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Kurt Russell: Herb Brooks



  • Herb Brooks : Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.

  • [last lines] 

    Herb Brooks : [voiceover]  Two days later, the miracle was made complete. My boys defeated Finland to win the gold medal, coming from behind once again. As I watched them out there, celebrating on the ice, I realized that Patti had been right. It was a lot more than a hockey game, not only for those who watched it, but for those who played in it. I've often been asked in the years since Lake Placid what was the best moment for me. Well, it was here, the sight of 20 young men of such differing backgrounds now standing as one. Young men willing to sacrifice so much of themselves all for an unknown. A few years later, the U.S. began using professional athletes at the Games - Dream Teams. I always found that term ironic because now that we have Dream Teams, we seldom ever get to dream. But on one weekend, as America and the world watched, a group of remarkable young men gave the nation what it needed most: a chance, for one night, not only to dream, but a chance, once again, to believe.

  • Mike Eruzione : Mike Eruzione! Winthrop, Massachusettes!

    Herb Brooks : Who do you play for?

    Mike Eruzione : I play for the United States of America!

  • Herb Brooks : Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world.

  • Herb Brooks : Again.

    [whistle blows] 

  • Herb Brooks : You think you can win on talent alone? Gentlemen, you don't have enough talent to win on talent alone.

  • Herb Brooks : This is unbelievable. You guys are playing like this is some throw away game up in Rochester. Who we playing, Rammer?

    Mike Ramsey : Sweden.

    Herb Brooks : Yeah. You're damn right Sweden! In the Olympics!

    [turn to McClanahan] 

    Herb Brooks : What the hell is wrong with you? Put your gear on!


    Herb Brooks : I said put your gear on!

    Rob McClanahan : Doc told me I can't play.

    Herb Brooks : Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. You got a bad bruise. You know what? Put your street clothes on because I got no time for quitters!

    Mike Eruzione : Come on, Herb! No body is quitting here!

    Herb Brooks : You worry about your own game. Plenty there to keep you busy.

    Herb Brooks : A bruise on the leg is a hell of a long way from the heart, candy ass.

    Rob McClanahan : What'd you call me?

    Herb Brooks : You heard me!

    Rob McClanahan : You want me to play, huh? Is that what you want?

    Herb Brooks : I want you to be a hockey player!


    Herb Brooks : [walking out of the locker room with McClanahan still screaming]  That'll get him going.

    Craig Patrick : Oh, yeah. I'll clean up!

  • Herb Brooks : When you pull on that jersey, you represent yourself and your teammates. And the name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back! Get that through your head!

  • Jim Craig : Wait a second, I've given you all I've got, and now you're pulling the plug on me?

    Herb Brooks : Have you? Given me your very best? Because I know there's a lot more in you, a whole other level, that for some reason you just don't want to go to! Aww, what the hell, you don't understand what the hell I'm talking about.

    Jim Craig : No... you know what I understand, Herb? I don't understand you, nobody on this team understands you. You, with your ridiculous sayings, and your drills, and those stupid psychology tests that you had everybody take...

    [cut off by Herb] 

    Herb Brooks : Everybody?

    [starts jogging up the stairs while Jimmy yells after him] 

    Jim Craig : What, so this is what this is all about? Because I didn't take your test? Fine, you want me to take your test, I'll take your test. Is that what you want?

    Herb Brooks : No. I wanna see the kid in the net who wouldn't take the test.

    [walks up the remaining stairs, and out the door, with Jimmy staring after him] 

  • Herb Brooks : [showing the team a new play]  Boom he can hit him. Boom. Boom. Boom. We're opening up options. We've got four options off of one play. Allright. Any questions?


    Herb Brooks : Good, let's go.

    Buzz Schneider : What the hell is he talking about?

    Rob McClanahan : No clue!

  • Herb Brooks : All-star teams fail because they rely solely on the individual's talent. The Soviets win because they take that talent and use it inside a system that's designed for the betterment of the team. My goal is to beat 'em at their own game.

    Lou Nanne : Beat the best team in the world? Gold medalists in '64, '68, '72, '76? Pretty lofty goal, Herb.

    Herb Brooks : Well, Lou, that's why I want to pursue it.

  • Herb Brooks : Come on in, boys.

    John 'Bah' Harrington : You wanted to see us, Coach.

    Herb Brooks : I'm thinking about keeping the three of you together on the same line. Everyone ok with that?

    Buzz Schneider : Yeah.

    John 'Bah' Harrington : Sure.

    Mark Pavelich : Sure.

    Herb Brooks : How 'bout you, Buzzy? You think this works with Bah and Pav here?

    Buzz Schneider : Yeah. It's going good. We're moving the puck well. It's just a little different playing with them, you know?

    John 'Bah' Harrington : Yeah. I don't know how to explain it, but we seem to find each other on the ice and make things happen.

    Mark Pavelich : Yeah. Pass, shoot, score.

    John 'Bah' Harrington : Pass, shoot...

    Buzz Schneider : And score.

