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"How's that for a wakeup call?"
jonathankui13 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved DEADER, and I feel that it's one of the strongest additions to the series since HELLBOUND. So, I held back from watching HELLWORLD so that I could have something to look forward to watching in the future (as I hadn't read ANY of the comments in this thread...) Finally, I decided to gave in and decided to watch it last night.

I am utterly shocked at the chasm in quality between DEADER and HELLWORLD. Stylistically, HELLWORLD has all the makings of a PG-13 theater horror flick. There were only two things that stopped it from being PG-13; one was the presence of a few vividly sexual scenes and the second was insufficient death to be a teenage slasher.

I'm all for trying new things with the franchise. Certainly, almost every installment since HELLBOUND has taken the franchise in a new direction (well... except maybe HELLSEEKER.) Regardless, DEADER showed us that a decent, intelligent (though at times incomprehensible) Hellraiser story can even be woven from a non-Hellraiser work. I'm assuming that the HELLWORLD script was written specifically for the franchise, and I have to tell you, this was far from a good story.

1) CHARACTERS - The first half of the film is driftingly slow. It revolves around the characters spending troves of time on each, yet managing to develop NONE of them. The token minority/asthmatic served little purpose beyond poorly timed comic relief, the horny bastard was NOTHING more than a horny bastard, the brooding teenager was nothing more than a brooding teenager, Chelsea tried oh so hard, and the British girl was a throwaway. How can you spend 45 minutes barely moving the plot forward, and STILL not expand the characters beyond two dimensions?! (And by the way, I think someone should recut the film and edit out the asthmatic comic the way STAR WARS fans edited that annoying fellow out of Episode 1. At least the film would be SOMEwhat darker.)

2) MUSIC - Nothing said "PG-13 teenage slasher wannabe" like lots and lots of party rock. It absolutely killed almost any sense of mystery and darkness that this film COULD have approximated.

3) CENOBITES - I love Chatterer, Bound and Pinhead, but come on. Where was the aura of majesty and intrigue and control that make the Cenobites so alluring? They were reduced to little more than slashers. Honestly, Henriksen could have done the killing scenes himself and it would have probably been BETTER. I'm all for keeping Cenobitic appearances limited, but then when you DO use them, for God's sakes, use them WELL.

4) "HOW'S THAT FOR A WAKEUP CALL?" - Besides the fact that the ending made less sense than the ending of BLOODLINE, and that it was probably more far-fetched than the ending of HELLSEEKER, throwing in this oneliner was the single worst thing they could have done other than have the Cenobites burst forth into glorious song... Pinhead has NEVER sunk to pun oneliners (unless I've forgotten.) Even in HELL ON EARTH, the puns were limited to the makeshift Cenobites, and Pinhead retained his majesty with some fantastic speeches. Someone needs to tell the screenwriter that he was writing for a HELLRAISER film, not A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

5) SHODDY EDITING - Take your DVDs to timecode 1:01:41 and watch closely with the volume up until 1:02:20. Ignore the fact that Pinhead jams a wooden stake (?!) through the cop's throat. Watch the actors' mouths and listen to the dialog and just picture the actress and a voice-over actor in a recording studio with headphones, microphones and a sound mixer. This was the most POORLY CONCEALED looping I've seen since HELL ON EARTH's "S***!!! GASOLINE!" And at least that was only one line, not an entire exchange. I'm all for ADR, but TRY to do it a bit better...

6) ENDING (SPOILER WARNING) - This was a lot like A.I. (the Spielberg film), in that it could have ended several times, but was dragged unmercifully on and on. It could have ended with Chelsea screaming in the coffin. That would have been best under the circumstances. Or it could have ended at her rescue. Or it could have ended with Lance looking at his son's photo. But no, they threw in a puzzle solution with no apparent reason. (See #4.) And then they dragged it out EVEN FURTHER with a vanride and scenes from the police arrival at the hotel room.

7) The minor stuff - Then there's the stuff that's just plain petty, things that annoyed me in this film, but probably wouldn't have in a stronger film: 1) Lance, lose the earring. You're cooler without it. 2) In the scene in the attic (1:13:00) In ONE minute of edited footage, they cut to the flapping pigeons SEVEN BLEEDING TIMES! ENOUGH!!!! 3) Did anybody notice in the beginning that van had a European license plate while driving and then pulled up with an imitation New York one? That was just blatant. *sigh* ...


"How's that for a wakeup call?!" THAT was how we followed DEADER?! If there's EVER, EVER another HELLRAISER film on the table, please, PLEASE give it to Tim Day to correct FIRST.

