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The best TV drama of 2003-2004
gsumner-217 August 2004
I can not believe this show was cancelled. This was the only drama of the 2003/2004 season that we liked and made sure we never missed an episode.

If NBC wants to know why they lost of few million viewers this year, they need to know it was because of bonehead decisions to cancel quality programming such as "Mr. Sterling".

I agree with Todd1952's comments - this show may have been too good for TV. It seems as though TV execs like shows that are dumber than they are and have no idea how to place or market an intelligent show; they sure didn't with "Mr. Sterling". Duhhhh, this move sure does explain the continued existence of "Fear Factor" or the revamped "Three's company" also known as "Will & Grace" need I say more?

I guess the word is out to TV people in California; if your show ends up on Friday night on NBC, you had better get out your resume' and call your agent. NBC doesn't put shows on Friday night to find a specific audience, they put them there to empty the film cans and recover their production costs before quietly dumping the program. Hey, NBC, I'm NEVER watching another one of your shows on Friday night! NEVER!!

After losing shows like "Friends" and "Frasier" and dumping a show such as "Mr. Sterling", NBC deserves to suffer a horrible death in the ratings this year. I hope the moron who cancelled "Mr. Sterling" gets fired!!!
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Wonderful Show
mljennell4 April 2003
This is a great show and I am disappointed that it is already on hiatus. I hope the network realizes what a prize they have and brings it back for a longer period of time. I think Josh Brolin does a great job and the supporting cast is right on!
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Why not?
Jeremy Barger7 February 2003
So far, Mister Sterling has been all about a phenomenon that is especially prevalent in politics, but is also readily observable in most walks of life. This phenomenon is how we tend to ignore what we really believe is right or wrong just so we can make things easier on ourselves by saving time and not rubbing certain people the wrong way. Sterling doesn't worry about that kind of thing and instead just does what he feels are the right things to do, no matter how much hassle it causes.

When people watch this show, most of them probably believe that Sterling is doing the right things, but most of them also probably realize that people just don't do those types of things in real life very often. I hope this show makes many of those people ask themselves one important question: Why the hell not?
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Best New Show On Television This Century
LowGenius14 February 2003
No, I don't work for NBC. I also don't watch a lot of television. Mr. Sterling is the first program in many, many years that I make it a point to NEVER miss. Where it could be very bland and formulaic, it transcends; where it could pander to popular opinion, it takes chances; where it could be "West Wing Part 2," it stands on its own...and IMO, it stands head and shoulders above West Wing. A senator with a conscience - whoda thunk it? The show pulls no punches, portraying a Senate that many of us in the US like to pretend doesn't exist; a senate of favors and political intrigue, where "doing the right thing" is measured in how you can get the most campaign contributions or 5-second soundbytes on CNN.

If you only watch an hour of television a week, make it Mister Sterling. You won't regret it. In a world where "The Real World" is anything but, and "reality television" is an oxymoron, this bit of creative fiction provides more "reality" than I can recall seeing in a television show in this century. Maybe I'm being a bit over-enthusiastic about it, but I don't think so. If this show is given a chance to succeed, I think it can become the sleeper hit of the 2003 season, and beyond. A truly amazing show.
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This show needs to be released on DVD!
Ude Eko (uee385)10 August 2006
One of my two favorite American television shows (the other is "The West Wing"). I sincerely hope this mistreated drama will show up on DVD.

The chemistry between the characters (particularly Senator Sterling and Jackie Brock) was wonderful, and the story lines unraveled gracefully.

I would describe this show as one whose episodes I could watch for hours without moving from my seat.

I encourage everyone who loves this show to contact NBC at nbcshows@nbc.com and ask that they release "Mister Sterling" on DVD.

If ABC could do it for "Commander-in-Chief", then NBC can, too.
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It's perfect television
buzz-13924 November 2008
Having just finished watching my ten episode DVD for like the fourth or fifth time, this show still amazes me with it's perfection, right down to theme music. Despite the creator's and producers' far left wing bias, they did manage to present some political balance in the show through superior writing and directing. The acting is superb throughout the perfectly cast cast. Audra and William Russ are both excellent, and if the show had been allowed to develop and run further that nine aired episodes, there would have been many more Emmy nominations than just Whitmore's one. I have forever thought that this show was canceled at the bequest of the real world Dummycraps, because they feared that this show could jeopardize Barbara Boxer's reelection in 2004.
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Most missed show I have seen....
AikiWarrior3 July 2006
Mr. Sterling was a inspirational show to say the least...in today's corrupt 2 party system, the show could not have been more powerful. I think it was a TERRIBLE mistake to cancel the show, and it is a good thing that we recorded it...

