Dates the Mexican Wrestlers
braveswiz12 August 2003
Mr. Personality is simply another Bachelorette ripoff that must be off the air for good. Haley dates men in masks, eliminates one, and keeps going until there is one. Monica Lewinsky was the host, and this should be one of the worser disasters than "From Justin to Kelly."
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