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The Bottom of the Barrel
Skaiton25 February 2003
"Rutland USA" may not be the single worst movie ever made, but it certainly comes close. Amateur films I can handle, even come to enjoy, but this film was so boring, so witless, so eager to delve into its own paradoxically abysmal plot that I was disgusted from the start. The "acting" (if one can call it that) is suited for a sixth-grade play, the music seemingly composed by a two-year old on an electric guitar, and the plot epitomizes the height of low-grade excretions found in so many made-for-home video fare. The movie is not a total loss, however, as there are still funny scenes and characters that make one laugh even as they grimace at the dialogue and hammy delivery. The Detective is possibly the only palatable element of the entire film, although even his stuttering dodgey abilities cannot save this from the K-Mart bargain bin.
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Run away as fast as possible.
Josh Olivares (Rommel52744)21 February 2003
It still boggles my mind how what seems to be a lowly made college movie is on the dvd shelf at my video store. One of my acquaintances is from Rutland so she rented it and I watched this movie. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. The dialogue is simple, the characters are simple, and the story is even simpler. The old detective couldn't deliver a single line correctly, but I suppose I can't pick on him because everyone else was just as bad. Please don't waste your money or your time.
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Don't even think about seeing this movie!
sonicdeathmonkey-21 August 2006
This truly was one of the worst films of all time. The script was just awful, the acting was sub-amateur and the comedic relief was beyond dumb. I really was shocked when I got the movie last summer at my local video store. I had heard that my friend from high school Phil Hardy Levoy who plays "Ryan" in the film, was in a movie, I knew I just had to see it. I thought that the film would be pretty decent for a small independent feature seeing as how it won several local indie film awards in Massachusetts. But no, Rutland U.S.A. has to be one of the WORST movies to have ever been made. I suppose that if the film were made and starring elementary school children, it would have turned out much better, because at least the children's age would explain the dreadful acting. If you are interested in this movie, stay away!!!! There is nothing here for you. If you are interested in seeing the worst film in independent cinema history, beware, you might be in for the BORE of yer life!!!! There is no semblance of any talent present in this film.
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Good for an Indie
vitroshe26 September 2004
I rented Rutland USA for the first time this weekend and i didn't know what to expect. For a movie that had amateurs as actors and shot in video on location, I thought the movie was cute. I thought some of the acting was good like the female reporter and the janitor that becomes the super hero. Some of the movie dragged slightly, but most of it was funny and had some good tongue in cheek humor. The detective was also good and reminded me a lot of Lesley Nielsen from Airplane. I thought that the story line and the twist was also clever as well as the slap therapist. For this groups first movie, I thought it was a good effort. I actually liked it better than many other indie movies I have watched.
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Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
jgibbons-25 March 2004
How freakin' refreshing for some one to go and make a movie for $4,000 and have it NOT SUCK like the Hollywood movies made for millions. To say I laughed through the entire movie would be an understatement. Granted, the acting isn't the best, but what do you expect for 4k?

Everyone should see this movie. If you are one of those people that doesn't like odd comedy and you take everything in life too seriously then just skip it and go stick your head in a toilet. This movie rocked. Here's why...

1. Detective Rose is awesome. He's got to be close to 70 years old and he's rippin' it up on the big screen- better than Leslie Nielson. He's says a line about his ball sack that made me laugh like a little boy.

2. Sara Williams- Hot! Cute girl with great comedic timing. She is the oddest reporter I have ever seen in a movie and I want to see her more. Funny funny funny lines.

3. Lots of characters- I love ensamble casts and this one is funnier than Lord of the Rings. A movie with a lot of characters is more interesting to watch.

4. The Plot wasn't the most well orchestrated thing I have ever seen, but it didn't matter- it was too darn funny. If you want to watch a movie and just have a good time- rent or buy this. It is more funny the second time and even more funny the third.

I think the reason why I loved this movie so much is because I feel like it's my little secret- Just because it doesn't have star power or a million dollar budget. I guess I just wanted to let you all in on a little secret and tell you to find a way to see this movie. If you like stuff like Dumb and Dumber, Something About Mary, Naked Gun, or The Sound of Music- you will love this.

That's my 2 and a half cents- I'm out.
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Great Local Film
johnkaune6 December 2003
This movie is hilarious! I rented it from my friendly neighborhood video store and it was laugh out loud hysterical! This movie has some of that most classic characters that I have seen. Detective Rouse is awesome! It was great to see a real full length movie that was filmed locally and had local actors starring in it. I want to thank all the writers and actors that were involved in the production of this film and intend to see and purchase any further films ( like the upcoming Freedom Park) that these people make!
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duggman8028 September 2003
This movie was amazing!! I could not stop laughing throughout the whole movie. I thought that this movie was one of the funniest that I have ever seen because it was not afraid to do anything. The detective was great. I read the other review by the guy who didn't like the detective and you did not get it! He was an old bumbling detective -that was his role. It sounds to me like you did not understand the whole movie but oh well, you also called the Simpsons trash.

This movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great absurdist comedy. I would give this a four star rating!!!
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The beauty of this film is it's simplicity
John_Cahoon5 March 2003
While sifting through the common trash on the New Releases wall at the movie store, I came upon this movie. I have always been a fan of indie flicks, and after seeing the fact that it was made for less than $1000, I decided to rent it.

What I got was the funniest, purest, most raw movie I have seen in a long time. First, the acting, though not polished, was a definite must to the flick as a whole. After all, most of these actors were the actual citizens from the small hick town that is Rutland, MA. They weren't acting as much as they were living and breathing on film as if it was another day.

The writing was a low-brow treat with jokes delived haphazardly, adding to the humor. Mr. McCracken, was a modern day Inspector Cleauseau with an "in-your-face" Massachusetts edge. And the ensemble that makes up the production company was quirky and, fortunately, did not overshadow the plain folk actors. Everyone blended in fabulously.

In any event, this movie ,at it's very core, is funny, pleasantly real, with a laugh almost every other minute.

If you aren't willing to take a chance on renting it, Ill send you the four bucks. . .cause you need to see this film.
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