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An hilarious American view on Europe
Philip Van der Veken21 December 2004
First of all: Greetings from a guy living somewhere in between the Brussels sprouts, hahahaha. That's right, I'm from Belgium, you know the place that no-one really knows, not even the Europeans...

Even though I expected to really hate this movie, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun watching it. I loved to see how they magnified the stereotypes about the French, the English, The Germans,... and made fun about the Catholic church. Some people pointed out that it was clear that the makers really don't know anything about the countries they were making jokes about. Possible, but it didn't bother me once. It's a comedy, not a traveler's guide!

This is how the story goes: A teenager is dumped by his girlfriend on the day of their graduation. He has contact with a German girl, called Mieke, but he thought it was a guy called Mike. Knowing this and after he has seen her photo, he decides to pay her a visit in Berlin. But of course they don't just end up in Berlin. They start their trip in London, going to Paris, Amsterdam and Bratislava before getting to Berlin...

The movie's script or the plot were probably the least of the director's concerns. It's clear that they just wanted to go to Europe, have some fun and film one hilarious situation after the other. I've got the feeling that most of the European viewers didn't mind being the subject of the movie. Yes it's crude and yes it doesn't show anything about how Europe really is, but it's also incredibly funny. I give it an 8/10 for that.
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Much much funnier than you would ever expect
oshram-322 February 2004
I know, I know, the trailer looks supremely dumb, so why go see this movie? Certainly not because it was from the people who gave us such gems as Road Trip or Old School, that's for sure, and it's not like I even recognized anyone in the cast (other than Michelle Trachtenberg, best known as Buffy's little sister Dawn). I guess I went because I found the trailer mildly amusing and I still had $9 on an AMC gift card that I had been given for Christmas. I've seen movies with less provocation, I suppose.

Eurotrip follows the adventures of four teens, Scott (Scott Mechlowitz), Cooper (Jacob Pitts), and twins Jamie (Travis Wester) and Jenny (Trachtenberg) as they backpack around Europe between high school graduation and beginning college. There's sort of a plot driving the film as Scott wants to meet up with his e-mail pen pal Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), whom he thought was male but finds out is actually a very attractive female. But really the movie is an excuse to have fun with typical American Euro-stereotypes.

Naturally the four fresh-faced kids get into all sorts of hijinks as they make their way through London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and so on. And the foursome are your basic group: Scott is the well-meaning lead, Cooper the sarcastic wise-ass, Jamie the uptight planner and Jenny - well, my first indication that this wouldn't be a typical dumb teen comedy was when the other three guys all treat Jenny as one of the guys, and of course she's uber-cute Trachtenberg. They repeatedly refuse to think of her as a girl despite the filmmakers really showing off Trachtenberg's budding assets, which continues to play as funny through most of the film.

It may sound hard to believe, but I don't think I have ever laughed as hard or as long at another film as I did at this one. Maybe it's because my expectations were pretty low, but this was a hysterically funny film. From the opening moments where Scott is dumped by slutty girlfriend Fiona (Smallville's Kristin Kreuk, in a terrific cameo) to the very end of the film, I pretty much laughed the entire 90 minutes. Not only is there clever verbal play and uproarious sight gags (the arrival at Bratislava was so funny I almost fell out of my seat laughing), but the writers were masters of the recurring gag - the best of which is a song about Scott's breakup with Fiona (it makes sense in the film) constantly popping up as they travel throughout Europe. One particular scene involving English soccer hooligans traveling to France (led by the smashing Vinnie Jones) had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face.

Everyone gives a game performance. Scott Mechlowitz is perfect as Scott, with just the right mix of leading man humor and straight guy stiffness. Jacob Pitts' Cooper is surprisingly low key for the smart-ass; usually this kind of character is way over the top, but Cooper manages to be funny without ever taking it too far. Travis Webster plays his nerdly Jamie well; we never look down on the guy, even though he's the more uptight one in the group. And Trachtenberg seems right at home being one of the guys even while attempting to transform herself into an object of teenage lust. The cameos - Matt Damon as a punk singer, Lucy Lawless as a Dominatrix, Kreuk, and so on - are all well cast and well used. You'll recognize a lot of the bit players from other places (Guy Ritchie films, SNL, etc) but they all work very well.

