De-Lovely (2004) Poster


Jonathan Pryce: Gabe



  • Gabe : Never open with a ballad, and never end on one.

  • Linda Porter : Is it me?

    Gabe : No dear, it's too early for back stairs and love affairs.

  • Gabe : You loved her then?

    Cole Porter : I said the words. I meant them.

  • Cole Porter : You're playing with my life.

    Gabe : It's my show.

  • [first lines] 

    Gabe : Hello, Cole. I let myself in.

    Cole Porter : We're not late, are we? I hate to be late.

    Gabe : No, no. We're fine. That sounded lovely.

    Cole Porter : I hate funeral music. Though, under the circumstances, I suppose I should say my prayers.

    Gabe : Why start now?

    Cole Porter : Exactly.

  • Gabe : [about Cole's song]  You wrote that about Linda, of course.

    Cole Porter : Did I? Songs don't have to be about someone, you know.

  • Cole Porter : [about Linda]  God, she was beautiful.

    Gabe : She could stop your heart.

    Cole Porter : No, start it.

  • Linda Porter : I'm so terribly sorry, darling. I know how late I must be.

    Cole Porter : Late? Linda, you missed the whole thing.

    Linda Porter : I misplaced the cigarette case.

    Cole Porter : I'd rather have had you.

    Linda Porter : It would've been bad luck.

    Cole Porter : To hell with luck.

    [camera points to Cole and Gabe] 

    Cole Porter : [to Gabe]  This feel very wrong. I don't like bringing up this whole thing. It happened and then it was over and that was that. We never brought it up again. Finished, done.

    Gabe : Done, maybe. Finished...?

    Cole Porter : I won't have it.

    Gabe : It's not your choice.

  • Gabe : You've done beautifully, but then you always do. Remember, it's your story, too. It's a love story.

    Linda Porter : That's why I'm frightened.

    Gabe : Don't be. Have you ever seen a musical without a happy ending?

    Linda Porter : All right then.

  • Gabe : Sorry, we have to move on.

    Cole Porter : Please, please, let me enjoy this. It took two years to get the backers interested in this show. No one wanted anything to do with it. They thought I was finished.

    Gabe : We have to move on.

    Cole Porter : [pause]  Very well.

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