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It Breaks All the Rules for Good Film Making **
edwagreen5 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When the girl that he wants to marry dumps him, Jamie Foxx is inspired to write a handbook for men in how to go about breaking up with women. The book becomes a best seller; unfortunately, the picture is not.

The picture, though funny at times, becomes a farce where the 3 guys fall for each other's women. You know that eventually there will be a scene where the 3 will meet, especially when one of the guys is the boss of the firm where the other 2 work.

These pictures of mistaken identity work only to a point and that point is reached earlier in the film.

One of the songs singing about a preacher and teacher is absolutely ridiculous.

There are some funny sequences, especially with one of the girls and an old man at a rehabilitation center, but you can only go far with that.
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Dumping a lover is hard to do
jotix1002 September 2005
"Breaking all the Rules" looked promising just by having the talented Jamie Foxx in the lead role. As it plays on the screen, this comedy, directed by Daniel Tablitz, who also wrote the screen play, seems to have been produced on the strength of its star, or maybe someone in the studio decided that making it with a mostly black cast, had possibilities. This comedy could have been played by any cast of any color without making any dent in the genre.

The basic problem is the screen play. Do we care about these people? I don't think so. The running gag about Nicky resembling Halle Berry runs tired after the second time it's mentioned. Even the book that Quincy writes makes no sense.

Jamie Foxx is about the only pretext for spending almost an hour and a half with this film. He is an interesting performer no matter what he is doing. The beautiful Gabrielle Union is fine as Nicky, but there is no heat between Quincy and her. The rest of the cast struggles to make this comedy succeed.

Watch it at your own risk.
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Great Film!!
jemswan12323 May 2005
I loved this film. and guess what I am white! most people seem to feel the film is racist.. i don't see it myself.. Jamie Fox is so funny and i love the love triangles in the film. there's slight confusion in a few parts of the film tho that still confuse me. I like the girl actress. Jamie Foxx's best mate was a little tiresome, but i loved the humour. in this film. i loved the soundtrack too. Id be interested in buying this on DVD and watching it again as it was an A Class film!! i though this film would be "typical black comedy" but it proved me totally wrong. I want the soundtrack too as some of the songs were amazing. Also the female singer in the 2nd club scene was amazing, if she isn't a real singer she should be. She has an amazing voice. My favourite part of the film.. well i don't know its all really funny stuff. I watched it with my boyfriend, he agreed on the soundtrack and the humour. I would recommend this film to all ages. Excellent !! * Highly ReccommendS*
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The Break Up Handbook Movie
Chrysanthepop23 July 2008
Daniel Tablitz's 'Breakin' All the Rules' has some genuinely funny moments. It's not a classic but most of it is quite enjoyable. It sticks to the main point. I liked the idea that the main character is a man who's writing a self-help book about broken relationships. Usually such characters are played by women so this felt fresh and cool. The problem is that some of the jokes lose their touch as they are too stretched out but the confusion and mistaken identity bits were quite funny. The film highly depends on its cast. Jamie Foxx is a natural performer where comedy is concerned thus here is no exception. The cute Gabrielle Union is decent but she doesn't convince in the sequences where Nicky's angry. Moreover the chemistry between her and Foxx seems more as though they are friends rather than two people who are strongly attracted to each other. Jennifer Esposito springs a surprise as a semi-dominatrix seductress. Morris Chestnut does not impress and Peter MacNicol is alright. Bianca Lawson provides a few chuckles as the bitchy girlfriend. Overall, this isn't among the funniest movies but it may be worth giving a chance on a relaxed evening. For me the most hilarious sequences were Helen's irritation with Quincy's dog and what Quincy does to 'solve' the problem, the party sequence where all 6 of the lead cast come together for a showdown, Nicky and Mr. Lynch...and there are a few more.
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Good quick and to the point type of movie
jorge_m_paredes23 November 2006
This movie was one of those movies that you can actually sit down and watch with your girlfriend without having your buddies make fun of you afterward, I personally thought that the whole cast was well thought out it was funny and also holds true to many of those that have or don't really know exactly how to break up with someone, The main character goes thru a lot of changes from when he first starts out and although it might seem predictable at times you will really enjoy the ride all the way thru the end. This movies is one of the few movies that really doesn't leave any stone unturned, questions unanswered yet it makes you wonder did I ever do that to anyone or leave someone that way to produce a stalker... Its a great addition to the whole romance comedy genre.
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Foxx is on his way!!
Robert W.30 October 2004
I never really had much to say in the way of Jamie Foxx prior to his recent break out in roles ie. Collateral and although I haven't seen it yet I have no doubt his performance in "Ray" will further my opinions of him. He's a great character actor and possibly on his way to being the caliber of such great African American performers as Denzel Washington and Will Smith. His role in Collateral was scene stealing and up against Tom Cruise's Oscar worth performance it was a challenge but he impressed me. Then comes this fun little romantic comedy. A very different change of pace for Foxx but he pulls it off flawlessly in a amusing, and fun to watch film.

