Riding the Bullet (2004) Poster

Jonathan Jackson: Alan Parker



  • Alan Parker : Yeah, there's nothing like a good funeral.

  • George Staub : Do you know who I am, Alan?

    Alan Parker : You're a ghost...

    George Staub : BOO!

  • Alan Parker : [Alan's inner me]  Happy birthday.

    Alan Parker : Yeah. Happy birthday to me.

  • Hippie Guy : What's in Lewiston?

    Alan Parker : I've gotta see my mom in the hospital.

    Hippie Guy : Oh, shit. Is she sick?

    Alan Parker : [his inner me; to Alan]  No, she hangs out there. Pulls out a few tricks for a couple of bucks. Kind like a hobby.

  • Alan Parker : Shit, one more life or death seems pretty insignificant in the greater planetary scheme of things.

  • Jessica Hadley : Now, who loves you?

    Alan Parker : My mom.

    Jessica Hadley : Who else?

    Alan Parker : Ehm, baby Jesus?

    Jessica Hadley : Funny. Who else?

    Alan Parker : You?

    Jessica Hadley : I guess you've got prove of that, don't you?

  • [Repeated line] 

    Alan Parker : Fun is fun. And done is done.

  • Hippie Guy : You know, my mom died in the hospital. Heavy shit. She had lung cancer and she weighed like 75 pounds when she died.

    Alan Parker : [inner voice]  Thanks for sharing that, asshole. I feel much better now.

  • Alan Parker : My mom's a mother for peace.

    Hippie Guy : Oh that's cool. Hey, were you in the service?

    Alan Parker : No. Student deferment. You?

    Hippie Guy : Oh, fuck no man. They tried to drag my ass to Vietnam, but I ain't going down there man. I'm not going to go get killed, you know, I dig life. Give peace a chance, right?

  • Hector Passmore : Show him the picture. He sold it to the school paper.

    Archie Howard : I got 25 bucks man!

    Alan Parker : Are you going to split it with me? I mean it is my naked ass in the paper.

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