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Absolutely wonderful
hendercrazy23 September 2004
Well, reading all these interesting comments above made me think.... First of all,i have to say that i loved Wonderful Days. A lot. The art is gorgeous, yes, i think this is the one point everyone can agree upon, hands down. Now, concerning the storyline itself....

I think there should be some clarification, especially for all those poor ppl who must have watched this in English (either subtitled or dubbed). Those who did the translations deserves to get hanged. and i mean it. i own the special edition 3-disc original Korean DVDs and have also watched both the subtitled and dubbed versions. It actually feels like i'm watching 2 completely different versions of the story! The original korean version has a much more interesting (not the greatest, but definitely superior and full of nuances)script and explains the story quite well, unlike the English versions that either skip entire parts of dialogues (which are essential to understand the movie *_*) or change their meanings into something totally different and just plain wrong! And someone mentioned that some characters' names weren't mentioned in the movie till the very end. Well, i can tell you that the names (except that evil adjudant(?)) are mentioned quite early in the beginnings, but mysteriously, NOT in the English versions O_o ! I'm on the verge of thinking that it must be some sort of conspiracy to ruin this otherwise great movie... I suggest you watch the korean version....or get a korean friend to actually translate you the real lines, instead of getting confused at the horrible English sub/dub.

anyway. oh, and i honestly don't understand all those who say that the story wasn't original,good enough,etc etc. i mean, it might not be the most mind-boggling thing on earth, but the twists are original enough to set it wiiiide-apart from your average anime/movies where all you have is 90 minutes of explosions, punches, boobies, and some supposedly dramatic ending (that ppl apparently find "original").

For those of you who still think the story isn't well explained in the movie...well, there's always the novelized version that came out in Korea (no English versions, sorry) that gives all the background story between the characters and all. Like what really happened in Shua & co.'s childhood, the characters' motives, blah blah...

Boy, is this review getting longer and longer....

A final word... considering the depressing situation in Korea (let's just say that animation/comics are ignored by most and the market terribly limited) the creators and all those who worked on this film did an unbelievable job. I really hope things get better back there, cuz it's not the skills they lack, but public support and funding.

oh, i guess i have to rate this thing. 10/10 for the story (9/10 for the actual flow), 10/10 for the art, 15/10 for the efforts lol.
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Bravo Korea...
wannas8120 November 2003
Great great Ok, granted it's not the most elaborate or original of movie plots. It's the eternal story about love and jealousy, power and corruption, good and evil but it has got a Miyazaki twist to its story, or at least tries to emulate the master, rather unsuccessfully I might add. The animation is like nothing I have seen before though, and I HAVE seen Final Fantasy. Main problem: the characters are poorly developed, if not at all. And the story doesn't grab you by the collar and throw you in its world, so you're always "aware" of the animation, it being the masterpiece that it is... But again, it's a movie well worth seeing, some shots will even make your jaw drop and eyes bulge, that's how much the scenes are beautifully drawn and animated. The authenticity of the "small" things (rain dropping pattern, eyes watering) is what I personally marvelled at more than anything else. Oh, and an out-of-this-world soundtrack to top it off, with some exquisite pieces that matched the moods perfectly. It was the only thing that really "sucked me in" a few times... All in all, it is a very promising start to all-korean animations.
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athena2429 August 2005
This is definitely more than a pure animation. It's more like a movie, only an animated one. My emphasize here is on the word movie. Not because it has a brilliant colorful animation, that sometimes appears to be 3 dimensional, and sometimes 2 dimensional ( which is spectacular by itself). It has that. But I'm thinking of it as a movie because of high details. Actually, this is direction. When I watch animation, I don't really care who's the director of it. In fact, Until this one I forgot there is one in each animation like in every film. This movie is full of details that make it look much better than other animation. I'll mention some of them, that I found the most interesting.

1. Near the beginning of the movie, there is a scene with a tunnel exit covered by a waterfall, that flows not quite as one could expect of it. You get an explanation of the irrational flow a couple minutes after, but isn't it amazing they thought about it? 2. Flies around a lamp. When was the last time you saw flies around a lamp (in animation), just as part of the view, because they attracted to light and not to portray something ( like trash site, bad smell, dirt or other metaphoric things that flies represent). 3. While Jay was entering the rebel zone a guard watched him through the optics of a sniper rifle. They could show us only the guard, without the mentioned aspect. But no, this is what a direction is about!!! 4. Jay's fight with the army's commander. Just watch the details.