"How's that for a wakeup call?" *sigh* On the other hand, it was begrudgingly better than VAN HELSING.
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The farmer and the hell
jklein878710 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Your suffering will be legendary, even in direct to video sequels! Doug Bradley gets another paycheck as Pinhead in the newest poopfest from Rick Botard, Hellraiser: Hellworld. This time, Rick insults the fans by having a story that acts as if Hellraiser was a movie and all made up. A bunch of cool style kids (punk girl, heroine, jerky guy, hero, and black guy) play a computer game and win a chance to go to a lame as hell (get it????) party run by Lance Henriksen who starts killing the kids off one by one because he blames them for the death of his son who poured gasoline on his body because Rick Botard wanted him to be in a Hellraiser sequel. At first I felt sorry for Lance but then I remembered he was in Mangler 2 so he deserves what he gets. Lance, we loved you in Aliens and Near Dark so stop making direct to video sequels! What's next, Prophecy: Lancelot the Angel or Witchcraft VXIVX: Couldron of Lance? Oh I got one, Children of the Corn 8: Lance's Children! These Hellraiser movies have turned into a Freddy's Nightmares but without Freddy and with Pinhead. Is it real or a dream? Who cares! I asked myself the same question as I was watching this DVD. I would have rather paused it on one of the scenes of nudity, send some knuckle children onto the TV set, and go to bed.
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I figured it out!
Anonymous_Maxine10 January 2006
Hey you wanna know what I hate? Lines of dialogue like this:

"You been away from the dark realm a while, Chels, how'd it feel playin' again?"

"Just like any other ultra-violent twenty-four hour wildly popular and yet utterly purposeless embraced-by-the-masses Internet role-playing game."

It's one of those lines of dialogue that they always put into movies like Hellraiser 8 that are impossible to avoid sounding like they were written and re-written and rehearsed and re- rehearsed and then finally they just give up trying to make it sound natural after 30 or 40 takes and, exasperated, just drop the best bad take into the movie. That, being said, let me tell you what I have figured out.

After years if deliberation about what it takes to make a good horror movie and what is missing in a bad one, after countless theories (the presence of teenagers or college-age kids being near the top of that list, by the way), I have finally discovered for certain the exact point at which a movie stops being scary and good and instantly becomes stupid and bad. There is a perfect illustration of the solution near the end of this film, when Chelsea gets locked in the room and Adam starts calling to her from under the floor.

She has becomes absorbed in some photo album despite having found herself locked into the creepiest attic imaginable, and she hears someone whispering her name from behind her. She spins around just in time to see a hand disappear beneath a crack in the floorboards, and she cautiously moves over to investigate. As she peers into the hole, she continues to hear her name being called and she can see the tiniest glimpse of a face in the darkness, and at this point I am absolutely cringing in my chair. No matter how sure I am that something is going to spring out in a situation like that it still gets to me.

And then she did something stupid.

Literally the instant Chelsea put her hand through that crack in the floorboards, I immediately relaxed, almost to the point of breathing a sigh of relief because I didn't have to worry anymore because I completely stopped caring. And it's not just because she doesn't realize she's in a horror movie (despite the fact that the entire cast of this movie are hardcore Hellraiser fans, so the fourth wall has already been breached), it's because the moment her hand crosses the threshold of that crack in the boards she instantly ceases to be a victim.

And you know what my analogy is? Suicide! When someone in a horror movie does something that stupid, it is generally because the filmmakers need to have the character killed off but can't think of a really clever way to have it happen, so they just have the character do something monumentally stupid, but the problem is that this places the blame for their death on themselves, and in a horror movie, it's not only not scary when someone is attacked after doing something as idiotic as putting her hand through the crack in the floorboards because she thinks she sees her dead friend down there, it's satisfying, and not in the good way either.

Stupidity should be painful, but in the movies, it should be lethal.

That being said, it's amazing how little effort was made into making it clear what exactly was going on in the movie. It starts out with the funeral of a college age kid having been killed because of his over-involvement in something called Hellworld, which itself is never very clearly explained. His friends later mourn that they all knew what was happening to him but still kept playing Hellworld, although if you watch the making-of featurettes on the DVD, Director Rick Bota refers to Hellworld as "a website, or video game." It's kind of an ominous sign when even the director doesn't know what his movie is about. Either that or he doesn't know the difference between a website and a video game.

The story follows the death of their friend, something about that game, and then cuts to a few years later when all of his friends get invited to a party celebrating the said video game. Needless to say, it's kind of like an overblown Halloween party where everyone seems to be fascinated with the macabre (serious macabre, too, like dead babies in jars, sounds like a blast), and girls randomly pull their breasts out (curiously, the first bit of wildly gratuitous nudity is followed by the following exchange – "Gratuitous breasts?" "Necessary breasts! Ha ha ha!" Clever.).

When all is said and done and you finally realize what has been happening throughout the entire movie, it is such a ludicrous and ridiculous twist that it distantly surpasses the Saw movies for absurdity. If you thought Jigsaw had some time on his hands to come up with some incredibly complex machines of torture, wait until you see the plot that is hatched by the Host (played by Lance Henriksen, who wastes his talent completely in this movie).

Also don't miss the making-of featurette on the DVD, in which you can witness Pinhead eating a piece of pizza and, my favorite, Khary Payton, one of the actors in the film, makes the following mysterious analogy – "Horror movies are like roller coasters, you know, they're not gonna win Oscars or that kind of thing, but they're just a lot of fun."

