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An unusual movie
cykelsmurf18 December 2007
Hannah is a young woman who lives on her own. She starts to get this feeling that she is being watched. The phone starts ringing at night and when she answers, no one is there. Is she imagining everything or is it for real? You'll never guess the ending (unless you've already read some spoiler that is). This movie has been criticized for its nude scenes where Hannah (Tove Edfeldt) walks around butt naked in her apartment. Some people say this is just to show off her body. I say, the nakedness in the beginning of the movie is off course symbolic of the way she has to give up her freedom as she begins to feel watched. The further the movie goes, the more clothes she puts on (I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler). If you want to see a movie with an unusual story, it might be worth watching this. And Hannah (Tove) is very pretty.
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OK acting, lousy script
Mattias8 January 2004
This story of a 17-year old poet, vegan and above all loner has its share of faults. The major fault is the script. Tove Edfeldt is in all the scenes and she is not a capable actress enough to carry the movie herself. Her character Hannah is a goody two shoes who loves leaving her poetry in corner shops, won't get a driver's license and who prefers vegan coffee drinks and I can't help feel a bit nauseated by this self appointed world savior.

Perhaps the director Olofson are trying to say something profound about TV reality shows and their impact but the whole idea is simply far fetched. And although Tove Edfeldt has a lot of acting experience her lines are platitudes. She is talented and I look forward to seeing more of her in the future, with a script that will do her justice.

Apart from this, the supporting cast are mostly unknown to me and I get a feeling of amateur night, e.g. Hannah's two friends at school. But I noticed Mathias Rust replaying his role from Show Me Love (1998) as a guy showing off his cellphone.
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