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For something that should not be, it justifies its making.
kitsune-62 June 2004
There are some films that just shouldn't have a sequel.

So, given that I firmly believe this about 'Ginger Snaps', 'Ginger Snaps Unleashed' clearly had a tough act to follow. And y'know, it didn't do too badly.

So by now we've all got the plot - Bridgit mainlining wolfsbane to not become like her sister, passes out in the snowy streets after another werewolf attack and wakes up in a rehab centre. Yada yada, this is IMDb, you can look up the plot summary earlier. But the way it develops...OK, it's no way as symbolic as the first film but it's damn logical. It all makes sense in context, right down to the *deeply* messed up ending. Which in some ways is a drawback because it's a little *too* realistic to always engage; it's a bit dull at times, just like rl. And all the characters are 2-dimensional except for Bridget, Ghost, and maybe the creepy Tyler.

But! Those three? Carry the movie. Emily Perkins is as great as she was in the first film, and Eric Johnson shows us that when it came to Smallville, *Lana* should have left on the bus to go into military. But the real find is Tatiana Maslany, who quite frankly is *terrifying* as Ghost. Which is maybe another criticism; given the ending I shouldn't have worked things out as quickly as I did, but that's not just due to Tatiana, that's also due to other clues in the film. This aside, she rocks as Ghost and it's great to see the kind of character Ghost is lead to the conclusion it does because frankly? Yeah, makes sense. And I really cannot say much more without spoiling it.

So, in conclusion. A lot of holes, not so special second time round, and too few 3 dimensional characters. But he cinematography is ace and very like the first (which makes sense given this one's director edited the first one, and John Fawcett did some unofficial second unit stuff on here too) and I think it's a film that'll grow on me. It's certainly worth a go - 7 out of 10.
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This isn't one of those diminishing returns.
lost-in-limbo28 January 2006
Brigitte now has the virus in her blood that destroyed her sister Ginger in the first film. So to prevent herself from changing into the beast she injects monksblood into her system, but after an overdose she wakes up in a rehabilitation clinic. Which now she has become so attached to the syrup and without it, the affects of the curse starts to transform within her. From the physical to the mental attributes. But also on her tail is that of a male werewolf who wants to mate with her and Ginger is keeping a tab on her by haunting her mind.

I remember when I picked up 'Ginger Snaps' I was expecting another mediocre or below-average werewolf flick. Gosh, I was wrong! Just like 'Dog Soldiers' it was more then good and added some new life to the whimpering sub-genre. And I'm happy to say it worked out again in this monstrous sequel and I was actually digging this one a tad more, though that was up until the stalling sequences involving hiding out in a house. It would've been great to see more Katharine Isabelle as Ginger too, but you can't have it all your own way I guess. I wasn't expecting anything incredibly special, but it did have big boots to fill and we all know the law of diminishing returns. Well, this sequel keeps far away form that trend and doesn't lean away from the quirky and offbeat nature of its predecessor, but it actually enhances it with a very morbid and cold-hearted appeal. It's depressing to the bone, I but I get kick out of any films that create this sort of tone! Though what made the original rejuvenating was that it had warm and natural relationships between the characters, especially between Bridget and Ginger, but also with the parents. Because of the sequel's depressing vibe, it does lack the heartache of the horrifying matter that drove the sisters even closer in the first film. Also it sorely does miss the characteristic interactions between the sisters. Although saying that they do share some screen time here, but only in small doses meaning far less impact.

The plot is an absorbing one, which doesn't break a whole lot of new ground like the original, but still comes up with enough hunger to set it out from most other horror flicks of the last decade, but also adding another dimension to the tale. Just like in the first film and like many reviewers have painted it's a metaphor for adolescent life, from angst, drugs and sex. But this cocktail is mixed with a refreshing twist involving the werewolf mythology, introducing the metaphor part of all of this. The snappy script holds up well and the story moves along pretty quickly with enough excitement initiated and the twists are far from easy to detect. No way is this story's structure predictable! The actual ending was kind of clever, but felt odd and left me feeling a little unsatisfied. The editing was swiftly sharp and potent to the pacing. It also recaptures the slickly handled production of that of the original, but it looks like it had more to work with here. That's especially because the special effects and werewolf designs were vastly better this time around and the attacks were more callous and bloodier. The isolated setting was made to great use with its cold wintry backdrop and gloomy awe. The action might have up the ante in this sequel, but so did the soundtrack by igniting itself with the Gothic and haunting tunes that made the original great. The upbeat tempo of the soundtrack bounds the mood. The spectral sound effects also worked its way into the picture and it was hard to shut out its thumping vibration throughout. The out-and-out stylistic camera-work sinuously develops some inventive shots. The direction by Brett Sullivan is above par and he hones down his skills with preciseness but adding such tautness and tension to the picture. The performances were magnificent. Emily Perkins comes out of the shadow of Katharine Isabelle here, and she made the most of it by turning in a convincing performance. Tatiana Maslany as Ghost one of the kids in the clinic provides on the humour side of things and Eric Johnson is perfectly scummy as one of the workers at the clinic. Katharine Isabelle makes some small but yet effective glimpses and adds in with some voice-overs. This production most definitely went one step bigger.

After two worthy werewolf films, I wonder if the film makers can repeat this winning formula in their third flick of the series Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) or will it come crashing back to earth with a thud. The sequel is very much on par with the original and definitely well worth the look. Actually I would say it's a must-see if you seen the original.
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Not as bad as I was expecting. A good sequel
TheVern12 January 2005
Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. * * 1/2 Actors: Emily Perkins, Tatiana Maslany, Eric Johnson Writer: Megan Martin Director: Brett Sullivan.