I didn't expect this film to be so repeatedly and exceptionally funny, and I guess it caught me off guard. I can't recall laughing this hard at any film in the last five years, and maybe ever. I hesitate to call it the funniest movie I've ever seen, because I've seen some great comedies, but I was still chuckling at this film more than a half hour after I was out of the theater. As far as movies performing above expectations this is one of the tops in that category. I guess some people would be put off by the European stereotypes, but the film was so inventively humorous and excessively clever

(they do a great parody of the Indiana Jones 'moving around the map' bit) that I was blown away. This is a movie I fully intend to see again, maybe a few times, and I'm already clearing off space for it on the DVD shelf. But don't take my word for it - go see it yourself and see one of the funniest movies in years.
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Fun Flick but not for the Family
Andrew14 March 2006
Prior to watching this movie for the first time, my friends would not stop quoting this movie and telling me how great it was. Now that I've seen it I can see why they love it so much. I will admit that this film is extremely raunchy and even shows some images I didn't think were allowed in R-rated movies. Never-the-less the jokes are hilarious and the plot flows rather smoothly.

Some people probably hate this movie because of the way it portrays Europeans. To them I say LIGHTEN UP! It's a movie that's meant to be stereotypical. They stereotype with taste, however, using many of the common views and prejudices that the average American feels towards the inhabitants of the various countries.

All in all, the cast was well selected, the music was awesome, the situations were entertaining, and the locations were great. I highly suggest this movie to people that love to laugh an don't get easily offended.
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Excellent Absurd Comedy: Funnier Than American Pie
Killa_Cam17 August 2004
This movie is hilarious & a must see for those who like American Pie, Scary Movie, Senseless & similar types of comedies. Eurotrip uses almost every single cliché or stereotype regarding Europe & exaggerates it enormously in an unbelievably funny way.

Surprisingly the acting, which is done mainly by unknown actors & actresses, is very good. As for Michelle Trachtenberg, she is just plain awesome. Her acting deserves real praise. Plus, the film features several pretty successful cameo appearances. Lucy Lawless as S&M dominatrix is particularly hilarious.

Though the story itself can't be considered particularly original, the movie is interesting, cause of unstoppable flow of hilarious jokes. The theater was almost torn down with the viewers' laughter, when I watched the film. The scene with The Pope is an instant classic in my point of view, I haven't seen something this hilarious since the first Scary Movie came out. Some satirical aspects also take place in the movie: especially funny was the scene, when the characters arrive to a club in Slovakia & hear a techno remix of a song 'Scotty Doesn't Know'. Awesome moment.

In general, I think the film is underrated. In my opinion it is better than the first & the second American Pie, the second Scary Movie & a great number of less famous comedies. Go see it & have fun.
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A small classic for us Europeans
MrVibrating27 February 2007
Comedies like this is hard to rate. It's a bad movie, technically, acting-wise and in many other aspects. But it's funny, no denying that. After all, isn't that what comedies are about?

You would think a comedy like this would appeal only to Americans, but you are wrong. I know Germans, Aussies, Swedes and Hollanders who like this movie. I'm sure there are Brits, Italians, Eastern Europeans and Balkans who like it as well. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

What the movie is about is a bunch of typical teens going for a little quest through Europe in search of the dream girl. Nothing new here. The misadventures on the way, the xenophobic jokes and stereotypes and odd characters are what you laugh at. Vinnie Jones as a crazy ManU supporter, Rade Serbedzija as a Bratislavian truck driver, and many other not that well- known actors doing silly and memorable roles.

Some scenes work, some don't. Some are really funny, like the robot battle outside the Louvren, and the Italian pervert smoking a post-sex cigarette. Matt Damon turns up somewhat unexpectedly in the USA and sings the catchy "Scotty doesn't know" song.

