Lords of Dogtown (2005) Poster

Nikki Reed: Kathy Alva



  • Kathy Alva : Take your boxers off.

    Jay : No way.

  • Skip : [after Stacy received the Z-boys t-shirt at the diner]  You earned it, bro...

    Sid : Yeah, you're one of us now!

    Jay : That maggot has always been one of us.

    Skip : Yeah, wear it with pride, man.

    Stacy : You know I will!

    Skip : Hey, Stacey, that t-shirt will get you more titty than you ever dreamed of, man!


    Kathy Alva : I got my boy covered, Skip.


  • Tony : I just wanted Dad to see the stupid trophy.

    Kathy Alva : Who gives a shit about Dad?

    Skip : Yeah, hey, man, listen. You stood up for your friend. We're proud of you.

    Tony : [yelling at the judges]  This contest don't mean shit to me anyway!

  • Stacy : Skip called me ''bro''!

    Kathy Alva : Skip called you ''bro''?

    Stacy : Yeah, he said ''bro''!

    Kathy Alva : No, he didn't.

    Stacy : Yes, he did. He said ''you look hungry, bro''.

    Kathy Alva : He said ''you look hungry, bro''?

    Stacy : Yes, totally!

    Kathy Alva : Skip Engbloom doesn't call anybody ''bro''.


  • Skip : [at the diner]  Hey you guys made a mess at that contest today... They look at you as the enemy now, right?

    Montoya : But it's good to have enemies! A toast!

    [everybody raises glasses] 

    Kathy Alva : A toast!

    Montoya : To the boy kings... You're all a bunch of filthy pillow biters!

    [Sticks his fork in his glass of water, and splashes the Z-Boys] 

  • Kathy Alva : Should my weight be on my back foot?

    Stacy : Yeah, well, that's how I do it. But it might be different, though, the whole center-of-gravity thing for girls.

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