The second part of the "Ginger Snaps" trilogy picks up after the first one. Bridgitte has infected herself with Ginger's blood who has turned into a werewolf. In order to keep herself from becoming like her sister, she must inject herself daily with monkshood. After barely escaping a werewolf that has found her, she awakes in a clinic that treats all things including drug addiction. With her drugs taken away, Bridgitte can't escape what she is becoming.

I loved the 1st movie and I found the second one to be a worthwhile sequel. While the first one simmered with satire on female hormones and puberty, "Unleashed" is a straight horror film. It's too bad we don't see much of Ginger in this one, but she does turn up as a ghost who warns Bridgitte that another one waits for her. Bridgitte is a lot more confident and a lot hotter than the first one. But although this is her story, the one character that steals the show is a young girl at the hospital named Ghost. Bridgitte befriends this girl because she can help get her monkshood and I'm sure she feels a little bad that all the other patients make fun of her. There is a twist at the end of this movie that I was not expecting, but on my second viewing of it. I don't know how I could have missed it. All the warning signs were shown in the first thirty minutes.

If you haven't seen the first one you could just watch this one alone. It has a good enough story to keep you interested. It's not as fulfilling as the original, but it's a nice desert
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Excellent Sequel!!
supertom-31 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is an enjoyable and surprisingly competent DTV follow up to cult hit Ginger Snaps. The first film was dark, entertaining and witty and had a good amount of tension and scares. The sequel is good fun but lacks the wit of the original and a certain amount of the hip-ness. The lack of Ginger herself is also evident. Katherine Isabelle is back but essentially in a cameo as the ghost of Ginger while once again the angst ridden sister Bridget is the centre of the story. Following the events of the first film, Bridget is on the run, moving from town to town and constantly taking monkshood (the drug that prevents werewolfism) to stop her turning into a werewolf following the final confrontation in the first film. When she is found overdosing on the stuff she falls into a coma and wakes up in a mental hospital but soon she is tracked down by another werewolf and with no monkshood to slow down her own transformation she must fight her impending hairiness. As she has found, Monkshood doesn't prevent Wolfiness, only slows the transformation. At the institute she meets the eccentric Ghost, who is fascinated with Bridget and soon learns of her problem. When a residents of the institute start turning up dead Ghost initially suspects Bridget but they soon discover that a mate is tracking Bridget to make hairy werewolf babies with her. As well as this Ghost may not be quite as she seems. This is well shot and has some tense moments and considering its small budget it is a remarkably accomplished and enjoyable piece of work. A good and more low key Ginger Snaps movie it is. ***
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rcavellero12 April 2004
You know t's such a shame that neither of these films went wide release. Sure they needed a little touching up in some places but these films are definate quality material. A breathe of fresh air in the horror films which is recreating itself once again as a truly important genre. Both of these films are good, and borderline great. they take somewhat sillacious storylines and make them somewhat believable filled with aggreassive dark humor and independent film dread. This sequel is pretty much a direct continuation of the original. It leaves the last films heroine Bridget infected and fighting her illness with the cure found in the last film. She's beginning to change when she's taken in by a youth facility and locked up for drug abuse. What insues is unfortunatly unwelcome and senseless visits from the first films title charachter but a vast mixing pool of other cringe inducing twists including the fact that a male werewolf has found her and wants to mate. A sleezy hospital guard who trades sexual favors for drugs. An innocent little girl obsessed with comic books. I wish I could truly give away the ending to you. Because it was so well done and I just didnt see it coming. And that is what this film prides itself on unpredictability. It goes in a completely opposite direction of where you though it was going and it makes sense. All in all the film has much to be successful with believable performances, especially from the film's lead Bridget, a good storyline, suspenseful direction, a creepy score all adding up to a startling refreshing take on an otherwise dying genre. Don't be fooled this sequel has major bite!
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Standing Up Her It's Own, and so does the film
BlueDragon2112026 May 2005
This is the only sequel I have seen that could be considered an improvement on its original.

I'm a great Fan of Ginger Snaps and was really excited about this film when i first heard about it, unfortunately when it arrived at the cinema I was to young to see it. I'm sure its always a gamble for people and film fans alike to buy movies on Tapoe/DVD with out viewing them first and for me this was a first. It was well worth the risk of my cash as I loved the film, the casting was especially good this time around ( the DVD showing the auditions in all their glory ) As far as the films go Emily Perkins takes her original part and runs with it, totally convincing the audience that she is trying to break away from her sister and the ghosts of the past.

The special effects and make up are of course grander this time around which enhances the horror side of things, but I my self view this more as a Drama that a Horror film. The suspense is really edgy and makes you want to fast forward to the next scene to see what happens next. As well as the stand allow story of Briditte's new company 'Ghost' making you want more as the plot continues. Even as a sequel this is a hard one to beat. I whole heartedly will you to see it, even if you have not yet view the first one.
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A dark reflection of the first ...
Poe-1716 May 2004
This is a genuinely creepy film, with creepy plot, creepy filming and creepy story with several creepy scenes. A sequel inspired by but not a thematic continuation of the first. With most sequels you walk in expecting an extension of the first, all the things that worked in the first film delivered in the second. Seldom does the sequel collect the audacity to march off in a different direction.

This one bravely does and creates and entirely different film, a much darker one spun cleanly from the first.

Apologies to all the nay sayers but this is dead solid perfect.

A cult niche and maybe a lesson on how to do sequels ... get creative people on board to use the engine of unexpected popularity, or expected popularity, for inventive film making.

I'll own this one and the original.