I could possibly continue with some more examples,like shooting scenes from different angles and so, though those were the most vivid to me. Think about it. Think about they thought about it.

In one word the animation was excellent. In some words it was a tasteful mixture, with live colorful characters and places. I don't really think they could do it better. Both the 3 dimensional animation and the 2 dimensional looked awesome. I really don't agree with those who say that the latter was dull and poorly done. As I said, I don't think it could be done better.

Another aspect of this movie, that stroked me with it's uniqueness, at least from western animation, is the brutality and the naturalism. I don't know much animation (again western), where a gun was violently put against somebody's head, shooting it, and spilling the blood all around. I don't think this kind of violence is good or bad, but in a way it completes the movie. I just get the feeling that it's necessary. This also brings it closer to movies because there is some convention (unspoken) that animation is for younger audience.

Well, the movie is not all good. Like every other movie, the plot is a crucial thing. Wonderful Day clearly lacks one. It tries to be scientifically ingenious in it's main idea which makes no sense if one thinks about it (you don't really have to think, its obvious enough). There is another thing that bothers. This movie involves a drama among three characters, which at the end gets exaggerated and too emotional ( emotional not for the viewer but for the characters themselves). There are a lot of animated and non-animated movies with that kind of drama in them. Some of them pass this drama to the audience, while others try but fail. Wonderful Days belongs to the latter. It has a good revealing of the drama at the beginning and the middle of the movie, but in the end it disappoints.

Wonderful Days' flaws are minor compared to its highlights. I would recommend it to anyone who likes animation and is not disturbed with excessive violence.

My rating: 7.5/10
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Must-see with wonderfully subtle and modest storyline
public-3222 August 2004
This has become one of my absolute favourite films.

I rented the German dubbed version, which is quite nicely done, apart from some sentences that seem to short for genuine German conversation (our phrases are usually 20% longer than, say, English phrases ... something seemed to be missing in the dub).

The story is nice and a little mysterious, but it is very important to realize that the film tells quite a bit of it with images alone - no dialogue, no narration. Just these absolutely stunning images.

I almost screamed in joy in the scene early in the flick where Shua and Jay sit, handcuffed together, him holding a gun to her face, in front of a beautiful Christian church glass artwork in this museum ("time capsule room"), and just the image tells the audience so much (and yet so delightfully little at the same time!), making this a scene without any dialogue was the best the film makers could have done.

There is so much imagery. They really figured out how to blend excellent Gothic and oriental architecture with the industrial cyberpunk setting of the slums around the city Ecoban, and they made not only every second of it count, no, they give you gratuitous flights and motorcycle drives through the wonderful, desolate landscape that you sometimes wish would never end.

All in all, a film with a definite 10/10 visuals, a 9/10 story, German dub quality 8/10, a soundtrack that's easily a 10/10, and subtle but decent sound effects, 7/10.

The best movie, in my opinion, that I have seen this year.
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A good story with Breathtaking Visuals and Music
akarp5510 June 2004
Despite never hearing of the film prior to watching it, the opening sequence alone had me hooked. Great visual design, and vehicle animation complemented nicely by a soundtrack that has just the right mix of classical, neo rock, and new age allows this film to surpass similar Animated/Computer Generated feature films. While the story isn't the most innovative amongst Science Fiction anime, it has its high points particularly in the beginning and conclusion. The director shifts perspectives from action scenes towards slower paced dramatic scenes before returning to the action for an excellent tempo. The use of flashback also helps to fill in the backgrounds of the characters.

The use of methodically paced travel sequences coupled with superb music would really have to be experienced on the big screen preferably with Digital Light Processing(DLP) to fully appreciate its beauty.

Fans of the Animatrix, Titan A.E., and Princess Mononoke would probably enjoy this, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to a broader audience because of its superb audio visual design, and landscape sequences. Worth Owning on Video for its high quality. Would be nice to see this given a professional transfer to DVD with known Actors much the way Armitage 2 and Princess Mononoke was given in Europe and North America.
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Stunning animation
Kujo16 July 2004
I was completely hooked from the opening sequence, which is breathtaking. I'm not sure if I've scene a better combination of traditional 2D animation, and 3D animation in an animated film. It's simply stunning (My jaw literally dropped during of some the scenes). This movie is worth seeing just for the visuals alone. The story is by no means amazing, but it was good enough to keep me interested. It definitely could have been better, but it didn't stop from really enjoying this film. I should point out that I viewed the original Korean language English subtitled "Wonderful Days", and not the English Dubbed "Sky Blue".

