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Healthy and Inspiring
haridam07 October 2006
The last time I saw Brian Wilson was in a special some years ago focusing on The Beach Boys. Wilson was last seen in a large four-poster bed in mid-day, propped up with pillows, and covers pulled up to his chin.

He rarely spoke, and when he did it was with the corner of his mouth, in speech resembling one who'd had a stroke. It looked like the end of Brian--at least career-wise.

The Beach Boys had such a tumultuous career, tossed asunder by internal bickering and external management. Wilson looked like he simply retreated from all this mess by going to bed and staying there.

What a delight, then, it was to see "Brian Wilson on Tour," with Brian carrying lead vocal, playing keyboard, conducting, narrating, swaying, and jumping to the music! It was truly a revelation, and a sight I really never expected to see.

The original five boys has been expanded to twelve, with some cute girls performing in the group. Harmony parts are likewise expanded, as are the instrumentals. While the original group's tessitura tended toward higher pitches, the expanded group sings lower, relieving voices from the demands of more continuous falsetto.

As always, the emphasis is on guy's love of chicks, while laying about the beach sunning and surfing. The whole tenor is California-based, and brings back fond memories of the early BB years. Wilson's skill is evident in every number, in which all the parts are integral to the total fabric, rather than only the main vocal line. Brian is seen singing songs he wrote, arranged, produced and directed.

What a treat for the audience! Makes one want to get up, shake, rattle and roll for days.

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