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Current Episode (aired 24 Mar. 2023)

David Sedaris/Scott Galloway/Annie Lowrey

Lighter episode, two comics chat in the sit down and then the panel with newbie Lowrey and encyclopedic Galloway. Long discussion on Tik Tok once again, Maher wondering what China is doing with User data, Galloway ...


15 Jan. 2021
Kellyanne Conway/Katie Couric/Matt Jones
Guests: Kellyanne Conway - former Counselor to President Trump; Katie Couric - journalist and founder of Katie Couric Media; Matt Jones - author and host of Kentucky Sports Radio;
22 Jan. 2021
Frank Figliuzzi/Peter Hamby/Kamele Foster
Guests: Frank Figliuzzi - Author and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence; Kmele Foster - co-host of "The Fifth Column" and co-founder of Freethink; Peter Hamby - Writer for Vanity Fair and host of "Good Luck America."
29 Jan. 2021
Heather Heying/Bret Weinstein/Van Jones/James Pogue
Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein - Evolutionary biologists and co-hosts of The DarkHorse Podcast; Van Jones - CNN political commentator; James Pogue - journalist and contributing editor at Harper's Magazine;
5 Feb. 2021
Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Welch/Charlotte Alter
Guests: Jimmy Kimmel - host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!; Charlotte Alter - author and senior correspondent at TIME; Matt Welch - host of "The Reason Roundtable" podcast and "The Fifth Column" podcast.
12 Feb. 2021
Adam Kinzinger/Markos Moulitsas/Steve Schmidt
Guests: Rep. Adam Kinzinger - Illinois' 16th Congressional District; Markos Moulitsas - Founder of The Daily Kos and co-host of "The Brief" podcast; Steve Schmidt - Founder of The Lincoln Project.
26 Feb. 2021
Megyn Kelly/Jon Tester/Ezra Klein
Guests: Megyn Kelly - journalist and host of "The Megyn Kelly Show"; Sen. Jon Tester - Democratic Senator from Montana and author; Ezra Klein - New York Times opinion columnist, host of "The Ezra Klein Show" podcast, and author.
5 Mar. 2021
Joe Scarborough/Frank Bruni/Charlamagne Tha God
Guests: Joe Scarborough - co-host of Morning Joe and author; Frank Bruni - author and columnist for The New York Times; Charlamagne Tha God - co-host of "The Breakfast Club" and author.
12 Mar. 2021
Annabelle Gurwitch/Scott Galloway/Larry Wilmore
Guests: Annabelle Gurwitch - Author and host of "Tiny Victories."; Scott Galloway - Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern and author; Larry Wilmore - comedian and co-creator of HBO's "Insecure"
19 Mar. 2021
Heidi Heitkamp/David Shor/Nick Gillespie
Guests: David Shor - Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund; Nick Gillespie - Editor-At-Large at Reason; Heidi Heitkamp - former Democratic Senator from North Dakota and Co-Founder of the One Country Project.
26 Mar. 2021
Christopher Krebs/Caitlin Flanagan/Bret Stephens
Guests: Christopher Krebs - former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; Caitlin Flanagan - staff writer at The Atlantic and author; Bret Stephens - columnist for The New York Times and an MSNBC contributor.
9 Apr. 2021
Alex Padilla/Heather McGhee/Reihan Salam
Alex Padilla - U.S. Senator from California; Heather McGhee - author and Board Chair of Color of Change; Reihan Salam - President of The Manhattan Institute and a contributing writer at The Atlantic.
16 Apr. 2021
Sharon Osbourne/Ian Bremmer/Rosa Brooks
Guests: Sharon Osbourne - TV personality and former co-host of The Talk; Ian Bremmer - President of geopolitical risk firm Eurasia Group and GZERO Media; Rosa Brooks - professor at Georgetown School of Law and author
23 Apr. 2021
Fran Lebowitz/S.E. Cupp/April Ryan
Guests: Fran Lebowitz - former contributing editor for Vanity Fair; S.E. Cupp - CNN contributor and host of CNN's "S.E. Cupp: Unfiltered."; April Ryan - DC Bureau Chief and White House Correspondent for and author.
30 Apr. 2021
Ben Sheehan/Nancy MacLean/Thomas Frank
Guests: Ben Sheehan - Founder of "O.M.G. W.T.F." and author; Nancy MacLean - historian and author; Thomas Frank - author.
7 May 2021
John McWhorter/Elissa Slotkin/Rick Wilson
John McWhorter - professor of linguistics at Columbia University, contributing editor at The Atlantic, and author; Elissa Slotkin - Democratic congresswoman from Michigan's 8th district; Rick Wilson - Republican strategist and author
28 May 2021
Bob Costas, Nicholas Kristof, James Carville
Guests: Bob Costas - Sportscaster and TV host; Nicholas Kristof - Columnist at The New York Times and author; James Carville - co-host of the podcast Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt.
4 Jun. 2021
Ritchie Torres, John Kasich, Chris Matthews