All in all, this is a great comedy to watch with your friends, and even better in international company.
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Great Comedy
ingwio_vanhaecke31 December 2006
OK, most people will say, it's a comedy, let's rate it low, HELL NO! This is one of these rare good comedy's. Road Trip wasn't as good as this one. Scotty doesn't know is an instant classic. Nice change of scenery for Kristin Kreuk even though she just appears briefly. Scott Mechlowicz continues the good performance he had set in Mean Creek, not to be compared of course, but good performances in both. Michelle Trachtenberg is simply fabulous,she amazes me every time, except in crappy movies like Ice Princess or in "Buffy". She shows she can act in Mysterious skin, but just throws her talent away further down the line. As for the story, it's nothing special, title says it all. The only country they miss is Belgium :). It's a comedy people and yes, it's for teens, not a family movie if you want to hear it. You know what you get when you see it, so stop giving bad reviews about this! Simply amazing comedy if you like these kind of comedy's. And please don't go comparing it to American Pie or something like that. Guess that's all there is to say
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JennieMcJenJen12 January 2005
I love all types of movies, but I didn't expect to like this one. It looked like another stupid teen comedy to me. I was so surprised at how hilarious this was. I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. My new favorite song is "Scotty Doesn't Know!" And while this movie doesn't properly represent Europe and it's style and it's culture, it does enlist every stereotype Americans have about Europeans, and that's what makes it so damn funny. This movie is definitely one of my new favorites, and is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. If you just want to laugh at everything that's wrong with the world, then this is totally something you need to see.
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Favorite guilty pleasure of 2004
Bruce Burns17 May 2004
Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I enjoy dumb comedies, like "Police Academy" or "Joe's Apartment". And this is nothing if not a dumb comedy.

This type of film--the teen sex comedy--is precisely the sort of movie professional critics love to hate, instead recommending that we see artsy, coma-inducing independent, documentary and/or foreign-language films. But let's face it: "Animal House" was better than "Eraserhead". "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" was better than "Babette's Feast". "American Pie" was better than "The Crying Game". And "Eurotrip" is better than "Capturing the Friedmans".

Now, since my favorite movies include "The Godfather", "Citizen Kane" and "Vertigo", you may ask why I liked this picture. Is it well-acted? No. Isn't the script stupid? And how. Is there any socially redeeming value? I couldn't find any. Isn't it xenophobic? Uh-huh. Doesn't it portray women as merely sex objects? Yep. Isn't it awfully crude? Yewbetcha. But what makes this film worth watching is quite simple: It's funny.

Granted, there's no greatness here. You will not see anyone as funny or talented as John Belushi, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Cameron Diaz, Eugene Levy or Will Ferrell here. The only cast members with any real acting or comedic mettle are Matt Damon and Fred Armissen, who only make brief cameos. On the other hand, you won't see anyone as gut-wrenchingly awful as Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Tom Green, Seann William Scott, or Ashton Kutcher.

There's not much plot to speak of. A nice guy (Scott Mechlowicz) who has just graduated high school goes on a trip to Europe to find the girl of his dreams, a Berliner named Mieke (Jessica Boehrs) and takes along his three best friends: a lazy ne'er-do-well looking for kinky sex like in European erotica (Jason Pitts), a girl looking for romance like in European novels (Michelle Trachtenberg) & a nerd looking for museums like in European travel brochures (Travis Wester). Along the way they run into all the various European stereotypes: thuggish Brits, pretentious French, perverted Italians, desperately poor Eastern Europeans, etc.

Yet as crude and xenophobic as this movie can sometimes be, it is never anything but good-natured. I never got the sense that the filmmakers displayed any ill will towards the peoples they were lampooning. And I must say, for as much sex and nudity as there is in this movie (and there's a whole lot of it), the biggest laugh I got was a PG-rated battle of the robot mimes in Paris, which may be the only scene in the movie that can be shown un-edited on TV.

Although this may not be great art, or even great comedy, "Eurotrip" is a terribly crude, but awfully funny movie. 7 out of 10.
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Brilliantly funny view of Europe from the US
mjw23051 January 2007
EuroTrip takes a group of teenagers from the US on an unforgettable trip around Europe. After Scotty Thomas realises he has made a terrible mistake, he and his best friend set off to put things right and they run into some other friends in the process.

