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  • International reporter Jeff Randal spends half of his time abroad. His wife Donna feels neglected. When their preteen daughter Melinda's hunky teacher Adam Hamilton notices, Donna becomes his hot lover, to her Boston bookstore employer and confident Rosalind Roz's envy. After loosing colleague Lou in Bosnia, traumatized Jeff suddenly stops traveling. Jeff smells a rat. Adam refuses to be dumped and reverts to his youth habit of robbing lovers. Donna finds out but can't tell the adulterous truth. Jeff gets an anonymous video, which starts a vindictive cycle.


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  • More than worth watching just for the unintended laughs it supplies for its unsuspecting audience. The made for TV movie "Deadly Betrayal" has this deranged psycho wine and dine women, who's children he teaches in school, to not only get into their pants but into their homes in order to burglarize them!

    At the start of the movie, a man enters a house while another man is doing the deed with a woman. I suspected the woman was cheating on her husband, though we learn differently later. Also, the man in the bedroom was a teenager.

    There is violence, and then the words "20 years later."

    We later learn, even though we saw him in action at the beginning of the movie, that Boston elementary school teacher Adam Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, had a rotten and miserable childhood that lead to the crimes he committed as an adult. While a teenager Hamilton's dad taught him, with his boyish charm and active libido, to seduce rich women as daddy sneaked into their homes to rob them of their money and jewelry. Now all grown up and devilishly handsome Hamilton works solo, his sick and demented dad had since passed away, robbing women of their affections as well as, which really counts, their valuables. Over the years the young snot nosed and pimple faced Hamilton had turned himself into the sexy and highly refined and cultured, he loves classical music and gourmet food, elementary school teacher that every woman in town has the hots for.

    It's when one of Hamilton's young students Melinda, Amanda Tilson, tells him about the trouble she has back home with her father news cameraman Jeff Randal, Robert Seeliger, and mom Donna, Nicollette Sheridan, he sees an opening to Donna's heart. Determined to score big with Donna the cool and understanding Hamilton loses himself by going straight for her jugular! With Jeff away on assignment in far off Bosnia Hamilton makes his move on the lonely and frustrated Donna and, with very little effort at all, hits the jackpot.

    The big affair between Hamilton and Donna doesn't last too long with Jeff unexpectedly showing up after he, his friend Lou wasn't so lucky, was almost killed in a rocket attack in the Balkans. This has Hamilton really get down and dirty in pushing himself on Donna even though she told him that their brief affair, as hot & heavy as it was, was finished. It's then that Hamilton pulls out all stops not only to get Donna back in his good graces but at the same time breaks into her and Jeff's home. In his clumsy attempt to steal Donna's jewelry Hamilton not only almost ends up breaking his neck but leaves an important clue, his watch, that implicates him in the break-in. This all happened when he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs just as both Jeff & Donna showed up unannounced!

    With him now suspected in a string of burglaries in the neighborhood Hamilton instead of lying low until the heat blows over goes full tilt in taking out his frustrations on Donna for rejecting his romantic advances! This made no sense at all since he was only after her jewelry not her love!

    As the film goes on Hamilton gets more and more ridiculous to the point where he ends up getting caught in a trap, a murder suicide that he planned for Donna and another one of his many women-Jan Cooper played by Jennifer Morehouse-admirers. In the end Hamilton got exactly what he deserved but sadly enough it wasn't the law or police, who seemed either unwilling or unable to stop him, who put an end to his insane and obnoxious criminal activities.

    (Note: I did not write this originally. I'm doing this as a favor to IMDB users. Paragraphs 2 and 3: "Typical Lifetime 'Women in Jep' movie; I liked it," vchimpanzee, 7 August 2007, in user reviews, everything else, "You and the little stud set me up from the start!" sol, 1 March 2009.)

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