8 out of 10. Korean animation has a bright future.
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Stunning eye candy wants only for a better story.
BrianThibodeau25 August 2004
WONDERFUL DAYS (2003) Directed by Kim Mun-saeng, this is a stunningly designed and rendered flat animation/CG/model hybrid that only wants for a better story. Despite it's box office failure (still the most successful Korean animated film to date I heard), it's bodes well for future endeavours in the genre. At it's core, its about the `haves' in an environmentally-polluted future world plotting to wipe out the `have-nots' so they can replenish the dwindling energy supplies to their self-contained megacity. Fortunately, the have-nots have a brooding outcast on their side who knows how to put things right. The 2-disc Korean DVD is packed with extras, as is an expanded 3-disc Korean DVD. The films does, I might add, improve greatly on repeat viewings. I give it an 8, largely for artistic merit.
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not to be missed...
skank39 September 2003
i was waiting a long time for this masterpiece. now that i've finaly watched it i can only confirm my assumption (the trailer was more then beautiful). the plot could be a bit better. luckily the animation and sound (music) make up for that. I can't realy remember a movie that has used such a unique technique. a must see for sure.
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Great animation, poor story.
daredevil_814 December 2003
A few words of encouragement.

Wonderful Days probably has some of the best animation in the world, and can rival films like Ghost in the shell, Akira and Princess Mononoke. But the story was poorly written and severely underdeveloped.

I hope to see more from Tin House, and Wonderful Days should not set them back. Hopefully they will learn from this mistake and create classic animation that can rival the likes of Production I.G. or Studio Ghibli.

If Moon - Saeng Kim is reading this, get out there and show us what you're really made of, we know you can do much better. Also hire a team of world class scriptwriters for a change.

6.5 / 10
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Erik-26922 December 2004
I don't know why, but there's this overwhelming part of the people who've seen(not seen?) this movie that just takes it for granted that it's just nice cg Effects and no story? Yes, the story can be fuzzy sometimes, but the only thing that bothers me is the near-ending scenes (wich is the great draw-back of the movie) that I can't really figure out what's happening. And that's it.

But anyway, this movie is the most beautiful I've ever seen, and the story ain't to be complained about! The characters are for the most time interesting, but maybe not fully reflectively.

I'd say that you need to see it more then one time and think a bit about what you've seen, not only to see the surface of it. It's way deeper then most of you would ever know.


Love it or not!
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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor
Perrin Aybara27 April 2003
I was very privileged to see the world premiere of this at the Waterloo Film for Animated Cinema this weekend. The animation is absolutely amazing. They blended CGI with live animation, matte paintings, and video of miniatures, and accomplished what I say is easily the most amazing animation I have ever seen. In addition to this they managed to have a story that rivals the best of Japanese anime. This film proves that Korea is ready to start producing their own animation rather than just animate for other countries. Do yourself a favor and see this whenever you get the chance.
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A triumph of visuals hampered by a failure of storytelling
soakrates19 September 2003
"Wonderful Days" strives for so much, it's almost a tragedy that it actually achieves so little. The problem with the film isn't that the plot is thin, nor is it that we've seen these ideas before. The term "variations on a theme" exists for a reason.

Rather, the problem lies with the poorly conceived story and characters that get left out in the cold with horrible dialogue and about as much depth as a kiddie pool.

The opening, for instance, tells us of a gigantic, man-made refuge known as ECOBAN, which is owned and operated by the ruling class. ECOBAN runs on pollution, which of course means that ruling class prey on the beleaguered proletariats to create more pollution to sustain ECOBAN. We are, of course, never told -how- ECOBAN manages to transform pollution into a power source, nor are we told why anyone smart enough to build something like ECOBAN would want to create something that necessitates -more- pollution. I presume it is to keep the upper class fed, but seeing as they already had the resources to build something like ECOBAN in the first place....