They visit Paris, Amsterdam, London and many more places which are all given a very amusing stereotypical makeover from an American viewpoint. With a strong cast, plenty of well written gags and an overall cheesy script - EuroTrip is definitely a winner.

If you enjoy this movie then also see RoadTrip, Old School and the American Pie series of films (certainly the first two anyway)

8/10 Great fun
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Really Funny
DAVE11 May 2004
I just saw this at a second run theater and I found it to be very hilarious.

Funniest movie since Road Trip in my opinion.

Scotty's girl dumps him on graduation day, so he decides to find his internet friend in Europe, only to be taken for one heck of a ride. Along for the ride with Scotty are his friend Cooper (who looks and sounds like David Spade) and twins Jenny and Jamie.

The characters are likable, which really helps in this kind of movie.

Some surprise cameos also pop up.

I'll be adding adding this to my DVD collection for sure.

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"Eurotrip"- 9/10. Ridiculously hilarious!
movies2u22 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers

This movie is absolutely hilarious. 'Eurotrip' is not afraid to show anything- and I mean ANYTHING. The movie is about Scotty Thomas, who has just graduated out of high school, and his girlfriend, Fiona, dumps him for a rocker played by Matt Damon. Then, he emails a really mean letter to his penpal in Berlin, Germany, after thinking that the guy wants to meet up with him- until his little brother points out to him that is penpal is actually a stunning gorgeous girl. So, Scotty and Cooper set out to Europe, and meet up with Jamie, and Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg), two twins who are spending the summer in Europe, and they all set out to find Scotty's dream girl, and they go through some pretty hilarious situations.

This movie will have Nickelodeon's jaws dropped when they see their former television star, Michelle Trachtenberg, do the things she does in this movie. She's really grown up. She is the biggest name in this movie, along side the cameo by Matt Damon, but the rest of the cast were pretty good actors.

This movie had some raunchy situations. We see Jenny and Jamie, the two twins accidentily kiss each other, and some other things I probably shouldn't mention, that are twenty times worse than that, but if you're curious, go see the movie. The story to this movie is pretty ridiculous, but you can't hate the movie for all of the good laughs it serves. 'Eurotrip' will give you some good laughs and fun, and doesn't leave an empty spot anywhere. This would probably be really fun to go see with a big group of friends, you will be constantly laughing together. 9/10.
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"scotty doesn't know" "worst twins ever"
A_Different_Drummer10 December 2014
Unlike the typical movie goer, reviewers are acutely aware that films WHICH MAY SEEM UNREMARKABLE at the time of release can improve, like wine, with age.

This film is possibly the best teen comedy of the era.

That the cast is likable and works well together is a given.

What makes Eurotrip stand out are "set pieces" which stick in your mind decades later.

In my case, the ringing of the bell in the Vatican followed by the "white smoke" routine is unforgettable. But there are other gems here too.

Highly recommended.
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The sheer silliness of it just about makes up for how dumb, simple and occasionally offensive it is
bob the moo28 October 2007
Dumped by his girlfriend and humiliated by her very public cheating, Scott gets drunk and overreacts to a small bit of email friendliness from his male German penpal. The next day he is hung over and smells slightly of p1ss and vomit whenever his younger brother informs him that in Germany, Mieke is not "Mike" but a woman – so that amazingly hot girl in the photo he has was Mieke, not the guy standing next to her. Determined not to be predictable and miss out again, Scott joins friends Cooper, Jenny and Jamie on a trip across Europe to try and get to Berlin and, by extension, into Mieke.

I didn't expect anything from this film and maybe that helped because from the start the basic silliness of the comedy got me in the mood for this nonsense. It never gets better than the Matt Damon cameo singing the wonderful "Scotty Doesn't Know" while we watch Scott's acceptance of the humiliation dealt out to him, but it does mostly have good sport with a load of clichés and national stereotypes. Some of it is surprisingly funny and good natured and it is silly enough to engage and amuse without leaving a bad taste in the mouth. A good example of this is the English football hooligans – OK it is a bit offensive but the fact that it lacks any form of malice or intent makes it easier to enjoy. Of course you do need to be in an undemanding mood because it is not ever that funny and of course at times the crude simplicity does rather blunder across the screen.