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good sequel, cool new character, lots of great movie references
uncola197927 January 2004
I liked it a lot, in fact even more than the first movie. I loved the character of Ghost and all the comic book shots and her third person lines. Good ending. One thing they could have done was make the identity of the werewolf clearer. Also when the sister appeared it was kind of forced.. it didn't seem like she was a delusion
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Strong follow-up
Jonny_Numb18 November 2007
"Ginger Snaps" single-handedly raised my interest in lycanthropic cinema, and "Ginger Snaps Unleashed" is a remarkably strong sequel that works for many of the same reasons. Like the thoughtful horror cinema of George Romero, where deeper human issues boil under a more obvious horror surface, "Ginger Snaps" used lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty and its impact on teenage relationships; "Unleashed" uses it as a metaphor for addiction, with Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins--"It"), sister of the ill-fated Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), injecting herself with wolfbane to curb her increasingly wolf-like tendencies. While in a rehab clinic for troubled teens, Brigitte forges a relationship with Ghost (Tatiana Maslany), a precocious girl whose seeming innocence unravels her secret. The new writing/directing team of Megan Martin and Brett Sullivan pick up where the previous film left off, skillfully bridging the two with a bare minimum of rehashed exposition, and the end result is extremely satisfying (though the machinations of "Unleashed"'s final third made me wish the script had tied some thematic/character arcs together better). Perkins, who is becoming a real horror ingénue, plays Brigitte with sympathy and sarcastic bite, and her relationship with Maslany comes close to matching the sense of sisterly love that provided the endearing backbone of the original "Ginger Snaps." "Unleashed" is the rare sequel that does its parent proud.
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Better than average sequel, but still full of holes...
scarletminded18 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Contains spoilers.

Sequels. You love to hate them.

I enjoy and own a copy of the Collector's Edition of Ginger Snaps. I would highly recommend any reader of this to go and seek that out before you would watch this movie. I have read many critiques from people who never saw the first one. The sad thing is that the company that released the DVD in the US, released a very crappy full screen version of it with no extras, so I had to get the Canadian version that had all the deleted scene, commentary, etc.

But, you should watch this before you read on.

I liked the story of this one and it could have stood alone from the other movie and probably should had. The sequel leaves a lot of unanswered questions from the first. For example, why doesn't Brigitte's dad end up in this movie? Even if you go by the plot of the deleted scenes of the first, where her mom says she killed Trina and is carted off by the police. But where is the dad? Was the body of Ginger ever found and was she in werewolf or human form and did the police treat it as a murder case, that maybe Brigitte did? When she is in the drug center, they find her library card, which would have her address on it and they would most likely contact her dad and/or the police, since she is still a minor (she was 15 in the last one.) Unless this is more than 3 years later, but the movie never tells you one way or another. Guess!

I was also wondering why, other than hallucination from poisonous Monkshood, would Ginger appear to Brigitte? Is she a ghost? Is she immortal? A dream? We are given no explanation.

Another hole was the character of Tyler, a guy who literally rapes girls in exchange for giving them the drugs they are addicted to. Brigitte and Ghost invite him to their house because they supposedly need his supply of Monkshood. But, Brigitte made it herself along with Sam from the first movie and knew how to make it, so why did they have to call the druggie rapist? I couldn't figure out why Brigitte got so mad at Ghost when she found out she had lied to her about Tyler. He was a criminal, yet treated so lightly, I found it very unsettling in the least.

It was never explained where the male werewolf came from that was trying to mate with Brigitte, though it was a neat idea, much like the link of a woman's cycle with werewolves in the first one. Was the male werewolf Jason? Was it Sam? We will never know...we are never given a back story of an idea if this virus is going to get out of hand, or if Brigitte and the male werewolf are the only ones in existence.

I couldn't figure out why Ghost was being kept at an institution for druggie girls. I would think a foster group wouldn't allow that at all. Where did she sleep? I wouldn't think she would be just allowed to hang out and cause spookiness.

Oh, and why didn't Brigitte grow a tail and get ears instead? Both Ginger and Jason grew tails, but there wasn't any mention of it in this one.

Ginger Snaps 2 played like an episode of the Twilight Zone, fully complete in 90 minutes, yet tied to a movie that you would have to see first in order to understand the mythos. Ghost seems to be more of the main character than Brigitte is in this one, Ginger is hardly there and it doesn't seem like her part is even inspired. She has lost all her bite in this one, usually speaking in monotone about the male werewolf coming to get her sister. She serves no other function than narrator. Sad, because Katharine Isabelle is a good actress, but you wouldn't know it here. Brigitte's character has become smarter and stronger, as has Emily Perkins's acting, but she is a bit overshadowed by Tatiana Maslany's Ghost. Ghost seems to be the tie of the whole movie. She already knows about werewolves and is very morbid, much like the Fitz girls in the first one.

The story is interesting, but don't expect the character development and plot of the first one. Here, most of the characters beyond Ghost and Brigitte are 2-D, the girls in the institute are annoying and sexual playthings for Tyler, never going beyond that, Tyler himself is the typical scumbag aide who shoots girls up in exchange for sex (very unlike the character of Sam in the first one, who is a drug dealer, but has a very honorable smart side to him that comes out), Alice is a typical instructor who really doesn't do anything but serve as a plot device, coming in here and there, so Ghost won't be left alone. Even the male werewolf is just there, he is there to be killed. That's all. You don't have the sympathy you have in the first one when, for instance, Sam is killed. You feel bad because you learn he is a good guy deep down and you feel like you know him by the end. That is what makes great horror films scary!

Some of the humor that made the first Ginger Snaps such a great movie is still intact.

