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15 Jan. 2003
Tragedy at the Pole
Scientist Susan Solomon reconstructs the perilous journey of the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition led by the British explorer Robert F. Scott, who in 1912 tried to reach the South Pole first.
12 Feb. 2003
Bombing Nazi Dams
The story behind the courageous Dam Busters, who crippled the Nazi war machine by skimming Ruhr Valley rivers. When imprecise Allied bomber attacks targeting Nazi weapons factories killed many nearby civilians but KOed few factories, in 1943, after years of development, a brilliant British engineer, Barnes Wallis, managed to design a new type of large aerodynamic bouncing bombs which thanks to a special allied bomber unit specifically trained in secrecy for this suicide mission blew up key massive Nazi dams, disrupting the hydro-electric power feeding the nearby ...
12 Nov. 2003
Bridge on the River Kwai
In 1942, the Japanese army had captured more than 200,000 Allied prisoners of war and needed a supply route to its frontline troops in Burma. POWs and thousands of Asian laborers were ordered to complete a railway linking Thailand and Burma that would include the infamous "bridge on the River Kwai." Meanwhile, the U.S. was developing a "smart bomb." In late 1944, a group of rescued POWs provided the first accurate information about targets along the railway, and the railway was destroyed.
22 Nov. 2003
Killer Flu
Scientists investigate the Spanish Flu, an unusually severe and deadly strain of avian influenza that caused the 1918 flu pandemic which killed almost 100 million people around the world.

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