Breakin All The Rules is about an editor turned author who is dumped by his model girlfriend (Bianca Lawson) and during his fit of depression ends up writing a guide to breaking up with people...the right way. His cousin and best friend played perfectly by Morris Chestnut is a womanizer who doesn't believe in these rules until he sees them in action. The book makes Quincy famous, but unlucky in love until he meets the perfect woman in a case of mistaken identity and falls for her. It just so happens she is the latest girlfriend of his cousin who is also in love with her.

The comedy in this film relies heavily on the old formula of mistaken identities, and mix ups in happenings, reminds me of the old Three's Company episodes. The film also relies heavily on the personalities of the characters. The womanizer, the nice misunderstood main character guy, the stuck up model ex girlfriend, the "perfect" woman, and the other supporting characters make the film brilliant. The film is full of former TV sitcom actors which perhaps makes sense being it does play out like an episode of a sitcom but really what is wrong with that? Peter MacNichol of Ally McBeal fame plays his usual character but always fun to watch. He's the perfect blend of superiority while being completely inferior. Leading lady played by Gabrielle Union goes with both Foxx and Chestnut's character and she does a great job. Previously seen as her role on Friends, I was never fond of her although I liked her character in 10 Things I Hate About You and she's had some other great roles. She was perfect for her role in this film. Jennifer Esposito makes a fun little addition to the cast as the slightly psycho girlfriend/fiancée of MacNichol's character. The cast just works so well together and the film is written in such a way that you can't help but enjoy it's simplicity.

I enjoy what everyone on the message board calls "Black Cinema" but this is one of the best because it's still very mainstream without losing the culture. Overall this is a fun film to check out a Saturday night, it's not too heavy but is satisfying and cliché'd which sometimes is a good thing.

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I haven't laughed so hard in months.
angeliqx24 May 2004
I have to say I wasn't expecting it to be so hilarious. It was just one laugh after the next. Jaime Fox has definitely come a long way from In Living Color, showing not only his comedic talents but also his flair for the romantic. Gabrielle Union adding her charisma to the women stuck between two cousins, and Morris Chestnut looking as sexy as ever. I'm surprised it wasn't advertised as much. Jennifer Esposito is the woman you love to hate, and Peter MacNicol with his nervous humor makes for a film that you don't want to miss. The music was integrated perfectly into the dialogue. Heather Headley being the topper with her song "He Is", moving the audience to remember what it was like to fall in love. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you've seen it, see it again. Don't let this film go unnoticed.
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Good romantic comedy
rooobes16 November 2004
Gave this movie a 9. "Breakin' All The Rules" was a cute movie. The trailer looked promising and I was expecting a lot since Jamie Foxx was starring. I liked all his previous movies and was hoping he would keep the trend with this one. It provided a lot of laughs thus fitting its classification as a "romantic comedy". The movie wasn't slow at all. It also had a good plot which kept my attention; it's kinda messed up when you think about the concept though! The actors were funny and portrayed their characters well (love the pug!). Peter Macnicol's character was great. Overall it was entertaining.
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Yummy yummy pass the hot sauce!
heliopase114 May 2004
Sexy, smart funny. Hot hot hot. I only went because I didn't want to get stuck watching a big long epic that lasts a million years and is not about life right now (the other movie that opened this weekend). I am happy to say that I did not regret my decision at all. As far as I'm concerned, Breakin' all the Rules does just about everything right. Lots of laughs. Great tingle moments. Awesome song. Fast moving. Great chemistry -- who know Jamie Foxx could be THIS sexy!!! I know it's about breakin' up, but I'm taking my boyfriend next time I go anyway -- but I'd better not catch him taking notes!!!