In short, this is probably the movie that that Dr. Gore (who didn't like the first one because a girl had her period and he couldn't deal with it) would have liked more than the first one. It is devoid of heart, human connections, a second metaphoric story lying underneath,sympathy, menstruation, plot formed by is a conventional werewolf film, even just a conventional horror film in general, with lots o' action and gore, a spooky plot that is easily resolved with a nice done before ending (lock them in the cellar, that always works!) But, I for one, loved the original Ginger Snaps because it was unconventional, the characters were deep, the violence only when needed, a whole neat idea about women's periods being linked to werewolves, two strong female leads and an ending that was scary and sad at the same time. Not too many films do that!

Ginger Snaps 2 is worth a watch or two. It is a creepy film and better than average, especially if you watch the first one and this one back to back. It has enough to keep your interest for 90 minutes without being dull. Like other viewers have said, the surprise of the first one is now gone, we know Brigitte is becoming a werewolf and what that means. Despite the holes, Ginger Snaps 2 is a Gothic treasure trove of dark humor and morbid excitement. Think of it as Ginger Snaps' inbred but charming first cousin. I am anxious to see Ginger Snaps 3 after viewing this one.

My advice is still to go rent the first one, then you can see this film.
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There was one major thing missing here. Ginger.
FiendishDramaturgy13 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This should have been entitled, "Ghost-Snaps." Where was Ginger. Yeah, sure, okay she died in the first movie, but c'mon! Rename the movie or something. Jeez! They could have, at least, allowed her more screen time in the capacity in which she -was- utilized.

This was dark and edgy; as much so as the first. Emily Perkins carries her role as Brigitte quite well and with some beautiful style. Most of the major plot elements still intact, this attempt runs seamlessly. Once you discover what Ghost really IS and what she has been up to with her Aunt, you begin to see the movie in a totally different light.

On the second viewing, you see the treachery and the beguiling in those cunning little eyes, but on the first viewing, we knew there was something up with Ghost and her aunt. This was not quite as clever nor was it as fresh as the first, but then again, it was as good as it could have been without Katharine Isabelle.

That is in no way saying that Emily Perkins isn't delightful. She is bright, beautiful and capable. I look forward to her future endeavors with great anticipation. This just should have been entitled something with "Ghost" in it, as she was the main character in this attempt, rather than Ginger OR her sister Brigitte.

As a stand alone movie, it was really quite entertaining. There were some nice plot twists and strong characterization. However, as a sequel to Ginger Snaps, I found it was somewhat lacking.

It rates a 7.5/10 on the "B" scale.

That's a 5.1/10 on the "A" scale from...

the Fiend :.
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Great Sequel
claudio_carvalho24 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Brigitte (Emily Perkins) is alone, after killing her sister Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), and injecting a substance called monkshood to delay the process of transformation in a werewolf. She has an overdose and is sent to a rehabilitation clinic, where she is mistakenly taken as a drug addicted. Meanwhile, a beast is chasing her, trying to become mated with her. Ginger escapes from the clinic with Ghost (Tatiana Maslany), a needy and lonely girl that wants to be friend of Brigitte. "Ginger Snaps: Unleashed" is a great sequel of "Ginger Snaps". The participation of Katharine Isabelle is minimum and basically is limited to give her name to the credits. However, Emily Perkins has another excellent performance in the dramatic role of a young woman fighting against her fate. This sequel is very claustrophobic and also very violent, but it deserved a better conclusion. The story is better than the first one, but I was a little disappointed with the end. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Possuída 2" ("Possessed 2")
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Very clever sequel with lots of blood.
HumanoidOfFlesh16 August 2004
"Ginger Snaps:Unleashed" is a pretty smart sequel to my beloved werewolf horror "Ginger Snaps".Brigitte is an addict.After mixing blood with her sister Ginger she has been infected with the virus.Each day the curse grows stronger and she must increase her dosage of injections.When she is found lying face down in the snow after the near escape from another beast,she is thrown into drug rehabilitation-locked behind the doors without her life-saving antidote."Ginger Snaps:Unleashed" is almost as good as the first one.The soundtrack is awesome and creates a creepy atmosphere of desperation and isolation.There is plenty of gore and violence and some really vicious werewolf attacks.The acting is excellent with outstanding performance by Emily Perkins.The film is really tense,so if you liked the original you won't be disappointed.Highly recommended.
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The Teenage Werewolf Girl Saga Continues...
gavin694216 October 2006
After the explosively entertaining "Ginger Snaps", I had some doubts that the sequels could live up to the original. But in this one, we are greeted to a wonderful film picking up exactly where the first one left off: now with Bridget trying to stop herself from becoming a werewolf, and escaping from the rehab center she has been placed in.

If you find cutting and self-mutilation to be disgusting, then this is the film you want to either see or avoid. The opening credits are over a scene of Bridget in the bathtub, cutting herself to pieces. She continues to cut herself throughout the movie, as well as give herself injections.

The scenery is fantastic, as rehabs, hospitals and insane asylums are always great places for horror films if you know how to film them. The makers of this film know exactly what they're doing. Add secret passageways and you're set.

The new cast is also wonderful, easily making up for Ginger having a very small role. The cast now has several male staffers working in an all-girl rehab center, leading to such activities as trading sexual favors for drugs. But most importantly is a new character named "Ghost" (presumably because she's almost like an albino) who is fascinated with the occult and death and befriends Bridget after finding out she might be a werewolf.

Some interesting plot twists happen I can't reveal here, and as the wolf blood begins to overtake the human blood, things heat up. And then another werewolf shows up to try and mate.

