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Play it in Fall or at Xmas
Shawn Watson29 April 2004
This sequel to Mickey's Castle of Illusion may have been far too easy but the level on animation (at the time) was wonderful and it had a strong Autumn atmosphere. The plot this time is that both Minnie and Daisie have been kidnapped by an evil witch (the one from Snow White I think) and it's up to the mouse and the duck to rescue them. I played as Donald of course as he is much better than Mickey.

You should definitely pick this up if you find it (and it you were clever enough to keep your Genesis). It's a simple and cute game but wonderfully nostalgic.

The Genesis really was the best wasn't it!
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Mickey's new adventure
ross robinson5 October 2003
I remember when World of Illusion came out in 1992. I thought that the game was fantastic. The graphics were cool, On the undersea level and when Mickey or Donald Duck come out of the fish bowl, i thought that was fantastic and when they say wow. The game came out for the Sega Mega Drive.
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World of Illusion
Billyx710 July 2005
This game unlocks of great memories of me and my best mate sitting for hours on end playing World of Illusion on the Mega Drive. I was only a kid when I first played it and was instantly hooked for hours on end with the games quirky platform fun and also the ability to play my favourite Disney characters, Mickey, who had previously starred in another Mega Drive favourite of mine Castle of Illusion and the other character is Donald Duck, who had previously starred in Quckshot. The plot of this plat former sees our two heroes learning to become magicians and in a practise performance just before the big show they are sucked into a mysterious world ruled by the evil sorcerer Pete. You can figure out the rest for yourself.

You'll proceed through various environments with the duo, ranging from lush yet dangerous woods, filled with ant soldiers, with cheesy grins who charge at you in a group of four and up. After this you will trek through Rocky mountains, walk in the heavens and plunge to the depths of the ocean. Alternatively, playing Donald will take you to a tropical island and inside of a book while Mickey will walk through Atlantis, which Donald cannot venture alone. Also on two players you can reach other areas and old Donald, with a hand from Mickey can fit through those cracks with a "gentle" pull, catapulting him across the screen, and probably into something unpleasant

The game offers a rich gallery of enemies ranging from a bunch of armoured angry ants, hairy spiders and eagles which will be new to first time players but if you're a Disney fan you may notice a few familiar faces, such as the cards from Alice in Wonderland, along with the Mad Hatter and the witch from "The Sword in the Stone" and the evil overlord, played by Pete, the general Mickey Mouse antagonist. However the majority of the enemies are original ideas tied in with Disney inspiration, all of the style and charm seen in many a Disney movie is replicated here. A few notable ones would be the starfish in the underwater levels thats jumps in the air, with a really stupid grin and plummets down to land on his face, which looks so damn funny. While not as charismatic as the starfish the other enemies either are past creations by Disney or they are new characters by the Walt Disney co.

The music seems to fellow a peaceful theme and apart from a few exceptions. Quite a lot of the tunes are pretty damn good and some of them are the types of tunes that will stay in your head for a while. The peaceful forest tune helps create a relaxing atmosphere, as dose the tune for the sky Levels. The hillbilly banjo music in one of Donald's levels has to be the best however and tends to deviate from the norm with some fast and furious, not to mention toe tapping tunes thats sounds brilliant. The sound effects are also pretty good and both Mickey and Donald have a selection of voice samples that sound authentic, especially when they are attacked or if they perform an ounce of magic, Saying "Alakazam" in reasonably clear voices, for a Mega Drive it's not bad at all.

So, with a quirky two-player mode along with two similar yet differential one-player modes this game has quite a bit to offer. Although it seems to focus on younger audiences even older gamers can find fun in this if they sit down and play it. It is also rich with challenge and with these qualities plus smooth and pretty graphics, nice music and impressive sound effects it is possibly one of the best Disney games on the Mega Drive and defiantly one of the best two player plat formers on the console. It should be in any collectors cupboard, Disney fan or not, because it is a great joy to play.
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Truly Wonderful
marcvalenzuela26 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This sequel to the game "Castle of Illusions" is all about playing as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. Your mission, to escape the Magic Box that transported your Disney character into another realm and to find the shadow figure responsible for the creation of the box. It is truly a great game, I played this game way back when I was ten years old, but still a vibrant and intriguing game. Through the game, you start in a forest, then into underground mines, magic carpet rides, underwater places, a huge library, Candyland, The Realm of the Queen of Hearts, then into the magic castle of the sorcerer who can help you escape this realm of illusions.
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