The German child pretending to be Hitler is a particular low and shows that it is walking a very fine (and very crude line for most of the time) and there are a couple of other scenes that are almost as misjudged. I did laugh at the group living like kings on a US$1 in Eastern Europe, but also find it funny in other ways since the UK is currently enjoying $2 for every £1. This is the level of humour we are at with this and it is worth noting because if you are looking for even a smidgen more than the basics then you'll be let down. The cast reinforce this message by doing the minimum required for the target audience. Mechlowicz is a typical bland lead and can do nothing with the rubbish narrative given him to deliver, he is OK as far as the material goes but nothing more than that. Of course compared to Pitts, I would happily take him as my lover; no, I'm not gay, but that's how annoying I found the smug Pitts – smirking his way from behind his stupid floppy hairdo. Wester is solid in his character while Trachtenberg is stunning and makes great use of double-sided tape in the nightclub scene; she is only about twenty years old so it isn't hard for her to be hot and cover her limits in other areas. The supporting cast features a wealth of talent, most of whom are amusing but not up to their potential. Sterling, Tambor, Lumley, Jones, Bader, Serbedzija and of course Damon are all OK, but I'm pretty sure all of them (including the fine Patrick Malahide) are in it for the work and the money more than being part of a great project.

Silly, simple and stupid, while also walking a fine line between humorous stereotype and offensive caricature – a line that it does stumble across several times. If you are in the mood though it does have enough silly charm to make it slightly enjoyable; if you want more than the basics though, trust me you will tire of the nudity, sexual humour and stereotyping long before it ends.
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A wonderful romp!
MichaelLipik2 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sucks.

Luckily, I didn't pay money to see it in theaters or rent it, as that would forward the careers of the horrible writers and horrible director responsible for its creation.

After the initial plot hole of our idiotic main character traveling miles upon miles to Europe because his e-mail was "blocked" (rather than investing in a new e-mail address), I prepared for a rocky ride. Of course, Eurotrip delivered—shitty jokes, shitty acting, shitty cultural stereotypes, and a sexist rowdy romp of joy! The most amusing part of the DVD is that it includes "deleted scenes." Funny, because the entire movie should have been a deleted scene.

Want to lower your IQ? Watch Eurotrip. You won't regret it.
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I can't remember having seen a worse movie
talyra14 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Who in his right mind is going to laugh at this film? It's not about Europe, it's about Americans' prejudices about a continent they apparently know nothing about - at least the filmmakers didn't seem to be able to make a serious (or rather - as might have been their intention - funny) film about stereotypes. It could be done differently. This movie just shows that there are people who are not able to leave puberty behind. Well, if you think, England's inhabited by skinhead-hooligans only, in France everyone's just waiting for some retarded, immature American schoolboys to teach them to laugh, if you further believe every Italian is a gay mafioso, there's still something like the Hitler Youth in Germany and literally every European girl is fired up about the idea of f***ing American idiots like the above mentioned - just enjoy the film! You will learn nothing about Europe at all, but you might learn about your sexist, racist sense of humour.
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Who on Earth is giving this film good reviews?
fulani11 May 2005
Seriously - THE worst film I have ever seen. And I've seen Gigli. And Jaws 3D. Hell, Space Camp is one of my favourite films, but this?!? NONE of the jokes are funny, it's racist, xenophobic and stereotypical. It's poorly shot, casted, directed and produced. Not even slightly believable, and just plain NOT funny.

Notice how everyone who likes this film is American? That's because this film totally conforms to outdated American stereotypes of what Europe is like. I doubt the script writers have ever been outside the mainland US.

