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Dark Angel
spikefan_sunnydale5 April 2005
I want the show back. Why did they cancel it anyway. I totally loved it. It has the perfect mix of everything and its an excellent show. I am no stuck watching reruns at night on SItv. Maybe if they get enough feed back from viewers they will pick the show back up. They probably wont but its a good thought. Max is the ultimate super hero. I mean what else could we ask for? She's a super powered chic with good taste in clothes, morals and men. I totally hope that the right people read this review and they seriously consider at least giving us a proper ending to the show with some kind of closure. They at least owe us that don't they?
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mint series you need to see
Rebecca_B57 January 2006
I think that dark angel is one of the best television shows ever made and i was hooked after one of the first episodes i seen a couple of yrs ago. Its a good TV series with action and mint story lines and their all as good as the last one and sometimes better. All the great new and old character brought in, you start to relate to one or all of the characters in different ways. Which is good with all the great actors and actresses in the show that bring the characters to life such as Jessica Alba and Micheal Weatherly are only two of the big and brilliant casted crew. So you should see this television series as i know that you'll like it as soon as you see the first episode and then you'll be hooked just like i was and me friends.
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Jessica rocks!
andrewtantanella23 March 2007
This show is my all time favorite. Please make a 3rd season! I really don't watch too many shows but from day 1 I always loved dark angel. I think she is very talented and the show magnifies her talents. The story itself is superb. James Cameron had a great idea, screen play, best actors, and "no continuation". Too many questions left, and not to mention all the thousands of fans this show brought. Just because the petition wasn't big enough to keep it on the air, doesn't mean nobody liked it. Thousands probably never knew there was a petition. Please consider bringing it back. It will do fabulous.The world is used to terrorists now, you don't have to take the best show off the air because it hits close to home. All the better, people can relate better to it.In conclusion, I love the show, definitely watch the series. I just finished it again. Great cast, great directing, story line, beautiful actress. Jessica Alba is Dark Angel!
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its was said max woul never run
rahjizzy20029 October 2006
that show is no different then the world we live in today. there always outsider. people fear what there don't understand. a world of creatures made for war with a conscience .not only did the science make it real, but the characters made sure you new them well. like max and logan. a very sad ending which hopefully will stretch for happy one. each indivisual transetic soldier had a mission, just like everyone. human or mutant. it would be a waste of the time you put in this show, if u didn't stretch your imagination to bring max back. so all ending cant be good, but least let max and logan get busy once.we love her and need her. she's makes different, make sense.
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Bring this series back!
jerchap17 March 2006
Great series, had good ratings, I got attached to the characters. One of the only series where I was really disappointed that it was cancelled. There was several seasons left of good material I'm sure, I think it was a huge blunder that some exec cancelled it. Bring it back!

Good action, good plot. Excellent characters and character growth throughout the episodes. This series featured an excellent atmosphere that is lacking in most series. There were so many plot developments that were unanswered when the show was cancelled, bring it back for a few more seasons. There's lots of good material here to keep watchers interested.

Why would a highly rated show get cancelled? Especially considering the crap that isn't cancelled.
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