Deadwood (TV Series 2004–2006) Poster


John Hawkes: Sol Star



  • Seth Bullock : [demanding conditions on buying the lot]  1,000, now. If anyone in that tent, or the building we put up, turns a playing card or pours a drink or offers a woman's services, you get the title back and keep our fuckin' money.

    Al Swearengen : What makes you talk to me in that tone of voice?

    Seth Bullock : I'm makin' a counter offer.

    Al Swearengen : You come into camp, rent my lot, within six hours you blow in a guy's eye with Wild Bill Hickok backin' your play. Next day, I'm supposed to sell you the lot, put you in business, without askin' who the fuck you are or what the fuck you're doin' here?

    Seth Bullock : As far as what happened in the street, with Bill Hickok bein' involved, that was a turn of events.

    Al Swearengen : A what?

    Seth Bullock : It was a turn... of events.

    Al Swearengen : Oh, a turn of events. Your partner calls it a coincidence. So, what with this coincidence and turn of events starin' me in the fuckin' face and five other fuckin' things I'm supposed to be payin' attention to, I still make you a sensible proposal and you answer by insulting me in my own joint.

    Sol Star : Seth didn't mean to insult you, Mr. Swearengen.

    Al Swearengen : You stay out of this! You don't know nothin' about this! You weren't here and you don't have his proxy, so why don't you do whatever you people do when you're not running your mouths off or cheatin' people out of what they earn by Christian work.

    Seth Bullock : You don't want to be talkin' that way!

    Al Swearengen : Oh, don't tell me how to talk in my own fuckin' place! Now, here's my counter offer to your counter offer - go *fuck* yourself!

    Sol Star : Seth...

    Al Swearengen : Get him... away from me!

  • Sol Star : Dulled faculties!

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