My only criticism would be that the title is kind of stupid.
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Breakin' All the Rules — For those who believe there are rules in dating
Avid Climber28 January 2013
Breakin' All the Rules presents the worst part about dating (never mind that it's a stupid concept): that some people believe there are rules, or make up their own.

If you accept that, all in all, it's a funny movie. The story is inventive, even if there's no big surprise. Jamie Foxx plays a very attaching love broken man, the beautiful Gabrielle Union gives us a nice balancing act of sweet, smart, and upset, and both of them are really hot together. Morris Chestnut is great as a wingman, Jennifer Esposito looks born to play the gold digger, and Peter MacNicol seems to have found the sweet spot of the clueless desperate rich media owner.

Some of the acting is over done a bit, especially the psychotic character played by Bianca Lawson. Jamie seems to push his suave a bit too far at time, just as Morris does.

It's good entertainment if you accept the limitation and the subject.
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Smart Acting
Peter Hawg16 September 2004
Jamie Foxx is by far the smartest actor of his genre. He would compliment so many other good actors. This role was not made for him but he managed to make it a entertaining movie. Sure would like to see Anthony Anderson & Jack Black do something offbeat with Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx and his disposition should be nominated for stand up person. I believe he could be the next Big thing on screen if his agents and publicists push him the right way. Not to sound old, but Booty Call was brilliant and exceptionally well acted. I suppose i find most things fresh entertaining, only if we could keep it fresh.

Have not seen Ray yet but i hope its good and full of "p" & vinegar.
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Better than expected
Steve1 August 2004
Finally a film, screenplay, and filmmaker who has the guts to portrays a young, hip, black man as something more than an extra in a rap video or a mindless athlete. Sure, the characters in this film are hopeless man-whores but so are most single 20-something and 30-something men.

Jamie Foxx proves he has the charisma to carry a picture other than a "zany" comedy. I look forward to his serious role in the upcoming Micheal Mann film.

It's about time Hollywood stopped patronizing and insulting the young black male by casting them only as athletes and gangsters. The dialogue was certainly a bit trite at times and the direction and cinematography was just so-so.
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One of Jamie Foxx's best
view_and_review21 February 2007
Jamie Foxx is finally starting to show his talent as an actor in the last three years or so. This movie is probably one of the best he's been in with "Ray" and "Collateral" being his two best. This movie flew under the radar and was very good. There were some very competent actors in this film: Jamie Foxx, Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Espesito, and Peter MacNicol all held their own. The story was exceptional. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Quincy Watson (Jamie Foxx) becomes a recluse and compiles a ton of notes on the rules of breaking up. His friend, Evan Fields (Morris Chestnut), saw the brilliance in the notes and helps him put them into a book titled "Breakin All the Rules". The book is a big success and Quincy finally emerges from the cocoon he created in his house.

The true story doesn't begin until Quincy meets Evan's girlfriend, Nicky (Gabrielle Union), and falls for her. The movie slyly became a romantic comedy. Along with the main story of Quincy and Nicky, there were other captivating sub-plots that were neatly intertwined with the main plot to keep the movie intriguing. This was a very underrated yet good film.
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the break up movie
kai ringler20 August 2007
seems to me that this is where they got the idea for HITCH. this is a very good movie, funny, sarcastic, witty. jamie foxx is terrific, so is gabrielle union. i like the way that they wrote the story, the way that they set it up where the one person doesn't know what the other one is doing, and that they think that it's another person, i guess you just have to watch it to see what i mean. i think in real life that the "break up" book would be very helpful to a lot of people. now granted this isn't an action movie, so don't expect action, what however you should expect is a lot of laughs, and i don't mean a little, i mean tons of laughs, this movie will keep you in stitches the whole entire time,, my fav. character of course was the dog,, trying to get through the doggie door, then peeing when he get's stuck in the door , i thought that was cute.
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numbs the mind
MLDinTN11 April 2005
Watching this was like watching some generic relationship movie on USA network. Nothing original here. It's about a guy, who wrote a best seller on how to break up, and his cousin. The cousin, Evan, has a girl he wants to break up with and also get back. Quincy starts liking the girl before he knows she's his cousin's girl. The girl knows who he is. The two play a game of half truths and nearly hooking up. The side plot involves a businessman obtaining Quincy's help to break up with his gold digging girlfriend. But, it ends up with her having an affair with who she thinks is Quincy. Any ways, in typical fashion the two lead characters decide they really love each other and you have this cheesy biting of the hand. See the movie to get that part.