I guess it didn't make it because everyone is so conditioned in the way of 2 party politics....The show inspired me to become an Independent and also see how much truth poured out of the show.

It was the BEST political show on TV and since it's departure, nothing can touch it! Wake up NBC...bring it back...

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About "Mister Sterling"
titi887 October 2005
I have seen it and it is too bad it was cut short because it is really inspiring to see some integrity honesty and commitment in the world of politics, something just too rare nowadays. We could use more people like that to rule our country!It can show us how to stay true to what you believe in, how to put the public service for one's country first,the value of never giving up no matter what,the value of not compromising with corruption and the value of wisdom.I just hope this series will soon resume it's appearance on the T.V. screen and that it will also be soon made available on D.V.D. to the general public for a reasonable price.So I recommend it strongly to people of any age or gender.
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I only wish he was for real
democrat36 August 2005
Though I am a staunch democrat, I had so much respect for SenatorSterlings regarding whether people called him democrat or republican --to him, he was an independent and soon learned the up's & down's of that. When he dealt -- he dealt for the right ultimate things. All politicians deal (mostly for themselves and/or legacies) but normally not for the best interests of America. Mr. Sterling was my hopeful dream of how politicians should think and act -- in the interest of their constituents and country. I had hoped that ordinary people would watch and say, "That's the kind of man we can trust". Unfortunately,ordinary people are interested in other things.

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Enjoyable & eye-opening
soulhaven-nz4 March 2009
I have managed to have the chance to start watching this show (several years too late, I see, but better late...). Now, I don't usually get a lot out of watching political dramas, and being from New Zealand I have even less interest in US politics. However, this show is much more than a political drama. It is a study in human nature and our desire to be Mr. or Mrs. popular and avoid being seen as silly, or childish, just because we are idealists. It is a story about a very brave man, and his (amazing) support crew.

I find that the show has plenty of laughs, without being an out and out comedy, and all of the main characters are adorable in their own way.

It is a story that reminds us that we cannot do great things on our own, that sometimes we have to make compromises, but that we should do our best to stand up for what we truly believe in.

The episodes are nicely paced, with each chapter continuing to develop throughout each minute of each episode. The characters are well-developed, right down to what type of coffee they drink.
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Big Brother
vmsm12 July 2005
Outstanding show. I guess Big Brother doesn't want us to know even a little bit of the process. West Wing is good but I felt like Mr Sterling gave me hope. For some reason I felt good after watching this show. Imagine a real Senator like this. I guess the networks have decided this kind of reality show isn't what I want to watch. Sure would have been nice if someone would have asked me if I prefer Mr Sterling, bug eating, worm eating or eating each other reality show. With the amount of garbage on TV I can't believe a quality show like this can be canceled. Thank You Jerry Springer for the beginning of the end.
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How can it be Season Finale Time?
gerry87 March 2003
I knew after the first showing that I was watching a winner, so naturally watched this evening (7th March) but was rather astonished at the end when they showed coming attractions and announced the next show to be the Season Finale. How can it be time for Season Finale in mid March? I visited the NBC website but there isn't a clue.
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Which universe is this in?
ventured200221 February 2003
If NBC had been smart, they would have clearly set this in the Bartlett West Wing universe right from the start. Since the producers are WW alumni, it would have worked in. Don't sell it as a spin off, just place it there. This would allow for ratings crossover episodes, as well as common story lines.

It would have made things very bizzare to follow up on Bartlett's republican opponant entering the Sterling world, played by James Brolin.
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pomfelo-113 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
While not the best show out there, I found myself unimpressed by the show's premise. Worse, I could not suspend my disbelief while watching. Sterling is supposed to be the guy we all want to see in the government, but there is a reason we don't see people like this.

Spoiler Warning

In an early episode, Sterling gives a bad answer to a question about whether or not he used illegal drugs. He then gets the press corp to stop questioning his history by asking them if they used drugs, pointing out that it would be ridiculous to ask them the question. In the show, the reporters are then placated. Not one of these fictional reporters bothers to mention that there is a difference between the consequences of a reporter being high and an addict and a senator being high and an addict. People like this could never survive as a politician for five minutes.

Nice idea, but some more thought needed to be put into the series
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