I don't know, Khary, have you ridden Xtreme at Magic Mountain in Southern California? I see an Oscar in that ride's future!
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Cinemax Movies Masquerading as Hellraiser
crazygonuts19787 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After the abortion that was "Deader" I really wanted to enjoy this. It opened interestingly enough. And it was set in a reality where Hellraiser is acknowledged and it powers a super hip video game. The movie tries to borrow from Wes Craven's New Nightmare by putting the reality in the fiction. The set up was rad too. Nods to the old films, and characters who knew their Cenobites from overbites.

Maybe if the film depended on their knowledge of how a Hellraiser film or myth plays out it could have been clever.

It did not. Once they hit the house, the whole thing starts a downward spiral and doesn't stop until the end credits. Rick Bota turns up his same movie-making cheap tricks. It's there, it's not there, Oh wait! You're dreaming! You might know this trick from Oh...Hellseeker on..and on..and, MAN I HATED DEADER! BUT I DESPISE HELLWORLD! Lance Henriksen lends the outfit a modicum of class by being..well Lance Henriksen.

And it seems like the sex scenes are completely gratuitous now, they no longer serve the plot, they just move a character from one room to the other. Not like Hellraiser I where Frank and Julia's sex meant something. It's pathetic in parts V-VIII.

The film had a nifty concept with the cell phones and the masks but it never follows through.

A couple of nifty moments involving an impostor cenobite, a cop who radios for help one last time, and a house I would love to party in.

And this is perhaps the greatest insult of it all. Pinhead has MAYBE a total of 2 minutes screen time. And he's not the same. He's not the amazing host of hell who imparts the tales of suffering anymore. Instead he's an unleashed boring as all get out serial killer who keep saying the same inane lines! Here I'll give you his entire film dialogue. "Adam was right." "Do you believe him yet Jake?" "Do you see?" "This is just the beginning." "Welcome to Hell." and the one that made Freddy Krueger scream WTF!? "How's that for a wakeup call?" Lame ending, terrible music, and basically just an excuse for Dougie and Lance to earn a paycheck. Clive must be shaking his head in wonderment at this horrible exercise in sub par craft.

The only reason I'm keeping the disc is because the incredibly hot female lead runs around in pleather pants for the duration of the film. I can mute it if I want to. And I want to!! Send these Hellraisers to Hell please! It ended with Bloodline if you ask me!
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Worst Hellraiser movie yet...
CyberRax23 September 2005
Now, don't get me wrong: the movie by itself wasn't *that* bad, it was just horrible (no, not in *that* way) in the Hellraiser context. The problem, you see, is the following: the first half of the series (yes, even the 4th installment which most people dislike) were monster-movies - a mysterious box, a couple of evil looking beings that came with it, and a lot of unlucky people who came in contact with them - while "Inferno" and the rest have been turned into mind game movies, where people see things which may, or may not, be related to the box...

What we have in "Hellworld" is a genuine mediocre teen slasher: 5 young people, who were once dedicated players of the Internet based game "Hellworld" but are taking it cooler since the suicide of their fellow player, get invited to a big party. From the beginning things seem weird and soon our heroes start to die one by one... And that's it. Pinhead, once a scary creature from Hell, has basically been turned into a serial killer with minimum imagination. The whole "you dared to open the box, we came, now you'll be tortured for all eternity" is gone. It's quite obvious that this script wasn't written with Hellraiser in mind. It's actually a mystery why it was even made part of the series, when it'd worked quite nicely independently... It could have used more deaths though.

I have to mention two positive things about the movie: Lace (hey, it doesn't matter if it's a brilliant masterpiece or Z-class production when Lance is in it!) and the fact that everybody was familiar with the Hellraiser mythology (the main character Chelsea even mentions that cenobites could never attack her because she would never open the box... beside the fact that it's all just fiction).

But all in all I'd give it a 4 out of 10 - not enough deaths, lame story, has virtually nothing to do with the Hellraiser franchise, but the deaths were OK and Lace played along.
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totally inept - i feel insulted
troyanov7 September 2005
i want that hour and something of my life i spent watching this back. how this ever got greenlighted, for god's sake? the previous installment was excellent, but this one is simply abysmal.

i am a HUGE fan of the franchise and never got bored watching any of the previous movies, but i couldn't finish this one. what a bore... easily the crappiest movie i have seen this year.

plot - what plot ? acting - what acting ? scenes lifted from other movies all around. even lance seemed bored, the expression on his face, clearly saying - i know it's crap, but, hey, at least it'll pay the rent...
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Cinematic Excrement
habib_phil6 September 2005
This movie was terrible. I can't believe all the good reviews it got. This is easily the worst movie ever to bear the name Hellraiser, and if it weren't for Lance Henriksen, it wouldn't have even been a 2 in my book.

The acting ranged from mediocre (Chelsea) to downright abysmal (Jake), with the lone exception being Henriksen in his usual calm and menacing demeanor. The dialogue was clichéd, and Pinhead was turned into a crude mixture of Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. He is supposed to be an arbiter, a ferryman to the other-worldly pleasures of the Hellraiser world, not some mindless killer of teenie-boppers. I couldn't care about any of the characters, which is what so painfully divides this movie from the 1st, which was built upon its characters. This is like Scream, except without any meaningful attempt at suspense or scares. The whole movie was so damn predictable that I was able to call every surprise.

