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An unlikely difficult and dangerous friendship
Havan_IronOak7 June 2003
Kiki is a charming ladies man, but he's an illegal Albanian immigrant in Germany just prior to the Kosovo war. Tiger is his best friend but is a Serbian legally residing in Germany. Add to the mix Tiger's unrequited love for his friend, Tiger's father's hatred of all things Albanian and Kiki's new girlfriend and we have a recipe for tragedy.

Since this film is based on a true story, it doesn't go for the obvious plot twists but it also doesn't offer a nice tidy ending.

Although the scenario was intriguing and the main characters were both appealing, I wanted to know more about the characters and particularly more about how the characters changed in the two years skipped over in the film. I'm not sure what I saw was an interesting movie but I was convinced that there was one somewhere in these men's stories.

One final thought... It may be my provincial American ignorance as to world events but some information about the Refugee situation in Germany, the antipathy between Serbs and Albanians and the events during the war may have gone a long way to making this a more complete story for me.

Remember when movie makers used to feel that they sometimes had to bring their viewers up to speed before starting to tell their stories. Remember the beginning of Casablanca?
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Solid, moving student feature
vagrantfilms5 August 2003
Kiki and Tiger, is a powerful, poignant story of friendship and unrequited homosexual love. The tension derived from the cultural and racial differences, helps this tale move forward wonderfully. Some people wished the director had painted for them a very simplistic, easy to read paint by numbers feature. Asking for the director to offer more Background on the Albanian-Serbian conflict. Sometimes, the reason behind it is cultural, other times the director is trying to entice you to learn more on your own, by, GASP.... Reading!!! Demanding a director offer you more of a history lesson on the real life conflict is silly, I never went to Russian Ark hoping for cliff notes on Russian social and art history, i just embraced what the director put on screen. Kiki and Tiger (while nowhere near the technical achievement Russian Ark is) Deserves the same respect and time.
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