Oh, heck. Just watch the movie. These guys have taken a worn-out horror staple (lycanthropy) and added such a new dimension to it that it's almost like an entirely new invention. Excelsior!
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Superb sequel
Teknofobe701 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
So just to recap the events of the original "Ginger Snaps" (SPOILERS!!!), Ginger and Brigette are sisters ... Ginger is bitten by a werewolf ... Ginger begins to turn into a werewolf ... Brigette infects herself with Ginger's blood ... Brigette kills Ginger.

We rejoin Brigette after an undisclosed period of time. She's living in a cheap motel room in a city somewhere, shooting up on wolfsbane and keeping a chart of how long it takes for self-inflicted wounds to heal -- hoping against hope that she might never become a werewolf. Occasionally she is visited by the ghost of her dead sister, who haunts and taunts her throughout the movie (you can't have a Ginger Snaps movie without a Ginger, right?). One night she manages to overdose on wolfsbane, and she gets picked up and taken to an outreach centre where she is kept caged like an animal and deprived of the drug ... but what they don't know is that she's being hunted by another deadly werewolf, who has a strong desire to mate with her.

Ginger Snaps : Unleashed is even darker than the original, both in the metaphorical and in the literal sense of the word. It's also a lot weirder ... so if, like me, you're a big fan of weird, odds are you'll probably lap this up like a bloodthirsty wolf. There are plenty of great twists and turns in the plot, and the casting is really amazing. Eric Johnson and the young Tatiana Maslany both deliver superb performances in the two main supporting roles. In most respects, many agree that this sequel is in fact better than the first movie ... but they're both so great, I don't even feel the need to compare them.

I was a bit concerned about the fact that this wasn't written by the same team as the first movie (in fact screenwriter Megan Martin seems to have no other credits to her name), but it is actually an interesting twist on the original, written by someone who clearly understood what Ginger Snaps was all about. There are two main formulaic werewolf plots ... the first involves our hero changing into a werewolf, which will eventually lead either to finding a cure or to their death (as in the first movie), and the second is about a group of characters being stalked by a werewolf, and for an added twist perhaps the werewolf is one of them. This film incorporates both of these formulas into an excellent, engaging horror story.

Ginger Snaps is probably the first great werewolf movie to have a worthy sequel, and if that wasn't enough they had to go and do it again a third time. If you haven't seen this whole trilogy yet, you definitely should.
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Very worthy sequel to great little horror movie.
dpags0112 April 2004
Wow. What a great flick. I daresay it may even be better than the original. I say may, because the final scenes are a bit of an unnecessary letdown considering the buildup. While at first I thought I would miss Ginger, I realized her parts in this were pretty superfluous and could've been left out, since Bridgette was very capable of handling the film on her own. Of course then you couldn't have matching DVD covers. Atmosphere is way ramped up on this one (even the opening credits gave me the creeps, ugh) and the soundtrack definitely adds to the dread. A few nice scares and gore shots. This one was much more depressing than the first, which in my book is never a bad thing.
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Pretty good sequel for the most part that's quite entertaining, with fantastic performances, however it comes nowhere close to matching the original in my opinion!
callanvass10 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a pretty good sequel for the most part that's quite entertaining, with fantastic performances, however it comes nowhere close to matching the original. All the characters are pretty cool, and the story was solid, plus Emily Perkins is simply amazing in this!. I was really disappointed that Katharine Isabelle was so wasted in this as she only has a few lines, and I thought Tatiana Maslany was brilliant as the psycho Ghost as she was really creepy and unpredictable, plus it had quite a few tense scenes. while it is good it just didn't have the magic the 1st did, and while the ending is really quite surprising, I never did care too much for it,plus Emily is able to match her amazing performance in the 1st!. It's decently made and written, and it also leaves open the possibility of another sequel which I would love to see, however like the 1st the Werewolf effects Wern't that great. There is a freaky masturbation scene, and I love the setting in the creepy hospital, plus all the characters were quite likable. This is a pretty good sequel for the most part that's quite entertaining with fantastic performances, however it comes nowhere near close to matching the original in my opinion, still I highly recommend it. The Direction is quite good!. Brett Sullivan does quite a good job here with effective camera work, solid angles, using a creepy setting, adding creepy atmosphere some good POV shots, and lots of other cool shots as well, plus he kept the film at a fast pace for the most part.

There is a bit of blood and gore. We get bloody self mutilation, bloody werewolf attacks, glimpses of pretty gory corpses, skin cut off of someone's ear, nasty transformation scenes, hammer in the head (at least I think it was), quite a bit of blood, and other minor stuff.