There are plot holes and location errors all over the place, perhaps if any of the lines or characters were vaguely humorous you could ignore this. But they're not. Nothing is funny about this film. Not even how bad it is. Send it to the bottom 100!
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It is terrible
fikas207 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a disaster. As an Italian, I think it sucks. The first 20 minutes were the best, other than this, it is a crap!! I don't know what those silly Americans want??!! They think they are the best and any other people are nothing but scums!! Anyway , I think it is desperate measures from people with no civilization! They were making fun from every country they visited, with stupid stereotypes. British = Hooligans & Rude Boys, France = Nude Beaches & hunger for sex, Netherland = Sex, fetish & drugs, Germany = Hitler & Nazi,East Europe = Extrem poverty and finally Italy = Gays & Nuts. What irritated me at lot was the sex scene that took place in the confessional. For God sake, this is too much!!! How do consider yourselves the best people on the planet while you were disgracing a such sacred place??!! How dare you shooting a such filthy scene in the House of God??!!! Believe me , i have never scene a scene like this even in the most pornographic movies. None had made it before!!!
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By my view too primitive movie (on American taste even)
vvpg23 February 2005
Cliché, stereotypes, offensive humor, failed tries on parody, simple disgusting... Kind of strange humor when parodying European towns and people, especially Bratislava? Perhaps "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas brings a "true picture" of the New York city, but it's much better in drift and action then this disposable piece...

Very poor action, the jokes are often over the top, shows Europe as a land of sex, lascivious and larcenous indulgence. They say, the most worth watching might be nude beach exposed scenes, and other parts cut from original copy, could be found in DVD extra section...
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No "Road Trip," but no "Eurotrash" either.
Victor Field3 July 2004
"Eurotrip" isn't really in the same league as the crass but hilarious "Road Trip" (also from DreamWorks Pictures and the Montecito Picture Company), though it shares the same mindset and basic premise of a guy trekking with his friends to sort out a misunderstanding with a lady. Unlike that movie, however, it doesn't have enough momentum to sustain itself all the way; it goes in stops and starts, with moments of real hilarity (like the robot mime duel in France set to "Two Tribes") between bits of the filmic equivalent of dead air.

The movie also has the strikes against it of coming from the writers of the excruciating "The Cat in the Hat," and of having a lead whose name keeps slipping my mind (and in fact the only one of the four principals who is immediately memorable is Michelle Trachtenberg). But this time Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer have a milieu that can take the crudity, and they're to be thanked for not having too many body function jokes (in a choice between flatulence gags and topless blondes with big breasts, the latter gets my vote every time). The heroes's journey through Europe brings up every single stereotype - football hooligans in England, sexually-uninhibited Dutch (shout-out to Lucy Lawless as a dominatrix in Amsterdam), way-behind-the-times Eastern Europeans ("'Miami Vice' number one show!"), sexually predatory Italians ("Mi scusi...") - but they paint the US characters in such similar broad strokes ("Europe's the size of Westwood Mall") that most people won't take offence. And that's quite an accomplishment for a movie which has a little German boy playing at being Adolf Hitler...

It's occasionally even stupider than it has to be, and the big climax in the Vatican (don't ask) could have been better handled, but the supporting cast and the cameos make up for the bland leading man, and it has enough laughs and enough fetching ladies (especially Molly Schade as the girl in the Jacuzzi at the party ["Is it off now?" "Keep rubbing it"] and Jessica Boehrs as the German penfriend who kicks off the plot) to make it a pleasant enough time-passer... although Joanna Lumley's cameo during the outtakes in the credits is an understandable omission from the main body of the film.

Two points to finish off: Jones tells a Vatican employee that he hates the Swiss, a surprisingly prescient remark from an English football fan (United International Pictures released "Eurotrip" in the UK around the time England were knocked out of the European Championships, for which a lot of people blamed the referee... who was Swiss); and Michelle Trachtenberg is not only getting more attractive as she gets older but can also - metaphorically and literally - look down on Sarah Michelle Gellar. Face it, she wasn't the one in "Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed."
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Not nearly as bas as they say
Adam Gyokhegyi24 June 2004
I have to disagree with most people before me, and say that this movie isn't as bad as its reputation. I definitely believe that you need a certain mindset to truly enjoy the way the movie pokes at nationalities, stereotypes and habits.

As a resident of the former eastern block I guess I should be somewhat hurt, since this region is also a target in the movie. However I find the portrayal of Bratislava and the people living there more than amusing. Same goes for French, Dutch, Germans and Italians. In fact, the stereotypes that are made fun of are extremely accurate. Also a lot more sophisticated, and I'd take the nudity humor any day before, for example the mind numbing stupidity of eating dog turd (American Pie 3), or any installment of the Scary Movie franchise.

