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  • Las Vegas casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), still fuming over the heist that Danny Ocean and his 10 colleagues pulled on him in Ocean's Eleven, wants his $160 million back (plus $30 million in interest) even though his insurance company has already compensated him for his loss. One by one, he contacts each of the 11 and warns them that, if he is not remunerated in two weeks, they are dead ducks. In order to raise the money, the team reunites and decides to pull another heist in Amsterdam. After they attempt the heist, however, they discover that a Parisian thief known as the Night Fox (Vincent Cassel), real name François Toulour, has been there ahead of them. Toulour then challenges them to steal the Fabergé "Coronation" egg, which he will also try to steal in order to prove who is the greatest thief ever, surpassing even his mentor Gaspar LeMarque (Albert Finney). If Ocean's team is successful, Toulour promises to pay off their debt to Benedict. Unfortunately, Rusty's ex-girlfriend, Europol agent Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones), E.U. Organized Crime Unit Special Task Force, is watching them. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ocean's Twelve is a sequel to Ocean's Eleven (2001) (2001). The script for Ocean's Twelve was written by American screenwriter George Nolfi using characters created by George Clayton Johnson and Jack Golden Russell for the original 1960 Ocean's Eleven (1960). Ocean's Twelve was followed by Ocean's Thirteen (2007) (2007). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • All of the 11 original characters (as well as the same actors) are back. Led by ex-con Danny Ocean (George Clooney), there's card dealer (now hotel owner) Robert "Rusty" Ryan (Brad Pitt), financier Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), professional card dealer Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), the ever-arguing Malloy brothers Virgil (Casey Affleck) and Turk (Scott Caan), electronics expert Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison), pyrotechnician Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle), pickpocket Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), Chinese acrobat Yen (Shaobo Qin), and retired con artist Saul Bloom (Carl Reiner). The 12th person is Danny's wife Tess (Julia Roberts) who is recruited to impersonate Julia Roberts, whom she strongly resembles. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Three years later, evidenced by the fact that this is Tess & Danny's "second third anniversary", having reunited at the end of Ocean's Eleven and begun counting their anniversaries all over again. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He broke the first rule among thieves: he is the one who revealed to Terry Benedict that Ocean's team were the thieves who stole his money in the Bellagio Heist (in Ocean's Eleven). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Toulour was angered when LaMarque, his mentor, agreed with "a very loud and annoying businessman" that Danny Ocean was the greatest thief in the world. Toulour decided that the only way it could be proven or disproven would be if he challenged Danny to a "duel", both of them going after the same item. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They are referring to Max Schumann, a thief who twice raised entire buildings, once in 1964 in Venice and again in 1973 in Istanbul, in order to gain a better line of sight. Isabel told Rusty about it several years ago, and Rusty used the ploy to gain access to van der Woude's (Jeroen Krabbé) safe. That's how Isabel knew that Rusty had a hand in the theft. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The flashback near the end of the movie, where it shows Danny and Rusty setting up the counter game with LeMarque, is dated "Second Thursday, six days left." This is the same day that they were in the train station trying to track down Yen's whereabouts and figure out Danny's age, the day before they met with the Night Fox for the first time. LeMarque warned them that Toulour would have them under surveillance from then on and that they would have to put on a very elaborate show. Everything after that first meeting with Toulour at his house in Lake Como was part of the "elaborate show." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The entire crew was aware of the plan. Those who evaded arrest continued the charade in case they were being watched by Toulour. The only ones who were not aware of the plan were Tess, Isabel, and Toulour. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Rusty accompanies Isabel to a villa where he introduces her to LeMarque, the father she hasn't seen since she was nine years old. Reuben delivers Toulour's check for $189,427,084.32 to Terry Benedict, who makes Reuben promise that, should anyone try to steal from him again, Ocean's team better not be involved. However, in the background, the Night Fox can be seen disguised as a gardener tending to Benedict's flowers. In the final scene, while the twelve are playing poker at a private party, Rusty and Isabel enter the room together. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's called "The à la menthe (the lazer dance version)" and is performed by Nikkfurie of the band La Caution. Both the six-minute instrumental version and the original version, featuring rap by Nikkfurie and his brother Hi-Tekk, are available on their album Peines de Maures (a double CD also called Arc en Ciel Pour Daltoniens). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The movie actually has two Fabergé ggs shown in several scenes. One was the "actual" egg and the second was the fake "hologram" egg. Both eggs were made by the Vivian Alexander company, located in Maurice, Louisiana. The president and owner of the company, Alex Caldwell, viewed and studied Fabergé's original Imperial Coronation Egg in the Forbes Galleries museum in Manhattan. Caldwell was allowed to hold, measure, and photograph the original in detail prior to creating the two replicas for Warner Bros. in his Studio in Maurice. Vivian Alexander is listed in the movie credits. Edit (Coming Soon)


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