But I digress. The point is that ECOBAN exists as nothing more than a plot contrivance to set up some admittedly fantastic visual sequences later on. But you wouldn't know that from the way the movie treats it. Given the background, I would gather that ECOBAN was meant to be a symbol of the upper class' greed and arrogance. That's all well and good, but the very idea of ECOBAN is so implausible and the story thread so inadequate that it quickly becomes nothing more than a neat-looking playground.

This is not the film's only shortcoming. The characters are woefully underdeveloped and uninteresting, so much so that right after I watched the film, I could barely remember their names. When they're not fighting, leaping, driving, or shooting, they're spending most of their time occupying the frame, doing and saying things of absolutely no consequence. New friendships and alliances pop up literally out of nowhere, and some characters disappear and reappear as if the writers had forgotten about them and then remembered just 15 minutes before deadline.

It goes without saying that the animation is great. In general, the CG meshes with the 2D animation quite well, and the action sequences are frenetic and imaginative. While the filmmakers might be brilliant action choreographers, however, they are not writers. Not here, anyway.
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Something Different from Korea
dbborroughs6 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Looking in many ways like the film the Final Fantasy hoped to be Wonderful Days tells the story of several people in a world underwater and where pollution is the only form of fuel. Its an odd mix of 3D CGI, Models and 2D animation that sets up a world that could be ours several decades from now. The title is ironic, there is little joy and happiness for anyone and the Wonderful Days of the title refers to a shared childhood memory of two friends actually seeing a cloudless blue sky. The plot, concerning an attempt to bring back that blue sky and return freedom to the world has been done before. Whats interesting here is the animation which mixes the various elements into a cohesive whole. The long motorbike ride that opens the film would be stunning on a large screen, had I been lucky enough to see it projected that way. There are numerous references to other films and animated series, (the battle of Spike and Vicious in the church in episode 5 of Cowboy Bebop springs to mind)are nicely placed and not to distracting. The film suffers in the final third as things become less clear until the final tragic battle has a few too many "how did he get here" moments. The ending, as unhappy as the title would make you hope is nicely in keeping with the whole feel of the film. Unfortunately the ending is probably whats going to keep this film difficult to see outside of imports and festival screenings. If you like animation, science fiction or off beat films, see this film, you will not be disappointed.
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Not the most original or complex story but still very well done and worthwhile
negative912 January 2004
As far as the plot goes, it's nothing that hasn't been done before, but for what it is it's well told. The animation on the other hand is stellar, and rivals anything the Japanese studios have done, and the musical score quite nice as well. I'd recommend this movie for the eye-candy alone, but the plot isn't as bad as some of the previous reviews have made it out to be, just don't go in with inflated expectations and you should find it a satisfying experience.
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The Ultimate Fusion Of The Astounding And The Generic
benjamin_lappin29 June 2007
Sky Blue or Wonderful Days? It's obvious the former is the superior title for this film as it actually has relevance to the plot and the revelations within. Regardless, Sky Blue (or Wonderful Days) is an extremely engaging Korean (dare I say it without having negative responses plastered over my review?) 'anime' which is just absolutely ridiculous in its ability to leave you awe-struck with the beauty it possesses. Created over a seven year period Sky Blue fuses together computerised technology with a hand drawn elements to create something which can be said to be unique, then you have to wonder what they were doing over this seven year period in terms of scripting. That is certainly not unique.

There is much to love with Sky Blue on your first viewing, as I will testify to. It is engaging beyond belief on premiere, the story rings true, you identify with characters you become emotionally attached. The action sequences are sumptuous and I cannot describe the animation enough because it is simply gorgeous, incredibly detailed with a feel to it which is so fresh, new and vibrant it knocks the stuffing out of "comedic" ogres and talking fish. However, hindsight being that wonderful tool it is the realisation occurs in the aftermath of this film, rising through the cloud to shine bright into your mind, that the plot is no better than that of talking fish and kittens in shoes because it is so mind bogglingly generic. We've seen it all before, and yes there is a school of thought which says that being generic does not mean it is never going to be spectacular, I can agree with that, but you cannot base a premise of giving this film ten out of ten purely on the animation, the story must accompany it and unfortunately it falls slightly flat. There is nothing offencive or intrusive about the plot, as I stated it is engaging, but there have been far too many films in which we have seen these sequences played out with the same results time after time after time.