All in all, it's a laugh! But if you're overly sensitive to stereotyping, and religious issues (making fun of the catholic church should definitely be allowed, god knows there's plenty to make fun of), then this movie is not for you. If you consider yourself to have a slightly twisted sense of humor, go for it.
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Not worth the film it took to shoot
drhawn27 February 2004
To call this "Sophmoric" would be to over-rate it. This film attempted to rise to the level of Animal House, Caddyshack, or American Pie. It failed. By the end of the movie, I was angry, not amused. I was angry because I had just spent money that would have been better used as kindling for a fire.

The film is a dis-jointed flop across Europe. The jokes are contrived, the nudity is obviously intended to keep the attention of the guys. The shock comedy is offensive, but not funny. The sex scene in the Vatican was the last load in a very large pile of crap.

Save yourself and your money. For a more enjoyable time, have a root canal. For a better use of your money, shred it or burn it. Better yet, send it to me, C/O the Red Cross.
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Better than you think it will be
tekkodbz23 April 2008
This movie is really hilarious! Trust me, when I heard about this movie I was 100% positive that I was going to hate it. I didn't like Road Trip so I really didn't want to watch this. My friend lent me the movie saying it was really funny, but I didn't watch it. It wasn't until my wife watched it one day when she was bored and told me that I had to watch it! I tell you, this movie is hilarious! That's all really I can say. Most of the jokes are immature, but you'll find yourself laughing in spite of it. Trust me, this movie is great and I comepletly recommend it, though I never thought I would! Much better than you expect!
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This is cheesy, cliché and predictable teen-comedy at its best.
Flagrant-Baronessa11 July 2006
Every now and then comes a teen-comedy in which the plot and plot twists are so predictable that they drag the whole movie down. This is not one of those, because while Eurotrip is certainly cliché, it is simultaneously hilarious and well worth the watch. The film has some very cheesy moments and within the first ten minutes you will probably be able to guess who ends up with whom in the end and which character goes through the biggest development.

However, none of this matters because sometimes comes a joke in Eurotrip that is just so funny it takes your breath away. This is stuff like a creepy Italian man on the train with the American teens as they travel through Europe, and all of his lewd passes as the train enters a tunnel. Or, the fact that two of the Americans--the two twins--get so wasted that they make out with each other. Or Vinnie Jones as a Mancunian football hooligan. And lastly, we have a Matt Damon who shaved his head to sing in a band specifically for this film. If stuff like that doesn't promise an awesome movie, nothing does. 7/10
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a piece of stereotype bullshit
amber g29 December 2006
Jeez!!!! do they actually give money to produce that kinda crap !!! i m not European but lived there long enough to know this is sooo far from the truth , i was wondering why that movie never came out in Europe ,now i understand... and then we wonder why we are soo hated in this part of the world ... if u ve never been to Europe and think that Brits r all Hooligans , Deutsh are all weird sex addicts , Bratislava some remote communist burnt land, Italians very keen on physical contacts and Germans still look up to Hitler ( and my German friend was quite offended by that creepy scene ) then this movie is definitely for you... i give it a 1 , cause it lacks consistency , u expect everything that happens to happen and u do wonder if the writer ve ever been to Europe ... OK one thing worth watching is the Awful Performance of Matt Damon as a "Good Charlotte"singer-wannabee ... lame sooo lame ... it s 2:25 am i m going to sleep ... Peace on you all and PLease don't pay to watch this CRAP !!!
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A truly American film
Andrei Apetroae23 November 2007
If you can get over the superficial insight of Europe that the director offers us, this is an exceptional movie. However it is too difficult to do so. This movie shows just how narrow minded some people are, showing just stereotypes that the whole world is sick of. I have browsed over the "goofs" taken out from this movie and I was surprised at first. But on the second thought this is what this movie is all about... Errors. Too many errors regarding European geography, too many errors regarding the European history. American screenplay writers and directors would do better if they took some minimal classes before the shoot any movie... Shame, shame, shame !!!
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