I could tell though, before any of drivel that passed as "horror" in a franchise that isn't even supposed to be horror, that this movie would suck based on the Pinhead shirt one of the characters was wearing. That and a guy in a cenobite mask removed all attempts at a dignified motion picture before it even really began.

What disappoints me so much though is not the crappy acting, the swiss-cheese plot, or the sheer failure to achieve even mediocrity. Its how far this movie has fallen form the 1st or the 5th. Hell, Deader was worlds better than this, and even 3 and 4 had at least good quotes. This movie is an embarrassment, and Clive Barker should be infuriated at how his once-noble franchise has been mutilated.
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What? This is definitely not Hellraiser, Mr. Bota
WilliamLax200025 September 2005
I don't waste my words for this movie. I knew the Comics the movies and the novel. The first from Bota was good. Better then INFERNO. I make it short. Bad acting. Bad Pinhead. Bad Light. Bad music. Bad writing. Bad. bad. Bad. Bad DIRECTOR. The Horror in this movie is very small. The actors plays like bored first time actors. And this modern editing with Rockmusic and speeder velocity is out. And why teens. Why not older People? Please Mr. Bota. Stop to direct the Hellraiser movies. Every Hellraiser fan would make a better Hellraiser movie. A bad 3 from a bad 10. I couldn't believe it how bad and uninspiring that movie is.

I hope Barker never see this. ;)
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Unique and good idea, and better than Inferno and Hellseeker.
DemijanOmeragic22 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this at a small screening down in Schenectady.

***Slight Spoilers Might Be Below***

"Hellraiser: Hellworld" is a movie about "Hellraiser" itself. Five good friends, fans of the Hellraiser computer games each receive an invitation from a site called Hellworld.net to come to a secret mansion, alone. Once there, the action begins.

Lance Henriksen puts a good performance (like always) as one of the dead kids' angry father.

Very suspenseful, gory, and action-packed. Found it to be a good and unique idea, and liked it more than Hellraiser: Inferno and Hellraiser: Hellseeker. Others might not. Cool ending as well.

I give it 7 out of 10.

D. O.
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I've seen worse
furrybum17 September 2005
I've got to say i wasn't too impressed with this to be honest. I love the original hellraisers and i just keep hoping that they make at least 1 more decent sequel but thats looking unlikely.

Having said that i've seen worse films but its seems to have gone down the the traditional slasher film a bit too much. The real shame is that there's some good ideas in it. They just don't seem to have been pulled off.

Don't go out of your way to watch this unless you're really into the series. It doesn't add anything, just offers a slightly different slant on the story.
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something different for the franchise
nathall10 September 2005
After seeing a bunch of these negative reviews, which are completely unwarranted BTW, I feel compelled to speak up in defense of Hellworld.

First of all, this movie is not *NEARLY* as bad as these people are making it out to be. And I have been a fan of Hellraiser since the first movie.

I go into movies not knowing what to expect, and therefor not expecting anything, aside from expecting to enjoy the movie on some level.

That said, this movie is completely and entirely different than any of the other movies in the series. Obviously you can say that about any of the Hellraiser movies compared to any of the others, but this movie is on an entirely different level.

I felt this movie is all around a whole lot of fun, almost a "valentine" to fans of the Hellraiser series. Like you step back and take a look at the first seven movies as a series (of sorts), and then this as a separate entity dedicated to their legacy.

This movie is not about Pinhead, Leviathan, the Box, it's history, an individual's internal evil, or their own personal hell. This movie is about fans of the series (like you and I) and one exciting night in their lives that goes bad.

FWIW, Pinhead and the Cenobites are not *AT ALL* demoted to Freddy Kruger analogues spewing one-liners for their comedic effect, as others have posted here previously. I wonder if these folks have actually watched the movie.

Do not go into this movie expecting something intellectual, because you won't find it. This movie has a lot of fun, and it does it well. You also can't go into this movie expecting to see something like any of the other movies, because you won't find that either. "Dark," "creepy," and "twisted" are probably the adjectives you use to describe the other episodes in the series. Those don't apply here, except maybe "twisted" to some extent. You probably won't be frightened watching this movie. But the gore is *definitely* there, and Hellworld accomplishes it in an interesting and fun (there's that word again) way.

You might be able to call some of the shots along the way, but I can almost guarantee you won't call the final twist.

Being the avid Hellraiser fan that I am, I bought this movie the day it came out and watched it. I thoroughly enjoyed it on the level mentioned above. And I will watch it again.

I don't see it as an extension of Clive Barker's original vision for these movies, but rather a tribute to some part of that.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10. I give it a 7 because I enjoyed the movie, but the acting by most of the leads could have used a bit of work. OK, maybe more than a bit. But Lance Henriksen, as ALWAYS, was simply fantastic. Long live Lance! If you enjoy any of the Hellraiser movies, I recommend you at least rent this movie and give it a chance. Watch it like a tribute to your favorite series. I think you'll enjoy it.
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A fine example of how not to tell a story
shulmanator21 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this. After five bad sequels of a potentially likable franchise had passed, I had hopes that somewhere along the line, someone actually cared.