  • Jack O'Callahan : This is crazy, Herb. Bringing him in this late.

    Rob McClanahan : We've got parents buying tickets, getting rooms. What are we supposed to tell them? And with one of us going home as it is...

    Herb Brooks : I guess I don't have to ask where you stand on this do I, Rizzo?

    Rob McClanahan : This wasn't Rizzo's idea.

    Mike Eruzione : You want me to say, "I'm scared of getting cut?" I'm scared of getting cut. Everyone is.

    Jack O'Callahan : We just want it to be fair, Herb.

    Herb Brooks : Don't try to tell me what's fair. He was right back there with us in Colorado.

    Mike Eruzione : That was six months ago!

    Herb Brooks : And you don't think he's been playing for the last six months?

    Mike Eruzione : Not with us he hasn't!

    Herb Brooks : So?

    Mike Eruzione : So there's a difference!

    Herb Brooks : Like hell there is! All I know is that that kid can flat out play!

    Jack O'Callahan : What and we can't?

    Herb Brooks : He's got great vision on the ice...

    Rob McClanahan : That's not the point!

    Herb Brooks : I'll tell ya what else he's got. He's got the attitude I want on and off the ice. So somebody here better tell me why I shouldn't be giving him a hell of a look!

    Mark Johnson : Because we're a family!

    Herb Brooks : What?

    Mark Johnson : We're a family.

  • Herb Brooks : [to Patti on the phone]  We were taxiing out to the runway, right? And we... you know, we kind of hit a moose. No, the moose is fine, but we gotta make sure that the plane's all right, so some of the boys are pushing it back so these guys can take a look at it. Patti, the moose is okay. He ran off. I saw it.

  • Herb Brooks : Red line, back. Blue line, back. Far blue line, back. Far red line, back. And you have 45 seconds to do it. Get used to this drill. You'll be doing it a lot. Why? Because the legs feed the wolf, gentlemen. I can't promise you we'll be the best team at Lake Placid next February, but we will be the best conditioned. That I can promise you.

  • Herb Brooks : [to Craig]  Take a look at this.

    Craig Patrick : What's this?

    Herb Brooks : Twenty-six names. The tough part will be getting it down to twenty before the opening ceremonies.

    Craig Patrick : This is the final roster? You're kidding me, right? This is our first day, Herb. We've got a week of this. What about the advisory staff? Aren't they supposed to have a say in this?

    Herb Brooks : Not technically.

    Craig Patrick : You're missing some of the best players.

    Herb Brooks : I'm not looking for the best players, Craig. I'm looking for the right ones.

    Craig Patrick : You have Jim Craig to back up Janisack?

    Herb Brooks : Other way around.

    Craig Patrick : Other way around? I'm sorry, didn't Janisack just win you a national championship?

    Herb Brooks : Janny is a solid goaltender, but we're not playing for the national championship here, Craig.

    Herb Brooks : You know people I speak to say that Craig's game has been off since his mom died.

    Craig Patrick : They ever see him when his game's on?

  • Herb Brooks : If we play 'em 10 times, they might win nine, but not this game.

  • Herb Brooks : I got a telegram from a lady in Texas today, and you know what it said?

    Patty Brooks : What?

    Herb Brooks : Beat those Commie bastards. We're playing a hockey game against the greatest team in the world, and they're the best that's ever played this game. Why can't we just leave it at that?

    Patty Brooks : Because this is more than a hockey game to a lot of people.

    Herb Brooks : Yeah and I keep running through them all. Johnson on Mikhailov. Broten on Petrov. Pav against whoever OV. We just... We don't match up, Patti.

    Patty Brooks : You might want to skip that when you talk to the boys tomorrow.

  • Herb Brooks : I'll be your coach, I won't be your friend. If you need one of those, take it up with Doc or Coach Patrick.

  • Herb Brooks : [making his team do sprints after a lackluster game]  You keep playing this way, you won't beat anybody who's even good, let alone great! You wanna make this team? Then you better start playing at a level that's gonna FORCE ME to keep you here! AGAIN!

  • Herb Brooks : [after the fight between O' Callahan and McClanahan breaks up]  Well, how 'bout it, boys? Look like hockey to you? Looks more like a couple monkeys trying to hump a football to me, I don't know. What do you think, Craig?

    Craig Patrick : [pause]  Yeah.

    Herb Brooks : You wanna settle old scores, you're on the wrong team. We move forward starting right now. We start becoming a team right now! Skating, passing, flow and creativity. That is what this team is all about, gentlemen, not old rivalries. So, why don't we start with some introductions. You know, get to know each other a little bit. Where you from. Who you are. Go ahead.

    [looks at McClanahan] 

    Rob McClanahan : [rolls his eyes]  Rob McClanahan. St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Herb Brooks : Who do you play for?

    Rob McClanahan : I play for you, here at the U.

    Herb Brooks : [looks at O.C]  Jack?

    Jack O'Callahan : Jack O'Callahan. Charlestown, Mass. Boston University.

