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The suspense is perfectly sustained and gradually grows very intense
deickemeyer17 July 2016
A very dramatic and absorbing story dealing with a dishonest maid and a young society girl who is just returning from Europe and is to meet her fiancé at the railroad station. These two young women look exactly alike, or, at least, the skillful conduct of the picture is such that the spectators can't see anything unnatural in even the girl's fiancé taking the thief for his sweetheart. They both were in the station and the detectives got the wrong one. This climax is convincingly approached. The suspense is perfectly sustained and gradually grows very intense. The scenes, taking them separately, are realistic and very delightful. Beautiful stage sets, beautiful gowns and furniture and graceful, pretty players, in the feminine half of the picture, are among its distinguishing features. And it is a rattling good story, fresh and pleasing. - The Moving Picture World, January 13, 1912
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