The biggest problem with this film is the script, or at least how it turned out on film. The story is SUPPOSED to be a mystery, but it's not.

In a mystery, the audience has one big question and a few smaller questions that drive our attention from scene to scene, in hopes of finding out the answers to those burning questions. In the case of Hellworld, we're given no clue as to what question we're supposed to be asking, except to ask, "what question are we supposed to be asking?".

We're in a perpetual state of not knowing what we're supposed to be concerned about until 80 minutes into the film, when instead of revealing the answers to the mystery by making connections in our mind for ourselves, we're dealt a five minute scene of the villain saying, "Let me explain my dastardly plan that's been going on for the last 80 minutes, that you as an audience were completely unaware of, while you watched random scenes that still don't make any sense or have any connection to the plot, even after I've explained it." During the first act, assuming there was one, I was getting a sense that the film was predictable, but I was wrong. You might think that's a good thing, but it's not, because the predictions I made were way better than the actual unfolding. I was teased into thinking there was a chance this might be good.

Pinhead shows up only a few times briefly during the that first 80 minutes, only to do things that his character never does or would do.

The film is full of "red herrings" disguised as important subplots. Subplots are supposed to mean something and have an arc. For instance, Lance Henriksen's party has a system to it, in which the party-attenders wear white masks with a number on their forehead. When a party-attender sees someone whose body they like, they dial their cell number to engage in sexual activities. You would think this mask thing would play into the plot, especially since it's discussed in detail and used throughout the film, but it doesn't do anything except make the audience go, "Hey, that's kind of a neat idea for a party.". Nothing else is done with it. It's one of many wasted opportunities in the story.

The predictable ending comes where Lance Henriksen has to face Pinhead and go to hell. Instead of torturing him and taking him to hell, Pinhead just chops Lance into three pieces for no apparent reason. Then the ghost of Lance appears briefly in the car of the barely known "protagonists" to scare them, also for no apparent reason or logic. The movie closes on police finding the bloody room where Lance got chopped up and we see the puzzle box on the floor and we stare at it for about 10 seconds........also for no apparent reason, as loud, awful and completely out of place rock music plays over the end.

On a technical level, this film was obviously shot in a hurry. There's never a single noteworthy shot in the film. No angles that were carefully chosen. No artsy one-point perspectives to make it feel like religion was a topic of the film. Just mostly regular 3/4 angle point-and-shoot. The editing work does not belong in feature films. I don't know if it was the editor or the director making this decision, but the film is chock full of MTV music video time-jumps and aperture flashes that don't do ANYTHING significant. In fact, even if there was a good story, these flashy techniques would pull you right out of the film because all you can think about are the "clever" editing techniques.

Still, this is way better than "Urban Legends 3".

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Come back Kevin Yagher - all is forgiven!
auteurus8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Clive Barker's original Hellraiser is a seminal horror film. Even Hellraiser Four (directed by Kevin Yagher as Alan Smithee) is a distant memory of heaven compared to Rick Bota's three dreadful sequels, Hellseeker, Deader and Hellworld.

Hellraiser:Hellworld sets the bar even lower than I imagined possible after the abysmal example set by Deader, the seventh film in the series. Dimension throws this beloved franchise to the dogs with another Eastern European disaster that lacks any tension or style whatsoever. Each of these sequels started life as an unrelated script with the Hellraiser elements grafted on in Frankenstein fashion, and Hellworld is no exception.

Like too many recent films, Hellworld relies on the metafiction structure pioneered in horror films by Wes Craven's New Nightmare and Scream, but it is a halfhearted attempt as the computer game of the title is barely explained. The clichéd teen protagonists are absolutely predictable, the dialog is dreadful and the resulting mess is painful to watch. Pinhead is an empty caricature about as menacing as Thomas the Tank Engine. The film feels like it was made on autopilot, from the 'rave' scenes through to the jarring music mix and rapid edits and finishing with a cheesy montage. If there was any justice in the world, Doug Bradley and Lance Henriksen would get better movie gigs, Rick Bota would stick to directing bad TV movies and Clive Barker would come to his senses and force them to remove his name from this garbage.