    Herb Brooks : [looks at Ralph Cox]  Over here.

    Cox : I'm Ralph Cox. I'm from wherever's not gonna get me hit!

    Herb Brooks : Very good. Everybody on the line, let's go!

  • Herb Brooks : Vladislav Tretiak; if you score on him, keep the puck because it does not happen often.

  • Herb Brooks : [opening his Christmas gift - a bullwhip]  It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Herb Brooks : [knocks on the door of the dorm room; Jimmy opens it]  Hey, Jim.

    Jim Craig : Hey, Coach.

    Herb Brooks : Just wondering why you didn't take this test.

    [waves the stack of psychology tests that he has in his hands] 

    Jim Craig : Yeah, umm... it's nothing against you or anything. I just don't see what it has to do with stopping the puck.

    Herb Brooks : That's okay, you just took it anyway.

  • Herb Brooks : [as the players who were cut depart]  Take a good look, gentlemen, cause they're the ones getting off easy.

  • Jack O'Callahan : [O.C. is standing in the middle of the ice on crutches. Brooks walks onto the ice and stands next to him]  Doc said, "No," right?

    Herb Brooks : He said you *might* be able to go in a week, maybe two.

    Jack O'Callahan : What if it's two?

    Herb Brooks : That puts me in a tight spot, doesn't it? Jack, I've got twenty guys to think about here, and they're all looking at me to do what's best for this team.

    Jack O'Callahan : I understand, coach.

    Herb Brooks : Which is why I'm hanging onto you.

    Jack O'Callahan : [turns to face him]  I swear to God, Herb, if you're not being serious right now...

    Herb Brooks : I'm only saying this if you promise right now you won't even think about asking me to play until I tell you.

    Jack O'Callahan : I won't. I-I mean, I will, I promise, coach.

    Herb Brooks : Cause if you do, Jack, I'll stick your ass on an airplane, and you're headed back to Boston.

    [O.C. smiles] 

    Herb Brooks : All right, Doc's waiting for you.

    Jack O'Callahan : [smiling]  Thank you, Herb.

    [hobbles away on crutches, stops and raises crutches in the air, screaming] 

    Jack O'Callahan : Woohoo! O.C. is playing, baby! Hahaha!

  • Herb Brooks : [to Jimmy]  You know, I've been meaning to ask you, how's your family doing?

    Jim Craig : They're doing all right.

    Herb Brooks : And you?

    Jim Craig : I'm doing okay.

    Herb Brooks : Look, I've got 26 guys trying to make this team; Jim, only 20 are going to Lake Placid, so I have to know now how committed you are to being here, because if you're not, you're just wasting our time.

    Jim Craig : Look, Coach, my dad's going through a rough time right now. He's got nothing, he lost his job, and with Atlanta trying to sign me... bottom line: my mom wanted this, me playing on this team. Can't say no to someone who drove me to practice every day, right?

    Herb Brooks : You still haven't answered my question, Jim.

    Jim Craig : I'm here, aren't I?

    Herb Brooks : I'll see you in the morning.

    [pauses, then throws Jimmy's test in the garbage as he walks away] 

    Herb Brooks : Don't forget to bring your game.

  • Patty Brooks : Herb, there's no disgrace in losing to this team.

    Herb Brooks : Yeah, I know.

    Patty Brooks : The important thing is, you got this far.

    Herb Brooks : The important thing?


    Herb Brooks : The important thing is that those twenty boys know in twenty years, they didn't leave anything on the table. They played their hearts out. That's the important thing.

    [leans over and kisses Patti on the cheek, while she rests her head on his shoulder] 

  • Craig Patrick : Hey, Herb, what's going on? We're playing the Soviets three days before Lake Placid?

    Herb Brooks : Yeah, how 'bout that?

  • Herb Brooks : I'm thinking about sitting you down, Jim.

    Jim Craig : What? Wait what are you talking about?

    Herb Brooks : No, it's not your fault. I played you way too much and you're too tired. Besides that, I think it's time I give Janny a look. He's been waiting for seven months.

    Jim Craig : You're kidding me? Now?

    Herb Brooks : Of course I mean now!

    Jim Craig : That's my net, man. You can't do that!

    Herb Brooks : They just scored ten goals, Jim. Right now, it's everybody's net.

  • Herb Brooks : We start becoming a team right now!

  • Herb Brooks : How about you?

    Mark Pavelich : Mark Pavelich.

    Herb Brooks : Who do you play for?

    Mark Pavelich : UMD Bulldogs.

  • Herb Brooks : How about you?

    Dave Christian : Dave Christian.

    Herb Brooks : Who do you play for?

    Dave Christian : University of North Dakota.

  • Herb Brooks : What's your name?

    Mark Johnson : Mark Johnson.

    Herb Brooks : Where you from, Mark?

    Mark Johnson : Madison, Wisconsin.

    Herb Brooks : Who do you play for?

    Mark Johnson : University of Wisconsin, Coach.

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