The Acting is fantastic!. Emily Perkins is amazing as always and is amazing here, she is extremely likable, tough but vulnerable, had pretty good chemistry with Tatiana Maslany, is incredibly gorgeous, was quite intense, and you will really care for her character, she really did match her amazing performance in the 1st here, and it will be very interesting to see what her character will be like if they make a true sequel to this (full Werewolf?) (Perkins Rules!!!!!!!). Tatiana Maslany is brilliant as Ghost, she played the creepy psycho very well yet she still managed to be quite likable, she was also energetic had some good lines, had a wicked character, and was totally unpredictable, I predict big things for this young actress!. Eric Johnson is great as Tyler he was a bit of an ass and very cocky, but somehow yet still charming and quite likable I dug him for some reason, he did a good job. Janet Kidder is decent as Alice and did what she had to do adequately. Katharine Isabelle is still gorgeous as ever, but had only a few scenes was totally wasted! which was incredibly disappointing, I mean it was great to see her but I began thinking why did she even agree to make a few appearances with minimal dialog?. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall I highly recommend it. ***1/2 out of 5
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One Of The Best Movies I Have Ever Seen!!
arabesuku28 December 2004
I thought this movie was brilliant. I am a huge fan of the Ginger Snaps series and I think this one is amazing. This film is mainly about Brigitte, as the first one was mainly about Ginger. Although Ginger does appear for a few minutes in some bits of the movie, Brigitte has the majority of the movie. Some may be disappointed as Ginger is gone, but Brigitte is very good in her role which makes up for Ginger's absence. Emily Perkins, in my opinion, plays Brigitte Fitzgerald far better in this movie than the first. For one, she has real hair now. Secondly, Brigitte has a huge contrast to the other character in the movie, which attracts you to her dark personality more. One of those attracted is the comic book obsessed Ghost, who is fascinated by the mysterious sister and wants to know more about her. But Brigitte being Brigitte, she's become very anti-social. Ghost is a strange girl. She doesn't seem to be able to divide the comic book world from the real world, which can make her annoying as she seems to go on about darkness and such. She's a chatterbox, and is constantly pestering Brigitte, wondering what she is hiding from everyone. The werewolves in Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed were far better than the original Ginger Snaps movie. These werewolves have developed from the weird pink things they were before and now have fur, proper fangs and scary yellow eyes! I would recommend this movie to whoever liked the first one. It's got a bit less gore and more sexual references, but the darkness of Brigitte's role and the weird Ghost makes this film amazing. *10*
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Dark, Disturbing and Very Good!
Gafke18 June 2004
Ginger Snaps 2 begins where the first GS ended...pretty much. When last we saw Brigitte, she was a dumpy, dorky teenager who had just killed her werewolf sister, Ginger. Now, Brigitte is a painfully skinny, almost pretty girl who has left her suburban home in Bailey Downs behind. But something has followed her.

Brigitte, who was infected with her sister's blood in the first film, has discovered that the wolfsbane serum she discovered back then is not a one-time antidote. She is now a wolfsbane junkie who must shoot up every day, or else suffer the painful transformation from girl to wolf. The ghost of Ginger (or is it only Brigitte's conscience?) is her constant companion, offering her a bleak outlook and little comfort. And as if that were not enough, there is a second beast...and he is stalking Brigitte wherever she goes, hoping to mate with her. However, Alpha Males will be Alpha Males, and Brigitte winds up in a rehab center for wayward girls after her hairy stalker kills a man who mistakes Brigitte for an overdosing heroin addict. Brigitte is now locked up and denied her much-needed antidote. The remainder of the film is a tense wait to see which Beast will strike first - the one inside of Brigitte, or the one outside in the woods?

This is a damn good sequel, made dark and dreary and totally believable by the performance of Emily Perkins alone. She is a destroyed person, both hollow and feral, empty and blank-faced one second, exploding with terrifying rage in the next. Though she fights off her inevitable lycanthropic transformation throughout the entire film, she already is an animal; existing only to fight and feed, a rogue wanderer cut off from the rest of the world, unable to rejoin the human race. Tatiana Maslany also delivers a great performance here as Ghost, the strange young girl who lives in the rehab/medical clinic with her horrifically burned grandmother. Corrupt orderlies, self-righteous administrators and many drug-damaged young girls provide an interesting (if somewhat depressing) backdrop for our main characters to play against. The script is well written and just as clever as the first film and the death scenes are both subtle and brutal; lots of blood and screams of pain, but a welcome lack of flying guts. There is also a refreshing absence of profanity here - the witty dialogue didn't need much of it, and the colorful, fantastical observations of the disturbed Ghost are far more entertaining than any four letter word ever could be.

I was very impressed with this clever, brooding sequel. It was every bit as good as the original, and was not afraid to go in a whole new direction. Emily Perkins portrayal of the solemn, devastated Brigitte alone is worth watching this film for. Fans of the first Ginger Snaps should not miss this worthy effort.
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An amazing re-interpretation of the 'sequel'
ameretto2111 September 2004
In most horror series, the sequel serves as little more than a comfortable regurgitation of the original. The 'final female', in all her puritanical and tomboyish glory, re-defeats the male antagonist, is won by the boy (or else walks in the sunset alone, retaining her amazingly puritanical and tomboyish glory)and, in the next installment, either falls victim to the antagonist, or, in the case of 'Elm Street' has a baby briefly terrorized by him; or she disappears, her textual value intact if not explained. The exceptions: Ripley (she ALWAYS defeats the antagonist, even when she dies) and Bridget (ok, there's probably other examples, and I'll be the last to proclaim the two aforementioned as the exclusive exceptions to the generally accepted rule).

I read some reviews of the film, not necessarily on IMDb, and often without the intellectual or common-sense interpretation of the IMDb reader, that criticized the film as lacking the strength of the original; of course, one even interpreted the 'masturbation' scene literally, and I guess that immediately drops it out of the legitimate critical analysis.

I personally found the film to be, on a complex, real-world level, realistic, insofar as lycanthropy can be said to be 'real world'. The storyline itself followed a linear logicality rarely seen in the horror genre; in fact, and I lack a HIGH degree of suspension of disbelief--my degrees are in sociology, psychology, history--I was able to read and understand the behaviors of the characters as realistically legitimate.

Human behavior is rarely as coherent as that of the average horror film protagonist or antagonist; Bridgit, Ginger, and Ghost are, realistically, incoherent. Anyone with a relationship to a human being between 8-17 years of age can see behavioral parallels to the characters. And maybe that is what makes so many reviewers unsettled, the stripping of the level of disbelief; or the fact of it being from the viewpoint of a female protagonist who isn't put out there as eye-candy. To extend that thought, we could go the route of the average feminist scholar and blame such negative criticism on an overwhelming INABILITY to connect with the characters based on the limited vision of the average white,narrow-minded, middle-class, 18-30 y/o male to look outside box, but that would disregard, unfairly, the growing role of the female viewer in film consumption. I guess I didn't verify the sex and/or gender of the critics.