The sad truth is the Hellraiser franchise has been deader than Uncle Frank for over a decade, but Dimension are determined to hammer more nails into the coffin until they have rung the last cent out of it. Less original series like Friday the 13th, and Halloween have wavered but ultimately recovered over the years. Sadly it appears the Hellraiser series is completely doomed despite its original promise and flair.
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hellworld - is this real?
francis-rega19 September 2005
as usual, being a big hellraiser fan i was looking forward to the next episode; after seeing hellworld, there is only one conclusion: this time the really f... up!!!! i cannot understand how the makers of this movie did their job; the movie is really bad, weak plot, bad cast... pinhead does not deserve to be mistreated that way; the end of a legend? i hope not, but this sequel must be forgotten asap. I have seen a lot of B-horror movies that were much better. the story is really awful!!! according to hellraiser standards this is the worse that has ever been made, and a slap in the face of every pinhead fan. I wonder why Doug Bradley even accepted to play that part after reading the script! a first class shame
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A Party in Hell
claudio_carvalho22 February 2007
He youngsters Chelsea (Katheryn Winnick), Allison (Anna Tolputt), Derrick (Khary Payton) and Mike (Henry Cavill) are grieving the suicide of their friend Adam (Stelian Urian), who became obsessed with an internet game called Hellworld. Their former friend Jake (Christopher Jacot) blames the group since they have not stopped playing the game even when Adam was unstable. When they receive an invitation to a Hellworld party in an isolated mansion, the reluctant Chelsea decides to join the group and they surprisingly find Jake in the party. He explains that he was invited by a girl he met in a chat room. They are hosted by the owner of the place (Lance Henriksen), who shows them his private macabre collection. Along the night, they find that they are in a party in hell.

"Hellworld" certainly is not a good movie, since it is full of clichés and has many silly dialogs and situations. However, it is not also as bad as indicated in many reviews. With the exception of the excellent classic "Hellraiser", and the sequel "Hellbound: Hellraiser II", all the other movies of this franchise are only reasonable entertainment. I have just watched "Hellworld" with a very low expectation, and in the end I found an average teen horror movie. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Hellworld – O Mundo do Inferno" ("Hellworld – The World of Hell")
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"Like a bad horror movie, isn't it?"
Bored_Dragon17 January 2019
Another one in a series of scenarios that are obviously not originally written for the franchise, but subsequently adapted to fit into it. Not particularly successful this time. Frankly, I was bored. I can not specifically point a finger and say, "This is bad." Nothing in this movie is particularly bad, but nothing is particularly good either, so it's all together forgettable and leaves no impression. The premise is interesting, but it is developed to the unconvincing and unexciting story. The music is not annoying, but it's not catchy either, and by no means contributes to the atmosphere. But there's really no atmosphere, or tension, or fear... Not even decent jump-scares. The acting varies from bad to mediocre, and even famous names such as Lance Henriksen, Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha from the "Vikings") and Henry Cavill (the last Superman) are totally unimpressive. I did not even recognize Lagertha until the end credits. In short, to answer the question from the headline: No, it isn't LIKE a bad horror movie - it IS a bad horror movie. However, the premise brings refreshment in the franchise, there are beautiful and naked girls and some nicely done gore, and I liked the final twist, so I can not completely bury it (pun intended).

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so far away from Hellraiser that even Bradley stopped playing pinhead
trashgang28 September 2016
What is this, what has this to do with Hellraiser, nothing at all, sure the lament configuration is there and there's an online game but let that be all. And pinhead do appears but he isn't what he is used to be. No punishment at all, okay, here we do have back some cenobites but that's it.

Pinhead is really forced into the story to make a Hellraiser flick but it didn't work at all. He do uses his one-liners but it's so forced and I really got pity with Bradley that he was involved in this little stinker.

Also, it's the first Hellraiser with that amount of nudity. Sadly, it doesn't add a thing to Hell. It's also the franchise that we see Bradley performing for the last time as pinhead, Revealtions (2011) was the follow-up and we all knew what that was, a flop.

Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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OK cheapie video release
ctomvelu-121 October 2008
A group of college kids who have messed around with the Lament Configuration in an online Hellraiser game, resulting in the death of one of the group before the movie has begun, are invited to a party at the mansion once owned by the man who created the puzzle box in the first place. There they are met by Lance Henrickson (!), who is hosting a big party for Hellraiser game fans. From this point, confusion reigns until the last five minutes when all is neatly explained away. The ending definitely contains a neat and unexpected twist, but one cannot forgive what has gone before and which takes well over an hour to get to the point. Decent gore, although true Hellraiser fans will be puzzled (no pun intended) by some of the goings-on,which bear no resemblance to the Hellraiser canon -- that is, until Lance explains all at the end. Pinhead is strictly a fleeting guest in this one, which has happened before, God knows. The film is new enough to have been influenced by the SAW series and the basic plot as such (discounting the explanation at the end) is straight out of the HALLOWEEN flick where the crowd gathers for a night of live televised fun and terror in Michael's family home. Shot back to back with HELLRAISER: DEADERS by the same director in Romania, this one is a notch above that incredibly dreary effort. Ah well, we can only await the cinematic remake of the original HELLRAISER.
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Well written and played
Zwaudz10 September 2005
I found this a refreshing change of pace for the Hellraiser series. After Hellraiser Bloodline, each of the new additions to the series have been different and capable of standing on their own as a story and this one is no exception. The actors play the parts they need to in an acceptable to better than average fashion and the story unfolds at a good pace which leads to an unexpected climax. I wonder at some of the commentary left about this film-- I wonder if the people who slammed it so heavily really understood it. As for me- this was an unexpectedly good addition to the Hellraiser series. If you are a devotee of Hellraiser, you owe it to yourself to ignore some of the negative reviews and just see and judge this one for yourself. 10 stars for an inventive and original storyline.
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Awful. Not related with the Hellraiser saga (WARNING!!: Contains spoiler)
cyber994011 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Awful movie. Simply, is not related with the Hellraiser saga. The movie takes elements from the "Hellraiser culture" but is really another kind of movie, about a man that takes revenge against his dead son friends.