Guests: Ritchie Torres - Congressman representing New York's 15th district; John Kasich - Former governor of Ohio a senior political commentator for CNN; Chris Matthews - TV host and author
11 Jun. 2021
Neil deGrasse Tyson / Rob Reiner / Rachel Bitecofer
Guests: Neil deGrasse Tyson - Astrophysicist and author; Rob Reiner - Filmmaker and activist; Rachel Bitecofer - Elections analyst, political scientist and co-founder of Strike PAC.
18 Jun. 2021
Nikki Glaser/Paul Begala/Jane Coaston
Guests: Nikki Glaser - comedian; Paul Begala - Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator; Jane Coaston - Host of The New York Times' podcast, The Argument.
25 Jun. 2021
Quentin Tarantino/Max Brooks/Dan Carlin
Guests: Quentin Tarantino - filmmaker and author; Max Brooks - author; Dan Carlin - host of the podcast Hardcore History and author.
30 Jul. 2021
Eric Adams/Stacey Plaskett/Joshua Green
Eric Adams - Democratic nominee for NYC Mayor and author; Rep. Stacey Plaskett - Democratic congresswoman from the U.S. Virgin Islands; Joshua Green - journalist and author
6 Aug. 2021
Donna de Varona/Malcolm Nance/Ben Shapiro
Guests: Donna de Varona - former swimmer and two time Olympic gold medalist; Malcolm Nance - Former CIA officer, MSNBC contributor and author; Ben Shapiro - host of The Ben Shapiro show and author
13 Aug. 2021
Martin Short/Steve Martin/Donna Brazile/Michael Moynihan
Martin Short - actor and comedian; Steve Martin - actors and comedian; Donna Brazile - USA Today columnist, ABC News contributor and author; Michael Moynihan - Vice News Tonight National Correspondent.
20 Aug. 2021
Andrew Sullivan/Jackie Calmes/Max Rose
Guests: Andrew Sullivan - blogger and author; Jackie Calmes - columnist for the LA Times and author; Max Rose - former Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Defense for COVID-19 and former congressman from NY
27 Aug. 2021
Craig Whitlock/Katty Kay/Ralph Reed
Guests: Craig Whitlock - Journalist and author; Katty Kay - Journalist, broadcaster and author; Ralph Reed - Conservative political consultant and lobbyist.
10 Sep. 2021
Barbara Lee/Christina Bellantoni/George F. Will
Guests: Barbara Lee - Congresswoman representing California's 13th district; Christina Bellantoni - Director of the Media Center at USC and a contributing editor with The 19th News; George F. Will - Washington Post columnist and author;
17 Sep. 2021
Anne Applebaum/Dan Savage/Gillian Tett
Anne Applebaum - historian, staff writer at The Atlantic and author; Dan Savage - columnist, author and host of the Savage Lovecast podcast; Gillian Tett - Editor-at-Large of The Financial Times and author.
24 Sep. 2021
Tristan Harris/Jennifer Rubin/Richard Ojeda
Guests: Tristan Harris - co-founder of The Center for Humane Technology; Jennifer Rubin - Washington Post columnist, MSNBC contributor, and author; Richard Ojeda - host of the daily webcast Ojeda Live.
1 Oct. 2021
Stevie Van Zandt/Matt Taibbi/Katherine Mangu-Ward
Guests: Stevie Van Zandt - musician, actor, activist and author; Matt Taibbi - Editor of TK News on Substack; Katherine Mangu-Ward - Editor-in-Chief of Reason;
8 Oct. 2021
Steven Pinker/Killer Mike/Robert Costa
Guests: Steven Pinker - Psychology professor at Harvard and author; Michael Render (a.k.a. Killer Mike) - activist and musician; Robert Costa - political reporter for The Washington Post and author.
22 Oct. 2021
Saru Jayaraman/Andrew Yang/John McWhorter
Guests: Saru Jayaraman - Director of UC Berkeley's Food Labor Research Center, President of One Fair Wage and author; Andrew Yang - politician and author; John McWhorter - opinion writer for The New York Times and author.
29 Oct. 2021
Sean Spicer/Caitlin Flanagan/Chris Coons
Sean Spicer - Fmr. Press Secretary to President Trump and author; Caitlin Flanagan - staff writer at The Atlantic; Chris Coons - U.S. Senator from Delaware and founder of the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus.
5 Nov. 2021
Amy Klobuchar/Glenn Loury/Michael Eric Dyson
Guests: Amy Klobuchar - U.S. Senator from Minnesota and author; Glenn Loury - Economics professor at Brown University and host of The Glenn Show; Michael Eric Dyson - Professor at Vanderbilt University and author;
12 Nov. 2021
Kevin O'Leary/Adam Schiff/Tavis Smiley
Kevin O'Leary - venture capitalist and co-host of ABC's Shark Tank; Rep. Adam Schiff - Congressman from California and author; Tavis Smiley - mid-morning host of KBLA TALK 1580.
19 Nov. 2021
Fareed Zakaria/Chris Christie/Eric Adams
Guests: Fareed Zakaria - Journalist and author; Chris Christie - Former New Jersey Governor and author; Eric Adams - Retired police officer and Mayor-Elect of New York City.

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