BTW: There is a dirty old man in this who should have been slapped silly.

FINAL VERDICT: Nothing more than a way to fill 90 minutes of your day. I definitely don't recommend it if you want something that will hold your attention.
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Breakin' All The Rules Is Uneven Comedy
CitizenCaine4 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Jamie Foxx stars as a guy just dumped by his fiancé who ends up writing a best selling book about how to dump significant others. Along the way, there are mistaken identities, gender and racial stereotypes, and a decided lack of comedy and wit. Gabrielle Union serves as the eye candy object of Foxx's affections by mistake when he's sent to dump her by his "player" cousin, Morris Chestnut, who specializes in booty calls that expire after three months. Due to a very subtle change in her appearance, Foxx doesn't recognize her as the person he's supposed to give the message to, and a romance between him and Union ensues.

Parallel to this story, there is a sub-plot involving advice-giving to Peter MacNicol, who is trying to rid himself of gold-digging Jennifer Esposito. Kudos to the director for trying to make a comedy with black lead actors that are not all "urban" stereotypes. However, there are other tired routines that are apparent in the film. The black male "player", the dirty old white man, the dog joke that runs throughout the film, etc. The laughs are few and far between and rely more on the aforementioned devices (and ones similar to them), instead of actual sophisticated writing and character development. The film is rather formulaic, and, without further plot developments beyond my opening comments of this review, becomes static to the viewer. This is another disappointing, unsophisticated comedy with too few laughs on any level. ** of 4 stars.
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Surprisingly pretty entertaining
dj_trancient16 May 2004
Not a bad movie, although the commercials make it look so. I find Jamie Foxx pretty funny in his routines, and although his really spastic comedic side doesn't truly shine through his lines, he has a few Jamie Foxx moments.

It is not hilarious, and it is not going to win any academy awards, its a pretty good romantic comedy, good for all crowds.

JAMIE FOXX's supermodel girlfriend breaks up with him causing him to write the Break-Up handbook detailing how to successfully break up with someone without cause the emotional trauma or a stalker.

MORRIS CHESTNUT is Jamie Foxx's character's cousin who has a 3-month commitment limit. GABRIELLE UNION is dating Morris Chestnut's character and through a whole bunch of drama, Jamie Foxx meets up with her, not knowing she is the same girl his cousin was dating.

Overall, a decently entertaining movie. Definitely worth the rental fees and your time.
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A Few Laughs
Ryan Miller15 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
**some spoilers**

As far as comedies go, Breakin' All The Rules' plot had a little something more to it than most. I was expecting a more satisfying experience than, say, your typical Adam Sandler film - basically, I was looking for the laughs along with some sort of feasible story to follow. Unfortunately I got little of both. Foxx doesn't try very hard to please in this film, and he gets little support. There are a few giggles here and there, but for the most part, you're wondering whether you're supposed to be laughing or not. The romantic side of the story seems to take over the original premise of this film - Foxx becoming a millionaire off his book The Breakup Handbook is more the spark for the idea behind the movie. Foxx gives advice to his friends on how to break up or why their girlfriends will break up with them, and throughout the film a huge disaster is just waiting to happen. A disaster for the characters and for the film itself. All that Breakin All The Rules offers is bland humor, and a semi-good story poorly mixed in. I'd spend that $7 on a cheap dinner, instead of this cheap movie.
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A smart black comedy
hollywoodhernandez12 May 2004
I saw an advanced screening of Breakin' All the Rules and I have to say it was a refreshing change of pace from recent black comedies (like the mindless Johnson Family Vacation). This was a very smart comedy with interesting plot turns and twist and, for me, the most important element was believable characters. However, with Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union in the cast (do they have to be in every romantic, black comedy?) the movie reminded me a bit of their previous movie, Two Can Play That Game.

Jamie Foxx does a great job of carrying the movie and Peter McNichole is great as the powerful company executive that needs Jamie's help because he afraid to break up with his gold digging girlfriend. And although I've mentioned this as a "black comedy" it really is colorless. Bottom line, the movie was entertaining and well worth seeing!
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Another Boring Movie With A Fairytale Ending
leighabc12324 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers Ahead!!