Empire claims this to be "Akira For The 21st Century", I'm sorry but no. For one there is a notable lack of philosophy for that claim to even be levelled at this film. Yes characters have views, opinions and mantras which they go through, but the "philosophy" is far too one- dimensional, working on one premise alone, for that claim to even contain any grounding in reality, let alone virtual. However, having said that, this film manages to achieve what the Wachowskis could not in their third instalment, a means to conclude a story with dignity. Yes we have seen Sky Blues plot line before, yes it is generic, but somehow you end up liking this film regardless, it has too many plus points, too many saving graces. Our three protagonists love triangle is (insert the word of the day here) but is still emotive enough to draw you in, and the subsidiary characters provide little quirks with enough sparks of life and freshness to allow you to settle in and feel at ease with the film.

When using the tools of hindsight and criticism combined you realise that this film, for all its faults, is hugely entertaining and at the end of the day, that's what they've set out to achieve. The director has created a film which is fun, exciting, action-packed, thoughtful and above all just incredibly beautiful, and even an average plot can be pulled up from the wasteland when fused together with originality on other levels. Sky Blue is a revelation in animation and in its own way is an Akira for the 21st Century. Where Akira broke Japanese animation into a Westernised world, Moon Sang Kim and these creators from Korea have pushed forward their own brand of animation saying to Hollywood "anything you can do, we can improvise on better", and that alone deserves plaudits. Expect to be dazzled and prepare to enoy but be ready to come out expecting a whole lot more.
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Wonderful science fiction thriller good as live action.
johnlewis1 May 2004
To me, Wonderful Days is more like a feature film than anime; I guess because the scenery often looks so real. I had the opposite experience of some. I was expecting a good quality SF anime. Problem is I really don't like SF anime, because of the formulaic plots, emphasis on action, juvenile dialog, and 2-dimensional characters. So I was expecting to be very disappointed. I put off watching the DVD for two weeks. I like Science Fiction films very much, but those are almost extinct in Hollywood. I like Blade Runner, William Gibson stories (Johnny Mnemonic and Neuromancer which never got released), and thought Star Wars was just OK-but at least was very entertaining. I was nearly floored by how much I liked this film. What makes Wonderful Days so good is the great screenplay, directing, and yes acting. But the real topper is the realism of the artwork- mainly the scenery. There are a lot of metallic objects and walls, etc. Only the people seem more hand drawn, but that is OK, because with all the surroundings, the cartoon aspect of the humans kind of gets forgotten, because the story is so absorbing (to me). Kind of like in a surreal dream, but one that seems so identical to real life that you can feel your own skin. Simply put- this is a good science fiction thriller with some action-but not all action. Some of this reminded me of Blade Runner, other things were reminiscent of Star Wars. Another aspect of Wonderful Days that enhances further is the Miyazaki factor. Wonderful Days has a similar environmentalist message as some films like Nausicaa of Valley of the Wind, and Princess Mononoke. I think the success of this film also lies partly in the simple, but suspenseful story, and with some good character development, such as Blade Runner had.
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Not so wonderful as it could have been
"Wonderful Day" is mostly an exercise of style over substance: The plot has some interesting elements and a great atmosphere of melancholy...But sadly most of the story feels flat and forgettable (Despite some memorable and beautifully animated sequences) Kind of like "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", except that this movie is a bit less boring and it have better characters.

The animation and the designs were pretty good (Despite some brief moments where the expressions in the faces of the characters turn a bit awkward) but overall, the combinations of traditional animation, CGI and miniatures have an incredible looking appearance. The sceneries are beautiful and the movements of the characters are pretty fluid and well done.

If only the plot were as good as the animation...Well I guess it could have been a much worse...This could have been something preachy or emotionless (Like "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within") Despite the boring and melodramatic parts of the story, "Wonderful Days" it's something worth watching, at least for the excellent quality of the animation.
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what people see and interpret rather than what it really wants to say
phrain23 July 2008
Absolutely astonishing! Not only the magnificent scenes, but more of the integrity of the story line, the moral behind it, the CGI, and the romanticism (not to be mixed-up with man-woman relationship/love, I meant the classic definition of romanticism - sublime)!