The real "Hellraiser" parts are in the beginning and the end of the plot. The rest is another movie.

BTW : about the plot description : "Pinhead returns to terrorize computer hackers that have opened a virtual Lament Configuration on the website Hellworld.com." (Description taken from IMDb)

1)Pinhead does not return to terrorize anyone. (in fact, Pinhead appears only in the imagination of the characters) 2)There's no computer hackers involved 3)There's no such "virtual Lament Configuration"
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The second worst in the series!
jellyneckr11 September 2005
Like Freddy Krueger, Micahel Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Chucky, Pinhead has become a pop culture icon the years. He first appeared in Clive Barker's novel "The Hellbound Heart", which was later turned into the 1987 hit movie HELLRAISER, which was written and directed by Barker. The success of HELLRAISER lead to three theatrical sequels, comics, and action figures. In the eighteen years since its release, the cult status HELLRAISER as grown bigger and bigger. Knowing they have an audience of die-hard Pinhead fans, executives at Dimension Films insist on cranking out a new direct-to-video sequel every few years. None of them are particularly any good, but I just like the legion of other Pinhead fans, watch them with the hope that one of the sequels with be as good as the original HELLRAISER. This year saw the release of two direct-to-video sequels. The first was HELLRAISER: DEADER, which was better than the average direct-to-video release, but still not nearly as good as HELLRAISER was. The second direct-to-video sequel featuring Pinhead to be released in 2005 is HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD, a film so lackluster that makes all the other direct-to-video Hellraiser sequels look like cinematic gold. 'HELLWORLD' is yet another horror flick that seems to have been inspired by Wes Craven's NEW NIGHTMARE. However, while NEW NIGHTMARE was a clever and original horror picture, HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD is anything but. The premise seems dated and it is not nearly as clever as the filmmakers believe it is. The plot is just one of the many faults with this poorly edited, dreadfully acted, and misdirected failure. Like HELLRAISER: DEADER, 'HELLWORLD' was long delayed and it's not hard to see why. It's sloppily put together and for something that is supposed to be a horror thriller, lacks tension altogether. On the plus side, the make-up and effects are decent, some gratuitous nudity is thrown in, and Lance Henrisken is good in his role. The best thing that can be said about it is that it is not quite as bad as HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE. With any luck, this will be the last Hellraiser sequel. If there is actually yet another sequel, hopefully Clive Barker will be involved. The franchise as lost its steam. It's time for Pinhead to finally die. My rating: 4/10
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Hellworld: Hellworld - Sadly Back To Poor Form!
jwmorris200214 September 2005
After a couple of years on the shelf we finally get to see the 8th film in this once outstanding horror franchise "Hellraiser - Hellworld". The plot seems to be a bit thrown together and with the exceptions of earlier films (Possibly up to "Hellraiser: Bloodline") it is just a poor and unworthy sequel. Mainly I think due to the lack of screen time the "Cenobites" get. They have been almost cameo characters since "Hellraiser: Inferno" and i do feel this is the later films downfall. I think you need a monster to build a horror franchise around (Like Freedy, Jason, Michael Myers) and when these characters have little screen time it becomes boring and only has slightly tenuous links to the series. The later films could have been stand alone features if you take the very slight "Hellraiser" element out. I was quite hopeful after seeing "Hellraiser: Deader" when the "Cenobites" seemed to take a bigger role but we have gone back to normal. I personally think this film should be the last unless as other members have said Clive Barker comes back on board and returns this series to it's peak or the "Cenobites" become more prominent again. Maybe a good final farewell to this series would be like in "Hellraiser: Hellbound" to take the battle into hell itself and kill "Pinhead" off for good. If this film is anything to go by, that would be for the best.

So to sum up, as with the earlier sequels, not terrible and worth a look for any fan, but sadly could have been so much more.
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Jesus Christ, this movie is the biggest torture of all
AntmanX9110 April 2006
I am only five minutes and ten into the movie, and I felt compelled to pause and complain about this. Already, the over-dramatic dialogue and stereotypical group of teens makes for an hour and a half of teen-horror crap. The funeral scene implies a whopping body count of ...1! Now i haven't actually seen it yet, so i don't know. When sci-fi/modern technology mixes with horror, when has it EVER been good? i.e. Halloweeen: Resurrection with webcams, Jason X in the future, a 3-D Nightmare on Elm Street, and now Pinhead in cyberspace? All this time, I'm wondering how could Doug Bradley possibly agree to do these types of movies? With the exception of Inferno, the direct-to-DVD sequels were cinematic crap; even Disney has the sense to stop making DVD sequels to good movies after 1. Hellraiser needs a revival, a rejuvenation, a return to the big screen. They did it for Batman, they're doing it for Superman, and they sure as hell can do it for everybody's favorite cenobite.
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Some MMORPGers go to a party on Elm Street...
MercurioKnight25 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Rick Bota delivers Hellworld right on the heels of Deader (shot back to back), even though both films were shelved the past two years. Interestingly enough, Hellworld had less prep than Deader/Hellseeker, and which had a script based on a treatment that was written in the two weeks before shooting, but manages to be more solid and a better film than either of those.

