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encore la belle equipe
writers_reign26 December 2003
You can't keep garbage down. They're back and very welcome. This is the third movie co-starring Philippe Noiret and Thierry Lhermitte but it was a long time between drinks and while Lhermitte is now a Commissaire Noiret hasn't got change of a match, not a bad premise on which to base a caper-comedy. The jury's still out on newcomer Lorant Deutsch - who gets top-billing in 'Les Amateurs', released on Jan 14th and to judge by the trailer PURE garbage - but Chloe Flipo looks set to carry on the tradition of lovely French girls who can also act. This isn't going to trouble the jury at Cannes but to be fair it doesn't set out to, its only aim is to entertain and it does that in spades. A well-deserved 7/10
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The Chinese money bag
jotix10028 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Rene Boisrond, a former policeman, is living on a dilapidated boat on the Seine with his cat. He has a gambling problem in that he loves to wager whatever money he has, or can borrow, toward betting on the ponies. Everyone wants to know what horse will come out first in the daily races. Being a wise guy, Rene goes around giving tips, each one showing a different winner. He figures one out of them will win. The lucky man that thinks Rene has given him the right advice, will receive a small token of his appreciation.

Rene is a former cop that made a few mistakes during his time on the force. Now, older, and unemployed, he must live by his wits. Trying to borrow money from Chen, a Chinese restaurant owner, he walks into a stick up. Chen throws a bag full of money to Rene, who is downstairs, asking him to hold it, but alas, Rene in trying to evade the bandits loses the precious bag in the sewers.

A somewhat funny comedy by director Claude Zidi that reunites the wonderful Philippe Noiret with an actor he worked on a few films, the amazing Thierry Lhermitte. The film was clearly a vehicle for Mr. Noiret, one of the most likable actors of the last part of the last century in the French cinema. He is the only reason for tuning in to this comedy that will not add anything to his brilliant career, but how could anyone resist the opportunity to watch Mr. Noiret in anything at all?

The production added a couple of up and coming performers to balance the action and perhaps appeal to a younger audience who might not have been attracted to the older stars. Lorant Deutsch plays a police apprentice, and Chloe Flipo is seen as Marie, the daughter of the character played by Mr. Noiret. Bernadette Lafont also turns up as a seer living next to Rene. There are a few laughs in the film.
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Ripoux 3
louyscesar6 October 2011
It's been over ten years since the paths of François and René, «les Ripoux', were separated. The glorious time when they 'cleaned' the Montmartre district, are just memories, because the illicit money has evaporated over time. Everything has an end ... up again. Capricious, fate has a way to bring them together again, this time not side by side, but against each other ... and a great fun of action movies, but as in all comedy there's always more to learn from life. Much about filial love and romantic love, friendship and even the honesty in a chaotic world. The narrative is fast and there are interesting French scenarios. But one thing was made ​​very serious, the police torturing prisoners. I have never thought this happening in France. Even in a comedy remains the world's cruelty.
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