Having read many mangas, seen countless anime as well as feature length films, I think this is, to an extent, the only one of its kind! Relating 'Sky Blue' to several analogous feature films, the former sees through the modernity and the implication of so-called civilization reflected from 'Ghost in the Shell' 1995, 'Innocence' 2004 and 'Appleseed'; the devastating consequence of being selfish, greedy and blind as typified in the classic 'Akira', 'Jin-Roh' and 'Final Fantasy Advent Children'; and the beautiful perception of human nature as seen in 'Castle in the Sky', 'Spirited Away', even in 'Monsters Inc.', and built an unforgettable masterpiece! Yet the combination is nothing ever dramatically, explicitly, realistically and beautifully expressed before!

Recalling those CGI wastelands, to me there are something inside of them, not a single phrase to describe them! – Magnificent yet regretful, seemingly hopeless yet nostalgic!
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WOW! An instant Classic
meckert-319 September 2005
This must be one of the greatest movies I have ever seen ! First of all - the mood is great - this whole movie is a dark cyberpunk-Gothic drama, but yet there is hope that the darkness will come to an end. The second great thing is the animation technique - a mix of computer generated effects (which are truly outstanding) and hand drawn animations. The machines and buildings look very real, there is a lot of 3d action scenes, but hand-drawn characters leave no doubt that this one is a classic anime.

The stunning visuals are accompanied by a great soundtrack.

The story itself is rather predictable - it involves love, rebellion, an treason - and it fits great. I'don't want to spoil the fun, so I won't reveal more.
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A big BANG for Korean animation.
Kore-O22 December 2005
Wonderful Days, is a flawed masterpiece. In it's about 90 minutes running time, it's incredible larger-than-life ambitious story takes place in a galore of beautiful images and sound.

Images and sound. This is what Wonderful Days is about. It's a living proof of animation being art. Everything from the supreme art direction to the very detailed CGI to the hauntingly and tear jacking soundtrack. The story is were it's flawed. It's like, Wonderful Days tries to tell tons of stories. It is simply not enough for the time, the movie lasts. That's not to say that it's bad. The love story between the two main characters, the story about human civilization being at it's end and about the sufferings of the lower classes, is something we have seen hundreds of times before in Animation and Anime.

Wonderful Days does not have the philosophy and soul searching elements of Ghost in the Shell, nor is it as hip or as revolutionary as Akira, but it TRULY does stand on it's own legs. It depends on how you look at it. YOU as a viewer have to decide, if you want to let the images and music tell the story, or try to compare it to the top Japanese movies. It's masterpiece in it's own right. It just depend on which way you look at it. It's full of action, interesting characters and again... Some of the most beautiful CGI and animation ever. I personally consider this MUCH better than some similar movies like Appleseed, GITS1 and 2 and FF7: Advent Children. Wonderful days is a large step in the right direction for Korean animation. Go see this movie. Appreciate it for what it is.

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Wonderful days, is a wonderful journey
Hellsinger29 June 2004
I saw this animated movie in June 2004, and again i will say that i am no newcomer to animes, i have seen lots and lots of these. So far I've only bumped on all the good ones and that is good.

Well anyway, Wonderful days, has a story somewhat similar to George Orwell's 1984 book. It is in a way very similar especially with the idea of a sun blocked by the clouds, or confined life behind buildings and lies. The higher class and lower one are also portrayed here.

I think i am getting used to big finales now, but in wonderful days, the finale was excellent, spanning through 5 minutes approximately, with blood splashing out, and characters flying in all directions. Amidst the violence, there are deep emotions, love, and sadness. It is not just about survival, but acts of heroism too, to save Gibraltar.

Animations are excellent, blend very well together, and the story is excellent for my money too, going to get the DVD, hope it's available. 10/10 and nothing else really.
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Honestly...? A bit overrated.
djgvdb19 September 2008
I imported "Sky Blue" on Blu-Ray disc and payed quite a big sum of money, just going by the reviews on IMDb. Usually I blindly trust these user reviews and the rating... In this case though I was a bit disappointed. As a long time anime fan this film has its moments but overall doesn't impress. The CGI seemed outdated and the hand drawn animation fell short of most anime feature films I know. The story would be fitting for a 20 minute episode of some anime series, but certainly not for a feature film. It just doesn't grab you or makes you care about any of the characters. There is some action to be seen but even this doesn't seem to "work" because I just didn't care much for the characters.