10 stars, 5 stars, 2 thumbs WAY up; whatever clichés as are necessary to verify my approval are overwhelmingly there.
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Aside From A Good Performance From Emily Perkins, This Is A Mediocre Movie
sddavis6314 February 2017
Some years ago, when I watched "Ginger Snaps," I thought it was one of the best werewolf movies that I had seen in a long time. So perhaps it seems pretty strange that I've avoided watching this first sequel - but I've seen enough disappointing sequels that somehow I was reluctant to risk spoiling my memory of the first movie. Well, I finally bit (pun intended) and watched "Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed." It didn't exactly spoil my memory of the first movie. It's not a bad movie. But it's nowhere near as good as the original.

I found the first movie had an interesting way of approaching Ginger's transformation into a werewolf, setting it in the context of female puberty and the beginnings of menstruation. In a weird sort of way it was a coming of age movie. It was a fresh way of approaching the whole werewolf idea. That was all missing in "Unleashed." This is a much straighter take on the concept. Ginger, of course, is gone - although Katharine Isabelle does take up the role again as a sort of ghost, I guess, who periodically visits Bridgette. Honestly, while it was nice to include her, the presence of Ginger even in this limited way wasn't really necessary. Emily Perkins is again in the role of Bridgette. She does well with it. She's now being stalked by a werewolf, and she's attempting to prevent her own transformation, injecting herself with monkshood - but it only seems to delay the process, and there is a gradual transformation taking place. Things get worse when she ends up in an institution for drug addicts, and is not allowed to have her "medicine."

All that was working well enough. Not as imaginative an approach as the original, but Perkins was doing well carrying the story, and there were enough edge of your seat moments and things that made you jump to make this a decent horror movie. But things do fall apart just a little bit. I personally did not like the character of Ghost, played by Tatiana Maslany. She just didn't appeal to me, and she was too front and centre in the movie, when really Bridgette was the only character in the whole movie that I particularly cared about. One somewhat irritating character aside, this movie did (mostly using the setting of the rehab facility) try to inject some humour into the story. The original was a very successful blend of humour and horror, but this one wasn't able to pull that off. Most of those attempts revolved around Dr. Brookner (Patricia Idlette) - some sort of psychologist or psychotherapist at the centre. But, to me, they didn't come across as funny. Silly more than anything, and forced - often without much connection to the heart of the story. The ending didn't really resolve too much, although it did set up another potential sequel. Strangely, though, the third movie in the series was a prequel of sorts - "Ginger Snaps Back" (which I haven't seen) being set in the 19th century, but still focusing on Ginger and Bridgette.

As I said, this isn't a bad movie, and it has some good scenes and a good performance from Emily Perkins. But overall, I'd still call it mediocre at best. (4/10)
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Get Ur Wolf On
TheeCatInTheHat11 February 2004
When I first heard a sequal was being done for the 2000 Canadian indie flick Ginger Snaps, I felt mixed emotions. Sure i was enthusiastic about seeing Brigitte (and maybe Ginger) again, but, well, i couldn't help but wonder if this upcoming film was going to flop next to its predesscor, thus ruining the promising series (ex:Freddy's Dead, Halloween 2). But, when I saw the day after it was realeased on 100 screens across Canada, i was proudly proved wrong. Boy, was i wrong! Not only does this film dwelve deeper into a gorier and darker storyline, we get even more interesting and kooky characters to feast on, like the ever-comic book loving, brace-faced Ghost. Heck, even Ginger makes some key appearances in Brigitte's dreams and wacked-out moments, playing more as a jaded doomsayer if anything. The storyline may seem indifferent to some people, but sitting down and watching it is another thing. It's been a while, but a still 15-year-old Brigitte has escaped the morose grips of Bailey Downs suburbs, and on with her lycanthropic infection. But, like the smart character she's been drawn out to be, Brigitte staves off of becoming a werewolf by giving herself the right dosage of monkshood everyday, thus one day collapsing in a snow bank after her and a bookworm-y librarien get attacked by a very fierce (if not horny) werewolf. She is brought in to a drug rehab for women and is kept from her supply of monkshood, and oh the bloody trail of bodies begin. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed is a smart, hip, and awesome scary werewolf movie that had the spunk to go further than its predesscor did.The performances were gourmet steak and potatoes, and the score has a more Resident Evil beat to it (ima talking the RE game series). This is definately not a horror movie to be missed. See it at all costs! And please, get your wolf on :)

~notso Angele~
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Well done, but does not compare with the original
nightwriters7 February 2004
Okay, like a few of the other respondents, I am a Canadian and I loved the original Ginger Snaps. And while this sequel was entertaining and kept me frequently on the edge of my seat, it cannot stand up the original. Ginger Snaps was ingeniously spun through with threads of unconventional wit, satire, metaphor, and buckets of stark in your face horror and gore. Ginger Snaps 2, like the original, has a feminist metaphorical underpinning to it, but sorely lacks the wit, satire and wonderfully creative energy that went into the original script. It more or less settles for being a horror film, and a somewhat conventional one at that. I'm still recommending it, for while it's ambitions are modest, it succeeds at all it attempts, and Emily Perkins once again shines in her role of the tortured preadolescent outsider.

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Oh boy, does this not hold up.
Morbius_Fitzgerald1 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If anyone has read my reviews in whole, or read my lists, you'd probably latch onto the fact that I'm a pretty big Ginger Snaps fan. Its my 2nd favourite film of all time and it shaped a lot of characteristics in who I am today. So I decided, this Halloween, since it had been years since I saw this and "Ginger Snaps Back" that I'd marathon the films definitely shows off the problems between films. Is that fair? For this film, yes. Its a direct continuation of the first film and thus, the problems should not have been AS prominent as they are here.