Jamie Foxx had horrible hair and horrible acting in this movie. This was one of the unfunniest roles Morris Chestnut ever played! Bianca Lawson was a worm and a snake in this movie. Why did she just happen to show up when Jamie Foxx finally got to be with Gabrielle Union. And how did Gabrielle still end up with Jamie Foxx after all of the things he was accused of doing. This movie had many great actors playing horrible roles. What was the point of having that old man as one of Gabrielle Union's patients? How many old men have young ladies as a doctor? Who said that a book can tell you how to break up with someone?
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We need to talk.
tamimarie22814 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Quincy's boss is about too afraid to fire people so he asks Quincy to do it for him. Quincy ends up doing a lot of research on how to fire people when all of the sudden his girlfriend dumps him and runs off to Paris. Quincy uses the firing research to write a book on how to break up with someone. His book ends up being a best seller. Then the whole plot of the movie starts to get confusing but it sorts itself out in the end.

The boss needs help dumping his own girlfriend while she is going out with Quincy's cousin whose ex girlfriend is dating Quincy. It is a confusing plot but it's funny and I loved sorting it all out. Also the pug in the movie is awesome! I love his smile before the opening credits.

Great movie, if you can break up the plot!
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Great Fun
danceability-111 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Breakin' All The Rules is a mediocre-to-fun movie made more than serviceable by its awesome cast, which include Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union, and the gorgeous Morris Chestnut. Jamie Foxx stars as Quincy, who has been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend at their engagement party. When layoffs loom at his job, his boss asks him to research the science of firing employees--and Quincy discovers that the manner in which he was "fired" by his girlfriend was all wrong. Research leads to Quincy penning a runaway bestseller on how to break-up with your lover--chock full of theories tested out by cousin and best friend, Evan (Morris Chestnut). When Evan suspects that his current girlfriend Nicky (Gabrielle Union)is about to break up with him, he sends his cousin Quincy to plead his case. Mistaken identity ensues.....and the two become romantically involved. What follows is a hilarious tale of romance gone awry.....great fun!!

danceability-1 Amsterdam Holland
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A Comedy That Breaks All The Rules
eric2620036 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest, I really enjoyed this movie. "Breakin All the Rules" is one of those captivating romantic comedies which no one knows who anybody else is, and where the protagonist gets his comeuppance in the end. And that's not a terrible thing, unless the plot is good, which it is. This movie has to offer us a compelling story and brilliant dialogue. Granted, this is a far cry from Jamie Foxx's best movie of 2004 (you can't compete this movie to "Ray" or "Collateral"), but it is still a movie to enjoy. Jamie Foxx is one of the top performers in the entertainment industry. He is effective in both comedy and drama and he could tackle any role that is thrown at him. He is that versatile.

Foxx stars as Los Angeles Magazine Executive, Quincy Watson. He is also joined by his cousin Evan (Morris Chestnut). Watson's boss, Phillip (Peter MacNicol) promotes him to a job where he's assigned to fire people. If that's not bad enough, on the day he proposes to his girlfriend, she unceremoniously dumps him. This upsets him to the point where he resigns from his job claiming that there's a thin line between those two connections. He puts his writing experience to good use as he goes on to write a handbook giving advice on how to breakup with your loved ones. The book becomes a bestseller and his former boss, Phillip seeks advice on how to breakup with his current girlfriend, Rita (Jennifer Esposito), who's nothing more than a gold-digging harlot (to put it in better words). Then, Evan gets the notion that his girlfriend Nicky (Gabrielle Union) is fading out on him, and informs Quincy to meet him at a secretive place to tell everything about her. Quincy never met Nicky before and when last she saw Nicky, he had a new do, making her look like Halle Berry. Quincy converses with her like she was a different person and the two commence into a relationship. Rita, frustrated that Quincy's trying to break up with Phillip, breaks into his house, only to find Evan there and she sleeps with him, but she thinks she's with Quincy as a ploy to stop trying to breakup her relationship with Phillip. And so mistaken identity manifests itself.

I'm sure it was concocted numerous times before, but "Breakin All the Rules" pulls this off flawlessly. At the beginning of his book, Quincy reads excerpts from his book and the advice he gives to his loyal readers. It's a real treat and an eye-opener and the witty dialogue is handled with absolute care. Sure it didn't fare at the box office and faded to obscurity after a while, but the DVD was a rocket buster. This movie, was one of the better formula comedies that exceeds that dreadful "New York Minute" this is a break from high-profile action movies that came out at the time like "Troy", The Day After Tomorrow" and "Van Helsing".
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