The claim that this film was seven years in the making is certainly not justified by it's quality. But more likely by a hampering cash flow.

Perhaps because of the medium (Blu-Ray) some shortcomings were also clearly visible . There is a lot of "color banding" and even some pixelation of objects that were clearly not intended for the HD medium. I honestly cannot recommend this film... well, maybe as a rental.
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Quality animation wasted by a boring story.
Sander Pilon14 September 2003
The animation of this animation was really superb. But then again, I've always had a weak spot for huge post-apocalyptic structures.

But the story... it's so boring. I think it's because the story fails to capture the audience. You don't care for the good guys, and you don't care if the bad guys die or not. You just look at the pretty pictures, but even those become boring after 30 minutes.

Rating: 4/10.
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Great Way to Show Off Your Widescreen TV.
Mighty_sheman29 December 2005
Sky Blue is another formulaic futuristic sci-fi animated feature with an apocalyptic vision of mankind's fate in much the same mould as Square's cinematic bomb Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within. Like that worthless movie, Sky Blue serves up an ambitious central plot set in the distant future (2142?) after a global disaster, in this case a man-made disaster, and then proceeds to clumsily fumble with some important themes such as friendship, love, dreams and the environment through a poorly written story with a weak cast instead of developing the environmental message into a cohesive and engaging yarn like one would expect. Earth is in peril due to humans causing an ecological catastrophe that has blacked out the sky. The set up is familiar, borrowing the same formula as FF:SW. We have the last remnants of our species gathered in a giant, covered city with the entire planet now one big wasteland, a troubled 'hero' who drifts into strange dream sequences and battles against time to save mankind (in this case by destroying the city to let the sun shine through the clouds!?!) and a squad of 'lovable'(annoying and stupid more like) warriors fighting for the cause. There is even the crude tacked on 'romance' that is both completely unnecessary in such a film and undeveloped, but it seems filmmakers these days feel obliged to have a tacked on love story at the core of every non romantic film so I can almost forgive the scrip writers for this crime. Unfotunately there are no weird aliens in this film and the characters are amongst the weakest ever created - the hero, the girl (who's only discernible trait is having red hair) and the (oh so sci-fi animation cliché) villain are all devoid of personality and the script they deliver is weak, cold, corny and unrealistic - every line seems to be an explanation of the plot (which is so thin it requires little explanation) instead of any meaningful insight into what is going on between the characters. Another film from the orient that attempts Hollywood style story telling (for some reason) and fails miserably.

Sky Blue was a very poor film indeed, however it will look great on a HD Widescreen display, if only for the backgrounds. A lot of time and money was invested in this project however there are some very noticeable problems with the animation (the only thing notable in the production). Shadowing is poorly done creating disappointing effects on bikes and the flying bike things, most moving objects don't look properly integrated with backgrounds. The 2D characters are the worst aspect of the film's animation as they all look too similar (and all appear pretty healthy, clean and well nourished considering there has been no sunlight for 100 years and there is no explanation about food supplies etc) and are horribly animated in contrast to everything around them, they look terrible against the lush 3D backgrounds because they just don't look like they fit in at all. In the English version the voice acting is the worst I have ever encountered in an animated feature, matching their animated characters the voice actors are wooden and emotionless adding to the general atmosphere of boredom. All in all Sky Blue is just a poor man's 'Spirits Within' without the A list voice talent. Sky Blue is at best mediocre as a visual spectacle, some backgrounds are eye popping, but overall it is nothing special and the plot is short, underdeveloped and predictable. Ghost in the Shell and Advent Children are superior in visuals and story. 4/10 - boring and uninspired, avoid.
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Just an eye candy movie
TwentyCalls25 November 2008
I'm a fan of Sci-fi movies but I'm not going to recommend this movie to anyone and I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. As a Sci-fi genre, there is no futuristic technology to marvel at - just illogical and unexplainable pieces of equipment flying about. As a drama, the story telling is just not credible and lack depth. It gets frustrating to see this Jay character appearing at the most 'convenient' moment to make things happen. As a love story, there is no chemistry. No comedy, no mystery, no thrills, no suspense. It's pure eye-candy sprinkled with some fighting scenes. It's just a story about good versus evil. The evil being organized with leaders and a well equipped army; the good is an untalented loner with the help of a misfit gang. That's how bad the story can be.
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