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Sex & Nudity

  • Moderate sex references throughout on breasts and strippers. Occasionally strong though.
  • Dave is seen in the car with two strippers in a car commercial. The strippers are wearing crop tops and skinny leather jeans. One wants to give Dave a 'lap dance' but Dave wants to concentrate driving his new car. (S1, Ep 1)
  • In one of the sketches, we see several men running around nude but only their buttocks are exposed. (S1, Ep 1)
  • Dave walks in on a girl getting unchanged and we see her breasts for around 30 seconds. (S1, Ep 3)
  • In one sketch, there's a beauty pageant going on named 'New York City's Greatest Boobs' and we see several women lined up on stage in bikinis. Moderate sex references throughout. (S1, Ep 4)
  • We briefly see Dave watching the sex scene in 'Pretty Woman' but we only see him watching it for 3-5 seconds. (S1, Ep 9)

Violence & Gore

  • Usually none, but if there is, it is very comical.


  • Around 2-5 F-Words in every episode.
  • 'Shit,' 'Pussy' and 'Bitch' is used 5-10 times every episode.
  • In the very first episode, President Bush uses the N-Word four times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In most sketches, men are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • In a mock interview, the interviewee says, 'I smoke a lot of marijuana with my black friends.' (S1, Ep 1)
  • In a popular sketch, a man is seen with cocaine around his mouth as he visits an Elementary School about 'the dangers of drugs.' The man also tells the students that 'a man sells crack and marijuana by the bus stop.' (S1, Ep 2)
  • We see a commercial on 'smoking pot' and in one part during the commercial, a man is seen smoking from a bong. Also there's an interview with an elderly woman who says, 'she used to smoke grass.' (S1, Ep 12)
  • Alcohol is used in every episode.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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