I'm also confirmed once more that Bota, as much as a Hellraiser fan as he says he is, has no idea what a Hellraiser film is. At least, not by the standards created from the first two films. Hellraiser feels to me like a macabre tale should, like the tales of Lovecraft or Poe brought to life as they should look and feel like. Then there's Hellbound, that feels like a fairy tale. The first two films to me, is what Hellraiser should be. That's where it was at its best.

Hellraiser 3 basically is Pinhead turned into a typical Slasher. Wrong. 4 does the same thing in the future segment, but also has the past and present segments that I think work in a different way... with some macabre moments, but still lacking overall what I call the Hellraiser feel. The only film that seems to come close to the idea of the original Hellraiser, is Inferno... and even that, tonally (the way it looks and feels), is wrong. Then we get to Rick Bota. Is he following the leads of the latter films rather than the first two? Must be. Why else does Bota insist on tons of jump scares (not just one or two like the first film may have had) and even a more slasheresque formula this time around (in Hellworld) as Pinhead/The Host lures his victims to empty rooms for dispatch? Hellraiser 1/2 were never about jump scares. They were tales of the macabre, horrifying because of that. They didn't need the gimmicks of so many other horror films because they were entertaining and horrifying as they were. Rarely are these kinds of stories done as well as in the first two Hellraisers.

-But... I can honestly say this is the first Hellraiser film by Bota I could actually rewatch and enjoy, though it is by no means a Hellraiser film. Instead, it seems more like a Nightmare on Elm Street film with Pinhead/The Host replacing the role of Freddy Krueger. With that mindset, all of a sudden, everything makes sense. I'm also reminded of the self referential quality of New Nightmare, and once more, it fits. Even the predictable first jump scare at the funeral is right out of New Nightmare. The commentary track makes many references to what nightmares they find scary being inspiration for moments in the film. The last part of the movie (when The Host opens the box and main two characters on the road getting their final scare), seem highly excessive (like they should have been cut)... except, of course, in a Nightmare film, it works now. Pretty much all the things that didn't work for me in this movie (as a Hellraiser film) now work as a Nightmare film. It's funny, and strange. They even have a guy losing his asthma breath medication sprayer akin to one who loses his hearing aid in Freddy's Dead.

What you get in this film; gratuitous nudity and sex, dream slasheresque kills (while not as original as Nightmare kills and they could be done in a straightforward slasher film... to me, they have dream/nightmare-like qualities to them that go a little beyond the typical slasher kills), Lance Henriksen in a role fitting of him, a few humorous moments throughout (again fitting more in the Nightmare universe), some decent/cool low budget effects, the house looks cool both inside and out (inside being primarily the writers' guild building), the idea of the game (rather than some stupid website, which the cover makes it seem like) is actually good, in the vein of a MMORPG. Why they didn't make more connections to the MMORPGs, which has a level of fanaticism akin to main characters in the film, is beyond me, but not important. The flashbacks actually work this time. And the story works. The ending, too.

The only real moment that doesn't work for me is the set up for the main female character roundhouse kicking Lance toward the end (she does an arm twist on some guy early on, though that connecting with the sudden random kick? Not to me, it didn't), but even the makers reference the forced nature of this in the commentary track.

So... uumm, there you go. If you go in expecting a Hellraiser film, you'll probably hate it. If you go in for a Nightmare on Elm Street film with Pinhead/The Host replacing Freddy Krueger, it should be all good. And I admit to being skeptical since seeing Hellseeker and absolutely loathing it, but Hellworld surprised me. Rick Bota seems to be improving with each film, which is good. Still, it might be advisable to step away from the franchise and try making a film without such a connection. Remove his crutches, so to speak. See if he can fly on his own.

A curious note; The special features are surprisingly slim considering the treatment both Hellseeker and Deader had (Hellworld only had a making of featurette and a commentary track, no deleted scenes -maybe showing why the twin cenobite from part 4 is on the back of the box, no storyboard comparisons, etc)... and the commentary track makes mention of possible extras that might have been included.
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OK but Not as good as Hellraiser 6 - Hellseeker
running_with_scissors14 September 2005
Rick Bota delivers his 3rd movie in the Hellraiser franchise and whilst it's a lot better then the awful Hellraiser 7 (Deader) it's still not as good as his original entry Hellraiser 6 (Hellseeker).

The acting for the most part is good, Lance Henrikson is reliable as always and the rest of the characters are humorous enough to be likable slasher victims.

The story is the weak part, it's a far cry from Hellseeker and leaves you waiting till the end before it provides some originality. Basically it's your average slasher movie, which may make the gore fans happy but will leave everyone else thinking they've seen it all before.

7/10 - for a direct-to-video horror it deserves praise, if only because so much worse gets a cinema release.
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