Now if you want to know both sequels suffer from 3 common problems - problems that could've been avoided had they just waited between sequels as opposed to farting them both out at the same time in the hopes of making money off their film that had just gained a cult status. The problems are that, firstly, both films are boring, a lot of that has to do with scripting and character development but one of the things that makes sure both films aren't interesting is the second problem, they change the werewolf mythology! This is a sign these movies pretty much doomed themselves. This film changed the metaphor so instead of it being about puberty, its about drug addiction...while it takes place in a drug rehabilitation clinic! Now imagine, if you will, a junkie that had just joined said clinic, as soon as her drugs were taken away, she becomes overly violent and overly sexual while still trying to make her case that she's "better now". NOW imagine that due to the nature of her imprisonment, she starts talking to thin air thats supposed to be the apparition of her dead sister? But, yeah, what they did here was better! The third problem is the characters are all idiots. Ghost taunts Brigitte and starts asking her questions about werewolfism that, quite frankly, would make people more hostile towards her as opposed to working with her (I'm talking about the "when you close your eyes is it hell you see?") and Brigitte...trusts...her. Mind you, everyone being stupid is something I'd extend to the medical staff - Alice, the head of the clinic, just takes Brigitte OFF the monkshood, something that a line of dialogue actually openly admits is poison, and never once considers withdrawal? The psychologists staff in a Nightmare On Elm Street 3 could be Freud compared to these idiots!

Okay, so, lets begin analysing, the film takes place a couple of years after the first, Brigitte is on the run from this rogue werewolf that wants to have sex with her and despite the fact they claim Monkshood is just a regressor that just holds the werewolfism at bay, it is NOT Jason McCarthy from the first film who was last seen in the film, being forced to take the drug at the hands of Brigitte - the people behind this outright stated that. After an attack by this werewolf, she wanders the streets after overdosing on monkshood only to be found in a drug rehabilitation clinic. She's mocked by some of the other inmates for "sucking at suicide" (because a DRUG ADDICT WOULD NEVER CONSIDER SUICIDE!...I'm sorry, what?) and is quickly deemed a trouble maker after she insists on having her monkshood back. Then there are scenes where she...befriends a girl there called Ghost and then...probably the most embarrassing scene in the entire series takes place, a scene that was meant to show her "sexual awakening" to tear everything to pieces. In the first film, this was shown with Ginger becoming a sexual teen and trying to have sex with Jason only to...sort of rape him and then she killed a dog. In this film her sexual awakening takes place of a multiple person masturbation scene wherein one of the doctors there describes the sexual pleasure of "ripping flesh". No, you did NOT read that wrong.

After Brigitte continues to descent into "wolf madness" she escapes with Ghost after also finding out that the werewolf from before is near. Then the film, quite frankly, just stops for a bit to pad out Ghost being a "surrogate sister" to Brigitte to replace Ginger. Considering the description of her I gave above, I'm not going to state how thats just dumb and move on.

Brigitte then descends more into wolf mode and asks an orderly who exchanges drugs with the girls there for sexual favours for her monkshood back...never ONCE taking into account she KNOWS where to but it (described in this film as "any craft store") and she SAW SAM MAKE IT IN THE FIRST FILM! And after that goes wrong, she decides to face the wolf that had been stalking her and at this point I realized something about that plot point - it was only in the film to make it more interesting. There is no dramatic weight because its not Jason McCarthy and we're never told who the wolf is or HOW it was made! Now, to a point I DID fix this with a fan fiction I wrote years ago but...that doesn't matter! I shouldn't need to write fan fiction to "fix" the bare bones of character development that was just never given in this film.

So it turns out Ghost, who taunted Brigitte for the first quarter of the film, couldn't be trusted! Brigitte tries to attack her, the wolf runs in, Alice is killed by Ghost (with all the emotional impact of finding out you just ran out of popcorn) and the film ends with Brigitte being locked up in Ghost's basement to kill again.

Okay, this film had some pretty cool ideas and the plot DOES manage to open up the wiggle room for the sequel that the first film, I thought, didn't really need but the problem is none of that really goes anywhere, simply, it just doesn't work.
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Little sister, don't do what your big sister done.
michaelRokeefe24 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Brigitte(Emily Perkins)survives her struggle with her sister Ginger(Katerine Isabelle)and now must find a way to overcome her own infection and control the beast that is growing in her. Brigitte overdoses on her own dangerous 'cure' and wakes up in a drug rehab center in an old abandoned hospital. She partners up with a pre-teen named Ghost(Tatiana Maslany), who is obsessed with horror comic books. The young girl is excited about discovering Brigitte's werewolf 'condition', but really has no idea of the terrifying adventure that awaits her.

This intense script sustains escalating tension and presents a powerful finale not easy to forget. The idea of bloodletting, masturbation and drug use joined with various sexual content and language equals an R rating. Besides this movie is too dark and disturbing for the very young viewer. If you can't stomach the site of blood...DON'T watch! Ginger(Isabelle)only appears in a couple of cameo scenes...and I for one really missed her. I have yet to jump on the Perkins fan wagon. Most impressive is young Maslany, who plays her role with sharp wit and dry humor; but yet so damn disturbing. If this series continues, I'd like for her to appear again. Other cast members of note: Eric Johnson, Janet Kidder and Chris Fassbender. All-in-all, GINGER SNAPS:UNLEASHED proves that a sequel can generate enough power to stand on its own.
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